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Granada (Spain) 17/10/2006

Granada on a Budget

Granada (Spain) Granada ! where is that I hear you ask. Well go onto Ryan Air website and now book a return ticket direct !. One of the most brilliant jewels of universal architecture is the Alhambra, a series of palaces and gardens built under the Nazari Dynasty in the 14th C. This huge compound of buildings - including the Generalife - summer palace, with its fountains and gardens - stands at the foot of Spain's highest mountain range, the Sierra Nevada, and overlooks the city below and the fertile plain of Granada. The Sacromonte hill, used to be home to a large Gypsy community and their influence can still be seen in all areas of Granada. Be careful of pick pockets. The shops certainly have the feel of gypsy influence. We travelled via Ryan Air that now do flights direct to this hidden wonder, the flights were £74 each and the flying time approximately 2 hours 20 minutes arrive in plenty of time as security at the moment is very tight. I would also recommend that you take some food on the flight as everything has to be purchsed and it is not cheap, although by the time we got onto the plane we had already demolished are packed lunch ! As we were doing this trip on a budget we stayed at a 'Hostal' don't be put off by thinking that this means hostel, it is just a name for a cheap spanish hotel (2 stars) it was spotlessly clean with a double bed and bathroom conviniantly located for all attractions and costing 72 euro (£50) for two nights....cannot grumble at that. The hotel is ...

Panasonic KXTCD222ES 06/03/2006

At last a decent home phone !

Panasonic KXTCD222ES Talking on the phone again, yes my wife can talk and some more.....the phone goes dead. We have had our BT phones for a few years now and they desterately need replacing. The battery just doesn't want to charge and it is very frustrating when you are in the middle of some important gossip (my wifes words) and you hear a beeping and then nothing !. So my wife started to chew my ear off phones needed urgently !. I decided on Panasonic this time, not as much of a selection as BT and seemed to be a little bit more expensive, but after doing a bit of research I decided on the Panasonic KXTCD222ES as it was voted the best home phone by Which magazine. The best price I could find was on, £59.90 for a double handset with answer machine. Although I had to pay a further £5 postage and packaging, which I personally think is always wrong this was still the best price. You could pick a date when you would like them delivered or pay a little more for either morning or afternoon. I chose just the day as my wife was not planning on going out. They arrived very well packaged and the first impression was very nice looking phones. We have had them for two weeks now and are still impressed with everything. They are very light, compact and easy to use. Phone numbers were easily stored and caller ID was requested (you need to ring your telephone supplier) we are with Telewest and they charge an additional £2 for caller ID to appear whenever the phone rings. ...

Scherna 7330 Total Grooming System 13/01/2006

My new hair

Scherna 7330 Total Grooming System I have had clippers before and dreaded having hair cuts by them as they were so painfull, due to the fact that they were cheap and the blades were not the best. So I thought that I would treat myself to a new pair. After doing a little research on the net, I came accross Scherna 7330 clipper set. The case contained exactly what I was looking for. There is a dry shaver that I hav only used once, as I am more of a wet shave man. The shave was clean and easy. The clippers have attachments from 1-10, so it caters for all lengths. There is also a moustache comb, oil and an adaptor for charging. It is worthwhile remembering to place the clipper on charge at least a hour before you are going to use. I have made the mistake of starting my hair cut and running out of power half way through. Having taken the clippers away with us and forgetting the charger it was very embarrassing finding a hairdressers with one half of a head shaved !. Thank goodness for caps !. Cleaning is quite straightforward, get an old toothbush and just clean off all the hair, oil the blades and place back into the silver metal case provided. I purchase this particular clipper set from argos at the introductory price of £29.99 original £79.99, so I got a right bargain. Never have to go to a hairdressers again....there is a god ! and this time it is called SCHERNA !!! ...

Masai Mara National Park (Kenya) 23/02/2005

Watch that Cheetah Chomping

Masai Mara National Park (Kenya) I am not your typical Ciao reviewer, as the really long winded reviews bore me a little. So I find it easier just to tell you how it is with a few helpful pointers. I had planned a safari into my travels in 1998, but hadn't booked anything until we actually got into Nairobi. A bit of a scary place if you arrive with a backpack on and have no idea where you are going. Anyway we booked into a hotel and went for a wonder around the city. You must be on your guard at all times though. We kept on getting mobbed by touts trying to sell you their safaris, obviously on a commission. All you have to do is use your instinctives and go for one that you feel comfortable with. We were very picky and finally chose to go with this guy called Charlie who showed us a brochure and lead us into the tour operators office. The operatour was very helpful and gave us all the information that we required and offered us the right safari for our budget. Now this is where things start to get vague, it was around $300, remember this was back in 1998 so this may have increased considerably for a 7 day safari in the Masi Mara, all transport, camping and food included. Camping you say, well we were on a budget. We came back the next day to meet out tour guide called Paul who spoke good English and had a friendly face. We all piled into a mini bus, me, Kiwi girlfriend, three young blokes from Oz and a French couple. It was a bit crowded but you had to become friends quickly, luckily enough we seemed to ...

Nkhata Bay (Malawi) 21/02/2005

Viva Nkhata Bay !

Nkhata Bay (Malawi) Well where can I start....the beginning I hear you cry !. I had never heard of Malawi before let alone Nkhata Bay. It was on my travels in 1998, that I stumbled accross this little fishing village in Malawi. After a bumpy, wet and very uncomfortable bus ride with a Malawian football team, we arrived in a town called Muzuzu, which is the largest town in North Malawi. As it was early hours of the morning we asked to be dropped off at the nearest hostel so we could have a wash down and a good sleep before deciding on our next destination. The next morning we woke up and flicked through our much used lonely planet and found that the cheapest scuba diving in the world was in Nkhata Bay, so Nkahata Bay here we come. The bus station was about a 10 minute hike away where we purchased our one way ticket to Nkhata Bay. Six hours later we were still waiting for our bus to arrive and to the amusment t of the local children we found out we were waiting in the wrong queue. After the kind ticket master agreeed to let us travel the next day with the same tickets we decided to call it a day and try again tomorrow. Waking up bright and early we made sure we were in the front of the queue at the correct bus stop this time. Thank god we were at the front, as, as soon as the bus arrived it was a free for all and when you are carrying a very large backpack on your pack can get fairly scary. Luckily the conductor saw the pure fear in our face and let us board first. After a mere hour or so we ... 18/02/2005

Hunt for that bargain !!! This is my review on first time buying at price drop TV and what a buy it was. I discovered price drop tv when we subscribed to Telewest early last year. It really is compulsive viewing as first and you are amazed at the saving on some of the products featured. Their new web site made it even more easier to purchase those bargains that you saw, but we were very adamant that it is 'only ever a bargain when you actually need the goods'. It was my sisters birthday and she loved my sunglasses which were a Gucci pair that my wife had bought for me as a wedding gift, now I can confirm that these were purchased for £110. On using their search engine for this particular product, I found the exact same pair, price drop will also give you the date and an approximate time that the auction will begin. I registered all my details name, address, e-mail address that sort of thing, including debit card details for payment, this to some people is a bit scary but I have never incountered any problems, so far. The auction started on the date specified and within 15 minutes of the time and can be followed either by watching their chanel on Telewest 875 or on their website that updates in real time. I put my bid in when the price had dropped to £65, I did this as I was pretty sure that it would go alot lower and this guaratees you a pair as there is only a certain amout available and the quicker you bid the more likely you are of securing it. The glasses continue ... Marketplace 18/02/2005

books guaranteed Marketplace I am currently studying AAT Technician and used to purchase my books through WH Smiths, where, the books were delivered free to my local store for collection, usually within the week, a phone call was received to say that these were ready for pickup, this service was fine until I started Technician level. Since starting Technician stage the books required never seemed to be in stock and had a waiting time of upto 4 weeks, this is where Amazon came into effect. On finding the books on Amazon they were delivered straight to me in less than three working days, in some cases free of charge depending on your order value if over £20, otherwise a small fee of £3.50 was paid for delivery charge which was a small price to pay to get the books so quickly. ...
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