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'Sephora' perfume & cosmetic store 21/05/2004

J'aime le shopping!

Glamour 20/05/2004

Advertorials and Conde Nast back-scratching ahoy!

Gig-going 18/05/2004

Get in there quick...

Biolage Hydrating Shampoo 18/05/2004

Stressed hair?

10 Beauty Products You Couldn't Live Without 13/05/2004

If I know about anything, it's beauty products...

Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard... 12/05/2004

Suivez mon....messy eyeshadow?

Barry M Dazzle Dust 12/05/2004

Go on, Dazzle 'em!

Lush Ocean Salt 30/04/2004

Margarita for your face!

Lush Ocean Salt Ocean Salt is Lush's most versatile facial scrub. Though a lot of their cleansing products (like Angls On Bare Skin, Sweet Japanese Girl and Herbalism) have slightly exfoliating properties, this one is made as a weekly (twice weekly at most) treat for skins that need some serious sloughing. I have oily, spot-prone skin and rely on this to get rid of that scaly redness and bring back some natural flush to my face. The scrub comes in the signature black Lush skincare tub, and up until recently was available in a 120g size only, for £4.95. However since it's such a good seller and has a really strong fanbase of Lushies everywhere, you can now buy a bonus 250g tub too, at £9.95. Lush stuff, because of the natural products and lack of preservatives, has a best before date on it, which is worth sticking to for the best results. However most tubs of Ocean Salt can be kept for about 14 months. I get through a small tub in about 3 or 4 months, so it's not too bad on the wallet considering what it does to the skin. When you open the tub, it looks much like a pot of white rock salt with a bit of blue stuff sprinkled over the top. It's got grapefruit, lime, coconut, seaweed and vodka in it so it smells like a tropical cocktail from a beach bar, very fresh and inviting, and one of my favourite Lush smells because it's not so herbal and boho as some of the others. A lot of lushies have confessed to eating a little bit to see if it tastes as good as it smells. I'm reliably informed it ...

Urban Decay Lube In A Tube 26/04/2004

So many 'lube' puns it's hard to choose...

Getting around in London by tube 09/04/2004

Excuse me sir, did you shower today?

The Body Shop Papaya Body Scrub 04/04/2004

Fruity, Smooth and Sexy.

The Body Shop Papaya Body Scrub Every once in a while I buy bath and body products from somewhere other than Lush (hard to believe, I know), and The Body Shop is somewhere I feel I can always trust for quality products that do what they say on the label. Unfortunately, they seem to have a knack for putting their prices up every couple of months because people know they make good stuff. The body scrubs come in at £10, but I took advantage of a 20% discount when I signed up for the new (and free) 'friends of the body shop' scheme, which allows you to collect stamps for every £5 or £10 spend, to put towards £1.50 vouchers (or in a nice touch, an option to tick a box and donate the money to a children's charity). Since most stuff in the shop now retails at about £6+, it's fairly easy to get those stamps, and that 20% discount meant my scrub was a slightly more affordable £8. The Papaya Body Scrub is one of the newer additions to the best-selling range of matching shower gels, body scrubs and amazing body butters (of which I have two already). They come in everything from coconut to grape to shea to olive, but I picked this particular scent because I've always been an advocate of their 'Juice It 'Mango & Peach Shower Gel, and this seemed to be the perfect match (well, in the way that it's the same colour and it smells like fruit). The scrub comes in a shallow transparent tub (scoopy tub! my favourite) with an orange lid which has the label on - a big picture of an appetising looking papaya and a little ...

Cadbury Creme Eggs 01/04/2004

how do you eat yours? (3 at a time...)

Starsky And Hutch (DVD) 01/04/2004

Do it! DO IT!

Dove Hair Silk 31/03/2004

From straw to silk.

Urban Decay XXX Shine 31/03/2004

Teaching (Mrs) Tingle

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