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Capital One Platinum 27/05/2001

Check your rate very carefully...

Capital One Platinum Having previously worked for a bank and having tried a number of credit cards I found Capital One's Platinum card to be a very interesting experience. Firstly I was offered an introductory rate of 4.9%, fixed for the life of balance transfers when I eventually got a call back from someone authorised to open the account [rather than the telesales person] the rate jumped 1% to 5.9%. The account was duly opened I transfered a balance over and all seemed well, until I got the first statement - the interest figure seemed very high and was actually more like 14.9% APR. There followed a long sequence of letters and phone calls to their customer services [misnomer] and without going into all the boring detail they were unable to run an account with the rate set at that which they had offered me. The solution was for them to make an interest refund every month. This was missed about 1 in 3 months until I finally gave up and closed the account. What really concerns me is that if I hadn't double checked the rate and continually chased them I would have been overcharged hundreds and possibly thousands of pounds of interest. Therefore I urge anyone with an existing account to check very carefully and anyone looking to open one to be very clear over the rate you're offered! ...

Volkswagen Passat 1.9 TDI 27/05/2001

A Superb car apart from...

Volkswagen Passat 1.9 TDI I have owned a T reg Passat SE TDi for over a year and apart from one dangerous fault, have found it a pleasure to own. Having had a number of cars and managing to do approx. 30 000 miles a year I decided on a VW or Audi diesel. Looking to spend £14000 at that time I was left looking for a Golf TDi, as these have always been ultra rare on the dealers stock lists I was persuaded to look at the Passat. Second hand you get another class of car for the same money as a Golf TDi, the Passat is nearly as economical [I get 52 mpg], much bigger and reasonably quieter - not that the Golf is overly noisy. In addition they cost 15% less than the equivalent Audi A4 and seem very similar. Major plus points include 10 000 service interval even for the diesel, massive boot space, good build quality and a comfortable if not sporty drive. However I have had one major issue with the car and VW. Whilst driving [luckily at low speed] the rear door failed and flew open, whilst VW instantly replaced the lock in question they have refused to replace the other three inspite of giving an impression at the dealers that the locks had a known design fault. I must record that I have yet to find any other mention of this fault on the web or elsewhere but I have reported it to the Vehicle Safety Inspectorate. Is this a one off... Apart from that isolated incident I have enjoyed 32000 miles in 14 months and look forward to running the car for some time to come. 25/05/2001

View in the High Street buy at QED QED provide an excellent service and show that all the major high street stores are good for is physically checking out your future purchase. Needing a new video player and getting fed up with trying to benckmark the offers and features in the normal retailers I tried the web and found QED. The Phillips I liked the sound of was at a discount price of £120 compared to list of £280 due to the fact that the facia of the machine was last seasons colour! Having checked online for any better price [no-one else got within £50] I returned to a traditional shop for a quick check of the video then order online with QED. They even arranged delivery to my work address after some explanantion that it was more convenient and it was a true next day service. I will certainly use QED again if their prices hold up.

Dyson DC04 25/05/2001

DC04 The true test

Dyson DC04 Having heard the hype and moved house we invested in a Dyson and accidently found a real test! Putting the DC04 together was no problem but opening the packaging created some debris, the perfect excuse for a test . The proof of the Dyson's worth was that it picked up half a container full of dust from a carpet which had been hoovered with our previous [dust bag style] hoover the day before. I would recommend anyone to use their normal hoover, borrow a Dyson and go over the same room again... The design features are useful without being over engineered and it can't be faulted, deceptively simple things like an extension tube which will reach up an entire flight of stairs etc. Its a premium priced product which is worth its extra cost. I'm just waiting to see if the washing machine is also a significant improvement.
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