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Hiya! I'm PerfectPeaches from Dooyoo - thought I'd try it over on the "other side". My reviews will be the same on both sites :)

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Pedigree Cheesy Bites 13/05/2014

An ideal treat to taking training

Pedigree Cheesy Bites Both of my adult dogs and eventually the puppy are gundogs in training. My Labrador comes for the jolly as she really isn't a natural retriever, whereas my flat coated retriever does it because he has a natural drive to go out into the field and retrieve (mostly sticks but the desire is there!). Therefore, when they have done something good and deserve a reward I always have a pocket full of small treats as a reward for them. I'm not normally too fussed when it comes to my training treats just as long as they have a soft texture and are small in size (around about a 5p) as they are only designed to be a token rather than a full meal! The current packet of treats in my cupboard for training are the Pedigree Cheesy Bites as I managed to pick up a few packets in my local pet store for 50p per bag (half price) as they were nearing the sell by date. The Pedigree Cheesy Bites come in the typical bright yellow and red packaging. They come in a foil lined packet which is slightly smaller than a crisp packet. Of course, there is an image of a dog on the front together with the Pedigree logo and product name. On the back of the packet there is the usual information about the Cheesy Bites together with the daily recommended feeding guidelines, ingredients list as well as contact details for Pedigree. The Cheesy Bites are slightly oval in shape and are really no bigger than 5p coin but just a little bit thicker in width. They really are small in size so ideal for training. They ...

Crown Pet Foods James Wellbeloved Adult Turkey & Vegetable Cereal Free 13/05/2014

Turkey Dinner?

Crown Pet Foods James Wellbeloved Adult Turkey & Vegetable Cereal Free I’ve mentioned in a few of my previous reviews that I own a really fussy dog. Considering he is of the retriever variety who are generally quite greedy, he isn’t and will turn his nose up at a bowl of food whenever he decides he no longer likes that type of food. On the other hand my Labrador who does have a slightly sensitive system is not so fussy, so to find a food that they both like can be a tricky purchase. About 8 months ago after looking in my local pet store for yet another suitable food to convert them onto I found that James Wellbeloved had started doing a dry food which was grain free which was ideal as I was wanting to try a food which didn’t have rice in it. I bought a bag of the James Wellbeloved Turkey and Vegetable in the hope that my fussy one would actually eat it and not go off it! James Wellbeloved is a well known brand who make hypo-allergenic dog and cat foods. Across their range they only use one source of protein which it because when using two or more protein sources this can cause your pet to have food intolerances which can be quite uncomfortable for them. James Wellbeloved are definitely one of the more open brands of dog foods as they print their full list of ingredients on the back of their bags so you can clearly see what goes into the food. The James Wellbeloved Turkey and Vegetable is a relatively new addition to their range (as is the Lamb & Vegetable variety). It comes in a shiny green bag with gold stripes featuring the JW logo on the ...

Arden Grange Partners Premium Wet Food 19/03/2014

Perfect Partner for my Dogs

Arden Grange Partners Premium Wet Food My dogs are predominantly on a dry food diet plus a bit of raw i.e. chicken wings. However, they do get wet food during the week even if it is just a small token amount as it gives them some variety and for my fussy canine he seems to prefer it this way. Because of both my adult dogs tend to be a little sensitive when it comes to food I do have to watch what they consume so finding a sensitive or hypo-allergenic wet food is generally on my shopping list. The wet food of choice mainly tends to be Arden Grange Partners canned food. Arden Grange is a middle of the road brand who create hypo-allergenic foods for dogs both wet and dry. Arden Grange have a decent selection of dog foods and most will be suitable for any dog. The Partners range comes in lamb, beef and sensitive ocean white fish so there is limited choice but as my dogs have never not eaten it for me its fine. Regardless of variety you buy they all come in the same can with a ring pull top. The lamb variety comes with a green label, beef with a red label and the sensitive in a grey label (each match the colours of the dry food). Currently I have the lamb variety at home and on the label not only does it feature the product name and variety but also the Arden Grange logo together with a picture of a dog. On the other side of the can, there is information about the product, feeding guidelines, ingredients list and contact information. The Partners wet food has been formulated for dogs over the age of 9 months and for ...

Arden Grange Sensitive Ocean White Fish and Potato 18/03/2014

Not fishy enough for my fussy flat coat!

Arden Grange Sensitive Ocean White Fish and Potato When my fussy flat coated retriever first started to show signs of an allergy or irritant, the first thing I did was change his diet albeit gradually. One of the most common irritants is found in food so after speaking with an Arden Grange nutrionist I started my canine friend on the Arden Grange Sensitive Ocean White Fish and Potato as grains such as rice can actually be an irritant although a lot of hypo-allergenic or “sensitive” foods for dogs contain rice. Arden Grange does a whole range of dog foods but are all hypo-allergenic and can come in a variety of flavours and certain foods suitable for overweight dogs as well as sensitive dogs. Arden Grange is quite a popular dry dog food and is middle range in terms of pricing. By no means is it the cheapest but nor is it the most expensive. It comes in three bag sizes so you can buy as little or as much as you need, ideal depending on the size of your dog. They come in colour coded bags depending on which one you want. The Sensitive Ocean White Fish and Potato comes in a very bland grey coloured bag which features an image of a Dalmatian on the front together with the Arden Grange logo and a few snippets of info. On the back of the bag there is further more detailed information about the dry food together with the recommended daily feeding amount, ingredients list and contact details for Arden Grange. The Arden Grange Sensitive Ocean White Fish and Potato has been specifically formulated for those adult dogs as well as ...

Pedigree Jumbone 14/03/2014

Will get tails wagging!

Pedigree Jumbone My dogs are much loved members of the family and therefore like us humans they each received a stocking at Christmas full of dog friendly treats and toys. One of the items my mother bought for each of them was the Pedigree Jumbone. Pedigree is one of those brands that everyone has heard of (be it good or bad) and has probably bought something from their range for a dog at some point. I certainly have and I regularly buy one of their items for training purposes. The Pedigree Jumbone comes in either chicken or beef (turkey at Christmas as a limited edition) and come in three sizes; small, medium and large. My dogs although classed as a large breed both received a packet of the medium size Jumbones which come as a duo although singular Jumbones can be bought. Regardless of the size, the shape and what they are made of are exactly the same. Jumbones come in a wrapper style packaging in the usual yellow and red coloured packaging of all of the other Pedigree products. On the front there is an image of a dog together with the red Pedigree logo and the product name. On the reverse of the wrapper there is information about the product, feeding suggestions i.e. the amount per day as well as an ingredients list and contact details for Pedigree. The Pedigree Jumbones are essentially a long, hard but chewable treat for your pooch, very loosely resembling a bone but obviously completely safe to eat. Depending on which variety you buy the "outer shell" will be a slightly different ...

Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky Squares 13/03/2014

Fishy but Flatcoat Friendly!

Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky Squares I am owned by an incredibly fussy flat coated retriever which is quite an unusual thing for not only the breed but for all retrievers (I also own a Labrador and curly coat retriever who are certainly not fussy!). Trying to get him to eat his main meals can be a challenge in itself but he has also become quite particular about the treats he eats making it hard when you have two extremely greedy dogs and one dog not so bothered who ends up walking off, not so great when trying to train him! Therefore, the treats I tend to buy have to be suitable for him as I then know all three will eat them! One treat he does seem to enjoy is the Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky Squares. Fish4Dogs are a brand that have their entire product range based around fish ranging from main dry kibble type foods to a variety of treats. They pride themselves on using a high quality source of fish in all of their products. It is one of the only brands available to solely concentre on one product and they use it because fish is an incredibly source of protein for dogs. The Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky Squares come in the usual Fish4Dogs royal blue coloured packaging which is teamed with their yellow font logo. The same type of packaging is used throughout their range of treats. There is a clear window at the front so you can visibly see the Sea Jerky Squares should you want to know what they look like before you buy. On the back of the packet there is information about them, the ingredients, feeding requirements as well as ...

Skinners Duck and Rice Dry Dog Food 13/03/2014

Duck for my Dog!

Skinners Duck and Rice Dry Dog Food I am very fortunate enough to own a very wonderful flat coated retriever (as well as two other dogs). He is a gundog in training as well as a Crufts qualified show dog. However, back in September last year I noticed as he was rolling around on the grass that he had a lot of redness on his skin on his belly and after further inspection a few small bald patches. To cut a long story short, after numerous trips to the vets we found he was sensitive to various foods so the journey of trying various foods which are hypoallergenic. One such food I originally tried last year is by the brand Skinners. Skinners isn't a brand that will be instantly recognisable with everyone but it is definitely a brand that should be considered. Skinners is a family company, the mill being in use in Suffolk since 1688. They were one of the main forerunners in dry dog food back in the 70s and were originally associated with working dogs as well as gundogs but there decent range of foods are suitable from the working dog to the family dog. The variety I bought was the Skinners Field & Trial Duck & Rice which is one of their hypoallergenic dry foods. The kibble has been specifically formulated to exclude those pesky ingredients which can cause allergies and sensitivities which hopefully reduces problems that can occur with the skin, coat and digestion. The dry food itself comes in a dark teal coloured striped bag completed with the Skinners Field & Trial logo together with images in a working dog ...

Pet Munchies Chicken Strips 12/03/2014

Natural Loveliness for Dogs

Pet Munchies Chicken Strips For my one dog (the fussy flat coated retriever) I have to try and ensure he has a hypoallergenic diet as much as possible due to allergies he has (excessive itching, redness and loss of fur if I don't keep him on this diet) but since the rise of hypoallergenic foods the variety available for both food and treats there is a much better range than there used to be. One brand I like to buy from not just for the fussy one but for my other two is a company called Pet Munchies. Pet Munchies are a company that produce 100% natural dog treats. Basically they roast (in their own juices) and then dehumidify select meats such as chicken and duck breasts (they stress that they only use the best quality) and which give the end result of being a healthy, all natural snack/treat for your dog without any additives, colourings etc. Because of this process they are also hypoallergenic and suitable for those with allergies/insensitivities. Pet Munchies Chicken Strips are an item from their range that I do buy regularly. They come in a bright orange plastic bag (with a self seal top to ensure freshness) which has a small transparent window so you can just see what the chicken strips actually look like. The Pet Munchies paw logo is on the front and on the reverse you will find information about the product, the daily feeding guidelines together with contact information for the brand itself. The chicken strips are quite literally strips of chick breast which are an orange colour which I am ...

Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment 11/03/2014

A little tube of relief

Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment My daughter as a baby never really suffered with nappy rash and if she did it was only for a few days and was always easily dealt with, with a protective cream. However, as a first time parent it soon becomes apparent as to how many nappy rash creams and ointments there are on the market. They do however, all claim to do the same thing but of course opinions differ as to which brand is better and of course most expensive. One brand that I found personally to be a really saviour was Metanium. I seem to remember received a full sized tube whether as a freebie or as a gift when I was expecting my daughter (back in 2010) and it was the one cream I could call upon when my daughter was suffering. Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is specifically formulated to treat nappy rash, to soothe redness and calm any irritation. The cream acts as a barrier over the skin to protect, care and soothe. The nappy cream comes in a pale yellow box together with the product name in lilac writing. The tube it comes in is also pale yellow tube with a white screw on top. As you would expect with an item like this, you get a small amount of information on the box but it does come with a leaflet giving more information about Metanium, what it is meant to do, the ingredients and how to avoid nappy rash. The cream itself is pale yellow in colour and has a similar consistency of Sudocrem but as it comes in a tube it is much easier to apply as well as not wasting as much or making any mess. The cream needs ...

Lenor Infusions Gold Orchid Fabric Softener 04/03/2014

A Golden Effort by Lenor

Lenor Infusions Gold Orchid Fabric Softener When it comes to doing the laundry not only do I want my clothes to be clean but I also like them to have a fresh scent to them. The kind of smell that lingers on your clothes even when stored in a wardrobe. I seem to have tried a wide variety of fabric softeners all which promise to leave your clothes soft and leave a fragrance behind but I seem to find that a few I’ve tried don’t really live up to the promise so the search goes on. Recently, in my local Co-op I managed to pick up a bottle of Lenor Infusions Gold Orchid which was half price (the only variety which was half price for some reason). I’d never tried this variety from Lenor and was happy to pay the price given that Co-op seems overly expensive compared to other supermarkets so was happy to be paying less. Lenor say Gold Orchid “is infused with a seductive hint of vanilla that will brighten your spirits with its soft, refreshing fragrance”. Had I of known that the fabric softener had included vanilla (I didn’t read the back of the bottle when I bought it) I probably wouldn’t have bought it as I cannot stand the smell of vanilla or at least the synthetic, sweet vanilla aroma. However, it was half price so I won’t moan! The fabric softener comes in a gold metallic bottle with a contrasting silver metallic screw on top, which is also used as a measuring cup if need be. On the front of the bottle there is an image of orchids together with the usual font Lenor logo and the product name. On the back of the bottle is ...

Blistex Cream 03/02/2014

Cold Sore Be Gone!

Blistex Cream I am one of those unfortunate people who suffer with cold sores, they tend to appear when I am stressed or feeling under the weather. A kind little reminder to kick you when you’re down! Fortunately, my cold sores tend to only last for a few days and are very small compared to what some people suffer with but regardless when they appear I want them gone and as quickly as possible. One item I use is Blistex Cold Sore Cream, this has been a firm favourite of mine for many years and one that I have repeatedly bought simply because I do find it helps. It is a clinically proven cream which is the only cold sore treatment to contain an active ingredient called docosanol which is supposed to get to work earlier on the area affected in the cold sore cycle and therefore limiting the cold sore. Docosanol apparently acts as a barrier to help stop the cold sore virus itself from entering the healthy cells. Cold sores are a blister which forms on the lip (often painful and uncomfortable) which are caused by the virus known as Herpes Simplex 1. For most people like myself the first signs of getting a cold sore is a tingling sensation on the lip and sometimes a little bump appearing before turning into a blister which doesn’t look very attractive! Usually they can take around 10 days to fully heal but they are contagious so it is important not to infect others whether by close contact or using the same mug/glass/cutlery etc. The Blistex Cold Sore Cream is only available in pharmacies and ...

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula 20/01/2014

Cocoa Butter Loveliness

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula My other half swears by Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion and tends to only use this specific body lotion despite there being hundreds of varieties available to purchase. His reason for liking it so much is quite simply he finds that it suits his skin and stops it from getting dry. Why fix it if it ain't broke is quite an apt saying really and for my other half this is why he doesn't swop and change as he sees no need, unlike a lot of us women! Palmer's is one of those brands you instantly associate with cocoa butter, that creamy, luxurious sweet smell that is instantly recognisable with this brand. Palmer's doesn't just do the body lotion but a whole host of items all designed to care for your skin. The Body Lotion is probably the most recognisable and so it should be as it is apparently the UK's number 1 choice of Cocoa Butter body lotion! The formula has been specifically made with pure Cocoa Butter which is known to soften, soothe and nourish the skin. Teamed with Vitamin E known for its antioxidant properties together with being known to help with scars, stretch marks and other imperfections on the skin it provides a body lotion equipped in not only keeping dry skin at bay but also keeping it nourished and looking healthy. The Cocoa Butter Body Lotion comes in a shaped white plastic bottle with a flip top lid. The label on the front features the brown and orange Palmer's logo together with the product name whilst the rest of the label is white with some of ...

Radox Lemon and Tea Tree Showergel for Men 17/01/2014

Not just for men!

Radox Lemon and Tea Tree Showergel for Men At 5am in the morning the last thing I want to do is get out of a nice warm bed and into a shower. However, I can't start the day without one so apart from ensuring the heating is on once I step out of bed I try and make sure that the shower gel I am using is one to give me a bit of a boost and to zap some life into me in order I can start the day with matchsticks propping up my eyelids. My current shower gel of choice happens to be one made for men! It is Radox Mens Invigorating Lemon & Tea Tree Oil Shower Gel and Shampoo. Now, I don't make a habit of using men's toiletries however, in my partner's toiletry bag he receives from his mother every Christmas (I also get this toiletry bag!) was a bottle of this shower gel and thought it would be an ideal shower gel to use in the morning. I am quite a fan of Radox products, I tend to use them regularly and I am happy with how they work and the fact that the majority do not irritate my skin. I am a big fan of both lemon and tea tree oils in products as I do find that they cleanse my skin and the aroma tends to wake me up and refreshes me which is always a good start to the day. According to Radox: "Radox Mens invigorating lemon and tea tree shower gel and shampoo will wake your head and energise your body. With the shampoo and shower gel rolled into one it will save you time in the shower." The shower gel comes in a transparent plastic bottle which features a black plastic flip top lid which you stand upright making it ...

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry 16/01/2014

Goodbye dry skin. Hello radiant skin!

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry Trying to find a good face cream is a bit of a challenge as I sometimes find moisturisers can be too thin in consistency and almost a little watery on the skin which when you suffer with dry skin you want something a bit thicker which will be absorbed. For me I do like a thick face cream or one that I know will be absorbed well and will make a difference to the skin especially when I'm wanting to keep my skin hydrated and looking healthy. After running out of my Simple cream which was specifically for dry and sensitive skin I was unable to get hold of it anywhere it seemed so I had to find a suitable replacement. After browsing several stores and what seemed like many different creams I decided to go for the Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry which has been formulated for dry to very dry skin. Now, I've used products in the dry skin range from Garnier and have been pleased with how they effect my skin so I thought the Moisture Match Goodbye Dry cream would be worth a go. Garnier have apparently formulated the Moisture Match Goodbye Dry cream with "ultra light" oils which is rich to the feel but non-greasy, ideal for easy absorption. The moisturiser is designed to give your skin instant comfort without being heavy on the skin which sometimes rich creams can leave your skin feeling a bit clogged up and it can't absorb properly. The Moisture Match Goodbye is just one in a range of Moisture Match creams all specifically designed for certain skin types. The Goodbye Dry cream ...

Nescafe Original Coffee Granules 15/01/2014

My Office Coffee Of Choice

Nescafe Original Coffee Granules Due to being one of those people constantly on the go and having too little time in the day to do everything I sometime needs a bit of a pick up. When I get in the office for around 8am I am normally one of the first people in my department to arrive. Being early does mean I am up early to not only get myself ready but to leave the house in a tidy state. The first thing when I arrive is making myself a big mug of coffee to help kick start my day as without this I'm pretty useless. In the kitchen in my office we are supplied with all the essentials coffee, tea, sugar etc and the coffee that has been bought since I can remember is Nescafé Original. An easy to choice to make when ordering from a large stationary stockist as it is one of the few available in the larger round tin sizes. We have all heard of Nescafé being known for its variety of coffees made for the everyday consumer and are probably one of the leading brands in the coffee industry. Nescafé Original is Nescafé's signature coffee and is probably the most recognised soluble coffee that Nescafé produce simply due to the fact that not only has been around the longest its distinctive packaging is probably recognised by everyone. Nescafé Original is a soluble coffee as mentioned above so it literally needs spooning into a cup/mug and then filling with freshly hot boiled water where it dissolved instantly. Now although my office coffee generally comes in the large round tin but we currently have a large glass jar ...
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