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Ford Escort RS Turbo 08/03/2005

Best car ive had

Ford Escort RS Turbo Ever since I learnt to drive I always wanted a high performance car. I started with a 1600I Orion, which i thought was nice, then upgraded to a XR3I. A little while into having the 3I someone offered me the Turbo which at the time was complety standard. It really was allot faster than I was used to and the engine purred when started. After a while I started to reallise all the modifications that can be done. Even when standard the car goes well and looks great. After having her lowered, chipping her up and completely modifying her she goes even better, she drives well and looks very good. When standard i didnt think she handled all that well as her back end would slide out, however since having her lowered its like handling a completey different car. The recaro seats are comfy to which is a bonus, you just sink into them. The heated windscreen is just great, gone is the times of scraping ice of the windscreen. The cars performance is high standard and i have never had any problems with her (touch wood), being an old car though she needs extra care taken and they do tend to rust. Petrol consumption is very high esspecially when the turbo kicks in. The boot space is very good unlike the back of the car, where backseat passengers will find themselfs quite cramped up. Yes the car maybe old and yes maybe people like the luxurys of the new models, but if you like style and speed this car is worth a look.

Million Dollar Baby (DVD) 08/03/2005

Million Dollar baby

Million Dollar Baby (DVD) From what people have said i think i am the only person who didnt like this film. It was slow to start and slow in the middle. The ending was the best. Freeman is the story teller who although plays a part in the film is mainly left in the bakground. Eastwood plays a boxer trainer who is having a hard time getting in touch with his daughter who returns his letters all the time. And Swank plays the woman getting on in years who is determined to box. It simply tells the story of the determination to gain a dream. Due to Swank not being close to her family and Eastwood being put aside from his the obvious connection happens between them. It begins with Eastwood refusing to train a woman and Swank just showing complete determination until he finally changes his mind. Within 18 months Swank becomes a renowned boxer with crowds shouting her name her dream becoming a reality. Swanks acting is very good and you can almost feel what she is going through, Eastwood on the other hand tries to show emotion but it just isnt there. I thought the fighting scenes could of gone on longer. If you like films that tug at the heart strings then this is for you. ...

Man On Fire (DVD) 08/03/2005

Man on Fire

Man On Fire (DVD) I thought this film was brilliant, brilliantly thought out story line all the way through, and the acting was superb. Was a bit slow to begin with but the gripping story makes up for this. There is fine acting by Denzel who you see at the start as a heavy drinker and how through taking a job as bodyguard to a young girl becomes human again. The story is set in South America where a kidnapping ring is going on, hence the reason for hireing the bodyguard. Through allot of cunning the small girl is taken but the determination of Denzel to get her back is great until he finds out the sinister reason behind the kidnapping. You can almost feel the emotion as Denzil goes on a rampage to gain revenge on the people who kidnapped the young girl. And as the story unfolds into more sinister twists and turns you cant help but be gripped by it. Shows slight violence but certainly isnt taken over the top. I would certainly recommend this to anyone. Fine acting by all. ...

Nokia 6230 08/03/2005

Nokia 6230

Nokia 6230 Nokia phones have always semed reliable so that is what i have always stuck with. This one was no different, its small and compact and looks good. Although when I first brought it the large button was a bit awkward to use as i kept getting up menus i didnt want. The picture quality is good but now more and more phones are out on the market i have seen allot better. I have had the Nokia 8 months now and I am starting to get problems. The main button sticks and one of them doesnt even work anymore. The reception on the phone has seemed to of got allot worse with wear. The menus are clear and easy to understand and texting and media messaging are easy to use. Making calls are simple enough, and finding your way around the settings to personalise the phone is easy to. I am getting a new phone soon and although the Nokia has been reasonably good i think i will look towards a different make. ...
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