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Briwax Original 17/07/2017

Did Briwax? No I Waxed !

Briwax Original My, my, last year seemed to fly by but the first six months of 2017 appear to have vanished. We are all another year older but hopefully not deeper in debt. The house and garden always keep us busy, however, this year we seem to have been busier than usual. Last summer we spent hours in the polytunnel, come greenhouse, come workshop, endeavouring to transform lengths of timber into occasional tables and storage chests. I think we have watched too many episodes of the addictive television series entitled “Money for nothing”. Two of the side tables turned out well and now take pride of place in our small but airy living room. Three large wood storage boxes with padded fabric covered lids were hijacked by our daughters and a large pine chest found a new home with my sister in Brixham. Carpenters we are not, enthusiastic amateur wood crafters we are! Or were as the case maybe, as this year the workbench, saws, drills, chisels, sandpaper, wax and hammers lay idle on the long work surface in the watertight outhouse. If anyone needs some screws, nails, staples or hinges then I am your woman! So, let’s chat about Briwax, the product I am going to try to review. In years gone by I have bought wax polish and I love the fresh odour of the waxy substance, however, until last spring the name Briwax meant little to me. So, does the natural wax clean, stain and polish as claimed? The Bullion Dealers May turn their Nose-Up but the Local Council make good Money from Recycling Old Iron! The ...

Punch Instant Protector Aerosol 03/07/2016

Trust Punch to Protect your Footwear

Punch Instant Protector Aerosol We don’t buy new footwear very often, however, when we do, we tend to purchase good quality shoes that will stand the test of time. We may pop along to the Clark’s shoe shop at the local designer outlet or we may visit Brantano footwear. Neither of us wears sandals or trainers. Mr P needs a shoe that offers support and I favour lightweight casual shoes. A couple of weeks ago, I felt His Worship needed a new pair of Hush Puppies. Hush Puppy footwear is expensive, but the smart brown leather casuals will last for a year or more. The men’s shoe sale had finished, so we were forced to pay full price. After much ado, Dear Mr P chose a smart pair of leather leisure shoes. I took my purse from my handbag and headed for the cash till. The shop assistant asked if we would like to keep the rectangular cardboard box, I said we have sufficient rubbish already, so we left them to recycle the cardboard container. I paid by Debit card and was asked if I minded giving my postcode. I was also asked if I wanted to buy a can of leather protector. I already have a couple of cans of instant protector, so I declined the invitation. I bought my can of Punch Instant Protector in a discount store. It may have been Poundland, it could have been B&M Bargains, it could have been Home Bargains, or then again it could have come from the local discount store. I imagine I paid around £1 for the leather protector, it certainly wouldn’t have cost much more. Punch Shoe Care Products – The instant ...

Early Learning Centre Paper Roll 30/06/2016

Early Learning Centre Paper Roll

Early Learning Centre Paper Roll I thought it was never going to stop raining in Derbyshire, but the sun has finally come out to play. We are having a quiet few days so I thought it was time to write another review. By the way, I spoke to my daughter yesterday and she told me she had earned a reasonable sum of money completing online surveys. Now, survey sites are not my cup of tea, however, she has managed to earn a good few pounds to add to her savings pot. She tells me she is a member of two sites, one called Vivatic and the other “My survey”. I felt this was a bit of useful information for anyone who is trying to earn money online. I am reviewing something I have used in the past, in fact, I think it is at least five years plus since I drew or wrote on a piece of white paper roll bought from the Early Learning Centre. I love ambling around the store and in the past have done so, many times with my daughter, however, on the whole, the children seem to have gone past that stage now. When the youngest child was a toddler, Mr P and I used to drive to her home to babysit whilst she went to work. Sometimes the job was a pleasure another time it was a chore, much hinged on the toddler’s mood of the day. I was chief of entertainment, whilst His Lordship watched the television, hence I was forced to conjure up endless ways to occupy the excitable toddler. The bright little girl had a large easel and a wide roll of ice white paper hung from a rail at the bottom of the blackboard. If my memory serves me correctly, ...

Mini Lala-Oopsie Princess Saffron 28/06/2016

Lala Ooopsie Daisy, the Princess has come to Play

Mini Lala-Oopsie Princess Saffron Like many five year old girls our granddaughter is a big Disney Princess fan. In fact, her main aim in life is to look like a princess. The clan descended yesterday, the weather was unpredictable, and more importantly, the family budget was strained to breaking point, so it made complete sense to visit Gran and Grandad to enjoy an afternoon of being spoiled. Emmie Rose trotted in through the back door carrying a large pale pink suitcase. The new tin case was very attractive and she readily informed me Mummy had bought it for her. As always, I am her playmate or her minion as the case may be! She lifted the lid from the rectangular tin trunk and invited me to view her collection of miniature toys, some new, others not so new. I love little dolls, small plastic dogs and cats and mini animals, but they do tend to get left behind by mistake or lost in transit. However, a couple of little dolls caught my eye and after picking one up, I was informed I was handling Princess Saffron. I thought this was yet another offering from Polly Pocket but Emmie told me the beauty was nothing less than a Mini-Lala Oopsie ballerina doll. Saffron is one of a set of our mini-princesses and we must mention she is the “Princess of hugs”. What does Princess Saffron Look Like? Now, this small creature is just less than four inches tall and one of the most unusual lookingl playthings I have come across. Conventional dolls have two chubby legs, a couple of lovely fat arms, a smiling face and a head ...

W.F. Graham Doodle Colouring Patterns Book 25/06/2016

Adult Colouring Books - Artistic Therapy?

W.F. Graham Doodle Colouring Patterns Book Who was the wise person who said “Youth is for the young”? A couple of weeks ago I felt I would benefit from a change of scenery, so I suggested a flying visit to my see my daughter and her lovely family. As it happens, we were able to kill two birds with one stone because we popped a few miles along the road to see Mr P’s brother who has recently reached the grand age of eighty. If sixty is the new fifty, eighty must surely be the new seventy because he is an amazing man for his age. We were thrilled to see our grandchildren, who have grown, matured and blossomed into interesting individuals. The fourteen year old long legged blond was listening to music on her iPad and doodling on an unusual colouring book. Now, forgive me if I offend anyone but I find it hard to understand the attraction of adult colouring books. Why not buy a pack of felt tip pens, a notebook and create your own patterns? However, Mia promptly informed me she loved to fill the pages with various hues. It transpired that Mum had purchased a couple of these books, one for Mia and one for herself. The books are especially designed for adults and older children with an artistic bent. Let’s talk briefly about the book: The Doodle Colouring Book by W F Graham contains sixty six patterns. I asked my daughter how much she had paid for the books and she thought they had cost around one pounds fifty pence each. The shiny thick card cover is striking and the patterns are printed on decent paper. The large yellow ...

Poundland Leaves & Fruits Mug 24/06/2016

Don't be a Mug, Visit Poundland

Poundland Leaves & Fruits Mug The weather is humid, however, I can assure you the indoor temperature in our humble little red brick bungalow has reached boiling point. His Lordship has been up most of the night awaiting the results of the EU referendum; hence he is feeling a little peaky this morning. Had the outcome been different he may have been singing from the rooftop and dancing in the street. I finally crawled out of bed at eight, endeavoured to ignore the breaking news on Sky television and stumbled to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Now, Mr P has been drawing his state pension for a number of years now, but should the BBC be looking for another news reader he may be available. “David Cameron has resigned, they are calling for Jeremy Corbin to step down, Nicola Surgeon wants another Scottish referendum”- yes, you read correctly, the leader of the Scottish Parliament is referred to as Nicola Surgeon not Sturgeon. By this time I was feeling a little fragile, but nothing a cup of strong tea couldn’t put right – I hoped. I reached my hand over the grey kitchen worktop, grabbed the stainless steel mug tree and unhooked a couple of Poundland mugs. A couple of minutes later the water in the bright red kettle came to the boil and I poured the steaming liquid over the two round teabags. The clear water turned gold, I added a drop of creamy milk, threw in a couple of sweeteners and suddenly all was well with the world. Now, I enjoy a visit to Poundland. Some say the discount store is not all it’s cracked ...

Ravensburger The Curious Cupboard The Kitchen Cupboard 23/06/2016

Nail this Jigsaw if you can

Ravensburger The Curious Cupboard The Kitchen Cupboard News headlines: Voters visit the polls to decide whether Britain leaves or remains in the EU, police investigate Euro 2016 violence, Ikea recalls a stair safety gate for and once again parts of Britain are flooded as the angels empty their water jugs. Now, they say no news is good news and I for one wish I had refrained from reading the Daily Mail online. After doing a spot of housework, wading through a load of laundry, a pile of ironing and a half an hours gardening I have decided to enjoy a quiet afternoon. The Worshipful Mr P has trotted off to his office AKA Ladbrokes to study his stocks and shares, so for once; I have been left to my own devices. I have completed the crossword in the Daily Express and cocked-up the difficult Sudoku puzzle, so I am sat on the sofa with the laptop ready to write a review. What am I reviewing? Nail polish? lip gloss? No, an amazing jigsaw puzzle created by Ravensburger. The puzzler is called “The Kitchen Cupboard” and the game is one of a series designed especially for this prestigious company. Let’s chat about the packaging or the large strong cardboard box as the case may be: The Puzzle Box In my opinion Jigsaws sell themselves. In the past I have owned, completed and donated hundreds of pictures of landscapes, portraits, buildings, pets, including fluffy kittens, adorable puppies, historic homes, sea views, National Trust properties, steam trains, warships and chocolate box thatched cottages. However, nowadays, when hunting for a new ...

Morning Fresh Washing Up Liquid Original 22/06/2016

Wash-Up the Morning Fresh Way

Morning Fresh Washing Up Liquid Original So much has happened since I last put pen to paper or fingers to PC keyboard as the case may be. The EU referendum looms, Tim Peake the British astronaut is home and sadly the country has recently lost a young and vibrant female member of parliament (My thoughts are with the Cox family x). However, life must go on and having realised it was the longest day yesterday I thought it was time to start saving some money towards the grandchildren’s Christmas cash gift. How does a mature grandmother earn money online? She racks her brains, sets to work on her laptop and taps out some opinions on everyday products available online and in stores. I don’t earn a fortune online, however, every penny counts and it’s far easier and much more rewarding than some pastimes. Today I have decided to review Morning Fresh washing up liquid. A humble product it may be, but an invaluable and affordable cleaning product it is. So let’s discuss the packaging. The Washing-Up Liquid Bottle The dishwashing liquid is presented in a clear plastic bottle. The lightweight Perspex container is easy to grip and the simple flip-top cap lifts with the touch of your thumb. The see-through pot shines like glass and the lemon coloured cleaning agent housed inside glitters like gold. The oval label tells me the tall, shapely container holds 450ml of lemon fresh detergent produced by Cussons. I like many, am always on the hunt for a bargain and this particular bottle contains an extra fifty percent of liquid free. ...

Astonish Stain Remover Bar 10/04/2016

Astonish Bar Removes Stains

Astonish Stain Remover Bar Do you know the feeling? You put a stained garment into the washing machine on a hot wash, you remove the freshly laundered cotton shirt from the tub and the stubborn stain persists. We are retired, so we don’t do as many dirty jobs as we used to, however, we often mark our everyday clothing often whilst cooking, gardening or car cleaning. Like many, I avoid wearing stained clothes, but in general, over the years, I have read numerous stain removal tips and learned that where there is a stain there is a way. In the past, I have bought the Vanish soap bar and the product offers an effective way to remove tough stains. However, our local Boyes store stocks a number of Astonish cleaning products, so I decided to invest in the cheaper stain remover bar. The bar of soap cost £1. I was Astonished at this Powerful Stain Remover I didn’t find the product packaging appealing. The royal blue, orange and white lightweight card box is not the most attractive carton on the shelf; however, we are reviewing the soap, not the small box. The oval shaped bar of stain removing soap sits on a lightweight white plastic dish inside of the multi-coloured box. The wording on the packaging tells you the strong soap will remove stains on clothes, upholstery and carpets. The bar of soap is clearly marked, so you cannot mistake the Astonish bar for any other stain removal product. The hard soap bar has a pleasant odour. I am sure the colourful box is a paper product fit for recycling, but some types ...

1001 Mousse for Carpets & Upholstery 07/04/2016

Stained Carpet - Reach for the 1001 Cleaner

1001 Mousse for Carpets & Upholstery I am a big fan of 1001 carpet cleaner. Look in the cupboard under my kitchen sink and you will find a bright yellow bottle of carpet shampoo and a can of mousse. When we moved home we asked our son-in-law to lay our carpet. He is a carpet fitter by trade and he was able to secure our new flooring at cost price. He recommended we have a wool blend and eventually, the chosen carpet was eighty percent wool. Only the other day, I said to hubby the oatmeal flooring was wearing well. Friends, family and grandchildren visit and our daughter brings her little Cavapoo puppy along too. As you can imagine, the odd stain appears on the carpet and stained carpet is notoriously difficult to clean. However, I find a little squirt of 1001 mousse often does the trick. I would love a Vax carpet cleaner, but hubby says, quite rightly, we have nowhere to store the gadget and insufficient carpet to warrant buying one! We popped to Wetherspoon’s for lunch today, not everyone’s cup of tea, but it suits our budget. We came home, walked into the living room and noticed the cat had deposited a fur ball on the carpet, so it was time to reach for the 1001 cleaner. 1001 Carpet Mousse The tall yellow, blue and cream aerosol can holds 350ml of cleaner. Look at the picture on the can and you see someone spraying 1001 foam onto a creamy coloured carpet, how ironic! The bold font on the packaging tells you the tin is filled with 1001 mousse that can be used to clean upholstery and carpets. Read the wording ...

Pintoy Doll's Rocking Cradle 04/04/2016

Pretend Play with Pintoy

Pintoy Doll's Rocking Cradle Our granddaughter’s bedroom is a sight to behold. The bedroom walls are painted pale pink and cream, she has an Ikea day bed covered with Cath Kidston bedding. A floral blind covers the small wooden window and a pastel pink carpet lies over the floorboards. Her small room is overflowing with every kind of toy imaginable. A large wicker basket is home to her family of teddy bears and dolls and the brass door knob holds a selection of handbags that Imelda Marcos would be proud of. Her collection of Disney Princess dresses hang on a steel hook on the back of the wooden door and her many gold tiara’s and silver and floral headbands sit in a large purple plastic bowl on top of her three-drawer pine chest. She loves her big brother and clearly adores being one of the lads. You will often see her riding her Princess bicycle, flying along on her stunt scooter or trying to muscle in when the boys are playing on the X-box. However, she is a girly girl at heart. She loves to play house with her dolls and drives Mum mad when she insists the dollies must be fed. Some of her larger toys and games are kept in the cupboard under the stairs, whilst other big playthings live in the large integral garage. The Pintoy rocking cradle sits at the bottom of her bed, so she can put her “friends” to bed before she settles down to sleep. The Pintoy Doll’s Rocking Cradle The small durable wooden cot is fashioned from rubber wood. The little cradle sits on two rockers and all edges and corners are ...

Countersunk Screws 04/04/2016

Stainless Steel Countersunk Screws

Countersunk Screws In the autumn of last year, an old friend offered us a load of old floorboards. He had acquired the reclaimed flooring from some builders working on a nearby housing development. He had noticed the excavators moving in and the arrival of the heavy plant, packs of bricks and roof trusses had sparked his interest. He approached the demolition team and asked if he could take some of the old floor boards. Now, old timber is in big demand and reclaimed timber is costly to buy, so I was astounded they agreed to donate some of the old timber. However, there is always a catch. Unfortunately the reclaimed pine flooring was coated with a thick layer of matt black paint. Around the same time, our daughter had laid a decked area to the rear of her property and hubby had laid claim to the left-over fixings including a large cardboard box full of countersunk screws. I had been scouring Pinterest and had found a most interesting and informative page. A young woman had made a vintage style trunk using wooden off-cuts. Yes, we would have to sand the flooring, but it was the ideal material to make the vintage style wooden storage trunk. Sanding the Wooden Flooring I laid a plank of the old pine on top of the Black and Decker workmate. Hubby handed me the sanding block and I began to remove the thick layer of old paint. Well, an hour later, I was still sanding the same piece of wood. We have an electric sander, but no amount of elbow grease, coarse or fine grade sandpaper was going to help ...

Tidlo Wooden Tea Time Set 02/04/2016

Come to Tea with Tidlo Toys

Tidlo Wooden Tea Time Set Like many, I am a child at heart. I love role play games, adore playing Hedbanz, enjoy the odd game of doctors and nurses and l like being the shopkeeper. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been a cowboy, an Indian or a pirate when playing with the children. Though I must confess I feel you must have nerves of steel to play the Pie Face game. You can spend hours playing make-believe games and the younger grandchildren never seem to tire of them. Our young granddaughter loves playing house and credit where credits due, she is happy to play this kind of game for hours. She enjoys baking cakes with Mum and only last week they baked a delicious Victoria sponge. The cake may have failed to rise, but the lack of air didn’t affect the taste. She was determined to sandwich the sponge with a thick layer of buttercream and that is what she did. Not a drop of strawberry jam or raspberry preserve in sight! Grandad laid claim to the first slice and declared the offering delicious. Naturally, the little one was adamant we should be served in style, so Mr P and were asked to take a seat before being handed a small wooden plate. Yes, you have guessed, Mum, Granny, Granddad, the dolls and the teddy bears were going to enjoy a tea party. Now, sometime last year, we decided to donate some cash towards a china tea set. Alas, a couple of weeks later the small china teacups and saucers had been thrown into the toy box and some were smashed to smithereens. The steel blue china teapot is ...

Basildon Bond Envelopes Recycled Wallet Peel and Seal 31/03/2016

My Name is Bond - Basildon Bond

Basildon Bond Envelopes Recycled Wallet Peel and Seal Letter writing is a thing of the past. As a schoolgirl, I studied handwriting and learned how to write with a traditional pen and ink. My first writing implement was a little archaic to say the least, a long wooden pen shaft topped with a fine metal nib. Fountain pens came into fashion, the gold coloured inkwells in the old school desks were declared redundant and we had to learn how to fill a fountain pen or change the ink cartridge. I have never been an avid letter writer, but I often use a sheet of Basildon Bond writing paper to create thankyou letters or drop a few line to some dear friends. Stationery is expensive, so I always hunt for quality writing pads, notebooks and envelopes offered at reduced prices. Email and Facebook messaging is a great way to communicate, but it lovely when the post person delivers a letter filled with news. I certainly don’t get as excited when a mail lands in my inbox. I clearly remember my Mum and my grandmother using sheets from notepads and jotters to write shopping lists and leaves of thick white plain paper to pen interesting letters. Locating and Buying Basildon Bond Recycled Envelopes This well-established company produce a vast range of recycled paper products, including the pure white peel and seal wallets. Look at their website and read the BB logo, “Brilliantly white, perfectly green”. I purchased a pack of 25 Basildon Bond envelopes in one of the local discount stores. It may have been Boyes, but I cannot be sure. I wouldn’t ...

Flexocare Tissue Paper 29/03/2016

Flexocare Tissue Paper for Packing

Flexocare Tissue Paper The Easter weekend was pleasant, except for the weather, a mixture of hail, rain, snow, sleet and sunshine. Our daughter and son-in-law invited us to lunch and in my book you never visit relatives without taking a gift. We invested in two small Cadbury’s eggs for the grandchildren and a bouquet of Lidl’s finest flowers for Mum. We espied some fabulous blooms in Sainsbury’s, but they were way more than I was willing to pay. Aldi’s had a good selection of pinks, chrysanthemums and roses, but some looked past their best. The family sat around her huge wooden dining table to enjoy a feast of tender roast beef, crispy roast potatoes, creamed potato, carrots, garden peas, broccoli, Yorkshire puddings and gravy, followed by a bowl of creamy trifle, topped with glace cherries. Early afternoon, the little one said she wanted me to help her make some paper flowers, I said we had no tissue paper, but Mum said she had a stash of white and coloured tissue in her craft cupboard. I wish Ciao would let me put pictures on (I find it an impossibility) because I could show you some of the handmade paper flowers she makes and sells. In fact, there is no end to her artistic talents. She started making small posies and little floral decorations, but now takes orders for buttonholes, wedding bouquets, table decorations and cake toppers. Naturally, her customers come from far and wide, so the delicate goods are lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a thick cardboard box before they are ...
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