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Tetra Goldfish food Sticks 15/04/2004

You fishes' pleasure, or your own?

Tetra Goldfish food Sticks My goldfish is extremly picky. We had tried flakes (he doesn't eat them and they make the water so dirty...), ant eggs (he wouldn't touch them) and then we found TetraFin Goldfish Floating Food Sticks and we've had to buy them eversince. When we walk into the room he starts flapping around like crazy, determind he's going to eat more! And being the softies we are, he has grown bigger and bigger. I'm sure this is a good sign on behalf of the food, but bad on our behalf! On the labelling it reads: 'For health, colour and Vitality Keeps water crystal clear' And in my personal experiance this is false advertising. The tank gets dirty everyone one to two weeks and is far from crystal clear. Available Sizes: 28g;34g;93g Prices (approx.) 28g: £1.55 34g: £2.25 93g: £2.95 The sticks are large in size, which makes them idea for children to use. The sticks are in a very concetrated form, so if you feed your fish less, they still have a balenced and nutritious diet.

Fujifilm FinePix A202 15/04/2004

Excellent piece of gadgetry.

Fujifilm FinePix A202 The Fujifilm FinePix A202 is an excellent little camera fulfilling most of the unprofessional's needs. This camera has helped me in many ways: an art project where I could view photos immeadiatly (via the LCD screen) and delete them as necessary; webcam facilities so I can... be watched by my friends... (slightly pointless, granted, but great fun in practice); and just two days ago I was shooting an epic adventure with the motion picture facilities. It is, in short, great fun and a pleasure to use. However, if I am to nit pick there are some downsides: there is a zoom, but it is so pointless I wonder why it is there. All it does is make the screen a little bigger, and increase fuzziness. Also there being no sound is a bit of a loss, but it is not generally expected in a camera, and so no great surprise. Lastly I have found the lighting dificult to get to grips with. There are four different types (or lack) of flash (in still photo mode), but only one choice when on motion picture mode. And strangely I could not get any of the four still photo flashs to match up with the lack of flash in the motion picture! It was frustrating, and teamed with lack of acting co-operation (the soft toys would not sit up!!) filming was cancled. Now, on to picture quality. I have to admit, it isn't great. For the truely perfect picture would would have to have it set on the correct flash, have the correct lighting, have it on the right mode, and it is generally quite dificult to get a good ...

GHD Salon Styler - Hair Straightener 07/11/2003

Really worth the money?

GHD Salon Styler - Hair Straightener Although I personally do not own some of these, my sister does and I have used hers alot. So I am writing about her experiances, and about her friends' experiances too. My sister bought these for around £80, and they have worked brilliantly for her for about a year. They have long had a reputation to be the best straighteners on the market, and my sister certainly thought so. She used them everyday and her hair became 'bullet straight', which earn them the nickname 'bullets'. Often she would use them on her friends' hair if they came over, and they would always be impressed with them. One of her friends tried them, and she was so impressed she bought some for herself. However she used them far far too much (several times a day) and now her hair is a mess, although she does not realise it, she has split ends galore. I would recommend these straighteners, but with a word of caution. Do not use in excess. Because a few weeks ago I was watching watchdog and there was a section on it about how GHD hairstraighters were blowing up. According to GHD these were a faulty batch. Only a few weeks later my sister's blew up. She is/has/aught to be writing to GHD about this (I do not know if she has yet), because she has had to buy new ones in place. So, overall, if you need a pair of excellent hair straighteners, have £100 to burn, and you don't mind the risk of a scortched arm/electric shock/split ends, from overuse, these are for you. Just do not use them too much and they will ...
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