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Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera 25/07/2010

Gorgeous fragrance and smooth application

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera I have used plain old Vaseline as a moisturizer from a very young age so when the cutsey tin version with aloe vera popped up I was very excited! The product is attractive however the tin gets pretty scratched and dented in the stereotypical bag or pocket VERY quickly so let's leave the outside and move inside. The vaseline is very simple to apply and smooth when putting on. You can also use the excess to smooth eyebrows :] You don't have to reapply it too often as it tends to moisturize really well without making your lips sticky. There is a pleasant fragance and softness because of the added aloe vera and the compact, flat size of the tin is really handy. I found it great for a night out when your lipstick is fading as you can swipe some on and wahey instant gloss and revitalized colour. In my opinion the two main positives about this product are the handy size and the thrifty price, and considering some lipsticks and glosses go from pounds this little gem is great at 99p However there is a tiny, tiny negative, after you've run out of eyebrows there is no where to wipe your finger and it can become greasy, you do have to concentrate on how much you are scooping out of the tin otherwise you will end up with too much vaseline and you may have to share! I think that Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera is the best one out of the four tin versions - So far there is Original (blue) Rose (pinky-red) and Sun Protection (yellow) but ai find that this one smells the ...

Dunns River All Purpose Seasoning 25/07/2010

Adds genuine carribean flavour

Dunns River All Purpose Seasoning Since my husband is Carribean I find myself using this seasoning in pretty much every meat dish! It's really good as a marinade if you leave the meat overnight and add a teaspoon black pepper and curry powder. The marinade works well with bbq meats and the seasoning can be used on fish, pork, chicken and lamb - not tried it on beef yet :] I wouldn't suggest using it sprinkled over meat just before you cook it as the flavour is not very intense. Use a liberal amount and rub it into the meat, I like to use this seasoning with chicken wings and serve with basmati rice. There are quite a few different brands of all purpose seasoning but I found that this one worked best for me as it has a good blend of spices and isn't too hot. If you add other spices or salts eg. garlic or onion the seasoning doesn't overpower them either. I buy the larger tub of this seasoning and then refill the little pot pictured as in my opinion this works out better value for money. It definately does what it says on the label and most of the carribean recipies I have found need this seasoning so it is a must in the cupboard for me! ...

Walls Mini Twister Ice Lollies 25/07/2010


Walls Mini Twister Ice Lollies I've eaten Twister ice lollies since the 80's and even though the size has changed the taste has I feel stayed pretty much the same. It was really useful to have two different flavours in the box and good for when you want a change. I normally have the one with the red centre as it is most available in the corner shops and petrol stations etc. But it was nice to be able to try a different flavour and the variation does taste good too. The only downside was that becasue they were smaller I ended up eating more! In conclusion I think that the mini pack of Twisters are great for parties or picnics especially in the summer and beacause they are smaller they are great for kids to hold.

Twinings Pure Peppermint Teabags 25/07/2010

Don't fill up your mug!

Twinings Pure Peppermint Teabags As I don't drink Breakfast Tea or Coffee I find that Peppermint Tea is a lifesaver in the Staffroom :] The Twining's offering is quite good - lovely aroma and full packed teabag. However, in my opinion the flavour doesn't quite match up with the aroma. I felt that the flavour of the peppermint was quite weak and to get an optimum taste I had to only fill my mug 3/4 of the way, and it's a small mug! Other than that the tea is quite good value for money as I still haven't run out and I bought the pack a few months ago... From my point of view I think that Twining's Pure Peppermint is good value for money and the taste is quite nice if you are sparing with the water and leave the bag in until the colour is quite dark.

Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum 25/07/2010

Silky Smooth!

Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum In my opinion this is the best serum I have used so far :] I have combination skin and a lot of the products I try are normally too greasy for my face, however I used some of this one morning as it was closest to me. I tried it and it went on so smoothly and felt sooo luxurious! I thought it would be really greasy and not absorb easily but I was pleasantly surprised. It is pricey but it smells lovely and it is a really indulgent product especially when used under the moisturizing cream from the same range, someimes I put it on ly face after I've cleansed and toned at night and my skin feels smooth in the morning. As well as driking lots of water I think that this product is a genuinely useful pick me up and wrk well with combination skin.

Rimmel Sexy Curves Intense 25/07/2010

Snazzy packaging but...

Rimmel Sexy Curves Intense I admit I think that I was suckered in by the wonderful packaging and the new brush as I only ever use nylon brushes and I thought I needed a change. However, in my opinion although the flexi brush looks good as does the ultraviolet metallic packaging, the mascara application itself was, um average? The telvision advertisment and the magazine promotions that covered the mascara extensively and at £7.99 a pop you'd think it would tell you the time or something! But from my own personal point of view I think that the mascara doesn't deliver a smooth application, there was quite a bit of clumping after one coat and I had to seperate my lashes quite a bit. On the plus side the colour (I tried black) was really nice and the mascara dried quickly but not smooth enough for the price!

Howl's Moving Castle (Animated) (Subtitled and Dubbed) (DVD) 25/07/2010

Beautifully created story brilliant introduction to Anime!

Howl's Moving Castle (Animated) (Subtitled and Dubbed) (DVD) The movie is well dubbed and Christian Bale as Howl was just genius :) you really get a sense of Howl's childish persona through Bale's portrayal. The story is made brilliant through the storyline in which Sophie the underdog bags the mysterious magician Howl but the journey getting there is fraught with danger and a witches spell that seems to ruin everything... However the spell shows signs of weakening and Howl soon sees Sophie through the spell and falls in love with her and her endearing insecurities! Characters are well thought out and easy to connect to, themes of romance, war, and greed filter through the movie. The most surprising theme however was change - in self and how one changes according to environment. An excellent film to introduce newbies to the ever popular Studio Ghibli Collection!
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