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since 25/04/2007


All About Me 01/04/2008

from bad to worse but eventually a good life.

Sun-Pat Smooth Peanut Butter 04/07/2007

Wheres the nuts @ ??

Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 - mouse 30/04/2007


The Woods (DVD) 26/04/2007

i couldnt see the woods for the trees.

The Woods (DVD) This movie can best be described as a very bad attempt at psychological horror. The story begins when neglected teenager Heather Fasulo (played by Agnes Bruckner) is left at a remote boarding school for girls only, guess where? Right in the middle of the woods! The school is governed by the wicked headmistress Ms Traverse (played by Patricia Clarkson) she and the staff are nothing more than wicked people hiding a wicked secret. Heather is tormented by her class mates and staff alike and is desperate to return home but has no way of getting in touch with her parents other than to ask the staff to, who of course do not. When students start to disappear, Heather realises that there is something very wrong with this place and as her visions start at nights she becomes even more terrified, seeing things in her sleep that she cannot explain. One thing`s for sure, she is very much alone here and someone knows what’s going on but no one is saying. She eventually makes friends with one of her class mates and gets some mumbo jumbo information from her about other girls who have been taken by the woods. This information tally’s with what she has seen in her visions and she’s now sure of one thing, there’s something out there amongst those trees and it wont be letting her leave anytime soon. I was so disappointed by this movie, not least because of the fact that the idea behind it was such a good one but the acting and the portrayal of the idea let it down so badly. There are ...

Philips 190CW7CS 25/04/2007

Widen and enlarge your views.

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