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Do you think DVD's will disappear because of Streaming? 09/03/2016

Sorry Technology I am not Progressing with you, it's DVDs for Me

Do you think DVD's will disappear because of Streaming? As far as I understand it TV streaming is the internet being used to pass on files to your TV, PC, laptop or tablet. This is increasingly available and getting better as our bandwidth improves and enables files to be downloaded and viewed in real-time. Steaming is used to watch videos or to listen to music. Because this is done in real time there is no need to download a file and save it for later, the technology makes tv, music and videos available instantly. I am aware of lots of different streaming devices including the following: Amazon Fire set-top box, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and various game consoles including Xbox One. As I have an Xbox one this might be my best way into this steaming thing, I'm just not sure though. I can certainly see the benefits of streaming, including: * Instant - there is no need to go to a shop and find what you want * Space saving - no cupboards full of DVDs and CDs * Environmental Impact - Reduced physical production reduces transport and other carbon footprints * No chance of damaging or scratching the CD / DVD * Without physically making and transporting DVDs the price can potentially decrease for consumers Against Streaming / In favour of the DVD: * Nice to peruse shops and see what there is, I enjoy looking at the shelves to see the new releases * Our high streets are already disappearing, streaming rather than buying DVDs further reduces high street shops * DVD's are a nice gift sometimes, and as they are a physical item you ...

Are the British becoming too dependent on computers? 25/02/2016

Computer Dependency - Education Reduces Risk

Are the British becoming too dependent on computers? For me growing up using pen and paper was normal as with everybody my age and above. I remember there being maybe 10 computers in my middle school, but then when I got to my teenage years and moved to high school the PC rapidly seemed to enter the world. All of a sudden there were computers not just used occasionally as a learning tool but they crept into our homes and they have even become part of our social lives in Britain. As an administrator I literally could not imagine doing my job without a PC. My computer at work is my tool for performing the majority of my duties. My computer enables me to see our stock levels at the click of a button, and even the stock levels of our distributors. Certainly on the rare occasions that our computer systems are down at work there is very little that I can do. Checking stock manually yes is possible but takes time and this cannot be done remotely. Even the basic tasks of sending my invoices out I now do electronically rather than physically writing out an invoice, putting it into an envelope and posting via Royal Mail. Computers are not just my tool at work though. I like so many others use computers and tablets to interact socially. It is my very lazy way of interacting with friends. Looking on social network sites such as Facebook is a way of easily with no real effort checking in on friends to see what they are up to, nose at them and check all is well. Yes in this way computers reduce our physical interaction and definitely ...

Bluebells Café, Wootton 16/02/2016

A Reasonable Farm Yard Cafe

Bluebells Café, Wootton Reason for our Visit I feel very lucky sometimes to live on the Isle of Wight. At other times though not quite so lucky. A couple of weeks ago Rick and I had a spare day. We thought we would go to a butterfly tourist attraction nearby that we had not visited in the last few years. Living in a tourist destination we are aware that lots of attractions close for winter. Having checked the website we had no reason to believe it was closed. However, on arrival to the butterfly attraction it was clearly closed. Our was the only car in the carpark. So, we decided to go to Bluebells Café at Briddlesford Farm which was a 10 minute drive away. We had visited Bluebell's café previously. On our previous visit last summer it was really packed with customers and so we didn't stay for long as there were no tables free. Location The full address of Bluebell's Café is: Briddlesford Lodge Farm, Briddlesford Road, Wootton, Isle of Wight PO33 4RY The café is only really accessible by car. It is not in walking distance of any main town but by car it is not far. Located inland on Briddleford Road it is to the north east of the Isle of Wight. It takes around 15 minutes to travel there from Newport, 5-10 minutes from Wootton and roughly 20 minutes from the town of Ryde. Parking & Access There is a decent sized car part in front of the café and to the side. At a guess I would say that there is enough space for 30 cars. When I have visited even when the café was packed there was plenty of parking ...

Going The Distance (DVD) 14/02/2016

A Feel Good Rom Com #DayofLove

Going The Distance (DVD) With my husband being a chef and often working unsociable hours we celebrate special occasions whenever we can get the chance and slot them in. With him working today we had a bit of an early valentines last night. Of course there is the argument that it is a commercialised holiday and you don't need a special day to spoil your loved ones. In a way yes I agree with this idea that Valentines is a made up event to make you spend money. But, for me, I will take any excuse to spend time with my husband and exchange gifts and compliments. As part of my Valentines weekend last night I was surprised with a bottle of Prosecco and this DVD 'Going the Distance'. I absolutely love a chick flick and somehow hubby knew that I hadn't seen this one. I must say that I had seen it for sale in Tesco and considered buying it but something just put me off from making the purchase. I remember seeing this DVD in Tesco at a bargain £3 and looking on Amazon now it is selling there at just £2.96. A bit of basic detail on this DVD: Actors: Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Christina Applegate, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis Directors: Nanette Burstein Subtitles: English, Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Icelandic, Italian Number of discs: 1 Classification: 15 Studio: Warner Home Video DVD Release Date: 31 Jan. 2011 Run Time: 98 minutes The synopsis as detailed on the back of the DVD: "Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long) strike sparks for a summer fling in New York City but neither expects it to ...

The Road (DVD) 10/02/2016

The Road. My Surprising #DayofLove Product

The Road (DVD) Back in 2009 when Rick and I were just starting out as loves young dream. Rick asked me to the cinema. This was perhaps date number 5 or 6. I had no hesitation and was more than happy to go despite not knowing what we were going to see. I left all the details up to Rick to organise but I said I would drive and picked him up to go. On the drive to the cinema Rick asked if I would be his official girlfriend, concentrating on driving I remember smiling, and that was it, we were official. Arriving at the cinema I remember the first ever film we saw together was The Road. I had never heard of this before but wasn't too bothered. I just remember having a slush puppy drink at the cinema and not being too bothered about the film and feeling content. Since this first cinema experience as a couple we have bought The Road on DVD which is a little reminder of our first cinema trip. The Road can be bought quite cheaply now on DVD. I bought this DVD from eBay at around £2.50 a couple of years ago. Looking online The Road on DVD is around £3 on Amazon and eBay. I have also seen it for sale in Tesco at this price. Below is a bit of basic details on this DVD. Actors: Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Robert Duvall, Guy Pearce, Molly Parker Directors: John Hillcoat Writers: Cormac McCarthy, Joe Penhall Producers: Paula Mae Schwartz, Steve Schwartz, Nick Wechsler Format: PAL, Dolby, Digital Sound, Anamorphic, Subtitled Language: English Subtitles: English Classification: 15 DVD ...

Beauty UK Glam Nails 09/02/2016

Disappointing UK Nail Varnish

Beauty UK Glam Nails Yesterday I went into my local Superdrug store to buy a mascara. It was at the point of paying for my mascara that I notice a box marked 'All Items 10p'. I was intrigued by the 10p box and thought it would be madness not to at least have a look. I must say there wasn't a huge range of items in this box. It was mainly a couple of nail varnishes and some liquid eyeliners. I opted for this Beauty UK Glam Nails varnish. I had not heard of the Beauty UK brand before. Having just had a quick Internet search I find out that that as the name suggests this is a UK Business and it is a family run firm. Looking online I cannot see the main retailers such as Boots or Superdrug as listed this brand. The only place I can see this product for sale is Amazon where a 9ml bottle is sold at £4.59 each. My Beauty UK Glam Nails polish is in a cute little 9ml glass bottle. It has a black lid that is fairly easy to open. I must say that looking at the product it doesn't ooze sophistication and looked to me to be mainly based at the teen market. I think that I get this impression as the packaging is fairly basic and the font on the bottle looks quite young with the UK having a heart made into the font. The colour of my Beauty UK Glam Nails is Jade. I don't think that I would normally buy a nail varnish that is this colour but was persuaded by the 10p price. On applying this nail varnish the brush made it really easy at it seem the right length for me and I didn't have any accidents going ...

New Theatre, Cardiff 02/02/2016

A Theatre I Would Like to Revisit

New Theatre, Cardiff A few Facts to Start us Off Theatre's as we know them began in ancient Greece with a religious ceremony called ‘dithyramb’ in which a chorus of men dressed in goat skins. The first Cardiff theatre that opened was called Theatre Royal and it opened in 1826. The official Cardiff theatre website now boasts 8 theatres in the city. Cardiff New Theatre has a capacity of 1,144. The theatre was built in 1906 and is constructed of brick and Bath Stone. The first production shown at this theatre was William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, followed by the New Theatre's first pantomime, Red Riding Hood. In 1961 there was proposals to knock The New Theatre down and turn the premises into flats. This as met by an outcry and ultimately resulted in Cardiff Council taking on the lease of the building. In 1969 the theatre was then bought by Cardiff Council and releases it to the Theatre Trust and a year later the theatre was fully refurbished. Nowadays the theatre is well occupied by various productions. 2015 saw not only The Shawshank Redemption but also a show by Sir Bruce Forsyth, and pantomime Cinderella among others. Reason for our visit Towards the end of November 2015 hubby Rick and I decided to book a little holiday to Cardiff. We had never been to anywhere in Wales before and we researched on the internet what was local to our hotel in Cardiff. We travelled to Cardiff by train and so wanted something easily accessible, but, also something different and that wasn't just going out ...

Should we promote the purchase of UK products opposed to the omnipresence of Chinese ones? 31/01/2016

Made In China

Should we promote the purchase of UK products opposed to the omnipresence of Chinese ones? It feels like a lifetime ago now that I was studying at University for a degree in Business and Management. I recall now the modules that I did regarding economics and international trade. I found these modules some of the most interesting that were covered as they have real implications and real life application as does this strangely worded Ciao Current Issue Question. I answer this question without the full up to date economic expertise, but, just from my experiences in my workplace which operates at an international level. I also answer this question from my point of view as a consumer. Firstly I Break Down this Question Should we promote This question insinuates that either I as an individual, or, that us as a society may act as a marketer of products. I guess to some extent this is true. As a consumer I certainly do recommend to family and friends items I think are of value or deter those that I think should be avoided. Furthermore, the who Ciao concept is us reviewing items and giving our opinions. The Purchase of UK Items This part of the question I am thinking refers to items that are wholly produced in the UK. In the job I have I think that this term is a little simplistic. I know many items may be part produced or part assembled in the UK. Opposed to the Omnipresence of Chinese Ones? The term omnipresence is my real curiosity here. This suggests that Chinese products are in abundance and surrounding society everywhere we look. Having a quick Internet search ...

Unibond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber Refill 28/01/2016

Reduces Moisture in the air Easily

Unibond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber Refill Our little mid terraced house unfortunately suffers a bit in the winter from condensation. This seems to be mainly in our bedroom, our spare bedroom and study downstairs. Having lived in quite a few different properties over the years Rick and I are quite used to various different damp and condensation issues. As I understand it, condensation is caused when warm air hits a cold surface such as a window. The air can only hold so much water and when the water retention is maxed out the water appears on the cold surface. Damp however is absolutely different caused by a variety of issues, yet, can have the same results with excess water in your home resulting in problems. In our current property we have done a number of things to initially try to solve our condensation problem, including: *Getting a bathroom extractor fan installed *Maintenance of our guttering *Having trickle vents put into our windows *Keeping doors and windows open as often as possible to increase air circulation *Using damp traps generally bought from pound shops Last winter Rick one day came home with a UniBond 360 air purifier. He bought ours from a local independent seller at around £10. We have since bought the refill Aero 360 product being reviewed now. We paid £5.75 for our refill from our local seller. Looking online I can currently (25.01.2016) see the following prices. Robert Dyas - £4.99 Wilko - £5 Homebase - £5.99 B&Q - £6 I must also point out that these tablets are available in a ...

Winter sales 2016: Which products are you going to buy during winter sales? 20/01/2016

Winter Bargains

Winter sales 2016: Which products are you going to buy during winter sales? Some of my favourite and closest friends and relatives have their birthday's in January. It is for this reason that I feel I could be persuaded to believing in star signs and astrology and I am certainly drawn to people born at particular times of the year. Having some friends and family members with birthday's in January means that I generally get involved in the January Sales to try and save a bit of money after Christmas. Below is my experience of the 2016 January Sales local to me. Peacocks - Over the last couple of years Peacocks has been a firm favourite store of mine to get sale items from. They normally have lots on sale, particularly winter wear which is still relevant in January. This year I felt slightly disappointed in the sale at the Peacocks store near me as there was only a couple of sale rails compared with the store being transformed by it. However, I did manage to get the husband a jumper at just £8.50 which he loves. I also bought some funny giftware for a cousin of mine in Peacocks including a sponge in the shape of a rubber duck and a Pez sweet dispenser with Olaf from Frozen at the top which were I think about £2.50 each. New Look - I must admit that despite having birthday gifts to buy people that I venture into the Sales of New Look for myself. The whole of my local store was chaos! Clothes everywhere with loads of bargains to be had. I bought myself a gorgeous winter skirt at just £7 reduced from £15. I think if I had more dedication there were ...

Mercure Holland House, Cardiff 18/01/2016

Fabulous Cardiff Hotel

Mercure Holland House, Cardiff Picking this Hotel Husband Rick and I were feeling in need of a cheap break away and had some annual leave to take from our work places. First of all we looked at a map of the UK to see where different places were that we had not previously visited. We narrowed the locations down to just a few and settled in the end on Cardiff as it was only a few hours on the train for us, there is lots to do in the capital of Wales and lots of nice hotels competitively priced. Once narrowing our location for our trip away to Cardiff we looked on a few different booking sites and review sites. One of my main priorities is the location as I really hate walking more than I have to, but, at the same time do not want to be kept awake at night with train noise or drunk revellers. Both Rick and I wanted quite a luxurious hotel so we felt treated on our holiday. The Mercure Holland House Hotel fit all of our criteria very nicely and 2 weeks before staying we booked a couple of nights at this hotel. Booking our Stay I booked our stay at The Holland House Hotel in Cardiff via I have used this website a couple of times in the past and for me this is a trusted site. I also checked and Cardiff Holland House is on all the other hotel comparison websites such as the price at the time of me looking was the same on each site. As I have a account I went through this site. I paid £220 for 2 nights at Holland House for Rick and myself. This price was for a superior queen ...

Christmas 2015: Tell us about your Christmas Eve party, your Christmas, your gifts... 08/01/2016

My Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015: Tell us about your Christmas Eve party, your Christmas, your gifts... The Christmas Build Up I was very pleased to start my official festivities on 22nd December after booking a few extra days off of work. In the past I have tended to get overly excited about Christmas and then when the day arrived feel a little flat. This year I was determined not to do this and because hubby was actually not working Christmas day which he normally does and my mum and sister were visiting, I felt very lucky. I was bought up as a Christian going to church every Sunday until being a teenage. I have memories of this being pretty dull and feeling like a duty rather than pleasure. However, now as an adult I still appreciate the Church's teaching's and celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus and a time to be thankful. Each year I go to church about a week before Christmas to give thanks and be reminded that Christmas is a Christian festival and one that I am in a small way part of. Of course as part of my build up to the big day I had lots of gifts to buy. I think I did most on the high street this year as opposed to online. I really enjoy walking around the shops, hearing the Christmas music, and just getting the Christmas bug. Food shopping however is of course always quite traumatic. The supermarkets are packed full of busy people darting around and the just stopping and changing direction with no warning. As I we were having Christmas Dinner at my nan's house we had less pressure on the food shop so this was a bit of a relief. Christmas Eve Hubby Rick is ...

Global warming: What are your tips to reduce your energy consumption? 10/12/2015

Saving Polar Bears one Light Bulb at a Time

Global warming: What are your tips to reduce your energy consumption? My husband informs me that very strangely some people do not even believe that global warming is even happening. WHAT!! For me growing up I remember in primary school being taught about global warming, the hole in the ozone layer and something about fridge freezers and hair spray ruining the world. Doing a little research I find that the definition of global warming is the increase of the average temperature of the earth. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the earths temperature has increased by 0.8 degrees Celsius over the past century. So, I just don't understand why anyone would despute this so I'm taking it as fact. It is my opinion that on a global scale a great deal could be and should be done to reduce global warming and its effects. However, this Ciao topic reads 'what are your tips to reduce your engergy consumption'. I am interpreting the question as an individual reducing my energy consumption within the current environment and along this thought I have the following ideas: Walk more Ok I think I have to admit that I am not really one for walking, maybe I hate walking. But, yes I know it is not only good for us but it also saves money and reduces car emissions. Of course if walking is not an option public transport can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. It is my opinion that the government should do a lot more to improve public transport for this reason. Where I live 2 buses a day go through the area which I think is awful. I ...

Dairyman's Daughter, Arreton 18/11/2015

Waiter Waiter the is a Fly in my Egg!

Dairyman's Daughter, Arreton Reason for Our Visit Last week I had a weekday off work with husband Rick. After doing the boring things such as taking the car to the garage for a quick service and visiting the local amenity centre to dispose of some rubbish we thought it would be nice to go to The Dairyman's Daughter for some lunch and to do a spot of shopping in the surrounding area. This is a pub / restaurant that Rick and I have both been to before but not for a few years. For us it is out of the way a little in location but offers good nearby Christmas shopping for trying to pick up something locally produced and different. The Dairyman's Daughter is located in what is called Arreton Barns which is a collection of unique attractions. This includes a farm shop, old style arcade where everything is 10p, glass blowing shop, leather maker and shop, Maritine Museum and traditional sweet shop. In my opinion Arreton Barns is a really good under rated attraction on the Isle of Wight and somewhere I do not visit enough, The Dairyman's Daughter is the only food and drink premises in Areton Barns. Location The Dairyman's Daughter in Arreton Barns is a pub restaurant located in the town of Arreton on the Isle of Wight. It is on the main road in Arreton is on the A3056 between Newport and Sandown I would say that with most places on the Isle of Wight going by car is probably the easiest option although there is a bus that passé once and hour and goes between the towns of Sandown and Newport. There is generally ...

Tesco Silk & Delicates Handwash Liquid 17/11/2015

Easy Cheap way to Clean your Delicates

Tesco Silk & Delicates Handwash Liquid My Hand Wash Requirement I fairly recently bought a new jumper. I loved the funky colours on the jumper and the design. On touching the jumper though I instantly knew that it was a lovely delicate material. The knit to me felt very tight and also soft. The label inside said 'pure marino wool'. I don't know exactly what this version of wool is but it felt suspiciously to me similar to a jumper that I used to own which was hand wash only. I then checked the label and unfortunately yes there was the annoying little hand wash only hand in a sink sign. Being a bit put off I decided to try the jumper on in the shop. I loved it! As a result a few days later yes I was off to Tesco to but a hand wash product. Purchase & Price Comparison It had been a couple of years since I had owned a hand wash only item. I think my last hand wash only jumper ended up rarely being worn due to the annoyance of hand washing and it ended up shrinking considerably after trying out a quick 'delicate' go in the washing machine. I know that my last hand wash was a powder and I expected to find a powder on this occasion of shopping. I was very surprised to find that actually there was very little choice in my local huge Tesco store and that I could actually only see 3 different hand wash laundry products, 2 of which were liquid products. Having such limited choice in store I picked this Tesco Handwash Silk & Delicates liquid as it seemed the most cost effective. I only paid £1.50 or this product, I had ...
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