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27, British Soldier. Father of one amazing little boy and a home owner. Living with my girlfriend and making our house a home!

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since 22/01/2017

6 Marketplace 22/01/2017

The one the only Marketplace Ok so anyone that looked at me review before MIGHT have noticed that I reviewed a phone. WELL DONE this was a test of common sense and you passed...JUST. So Amazon is this big a$$ed rain forest which has decided to start selling and advertising goods online. very good costumer service considering they are all in tribes that don't like the white demon. Delivery tends to be on time and if there are and delays or cancellations because of crocodiles, spider monkey attacks or what ever they defend against in the jungle they are always able to help. Products are always packaged in a way that keeps them safe and secure until they are at your door which is always reassuring and I have not had one rain forest size bug in the packaging for at least 3-4 orders (I'm not sure what it is but he now dominates 2/3rds of the house and is called frank...hes looking, we should stop talking about him). SO this is a good reliable company that is always happy to help and can even conceal the item description if it is a gift.

ROCCAT KOVA - mouse 22/01/2017

The Jerry to my Tom

ROCCAT KOVA - mouse Ill start by explaining that Jerry is a mouse and cats (like tom) tend to sit on laps (lap...tops get it?) shut up I though it was clever. AAAny way so Iv had this mouse for about 3 weeks and so far so good. Its very comfortable when playing for a long period of time and the roller is very responsive as are all the buttons, no delay or lag. Lighting system is just amazing, my last mouse was fixed at red while my laptop is fixed at blue (OCD nightmare) just a quick button press and its changed, no clumsy menus or settings. only gripe I can find is the cord gets tangled easily, I'm not sure why but I have never had the same issue with any other gaming mouse.

Razer Vespula 22/01/2017

like a pillow for your wrist

Razer Vespula I game ALOT, Play station 4, PC, Nintendo DS, Gamboy Advance you name it I game it. This obviously focuses on the PC. Now over the years I have developed a slight gaming related injury which manifests as a popping sound/ sensation when my left wrist staying in position for too long (again, GAMING injury...nothing else). This is due to my arm, hand and there for wrist being in an awkward and unnatural position for a long period of time. My previous mouse mat was not up to the task in which I needed but I spoke to a friend about my issue and he pointed me in the direction of a couple of mats, this, happened to be one of them. after using this mouse mat for a few months I noticed that I no longer felt the same odd popping I used to, or latest no so soon. It has in no way cured me but It lends enough support and comfort that I am supported exactly how you should be if you game for as long or often as I do. I actually managed to get this for around £50 but you need to shop arround.

Sony Xperia Z1 22/01/2017

The cake is a LIE

Sony Xperia Z1 Had this phone a while back, good to use, big screen but still fits in a pocket. only gripe with this is it was said to be 'shock resistant', it is not, at least not any more then other smart phones. My first phone was an old school nokia now THAT was shock resistant. I dropped this phone once, just once and the front just shattered. Now I wasn't expecting much but this might as well been made of sheet ice. upon taking it to my local phone shop they said I must have thrown it (I had not) and refused to help, Like wise Sony also refused to fix it for free or with a discount even though it is them that advertised it as shock proof.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact 22/01/2017

As tough as a glass breakable thing.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact As stated with my other Xperia review, this broke from just 1 foot off the floor. I swear I don't do it on purpose. This time it was the back that shattered which caused the front to become unresponsive. No help from Sony once again. Before this the phones software worked very well. I never had an issue with freezing or needing to restart for anyway. The let down once again is with the durability of the hardware, phone will get dropped and knocked so it inst great what one breaks at the first bump. I like the Xperia series but given my job I need a robust case for it before wrapping it in bubble wrap and covered in duck tape. This i apparently water proof but ill let you test that yourself.

Lego Technic 42044 Display Team Jet 22/01/2017

A 'step up' from the norm

Lego Technic 42044 Display Team Jet My son is obsessed with lego and has a vast collection. He has since taken an interest in the Technic range. This was his first Technic toy and I was very impressed with how it a challenge to Lego that he did not find in other ranges. I believe this range is helping my son problem solve as well as give creation to his imagination as he often got stuck in the more fiddly parts of the construction however LEGO have not made this to difficult as he was able to figure it out with little to no input from myself. However this being a big company brings a big price, although not a budget barker it is a little much for what it is but I am not put off by it in anyway. ...
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