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Marquis Supergrip Hoof Boots 08/03/2006

Supergrips are Super Boots!

Marquis Supergrip Hoof Boots I made the decision to keep my ponies unshod in August last year. As I wanted to keep them in full work (one is a driving pony and covers several miles a day on the roads) I decided that hoof boots were going to be needed. After doing lots of research I came across the Marquis Supergrips, and I can honestly say they are fantastic. Although the initial purchase price may seem quite steep (£150ish), all of the parts are replaceable. So whereas with other hoof boots, when the sole is too worn you need to throw them away and start again, with the Marquis you can simply order a new pair of soles (£18ish). This I feel will save a lot of money in the long term. The advantage of hoof boots over shoes is that you can allow your pony to be shoe free, but their feet can be protected when you need to work them. This has benefits as the concussion that the leg receives is greatly decreased when there are no nail on shoes. The pony should also have better traction and shock absorption. The Marquis boots are very easy to put on. You put the hoof into the boot and then fasten a clip across the front. There is an air chamber in the back of the boot that you then pump up (with the pump supplied or a bicycle pump if you lose it) for a really snug and individual fit. When you want to take the boots off again you release the air from the chamber and unclip the boot, then it simply pulls off. It takes about 1 minute to put a boot on and 30 seconds to take it off. The boots fit ...

Hotel Sir Anthony, Tenerife 08/03/2006

Good choice for a relaxing break

Hotel Sir Anthony, Tenerife My partner and I stayed at the Hotel Sir Anthony in July 2005. The hotel is part of a complex of hotels that make up the Mare Nostrum Resort in Playa de las Americas. The Sir Anthony is situated on the beachfront at the quieter end of Playa de las Americas. It has a small pool which is exclusively for the guests of the Sir Anthony, but you can also use the facilities of the other hotels in the resort, including the other larger pools. The pool for the Sir Anthony was very quiet and the beach was only a short distance away. The room we had was very spacious, with a small balcony overlooking the sea. There was plenty of storage, with large fitted mirrored wardrobes, one of which contained a small safe, which could be hired for a small cost by contacting reception. The bed was very large and comfortable and the bathroom had a large corner bath with a shower over the top. There were two sinks in the bathroom, which we found quite useful. The room was very clean and the cleaners were very good. There was the option to leave your towels in the bath if you wanted them changing. The room also had a well stocked minibar, with usual hotel prices. This could be emptied and used as a fridge, again for a small fee. There was also the usual hairdryer and trouser press. The room had air-conditioning and was very pleasant overall. There were more expensive rooms available, some of which had their own private plunge pools, but we were very happy with the room we had. We ...

Bioflow Horse Brushing Boot and Tendon Wrap 08/03/2006

Bioflow Brushing Boots: Superb!

Bioflow Horse Brushing Boot and Tendon Wrap I have two ponies, both of whom wear a pair of Bioflow Brushing Boots. I initially purchased a pair for my 18 year old Welsh Cob, who suffers from arthritis in her fetlocks. When the boots arrived, they came in a handy drawstring bag, which I use to wash them in (they go in the washing machine). They also had an instruction booklet with details of how long they can be worn for and how to clean them. They only come in one colour- black, but I think this is the most practical anyway. The styling is not the most modern, but it is practical and they do look good. The boots are very sturdy. I opted for the brushing boots as my ponies live out and I thought these would be more practical. They have very strong velcro straps and my ponies, both of whom are very good at removing boots have not managed to lose them at all! They fit very well and can be easily adjusted so you can get a good fit on different size horses (I have pony size, they are also available in horse size). The boots feature Bioflow's patented Central Reverse Polarity Magnets, which are meant to be beneficial for various ailments. My ponies wear their boots overnight. The pony with arthritis has really improved since wearing them, she is now a lot less stiff and can pick her feet up (for picking feet out etc) much easier then she could before. My other pony wears them as a preventative, he is prone to laminitis and has not suffered an attack since he started wearing the boots (although we do manage his ...

Hyundai Getz 1.3 07/03/2006

Overall: Excellent!

Hyundai Getz 1.3 I have owned my Hyundai Getz 1.3 GSI for a year now. I tried several of it's rivals before buying, but overall found the Getz to be the best value. It's a very spacious small car, it feels like you're driving something a lot bigger. There's plenty of room for a weekly shop and you can easily get three people in the back without them feeling cramped. The engine is very nippy around town, although it can struggle a little sometimes up very steep hills. Fuel comsumption is generally very good, although it does suffer a little on the motorway. The styling of the exterior is quite modern, however the interior is let down by the huge expanse of grey plastic that is the dashboard. The car comes with a lot of features as standard (which are often optional extras on it's rivals), such as a CD player, electric windows and central locking. In the year I have owned it I have had no problems at all, and the aftersales service from Hyundai is second to none. Buying new from Hyundai was also a pleasant experience, with no pushy sales-people and definately no pressure. Overall I think the Getz is excellent value for money and I would definately buy from Hyundai again! ...
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