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Run All Night (Blu-Ray) 24/01/2017

Was this really just one night?

Run All Night (Blu-Ray) Run All Night On Sunday I was a bit bored, so headed to see the 12.30 showing of Run All Night as it was the first thing showing. This is the third recent collaboration between director Jaume Collet-Serra and star Liam Neeson and [perhaps unsurprisingly] films start to get a bit "same-y" after working together previously. It's not quite at the Depp/Burton level of creepy casting, but it is getting there. Plot There may be spoilers Mike Conlon is just an ordinary guy, married with 2 kids and works as a limousine driver. He picks up two Albanians to drive them to an apartment in a rough-looking part of town (because you always take a limo for that). Unbeknownst to him, they are visiting Danny Maguire to get back some money owed to them for his failure to agree a drug deal with his father Shawn (a local wealthy 'legitimate' businessman). When Mike sees Danny kill the two Albanians he now must run for both his own lfe, but for the life of his family. Only one man could potentially save him, his estranged father Jimmy who grew up with Shawn Maguire and is a well-known murderer for hire. Cast and Crew Jimmy Conlon - Liam Neeson Mike Conlon - Joel Kinnaman Shawn Maguire - Ed Harris Danny Maguire - Boyd Holbrook Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Non-Stop, Unknown) Written by Brad Ingelsby (Out of the Furnace) Released in cinema on March 13th 2015 Awards - None at time of writing; and unlikely to get any! IMDb rating - 7.2/10 (from 3,488 users) - what? Are people just going on ...

City State (DVD) 22/02/2016

Reykjavik - city state?

City State (DVD) I originally added this film to Ciao months ago when I got it from LoveFilm, but haven't been on here in a while. When I came back the other day I noticed that it was in the Ciao lottery, so as good a time as any to review this fairly heavy going Icelandic crime drama. Due to the needing a photo rules, I actually had to go and buy it from Amazon with my vouchers that I get regularly from a survey site but luckily I got a copy with Prime delivery for £1.26, not bad considering Amazon normally charge £6.10 for it! Audio difficulties The film itself is in Icelandic, but also has parts in Serbian, Russian and English, so you can't take an eye off the screen for a moment or you'll totally lose track of who is speaking. The subtitles also don't help when they come up with captions saying "(...small talk...). Truly helpful! You have two audio options available, 5.1 Dolby Digital or 2.0 Dolby Stereo. Unusually this is one of the few foreign films that I think may have been helped by dubbing in English. The film This is one of these confusing films that has four different characters, and their stories also weave together without them being connected from the beginning. Not to hard to follow in your own language, but it gets pretty confusing here. The four character descriptions below do not contain spoilers as everything mentioned is in the first part where we meet each character. We have Sergej who is a Serbian immigrant to Iceland. He owns a small auto shop business which he ...

Lexar JumpDrive V30 16GB 23/12/2015

Need a jump?

Lexar JumpDrive V30 16GB As you can see from my photos, this 16 Gb flash drive is absolutely tiny! It's about half the length of my middle finger, and barely weighs anything at all. Imagine how big a hard drive this size would have been in the 1990s! Lexar Lexar's main products are based around data storage, from USB's to hard drives; let's be honest, they basically invented the flash drive. They were awarded $380 million after Toshiba tried to copy them, and Lexar actually allow Sony, Samsung, Olympus and others to use their technology for a substantial fee. They were set up in the mid-90s in California after leaving Texas company Cirrus Logic. Despite this the drive itself was made in China. How does it look? It's so small, you can't help but love it! Small, white and with turquoise (although Lexar refer to it as "teal") trim. The larger turquoise part actually protects the USB connection and slides down to reveal it. It also has a small hole in the end which can have some form of string put through it to allow you to tie it on to something to keep it with you. I wouldn't want to attach it to a keyring as the plastic at that part is rather narrow and looks like any strain may break it. Speed of transfer To be fair, I don't really worry about these things, just tell the computer to do something then do something else in the mean time until it has transferred. However, for the purposes of writing this review, I timed a couple of transfers that I made. A 2.75 Gb folder took 5 minutes and 10 ...

The Loft (DVD) 08/12/2015

The Loft is just really a big studio apartment...

The Loft (DVD) I got this DVD a while back with a Sainsbury's £5 voucher and it's sat on my coffee table unwatched for months. Last night feeling a bit bored, and having watched my LoveFilm offering (District 13 - Ultimatum in case you were wondering), I decided to give it a try with no background knowledge of the film at all. The case was one of those ones that wastes paper having an extra card overlay. I never really get why DVD distributors do this. All this does is add an extra couple of millimetres to the space it takes up on the shelf. Frankly though it'll just get traded in at Missing next time I'm in Glasgow, so no harm, no foul. Director Erik Van Looy actually made this film originally in 2008 in Flemish, under the name Loft but decided to remake it in English with around five times the budget and with some relative star power attached to it. This time though he asked Cape Fear screenplay writer Wesley Strick to make some changes to Bert De Pauw's original screenplay. The basic concept is simple. Five well-off men all in long-term relationships decide to chip in and buy a flat where they can take their 'bits on the side' for extramarital activities. Needless to say though this film comes in under the "mystery/thriller" genre, so it's not just going to be about that. Their plans unravel and fairly predictably someone will end up dead. But who? I'm not going to spoil it, as this is actually worth watching. The five men cast are all reasonably famous, although strangely Belgian ...

Wrestling for My Life - Shawn Michaels 17/11/2015

Can God help you in the ring?

Wrestling for My Life - Shawn Michaels Any fan of the former World Wrestling Federation, as I was when I was growing up, will know the name Shawn Michaels. He is an icon of the industry and is one of the greatest ever professional wrestlers. This book is his second autobiography, after the 2005 "Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story". In the first book, he concentrated mainly on wrestling and events that happened within the WWF. This book spends most of its 163 pages talking about Shawn's rebirth as a Christian, and how this new found religious belief has given him strength to carry on and get over numerous setbacks which were leading him down a path to destruction. The book is soft cover, so lends to easy reading, and has forewords from fellow wrestlers Triple H (Paul Levesque) and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, which set the scene as to the route that Shawn was on before his 'salvation'. In the centre of the book are 26 glossy photographs which sum up the career and life of a legend; his profession, his family and his hobbies. Each of the book's 13 chapters are accompanied by a Biblical quotation, which summarises the feelings and the content of each chapter nicely. Due to his strong beliefs it is possible to feel exactly how he felt at each point in his story through his use of Christian imagery. Whether you belief in God or not, the symbolism that comes across through his use of Bible quotes help you to understand his emotive state. Shawn comes across as a great father to his children Cameron and ...

Kingston DataTraveler G4 - USB flash drive - 8 GB 11/11/2015

Cheap and simple to use!

Kingston DataTraveler G4 - USB flash drive - 8 GB Another little USB drive that I have bought recently was the Kingston Technology DataTraveler G4 USB 3.1 Gen 1/USB 3.0 Flash Drive - 8 GB. This cost £3.99 last month with Prime free delivery from Amazon. This product is no longer available to buy outright through Prime unless as an add-on purchase, but you can get it from a Marketplace seller for £3.93 with free postage (albeit not next day like with Prime). It really does look cheap and nasty, with it being a rather plain white, with only the end being coloured and varying in colour depending on the capacity of the drive. Price on Yellow - 8 Gb £3.93 Marketplace (or Prime add-on) Blue - 16 Gb £5.09 Marketplace (or Prime add-on) Red - 32 Gb £7.46 Prime Purple - 64 Gb £14.99 Prime Green - 128 Gb £30.99 Prime Who are Kingston? Kingston Technology are a Californian computing firm who are basically the major company for computer storage devices in the United States. They are competing with the old boys of the industry Lexar (see my other flash drive review) at the top end of the market. You can find their official website at - this is a rather boring web address, which I would hope they would give to the city of Kingston, Jamaica to replace their hideous URL! USB 3.0? This drive is a USB 3.0 drive, although it does claim to be 3.1, which I'm not quite sure what the difference is. USB 3.0 is basically the third generation of the Universal Serial Bus; hey I remembered an ...

The Human Centipede 3 (DVD) 10/11/2015

There may be something wrong with me!

The Human Centipede 3 (DVD) The very first question you should ask is why would anyone watch the THIRD Tom Six film about making a human centipede? A valid question and one that I still wonder myself. More to the point why did I watch the first one. Call it scientific curiosity more than anything. And as to watching this film, I have a need for completeness. Once I've subjected myself to at least 2 from a series, I feel the need to see the rest. This sadly leads you to seeing Hellraiser: Revelations (the ninth one). Seriously you do not want to watch that. It doesn't even have the legendary Doug Bradley in it! The thing about these films is that they actually rely on the characters having seen the previous film despite them having no connection to one another. So there is a cross over between reality and fiction. It's about the only thing remotely resembling originality in these films. To catch you up in case you are unfamiliar with the series I'll briefly summarise the previous films. In the first a German doctor captures to girls who come to his door looking for a telephone after their car breaks down in the pouring rain. He then decides to sew them, and a random Asian guy, together mouth to anus. In the second a creepy clearly mentally handicapped man who inexplicably despite being in England has access to a gun, has a job that involves lone working and is able to easily lift much larger people despite them being dead-weight. He has seen the first film and really enjoyed it, so he decides using ...

Knowing (DVD) 01/11/2015

I could have done without "Knowing"

Knowing (DVD) This is a 'film 'only' review of Alex Proyas' most recent film 'Knowing' with Nicolas Cage as the main character John Koestler, a professor of astrophysics at MIT. Strangely the film revolves around him, although he is ultimately not relevant in the conclusion with makes the film fall rather flat. His son, Caleb (Chandler Canterbury), who is a bit of a loner since the death of his mother is the one whom the main events of the film will depend upon. As you can imagine, with a big budget film like this one, relying too heavily on child actors is never a good idea as you would have hoped that Hollywood directors would have learned from the dismal 'The Sixth Sense'. The Story *There will be spoilers given, so feel free to skip ahead* In 1959, the children at an elementary school and their teacher (Danielle Carter) bury a time capsule with pictures of what they imagine the world will be like in 2009. This included a series of numbers written out by a strange girl named Lucinda (Lara Robinson). When the capsule is unveiled in 2009, Caleb receives the coded message from Lucinda; a seemingly random set of digits which his father will later discover having the date, death numbers and co-ordinates of numerous disasters around the world in the 50 years following the burial of the capsule. This starts of with the discovery of 9 1 1 2 0 0 1, which clearly referred to the American format of the date of the Twin Towers atrocity in New York City. I find that for a disaster that the ...

Cadbury Bournville Original Plain Chocolate Bar 22/10/2015

Mmmm chocolate, with extra chocolate!!

Cadbury Bournville Original Plain Chocolate Bar I used to love Bournville chocolate so thought I would try one for the Product of the Week. I was shocked though by how much they had decreased in size over the years, and the price was frankly ludicrous at 75 pence from my local Day Today store. The bar now comes in a much more modern plain red wrapper, with what could be described as a blotch of dark paint in one corner. The writing is basic Arial in gold, with CLASSIC dark chocolate written below it. I dislike the mixture between upper and lower case. It looks ridiculous. This bar weighs in at 45 grams, although I see that Sainsbury's sell a 180 gram bar for a much more reasonable £2. My bar today consists of 6 small blocks of chocolate about the same size as that of a Dairy Milk, with the Cadbury's logo imprinted on top of each piece. It is still the luxuriously dark brown colour that I remembered, and the smell of high cocoa content chocolate is a treat in itself. Time to break a piece off the bar. Wow, that was hard work.... I've got arthritis in my hands and that was actually quite painful to break! The chocolate has a strong chocolate-y aroma and taste, however the texture is slightly less luxurious. It's almost catering consistency, making it ideal for grating but not really a treat on the teeth anymore. Would I eat another bar? Possibly, but I would want the larger bar as 75 pence for the smaller cake of chocolate is a bit unreasonable. Contents: sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, palm fat, shea fat, soya ...

Dell - mouse 01/10/2015

There's a moose loose about this hoose!

Dell - mouse The most basic product available on the market for a computer; the mouse. It's not particularly attractive or fancy, but it does the job it is designed for and does it effectively. Cost I got this with my new Dell computer about 2 years ago, simply because they didn't add a charge on for it. Why not get something for free, eh? It is currently available for £5.69 with free Prime delivery on Amazon, or £5.30 from business seller Home Portal. This is a good price for an essential computer peripheral. Size It really is quite big compared with my previous one, taking almost my whole palm width to cover it, and slightly longer than the palm. Weight wise it is actually quite light, and doesn't feel bulky at all. Wired or wireless? This one is wired, with a USB connection to the computer. Tracking? It tracks well, and uses a wee red light instead of those awful tracking balls that you used to get! Would I recommend this? Yes. Cheap, effective and simple to use.

Galaxy Duet Bar 30/09/2015

Someone is kidding us on... hardly a new concept!

Galaxy Duet Bar I have decided to write reviews of the two different kinds that they had in a local newsagent. Both were for sale at 65 pence, so a combined £1.30. Remember when chocolate bars cost about 30 pence, better times. And there were no Tories in charge back then either! *Cookies & Cream *Caramel & Shortcake The Cookies & Cream bar weighs in at 35 grams, and comes in a brown cream and blush pink plastic wrapping. Opening it up, it looks like a Kit Kat, 2-finger; but it sort of wavy and each finger is split into four little hillocks. Milk chocolate with a lightly whipped filling (15%) and cookie pieces (3.2%) Ingredients: sugar, skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter, palm fat, cocoa mass, milk fat, lactose and protein from whey, whey powder, lactose, wheat flour, shea fat, soya lecithin, cocoa powder, sunflower oil, glucose syrup, vegetable carbon, natural vanilla extract, salt, ammonium carbonate. Each bar contains 193 kCal and 34% of your RDA of saturated fat. The top finger has a cream coloured filling surrounded by luxurious Galaxy chocolate. This bit actually tastes of the Galaxy truffles that you used to get in boxes of Mars Celebrations. The other finger has little bits of brown cookie embedded into it, they taste a little bit like an Oreo dipped in Galaxy chocolate. I actually like this as an idea. Make this happen Mars and Nabisco! Combining the two fingers together is a nice combination of sweet, smooth and crunchy in one. Consider the foil wrapped cream biscuit in a ...

The Hungover Games (DVD) 26/09/2015

May this film be never in your possession!

The Hungover Games (DVD) Don't you just hate it when you go out for a mate's stag do and you wake-up hungover and in a spoof movie? Seems to happen on an all too regular basis for my liking... Plot A group of guys go out to a cheap hotel in Laughlin, Nevada for a stag do with no intention of getting drunk. I can see this going well! They all look strangely like characters from The Hangover. This couldn't possibly be a parody, could it? Anyway, they wake up in a strange futuristic environment and find themselves taking part in a battle to the death with several teams of characters based on pop culture references from other films and television shows. They have two helpers Justmitch and Effing White to advise them on how best to survive what they learn to be known as The Hungover Games. The film is actually helped by Zach (a spoof of The Hangover's Alan) who recognises Effing White as a parody of The Hunger Games' Effie Trinket. I like it when the writers know their script is so shite that they have to explain all their jokes... If you have ever seen The Hunger Games, you will know that each district nominates tributes to battle in their honour at the games. In this film, our main characters will represent The Hangover and against various characters from films like Ted, Avatar, The Hunger Games and a creepy collection of Johnny Depp parodies as well as a pair of naked girls in a team called Gratuitous Nudity. The only parodies I found even slightly amusing were the one of Django played by stunt man ...

Wild (DVD) 21/09/2015

Where the Wild Things Are...

Wild (DVD) This review is of the 2014 film Wild starring Reece Witherspoon and Laura Wild as memoirist Cheryl Strayer and her mother Bobbi; based on Strayer's memoirs of her hiking the PCT, published in 2012. Plot Cheryl has recently divorced her husband of seven years, Paul (in reality Paul is based on her first husband Marco, who she was married to for six years), and decides to take some time out and rediscover herself by walking the 1,100 Pacific Crest Trail from Southern California to Oregon. You can read about the Trail on Wikipedia - Along the way she has various revelations about her past life, where we discover that her mother Bobbi died at 45 of cancer, and that she had become a heroin addict after cheating on Paul with numerous random men. Throughout the flashback scenes, director Vallée uses music to symbolise the emotions that Cheryl was feeling at those times, using a lot of well known music such as "El Condor Pasa (If I Could)" and "Homeward Bound" by Simon and Garfunkel. One of the joys of having a Prime subscription is that I can listen to the soundtrack for free, but otherwise you can download it for £6.99, with 15 great tracks. She spends a large amount of the walk on her own, leading to scenes which although she is alone are extremely claustrophobic as you feel that at those points that she has no way out and just has to continue. Cast ...

Hama Nylon CD/DVD Wallet 07/09/2015

Hama - The Smart Solution

Hama Nylon CD/DVD Wallet Well that is their tagline, not sure what exactly makes them smart but hey-ho! This is going to be quite a simple and probably short review to write. It's just after all a wallet for holding CDs (or DVDs/Blu-Rays if you were that way inclined). I use it in the car to save having endless CD cases cluttering up my glove compartment. Seriously does anyone keep gloves in them? The "wallet" or "Tasche" - it is a German company after all, holds 32 CDs. Or at least mine does, they do other sizes. Hama themselves make various accessories for electrical equipment, like USBs, cables and storage cases. Basically all the things you need to make your life a little bit easier in the modern age. This CD case is made of very strong and hard-wearing nylon, but as with most things these days was made in China rather than in their German head office at Hama GmbH & Co KG, Dresdner Str. 9, 86653 Monheim. It consists of a matte black outer casing with 16 double sided "envelopes" for the storage of the 32 disks. Thankfully these envelopes don't have little fold over tops as they would drive me insane when quickly trying to change CD at the traffic lights! The little bit hanging from the right-hand side of the stock image is apparently a "carrying strap". It seems quite strong, but I never found that a CD case really required me to use such a strap, when it is light and small enough to carry without one. Currently with 5 CDs in it, it weighs 230 grams. Sizewise it is about 25% larger than a ...

The Nut Job (DVD) 02/09/2015

Are you nuts?

The Nut Job (DVD) I picked up this DVD in Sainsbury's for just a fiver with my free £5 voucher due to having car insurance with them. They have a very limited selection in my small local store... This one caught my eye as it had a bright yellow box; you know the factor upon which all film choices should be made? Basically the story is about Surly the squirrel, the little purple chap on the DVD cover. He is a moody wee bugger who only wants to look after his own welfare. Quite right. It's a dog eat dog world out there, well at least in Korea anyway. He hangs about with his only real friend, a rat called Buddy. He doesn't speak, so I can say this would be the easiest part that Rob Tinkler will ever play... and probably the wittiest having seen the garbage that the guy has done before it. Maybe he'll get some lines in The Nut Job 2 when it is released for reasons known only to the three tiny production companies which are making it. Basically the food resources for the winter are shockingly low in the park where he lives with a variety of other animals led by the domineering Raccoon. After he destroys the tree in which their stocks are stored; well in reality it wouldn't have happened if his fellow squirrels Grayson and Surly's love interest Andie hadn't tried to interfere with his robbing of a nut cart, but that's another story... he must help Andie and Grayson rob a nut store with the help of the most annoying cartoon mutt of all time, Precious. Hilarity ensues. At least it possibly did for ...
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