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Auto guard warranty I had the premium cover on our Citroen c4 grand Picasso which had the triptronic auto box, one day there was a terrible grinding noise and the car pulled to the left, I contacted them and they told me to take it to a garage that was local. The garage stripped the box and found that four bearings had disintegrated in the gearbox. I contacted the warranty people and they said a decision would be made in a day, then disaster a death in the family up North and no car to get there. I called auto guard and explained the desperate situation that we needed the car ASAP , true to his word the operator called my garage gave them the authorisation number and the car was fixed, 4weeks ass per policy I received a cheque for the full amount of the repair! So I know it's an insurance but I couldn't fault them and am about to take out another warranty with them on my insignia. Hope this review helps stay safe on the roads people. Wow just read the comments below and am shocked at the comments? I put this on as my own experience with the company to show that I had a good experience with them as for spam!!! if your so negative then don't waste your time looking at reviews mine is an open and honest review of my experience. The warranty was £399 and paid a £1000 per claim to the value of the car, they have just quoted £299 same policy on my 2010 insignia for 24 months my car has only 44k on it, hope this helps? ...
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