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Should cannabis be legalised? 09/03/2002

StIcK that in YOUR pipe and smoke it

Should cannabis be legalised? Here we go - im going to be controversial with this subject - everybody has a view whether or not they have tried it, so here goes.... Marijuana, Dope, Grass, Blow, Wacky Backy, Ganja, Weed, Puff, Gear, Hash / Hashish - we all know what it is, so what’s the problem? Im going to tell you everything I know about Cannabis, most of which comes from an old PSE lesson I had at school when we were told about the dangers of drugs! Recently a lot of people have argued that Cannabis SHOULD be available to those people who suffer from MS if it helps to ease the pain, currently there are trials of whether or not it does relive the pain for MS sufferers. Lets look at the facts and then let me know your thoughts!! History ~~~~~~~~ The various forms of cannabis mostly come from two plants known as - Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, both of these plants grow throughout the world. Cannabis is available in three main forms, (1) as a dried herb (usually known as grass), (2) as a resin (usually known as hash or hashish) which is extracted from the buds (3) and flower heads in the country of origin, and less commonly as a sticky liquid (hash oil) which is prepared from the resin. Cannabis resin found in the UK comes from a variety of sources, most of which will have been reformulated in Europe after leaving its country of origin. Different types of resin have different names such as 'red seal', 'gold seal', 'squidgy black', 'rocky', 'slate' and 'soapbar' ...

Everything that starts with U ... 07/03/2002

Oh my god did this really happen.....

Everything that starts with U ... Well U is for University and the things that change once you leave, a university friend which i met has just emailed it over and i thought it was very funny amd very true..... 1. 6:00 am is when you get up, not when you go to sleep 2. Having sex in a single bed is absurd. 3.You keep more food than beer in the fridge. 4. Your fantasies of having sex with three women with lesbian tendancies are replaced by fantasies of having sex with anyone at all. 5. You don't volunteer for clinical trials at the local hospital. 6. You know all of the people sleeping in your house. 7. You hear your favourite song in the lift at work. 8. Informative TV does not include Richard and Judy. 9. The bank manager doesn't write threatening letters any more. 10.You carry an umbrella. 11.Seven-day benders are no longer realistic. 12.You don't go to Tesco's with all your friends. 13.You have standing orders and direct debits. 14.The heating works in your house. 15.Your friends marry and divorce instead of get together and break-up. 16.You pay the government thousands of pounds every year. 17.You go from 130 days of holidays to 20. 18.Jeans and a jumper no longer qualify as 'dressed up'. 19.You're the one calling the police because those damn kids next door won't turn down the stereo. 20.You get out of bed in the morning even if it's raining. 21.Washing up is not an annual ritual. ... 07/03/2002

Edson Arantes Do Nascimento do you know who he is So have you ever wondered why it is that some celeb’s have really cool names? Ever wonder where they get them from? Well im going to let you into my little secret….did you know that people like Chevy Chase real name is Cornelius Crane Chase and Sir Sean Connery is really called Thomas and Michael Crawford is really called Michael Patrick Dumbell-Smith (no wonder he changed that) and as a last example Bruce Willis to his parents is known as Walter Willison? No neither did I!! Anyway because I am so nosey and interested in menial things like this I decided to spend a few hours having a look at and here on this website you will see that there are listings for Actors/politicians/religion/sports/singers and other. When you click on each of these categories, at the bottom of the page is the alphabet, everyone you can think of, or I should say, everyone you assume has had a name change will be listed here….We all know the original name changers like Sir Elton John, Tina Turner, Demi Moore, Malcolm X, Cher, Marylin Manson, Meatloaf and Freddie Mercury – it is well known that they have all change their names but did you know people like – Iggy Pop, Axel Rose, Dusty Springfield etc…to name a few. Under each person’s real name is a little blurb – if they are an actor then it will tell you the films they have starred in, if they are singers it will list their band or there most famous songs – ...

Everything that starts with K ... 01/03/2002

Australia's version of Chubby Brown

Everything that starts with K ... K this time stands for Kevin Bloody Wilson - Who? I hear you say, well just read this opinion and all will be revealed! Basically he is Australia's version to Roy Chubby Brown........ Kevin Bloody Wilson has been described as one of the 'funniest' and 'most original singer/songwriters' of my dads generation (he's 44) -- and yet there's a real good chance you've never even heard of him, havent a clue what im on about, think im mad, until i tell you what his songs are! If you don't mind the occasional expletive (every sentence, that is) then you will like Kevin Bloody Wilson, he is very entertaining and very funny. His songs are very unique with sing-a-long quality that appeals to all ages and races (well for those of us who understand what he means), and completely cross international boundaries and cultural backgrounds. As a traditional Aussie, Kevin talks alot about his background, slags everyone off and uses the F*** word rather a lot! For me it is his accent that makes him so funny. You're bound to recognise either yourself or someone you know in a Kevin Bloody Wilson song, i thought my dad was mad when he said "you will have heard it trust me" and i had heard of at least half of his songs without knowing who he was - (`Do you f*ck on first dates? Does your Dad own a brewery?') His humour is as hard and dry as his Outback heritage. Kevin Bloody Wilson and his songs typify the irreverent Aussie `couldn't give a f*ck' attitude, and with Kev, nothing ...

Britannia - Mail order 28/02/2002

Let meee entertain you RIP OFF

Britannia - Mail order Britannia Music, well what can I say? Sounds like an offer too good to be true, in their leaflet they say “But one CD for £9.99 and get 5 free” – can this really be so? Well I joined Britannia in 1999, I was at University, money was scare and I loved music, so what more could I ask for? What an offer! I found one of their leaflets in a magazine which I had recently purchased, an apt place to put them to ensure people see them before or as they bin them! Anyway, one the leaflet it tells you all about their special offer of buying one CD for £9.99 as it was then and get 5 free –the good thing about this is that all the CDs you get to choose from are within the top 70 album chart and as an added bonus some of them are the favourite golden oldies, or even double CDs. My only problem was choosing which albums I wanted and which ones I could wait for if necessary! What a decision to have to sit and make! I must have mulled over it for at least half an hour. After all in the small print it read; “In return, we ask that you agree to buy 6 Regular Price recordings during your first two years of membership, at least 3 in the first year. Remember, however, that whichever club you choose, you do not have to be a member for two years and once you have bought your 6 Regular Price recordings you may cancel your membership at any time. During your membership we will suggest a Recommended Recording on a regular basis, but you are quite at liberty to ...

Child in Time - Ian McEwan 25/02/2002

Original and revealing with a slight twist

Child in Time - Ian McEwan I first read "A child in time" when i was doing A Level English Literature, which was 5 years ago now. When i first started to read this book i thought it was totally pants, i didnt understand what was going on and i didnt know how on earth i was going to manage to write an essay on it, i probably couldnt have managed a book review. However i have now recently re-read this book 'Child in Time' by Ian McEwan and it is fantastic, i dont think i understand it more than i did before, because some of the concepts are hard to grasp, as an author he doesnt try to spell out to his reader what is actually happening, you have to become involved in the story, become one of the characters and then it all becomes pure and simple. The novel is primarily the story of Stephen Lewis and his powerful relationships with children and time. This book is dominated by Steven's relationship with both components, the realities he has to deal with and the memories he has to overcome and accept. The relationship between Child and Time become clear once the concept of both are achieved. "When he walked past all the tills, ignoring the girl at his who was irritably trying to attract his attention, a chill rose to the top of his stomach. At a controlled run - he was not yet past caring how foolish he looked - he went down all the aisles, past mountains of oranges, toilet rolls, soup. It was not until he was back at his starting point that he abandoned all propriety, filled his constricted ...

Everything that starts with M ... 23/02/2002

how many will you admit to knowing

Everything that starts with M ... M is for memories this time, an old school friend of mine recently got in touch with me after moving away. Ive not heard or seen her in about 10 years now and when i got this email i was mortified - did i i never....shut up you saddo...oh my god and Cheque please this saddo is leaving the planet. She sent me an email of things we should remember when we were kids.....below i have listed only some of the more embarrassing things she had noted down in the email - how many make you cringe? Snap bracelets were always getting you in trouble at school. Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo You played with "My Little Ponies." Friendship bracelets were ties that couldn't be broken. You ever read Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Babysitters Club, Forever or Sweet Valley High. You know all the words to "Ice Ice Baby". You wanted to be on "Jim'll Fix It". You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before he had plastic surgery. You wore one of those slap-on wristbands at some point...or heaven forbid one of those T-shirts that changed colour with heat (Global Hypercolour). You had slouch socks and puff painted your own shirt at least once. You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, Wax off". You were upset when She-ra, Princess of Power and He-Man got cancelled. You can remember watching Saved by the Bell You remember Madonna in her cone stage. You knew "The Artist" when he was humbly called ...

Member Advice on PMS 22/02/2002

No i havent got the painters in YET

Member Advice on PMS PMS/PMT - both really mean the same thing: PMS - Pre-menstrual Syndrome and PMT - Pre-Menstrual Tension. Either way its bad news! Anyway im going to tell you how to recognise the symptoms, who gets it, how to avoid it, what to do when you've got it and how foods can help! YES really..... So who gets it? *************** Women being the obvious answer i know (D'oh) but as many as 8 out of 10 women have physical and emotional symptoms - known as PMS. These symptoms can cause women to be uncomfortable and upset and emotional challenging for no particular reason. In short the answer is "COZ I SAID SO". PMS can be easily managed. One way is a healthy diet and the other is self-care - to reduce the stress of every day life during this time. How do you know you have got it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ You can or may have PMS if you have these physical symptoms for up to two weeks before your period, in my case it is normally before, during and after, depending on how im feeling, how stressed i have been and who has ticked me off! The symptons of PMS *************** **** Exhaustion; sleep disturbances; breast swelling; bloating; weight gain; acne; cravings for sweets; constipation, then diarrhea - Yes come on girls admit it, we all have at least half of this 99% of the time and the one symptom i have missed is MEN - they always think its "Our time"! How annoying is that? Emotional symptoms can be even more difficult to deal with than the physical. ...

Everything that starts with C ... 20/02/2002

Ive got crabs have you

Everything that starts with C ... Have you ever wondered what your star sign means and why you are the way you are? Well i went to one of these psychic fare things and i went to this women who said she could tell me all about my life through my star sign. She started by asking me questions, she didnt ask me when my birthday was (but for those of you intending to send cards it is July 21st) or what year i was born but she asked questions about my life, my career, relationships etc.. and i was astonished when she told me i was born around July 20th and that i was a Cancerian and a true one at that! So here's the low down of what she said....(this has been totally re-written and anything from the scroll is in quotation marks) ~*The life of a cancerian*~ “On your birthday, the Sun (symbolising your essential individuality) was in the feminine sign, Cancer.” This is the first line you will note everywhere that has something to do with Cancerian’s – we are dominated by femininity, associated with the woman and the mother and the home, all things which link a person to the female traits. I myself am not a home person, I prefer to be out of the home, busy either with work, out with friends, shopping – anything to get me out the house im there. Im not into domesticity, again this is linked with Cancerian’s, we like to be proud of our homes, show them off as being clean and well domesticated – again this is not me, my room resembles a pig sty and basically it ...

Boots Natural Collection Forest Fruits Lip Serum 15/02/2002

Are u Dry cracked chapped and sore dont lick them

Boots Natural Collection Forest Fruits Lip Serum Ive been using Boots lip gloss for a few weeks now. Im one of those people who suffer's heavily with dry, chapped lips what ever the weather. Ive tried all kinds of different lip balms and lip glosses, lip treatments, cold sore creams, you name it i have tried it all. So i came across this Forest Fruits lip gloss which is boots own make. Rather than your average cream, it is a Lip Serum. The reason it is a serum is because, although many of us use hair serum (well okay us girlies) to keep the moisture in and replace any lost moisture. So why not in a lip gloss. This lip gloss was bought from Boots for £1.59 and it contains 8ml. A plastic tube with an applicator to apply the gloss smoothly to the lips. It is not tested on animals and the Item code if it isnt in stock at the time is 30-59-030. I strongly recommend this product to those of you, who suffer with sore, chapped and cracked lips. It doesnt sting when you use it like some lip treatments. It has a strong fruity smell to it, but dont lick it off!! This gloss is also clear, so there is no colour left on your lips and it is great to use over lipstick to give the wet look, and the lip stick also lasts longer when you use a gloss over the top. It lasts for about two hours or more, depending on how active your mouth is and once it has dried into your lips just re-apply, it is that simple. ... 11/02/2002

My sanity thoughts feelings revealed here This is my second attempt at writing this opinion, the first one was lost by ciao when I submitted it, they asked me to sign in again and my entry disappeared and I couldn’t find it so im not happy about it. Especially when it took me an hour to write it. This is my place of refuge when times are hard, when I need advice, when I need someone to share their feelings with me, when im down, depressed and feeling unloved, when I want someone’s advice. This is also the place where I share my thoughts and my dreams, my happy thoughts, my happiness, my glad tidings, my views, my opinions on life. What am I talking about? A place called *Open Diary*. *Open Diary* is an internet site which allows you to keep an online diary, although this site is special because it is an ‘Open’ diary, which means people can log into your diary and read what you have written, offer you advice and their thoughts, share similar situations and basically be there for you. When I was first told about this site I thought it was really freaky, to me a diary was private where only your inner thoughts and feelings were written about, not some public place for people to laugh and mock you. I felt uneasy, didn’t know what to write about, wasn’t sure this was the kind of place I wanted to be in. So I joined up reluctantly through a friend and ive now been there for nearly a year. Having an open diary where people can come and read it, offer advise and generally tell ...

Best Air Guitar Album In The World...ever Vol.2, The - Various Artists 10/02/2002

headbangers annonymous sign here

Best Air Guitar Album In The World...ever Vol.2, The - Various Artists This is an album I bought my dad for Christmas, I got tired of seeing him sat in the armchair, headphones on and ait guitar going crazy to his old YES Cd. I thought it was about time Dad got some new music and possibly a new guitar at the same time – an air guitar that is im not that generous. So off I trekked down to Woolies to see what there was on offer, it had to be rock/heavy metal or there is no way he would listen to it and in its polythene bag it would remain. The only thing I have been able to convert dad to listen to is Placebo and that’s an achievement! Anyway browsing round the shelves and perfecto – here is the ideal present – Best Air guitar album in the world……. So what songs are there? *************** ***** CD 1 ------ 1. Queen - Tie Your Mother Down I thought it was 'We Will Rock You.' But alas it was not, the tune is just very similar, having not heard this one before I was rather impressed with the guitar effort and knew Dad would be strumming away very soon……. 2. Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water Classic tune with ample opportunity for dad to get warmed up, he always raves about this song so I knew I wasn’t going to be laughed at for buying this album, he has this on vinyl, the black thing which plays music he often reminds me! But this is a top tune. 3. Blur - Song 2 – Whooo hoooo as it goes, about time Dad heard some modern day music, Blur are a wicked group ...

Top 10 Songs of All Time 07/02/2002

sounds like a cat being strangled

Top 10 Songs of All Time Top 10 songs of all time in MY opinion! *************** *************** ********** Well as im a bit of a wee bairn to most of the people on this site, my top ten songs of all time, im sure will spark a few comments. Mainly asking which planet am I on and don’t I know this song, and don’t I remember that song…. So here we go, my top 10 songs of all time and why I have chosen them…. 10 –Every Breath you take– The Police *************** *************** ******** This song for me brings back many childhood memories for me, my dad used to sing this every time we were in the car going out for the day. When it got to this bit “I’ll be watching you” I used to sing along to when he would look at me in his rear view mirror! This song has a lot of meaning and on many chat shows Sting has told us why inspired him to write it - He says it isn’t a love song as many people assume it is, it is about a man stalking hi ex-girlfriend. The lines, which give this away, are “I’ll be watching you” and “You belong to me”. To this day I still listen to the Police and have many of their albums, this has all been inspired by my Dad and his taste in music, as I think a lot of my choices will be. The Police was a band made up of 3 people, one of whom was Sting, who has now gone onto to be a solo star and has had many top 10 hits himself. Songs such as Fields of Gold have given him great ...

Bop It 05/02/2002

Twist it, bop it, Pull it - SHOVE IT

Bop It My ex's dad bought him this for Christmas two years ago, it's one of those "Hey dad's got you a really cool present" and he opens it to find *BOP IT*. Immediatly it is unwrapped, batteries are plugged in and there we are four grown ups sat on the floor reading instructions on how this thing works. Anyway after half an hour of debating what we did with it, i swich it on and it's off, telling me to Bop it, Twist it and Pull it!! Novel what the hell did i do with it, so i sat there pulling, twisting and bopping it as it told me to, having fun on my own and then they wanted to join in, so the rules went back into the box and we were off. Bop it brought a whole new meaning to Boxing Day for me, another dimension to hand held games and a fun way to spend an afternoon. We soon got the idea that one of us started with this Bop it and set it off and took it in turns to follow the instructions until it says "Pass it" then some funky music is played for all of three seconds and it's the next persons go. So Bop It tells you to *Pull it* - there is a stick which has to be pulled and it makes a noise, or it could tell you to *Twist it* - there is another stick at the opposite end to twist and again a noise is made and the final command other than pass it is *Bop it* - there is a cirlce in the middle which you have to hit....the easiest way to do that is to hit it with your chin, this way you hands can hold with end to pull it or twist it!! The fun part of ...

Redken All Soft 04/02/2002

Moose is my hair guru

Redken All Soft Im one of those people who tries every new shampoo the second it hits the shelves at Boots of Superdrug, if the adverts say its good, then i will try it. Im not one of those people who goes for those cheap and nasty 2 in 1 combinations - they dont work and are fairly crap. So whilst searching through Ciao, on my daily reading of about 20 people i came across Moose's opinion on some Redkin shampoo and thought i might as well give it a read, i usually read all her op's anyway. So after reading this op i decided to bite the bullet and purchase some of this shampoo, Moose made it sound like the perfect, ideal one i had been looking for and although it was a bit pricey, who cares, for a good looking mane it had to be worth it. Off i went to in search of this miracle cure, and there it was. Redkin is formualted for the needs of long hair. After reading the website on the product i decided to but it when i read this bit... "The tip of a hair strand that is 12” long is about two years old and has probably received around 700 brushings, 350-500 shampoos, 12 colourings, & thousands of hours of light exposures. Isn't it time you looked after your over stressed hair? If you ill or stressed you go to your Doctor's....why make it different for your hair? Visit our surgery and see Dr. So Long for the best treatment!" So i went to sign up to the website and purchase this shampoo. What you get for £21.95 is Redken So Long Heat Treat in a ...
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