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I love playing games and believe myself to be a slightly good writer, being a recreational writer.

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The Orange Box (Xbox 360) 19/04/2012

Very good deal on these brilliant Valve games

The Orange Box (Xbox 360) Considering the fact that these three games on their own could cost a possible £7 or so each, getting the Orange Box for around £14 is a very good deal. All these games are easy to play and fun, and are all classics in their own rights. There's a great range of game genre diversity; Half Life being a mix of FPS (first person shooter) and puzzles, Portal being a puzzle based game and Team Fortress 2 being a fun multiplayer shooter, there is pretty much a game to suit most moods. As there are three games on one disc, there are also less cases cluttering the place and less discs to misplace or end up dropping and dirtying. However, if you wish to play Team Fortress 2 you will need to have Xbox live; if you don't already have this bear in mind that you would either need to pay for a length of subscription for it or just have one game on the Orange Box made redundant and unplayable. This would be a shame, as TF2 is a very fun, easy to play and engaging mutliplayer game, with different classes you can play as to suit your playing preferences (i.e. the Sniper uses a sniper, the Spy is a stealthy character etc.). The action is fast paced and you can play a variety of maps with a variety of goals such as capturing control points or moving/defending a small train-like vehicle along the map. The graphics are cartoony but for this type of game it does work, and is not a game to be taken seriously, but is easy to simply pick up and play whenever you feel like shooting other players in a ...

Portal 2 (Xbox 360) 18/04/2012

A great follow on from Portal

Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Aftermath of World War II - John W Dower 29/03/2012

A heavy read, but engaging and extremely interesting

Lord of the Flies - Ian Gregor 28/03/2012

Lord Of The Flies is a serious must-read, English student or not

L.A. Noire (Xbox 360) 27/03/2012

Rockstar has left me stunned again with L.A. Noire

Mirrors Edge (Xbox 360) 27/03/2012

I have to admit, I returned to this game...

Mirrors Edge (Xbox 360) When I first borrowed Mirror's Edge from a friend who really enjoyed playing it, I quickly grew to dislike it. It was irritating and frustrating, the combat is dreadfully shocking (and I have to admit I do love a good shooter; this is certainly not that, but then again it's not meant to be) and the story-line is, to put it colloquially, pants. The fact that the game is so short was at first a relief to me; I was glad I'd beaten it and could take it back to my friend with my firm opinion that this was a bad game I would never bother with again. But then one day I was in a game shop, just browsing, and I saw this on the shelf. Seeing as it was relatively cheap and I was in a spontaneous mood, I bought it, took it home and popped it into the Xbox. As I started playing again, I realised that my first view had been a little harsh. The game is very original with its first person parkour focused game-play, and although the combat still seriously irks me I found that when I did the free running right it flowed very nicely, and you gain immense satisfaction from that (also the graphics and strong colours used in the game is incredibly pretty). Now the short length of the game annoys me, as I wish I didn't have to repeat the same nine chapters continuously to feel happy as I make Faith (the protagonist) run - literally - through the motions of the city the game is set. Although the music in-game is... extremely easy to forget as I cannot recall any of it, the ending song and the main ...

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360) 25/03/2012

Infinite quests, Skyrim? Don't mind if I do.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360) I know that this review is a little late in terms of the game's release, but I would blame that on the game itself; it's left me so little free time that I struggle to fit in eating and socializing with friends! In short, I found this game - just like its predecessor Oblivion - to be fun, absorbing and addictive. The graphics never fail to leave me staring at my TV screen in awe, and I personally believe I could happily sit there for hours just watching the flow of water go past my character. As with all RPGs, you can do whatever you like, whenever you like. If you want to avoid the main quest altogether, go ahead. Can't be bothered with the Thieves Guild, don't sign up. Limitless freedom means gaming satisfaction, because you do what you feel like doing. And Skyrim's infinite quest generator means that you could spend the rest of eternity doing exactly that (although I admit they start to become... repetitive after a while, and you bump into quests all over the place so your quest box never seems close to clearing up). However, because of the immense amount of game play Skyrim offers, you can continuously come across bugs that sometimes can severely impact your gaming experience. I got one quest that meant every time I went into a certain town, guards would instantly attack me. I had to search on the internet for a solution, and the amount of people talking about the exact glitch I had shows the common annoyance and nuisances of glitches. I did manage to fix it but is not ...
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