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Cloverfield (DVD) 14/07/2008

Cloverfield Review

Cloverfield (DVD) Having literally just finished 'Cloverfield' I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart and soul that this is the WORST film I have EVER seen. The character profiles are shallow and short not to mention boring and the actual background of any of the characters is unmentioned and provided a short and extremely brief look into the film which prevented any kind of immersion into the actual storyline and reminded me solely of the 'Blair Witch Project' except it lacked any kind of intellectual or obvious depth into the storyline except alien or possibly domestic attack which to be honest is a clear representation of terrorist attack. Any wish to watch this film is mis-guided and will only result in complete disappointment and will leave you wondering why you decided to waste minutes of your life and also money which you could have spent on something either more productive or entertaining. This films background apparrently detailed an alien attack on earth and although the DVD blurb mentioned little (which I found to actually be a interesting trait, it takes you in with advertising that shows you only the best parts that they managed to accomplished using good CGI but failed to add anything substantial to the background of the story.) it also showed you little except lots of damage and destruction to New York city which was still only detailed or visually shown in small snippets. I could understand the use of small snippets due to the fact the film was made 85% on ...

Scientists make human embryo clones. Should embryo cloning cease or continue? 28/04/2008

Human Cloning Review

Scientists make human embryo clones. Should embryo cloning cease or continue? Human cloning has long been a scientifically desired dream by many scientists, to create a being without the need for reproduction. But what are the moral values? Where do they stop? Human cloning has been viewed by scientists as a dream come true, by religious followers or leaders it is deemed absolutely forbidden and unholy and by the general public the feelings are mixed. Human cloning is now in the stage where it has been noticed and opinions are rising. Personally, I believe although the scientists have worked hard for this we need to look at where we intended to go with it. Did we simply wish to try because we could or to prove it could be done? Or is there a hidden deeper meaning? Conspiracy theorists believe it is a plot by the government to replace soldiers we have lost in combat. Others believe it has the prospect of helping families create their own children and that this is a good thing. Although there are hundreds of possibilities and factors that would need to be considered, human cloning simply is in the stage where it is a ray of hope for those in need of it or a bad threat waiting to happen. It isnt the place of our species to play God and create lives as those in position believe they should be created. If a person was meant to have children, wouldnt nature allow that? We have all heard miracle stories of woman who were given a 0% chance of reproduction and managed to have twins or more. We need to decide whether or not this scientific process is ...

Morrisons (Shop) 26/04/2008

Morrisons Review

Morrisons (Shop) Although I will admit to being a regular Tesco & ASDA shopper, I cant help popping into Morrisons every now and then. Morrisons was originally founded as a simple market stall and has since progressed through the steps to an accepted member of our supermarkets. Layout and Aesthetic Morrisons has a difference, it has the face of a market stall, a tradition that points towards their roots and lets everyone know that they havent forgotten how far they came thanks to the customers. Uniforms of stall are colour coded dependent on your position in the shop such as fresh fruit and veg, frozen produce, tills etc and everything is laid out with the aesthetic of market stalls however the layout looks too cheap and tacky and plastic for my liking but perhaps you could learn to accept it, like a scar on your hairline. Not particularly pleasing to the eye but acceptable none the less. Although I will admit that it is nice to see a different layout to a supermarket then the general 'everything on the shelf'. FOOD Morrisons like other supermarkets have their own brand of general products, everything ranging from tinned food, bathroom products and and fresh food from their bakery and ovenfresh section. However it was revealed in a detailed look at all supermarkets own brands that morrisons has the second worst salt levels in its tinned and frozen food. Of course, Morrisons fresh food isnt that bad, Their fresh bread can easily rival the top supermarkets but the ovenfresh ...

Fable (Xbox) 25/04/2008

Fable (Xbox) Review

Fable (Xbox) Fable is a 'middle earth' type story released on the Xbox and PC. Essentially the game allows you freedom, the freedom to make choices and take good or evil choices depending on which path you would prefer. These choices affect your characters appearence and reaction from the pulic. For example, become a good person and your characters hair and face will change to lighter colours and if you become very good a halo appears above your head and the public will adore you. Become evil and your face will become streaked with black veins and your eyelids will turn red and your eyes will start to look piercing, if you are very evil you will sprout horns and the public will fear you. You start off as a child in a small village known as Oakvale. You live with your father, mother and your sister. Bandits then attack your village, kill your family and all the villages inhabitents and burn the village to the ground. A mysterious character known as 'Maze' then appears to help you. You are then taken to the 'Heroes Guild' to begin training as a hero. You are armed with a sword and a crossbow or a longbow and powers known as 'Will'. Your weapons can be augmented with such augments as piercing, sharpening, flame, lightning, silver and more. These augments increase damage to creature affected by whatever augments you attach. Your weapons can be traded for better weapons which can cause more damage. Your 'Will' allows you to cast good or evil spells to help you fight off your ...

Avenged Sevenfold (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Avenged Sevenfold 23/04/2008

Avenged Sevenfold White Album Review

Avenged Sevenfold (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Avenged Sevenfold Members: M. Shadows - Vocals Zacky Vengeance - Rhythm Guitar Synyster Gates - Lead Guitar The Reverend Tholomew Plague AKA 'The Rev' - Drums Jonny Christ - Bass With names like that who wouldnt like them? Avenged Sevenfolds earlier releases chronicled personal pain and evil bible stories through the use of harmonised guitar riffs and strong vocal screaming. This album is now a far cry from that. They have songs detailing their personal political views such as 'Critical Acclaim' and also songs reflecting their own feelings such as 'Afterlife' and 'Dear God, and also for the hardcore amongst us, a Tim Burton-Esque song called 'A Little Piece of Heaven' This album has and will continue to impress people from all musical backgrounds. Influences of punk, hip hop and even country are widely used to avoid falling in the trap that so many artists have fallen into. This is of course, trying to do the same as all of your other songs, but trying to do it better. Screaming vocals have been virtually eliminated to make way for harmonised vocals which Matt Shadows excels at. The guitars keep to their harmonised riffs of metal but also show signs of improvement and variety. 'Dear God' for instance, uses alot of country riffs and chord work where as songs like 'Afterlife' or 'Scream' retain that strong metal finish. Drum work has improved giving the guitarists a better beat to stick to, rather then the usual 'blast beats' so many metal or rock drummers use. BEWARE of the ...

Straw Dogs (DVD) 28/08/2007

Straw Dogs DVD Review

Straw Dogs (DVD) This film revolves around the couple. David and Amy Sumner. I think the directors intention was for us to find it a hard film to watch. This is told by the first person camera angles during the famous and explicitly brutal 'Rape' scene. The term used loosely. David is a wimp.Meek & frail, Plain and simple, has no views on anything and just wants to live his life. Amy is the flirtacious wife and seems to hate everything about David. Storyline: David and Amy Sumner return to Amys old cornish village so David can spend some time away from America and get some hard work done in peace. Unluckily, the local residents aren't quite as normal as they expected. The builders David hired to build his garage spend more time drinking and spying on his wife then actually working and this gets us anxious. As we can usually tell what will happen later. And it does. David is out hunting, when Amys old lover comes calling for her. He becomes forceful and soon forces himself on her. This is why the 'Rape' scene is so famous. She begins to enjoy it, and as this happens he becomes more loving and tender. Many of us would assume this may be a simple case of 'Stockholm Styndrome'. To identify with ones captors. Subsequently this makes it easier to watch. But the director then had the 'Rapists' (Charley Venner) friend come in with a shotgun. He then holds down the woman he supposedly loves while his friend rapes her from behind. This as we can easily see was real. This is a difficult scene to ...

Dove Cream Wash Liquid Soap 24/08/2007

Dove Cream Wash Review

Dove Cream Wash Liquid Soap We've all used bog standard anti bacterial soap, whether it in liquid form or the old style brick shape form. However, this soap is much much more then all that. I will explain The packaging is a delightful colour. Also, as I keep mine in the bathroom for guests, it goes especially well with the walls and has a soothing colour to compliment that. This colour relates strongly to the actual product as I'll explain. The actual product is a soft soothing liquid soap which lathers at the first sight of water. It produces a soft comforting feel and aroma that could put an insomniac into a blissful sleep. It keeps you feeling clean and like your wrapped in fine silks. This feeling, as I've found out, can put you into a stress free disposition and definately aids my sleep. Not only that, but my niece loves playing with it. This is good to keep her hygiene up but she loves to watch it lather. This is a fantastic soap which I would recommend to anyone who likes to feel clean for hours after they've washed. Also, it saves me some money as you only need a slight squit to produce that beautiful lather which everyone MUST try Ray

Center Parcs, United Kingdom 24/08/2007

Center Parcs Review

Center Parcs, United Kingdom My mother used to work for center parcs as a cleaner so we managed to get in for free for swimming. but Center Parcs was a true disappointment. You see the advert. Calm, serence peaceful surrounding to take that monkey off of your back and let you relax. In reality, its quite the opposite. Swimming Facilities are poor at best not to mention the Queues where you stand around wet, now freezing and in danger of dying from a severe case of hypothermia. White water swimming rapids go about the same speed as someone shot with a horse tranquiliser and the slides give you the thrill and excitement of being kicked in the groin. Sports Center is.....ok. Badminton (Always Full), Table Tennis (Always Full) Pool (Again full) Roller skating (Shoes are all broke or not open or full). The shops prices are abismally high because they know theres nowhere within miles to go. Staff are rude and dont give a damn. Saw some poor guy get assaulted there once without the bat of an eyelid from staff. Their chefs in a rush and your 'Gourmet coq au vin' will probably come out in the form of cheese on toast. The arcade and bowling alley was not so bad except it was always full. again. The arcade was good for a while too. Until small children ruined it by breaking absolutely everything. Chalets were badly kept and damaged. Bikes were rarely available. To this day I feel guilty for making my mother take me whenever I wanted to go. A valuable piece of advice for all intending to go. ...

Skirmish Paintball, United Kingdom 24/08/2007

Skirmish Paintball Review

Skirmish Paintball, United Kingdom Being a Civil Servant, and gun enthusiast paintball is my kind of fun. But what does Skirmish Paintball hold for the user? The Location: The location near me is just on the outskirts of Warminster. Not extremely well advertised and slightly hard to find but word of mouth seems to be doing the trick. Situated inside woodland with a range of scenarios it holds a fantastic day out for all paintball players or those just looking for fun. Scenarios: Cowboy Town. Just recently been put up and although I havent played it yet, I've heard good things. Good cover, aerial positions and all sorts of tactics can be put into play. Defend the Fort. A small two floor fort surrounded by protective wooden barriers. Objective is to ensure noone from the opposing team makes it close enough to score a kill on your target. This could be a person or you could use the metal sheet they have in there. Defensive tactics involve aerial cover accompanied by a standard flank manouvre. Or you could just unleash hell with paintball grenades if your not that good with tactics. Opposing team should start crawling in a pincer move and apply hell from one side to distract firepower. A two man team can then sweep from behind and finish off opposition. Saving Private Ryan. A mannequin in army issues is placed in the middle of the field. Team 1's objective is to secure his extraction, whereas team 2 must prevent this. As its very open woodland this game is alot harder then it sounds. Tactics to be put ...

Mars Planets 22/08/2007

Mars Planets Review

Mars Planets Everyone reknowns Mars for their heavy Duty Chocolate bar. Everyone of course has played the Russian Roulette game of eating revels to be greeted with a coffee disaster. But now Mars have decided to hit the bandwagon and alter their chocolate a little. Over the course of a few years, Black packaging has become very popular following apples iPod packaging. Mars of course already had black packaging but with a new space age twist.... The packaging is eye catching in its self as many candy or chocolate manufacturers try to appeal to the children of today with bright colours and rounded edges on the text. Mars have seemed to bypass that and appeal to the more grown up of us who still like a little chocolate with our cup of tea or coffee. Which, to be honest, is about time. The last grown up chocolate I ate was some After Eights! t what about the actual chocolate?? You get 3 different types of Mars Planets. First is the Nougat Planet. Pretty much all you were expecting this one, Mars chocolate covering a ball of their famous nougat. It tastes just like the original Mars bar did so no worries there if you already like Mars bars. Second is the Caramel Planet. Slightly smaller in size and is just a ball of caramel encased in Mars chocolate again. Now, those 3 elements are what comprises a Mars bar right? Caramel, Nougat and of course chocolate. But then their was a third... And lastly, a strange Malteaser planet that I do not remember ever being in a Mars bar. It would have ...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Xbox) 21/08/2007

GTA: San Andreas Review

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Xbox) Oh my what a great game. A solid storyline and everlasting playability. Storyline: You are Carl Johnson. You've just got out of jail and you get blackmailed by these cops to keep an eye out for them. You head back to your old house where you grew up with your brother and your several friends. but many things have changed since you've been inside. Many of your friends are dead or addicted to heroin or in prison. You're Grove Street gang has virtually fallen apart and the enemy gang 'The Ballas' have taken over. Time to take it back right? This story if full of many twists and turns, so trust noone. The level: One huge collection of islands all linked. You can travel to your mission but if you just feeling like a drive or a high speed police chase, you can. Many fun cheats such as low gravity, flying cars and chaos mode make this game have lasting playability even after you're finished playing. Pedestrians react differently to actions. Grenade in the face - some will run for the hills, others will turn back around and gun you down. The map is huge and enables you to do many things you couldnt do in past GTA games. Dont expect life like graphics. Its more cartoony then anything else but in time you fail to notice this. Missions: Some are easy, some are hard. This all depends on your personal skills. Splinter Cell players will find the stealth missions a doddle with the combat knife and silenced 9mm. Whereas other may find them too hard and decide to blast their way ...

Relentless 21/08/2007

Relentless Review

Relentless An energy drink. A large energy drink....Healthy? I'd assume not, but theres more to it then that. Relentless is obviously another energy drink. Tastes like Red Bull, Kinda looks like Red Bull. But it was the packaging and size that caught my eye. The manufacturers have clearly tried to appeal to the alternative market. Punk Bands, Skaters or just those who live life fast. Sleep is for the weak right? Maybe. This drink contains 2 and a half cups of coffee worth of caffeine. So best avoided by those with a bad heart or a weak stomach. Personally I just like the size. Many people I know dont like the size of small cans of energy drink when they really need a pick me up which is why Relentless is a great hardcore energy drink. However I wouldn't recommend this drink to replace fluid lost after exercise or if you have a weak stomach or heart condition and it seriously gets your going

Tresemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo 21/08/2007

Tresemme Vitamin E Shampoo Review

Tresemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo Generally a bottle of this will retail at around £3.99 for a substantial bottle of 'Salon Quality' hair shampoo. But what do you really get? My hair has been dyed many times and many different shampoos have failed to deliver the good with regards to keeping my hair shiny, soft and at the same time protecting my colour. But not Tresemme. The actual bottle is quite frankly HUGE compared to many other leading brands. Its taken me around 2 months to get through a bottle of Tresemme including its sister conditioner. Even then a few of my family have used it too and we're only just scraping the bottom now. To me, and I'm sure many of you thats a great quality to have in this kind of product. The shampoo is a clear thick easily lathered shampoo. You dont need much shampoo to lather your hair into a clean and soft texture. It also gives you that 'clean' feeling, like you've just taken several steps under a freezing waterfall. I've experienced that withone other shampoo and that was 'Wash & Go Mint' which was a few steps below tresemme but still great. It was great for me as I'd been so poor I'd been washing my hair with shower gel! It's really shown a difference Their marketing is done exceedingly well. A salon is that one place where your hair can come out at its absolute best and they have taken this into account and incorporated that into their marketing by saying you can have 'Salon Beautiful Hair'. To tell you the truth, they're right. To all of you, this is a ...

Subway 16/08/2007

Subway Review

Subway Everyone goes on a shopping day with their wife or husband etc and usually you go quite far from home. E.g. for me would be Bristol or Bath. Then you have to decide what to eat for lunch and its mainly junk food restaurents, and then you've piled back on all that weight you've lost over the last 3 months and from walking around shopping. But WAIT! A Footlong Knight in shining armour?! The healthy subway is here to save your day. Not only does it taste absolutely delicious and you have have it made however you want it made, but you wont have any guilty feelings about your lunch even if you have a footlong like I do ;) Bread is available in a variety of styles such as: Italian - Normal Italian herbs and cheese - My favourite with herbs and cheese on the bread Theres a few others with roasted nuts on the top and malted bread etc Which is nice for a change rather then bog standard white staff are generally helpful, many dont speak great english so that sometimes poses a problem when ordering your food. You'll find you may have to repeat your order a few times Fillings come in a huge variety. Meatballs in tomato sauce, Bacon, Beef with jalapenos, chicken normal or with sauce on, olives, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles and many more. Alongside what you order you can have your sandwhich toasted which is recommended when you have cheese on it. Fills you up, tastes great, about 388 calories to a whole sandwhich (obviously depending on what fillers you have) and ...

Delta Force - Black Hawk Down (PC) 16/08/2007

Black Hawk Down Game Review

Delta Force - Black Hawk Down (PC) The book? Great. The film? Great. The game?.. Appauling. Lack of appeal, Lack of good gameplay, Lack of well told storyline and it was already written for them! The guns sound like spud guns and are unrealistically weak. The movement and gameplay had me for all of 2 seconds before I knew what I'd let myself in for. Slow boring movement with little or no good aiming. Enemys: Apart from the obvious 'Never miss a shot, sees you way before you see them' they have no realism and no fluid movement. It was like playing the first Sims game. Maps are boring and have an extreme lack of detail. Sure the maps are huge and you can run for hours and never reach the end. Except the problem you have is if you stray too far away you must restart the level. Good job Multiplayer. That one feature which can almost make up for complete failure on the single player. But no. You have trouble actually seeing your enemies and hitting them is another thing. Not to mention the standard 'Grab a sniper rifle and run to the hills so far away anyone in the map will only see the bullet flying through their eye. There was so much they couldve done with this game but didnt. The helicopter just follows the same standard boring pattern in the multiplayer rather then have a friend fly it while you lay down all kinds of hell on that kid who thinks screaming into his headset might kill the loathing everyone else has for him. Do yourself a favour and steer well clear of this game. If you ...
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