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Avon Sleeptherapy Linen and room spray 06/01/2007

What else do you do in the bedroom ??

Avon Sleeptherapy Linen and room spray There's nothing better than crawling into a bed with freshly laundered sheets, feeling soft and smelling nice. Especially when the fragrance helps you drift into a peaceful sleep. I swear by Avon sleepatherapy, have used it for years without any problems. What does it look like? Avon Sleeptherapy comes in a tall blue box, the blue being the night sky with a scattering of white clouds and stars. Inside the box you will find a pump action dispenser, this is silver with the same picture from the box. This is called Goodnight pillow mist. I have noticed on the Avon website this product has changed. After losing my Avon lady I resorted to checking out the This can be found by searching linen spray. Are there any other fragrances? Coconut & Papaya. Vanilla & Soy. Black cherry & Nutmeg. How much does it cost? These usually retail at £3.50 each but at the minute online they are on offer for £1.50 for 125ml. How do I use it? This can be sprayed on linen and curtains or used as a room spray. Spray away from the face 15cm away from fabric and allow to dry. Or spray 2 or 3 times towards the centre of the room. Ideal for the bedroom especially if you want to sleep that is. It gives off a relaxing, calming smell that's lasts until the next day. My opinion. I cant fault this, I use it in my bedroom all the time, also use it when the kids cant sleep. Nichola my youngest has had a few bad nights over Christmas and New Year, ...

Kodak EASYSHARE CX7530 14/10/2006

My favourite toy

Kodak EASYSHARE CX7530 Last Christmas I was asked off my hubby and kids what I wanted off Santa, My usual list usually asks for clothes and smellys as i don't need anything else but they said they wanted to buy me something special this year as I always got the same things every year, so this time I went away and thought about it. This was pretty easy as I had my eye on a Digital Camera & Printing Dock. Santa was good to me that year. I got my eye on the Kodak Easy Share Camera CX7530 looked easy enough for me to use plus it was on sale with the Printing Dock £229.00 at Index. I am still finding my way around this Camera as at first it scared me but once I sat down to play with it its pretty straight forward even for me. CONTENTS. Kodak Easy Share CX7530 Digital camera with wrist strap Custom dock insert for printer 2AA non - rechargeable batteries USB cable Audio/Video cable (for viewing pictures and videos on TV) Printer dock Universal Camera Insert (pre - installed) Paper Tray Kodak Colour Cartridge and photo paper kit. Kodak Easy Share Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack AC power adapter. Installation software CAMERA This has everything a beginner like me needs, its light and easy to use. The controls are pretty straightforward. 5.0 Meg pixels with zoom. On the top there is a dial, which has all the Camera Modes Auto - general picture taking Portrait -Full frame Sport - Subjects that are moving. Night -night scenes or low-light conditions Landscape - Distant ...

Snoreeze Long Lasting Snoring Relief Nasal Spray 18/06/2006

Sleep well with Snoreeze

Snoreeze Long Lasting Snoring Relief Nasal Spray After a successful trial of the Snoreeze strips we decided to try the Snoreeze Spray, the reason we wanted to change from the strips to spray is because the strips were very effective but left a glue like residue in my husbands mouth, plus the strips were going to work out pretty expensive if he was going to continue using them, not that he had a choice. The strips are £4.99, which lasted a week whereas the spray is £12.99 and supposedly gives 50 nights peace. Quite a good saving as long as it works. This is designed to reduce or eliminate snoring. Snoring is usually caused by the partial collapse of the soft tissue at the back of the throat, so when you breath these tissues vibrate as in Glen's case they shake rattle and roll…. Snoreeze works by lubricating these tissues and helps reduce the vibrations. Snoring is one of the major complaints with sleep problems; relationships can suffer through this, as ours nearly did. Keeping to healthy diet and lifestyle plus reducing the amount of alcohol consumption helps reduce the snoring. Other major factors are, cold & flu, weight gain and smoking. SNOREEZE SPRAY. You will recognise this box as it has Snoreeze written on the box with a picture of a half eclipsed moon below. Inside you will find a small bottle with a lid attached to a rotating arm that twists to stick out. The bottle states there are 50 servings. The spray contains a blend of micro-encapsulated natural oils. They have also improved this formula ...

Snoreeze Anti-Snoring Oral Strips 15/06/2006

Snoreeze stops the snoring

Snoreeze Anti-Snoring Oral Strips For sale, 1 man aged 37…oops sorry wrong website. I am married to a snorer, not just any snorer but one that has been so close to death through suffocation, lethal injection or a knife to the heart…sorry if this sounds drastic but that's how things were in his house last week. SNORING Snoring is caused when the soft palate at the back of the roof of the mouth and other tissues in the mouth, nose and throat vibrate. The vibration is caused by you have a problem with the airflow that you are breathing. Your muscles in your nose, mouth and throat relax which causes the vibration. If trying this when awake you would find it hurts, as those certain muscles aren't relaxed. Other causes are. Overweight, age, alcohol, colds & allergies, smoking, sleeping on your back, enlarged tonsils and a damaged nose. Snoring could also be a linked to obstructive asleep apnoea. Cures. Nasal sprays, nasal strips, surgery or divorce. I have been married to a snorer for 15 years nearly, amazing we have lasted that long, For the first few years he wasn't to bad then things started getting really bad, where I wasn't getting a minutes sleep and all I got in reply to my moans was " I cant help it". The only way I could get him to stop longer enough for me to settle down was hold his nose until he gasped for breath then he seemed to stop for a while, a bit drastic but hey a woman needs her sleep. I then sought out help and got him an appt at the Drs who then said he could have an ...

Witch Stick 06/06/2006

SPOT the difference with a Witch

Witch Stick Growing up and going through those teenage years were bad enough without having to deal with Acne. That is one thing I can be thankful for. I have never suffered from spots. My daughter Jess hit her 13th birthday last August her teenage present was Acne, not very pleasant but even worse for Jess who has had a lot to cope with over the years, she has always had pretty good skin apart from the scars from when she hurt herself through anger. When I first noticed them I thought she wouldn't be able to cope, her peers would call her names and make her school day unbearable, that's how kids reacted back in my school days. We have tried just about everything even resorting to the Drs for medication and lotion which didn't work or Jess didn't like the feel so wouldn't use it again. Well things were getting to boiling point, not me, her spots. They didn't seem to bother Jess as at the time she couldn't care how she looked and refused to wash which didn't help the matter… Now things are different, she wont leave the house unless her hair is done and her make up done which has helped us to try out some new products all to no avail. We have tried different wipes, lotions and creams but nothing would shift them, until I remembered from working in a health shop a little item called Witch, appropriately named after Jess… TEENAGE ACNE 85% of teenagers will develop some form of Acne. Teenage Acne is triggered not by what the child eats or how hygienic they are. Teenage acne usually ...

Everything that starts with A ... 30/05/2006

Why i have been AWAY from Ciao...

Everything that starts with A ... Hello.. i havent been around foer quite a while, some have missed me others probably havent even is just to apologise to my friends why i have been away and to thank my loyal friends for being there for me... This is why!!! I haven't spoke to my parents for a good 8 years after a bad childhood, what ended our relationship was a stupid argument which pushed me over the edge, made me walk out never to return. (as most off you probably know) Tell me how would you feel: On the 1st of March I went to my usual bingo hall for a few hours, getting home at 9pm to receive a phone call from a close friend telling me my Mother had died on Sunday 26th February, then on the Friday morning I received a text from the very same friend telling me the funeral car had left at 10 to 9 that morning. Searching through our local paper to find an announcement about her death, to be told by a friend they didn't put it in the paper as they didn't want me to find out about her death or funeral. A close aunty attended the funeral, I went to talk to her about it, see if I could at least put it to rest in my head. What she told me shocked me even more, there was 10 people there, there was no wake, no cars and hardly any flowers, they had kept her funeral quiet so none off her close neighbours or friends even knew she had died, neighbours who she had lived next to for 50 years had no idea. Colin (my father) wanted the funeral over quick as he was starting his chemotherapy (as ...

Everything that starts with N ... 20/02/2006

N for Nonesense and Not very interesting.

Everything that starts with N ... I was trying to avoid challenges but after reading this one I felt I would give it ago, hoping it would inspire me to write again as I am finding it hard to find any inspiration. Hopefully this wont bore you to much and if you manage to get to the end you deserve a Blue peter badge….lol A: Last time you ate an apple? About 2 weeks ago, a Granny Smith, I like apples to be hard, crisp and not too sweet. I'm not a great lover of apples so only have one now and again, but do encourage my kids to eat them… B: Ever fancied a bungee jump? If I were younger I probably would have, as I wasn't afraid off heights but now NO, I hate heights, start to panic if I get to high. C: Last time you cried? I cry all the time, usually because of the stress off my daughter who at the minute has me crying buckets, and can imagine over the next week with her being on half - term I will be crying a lot more… . D: Last time you danced? I used to love a dance but since I have damaged my knee I don't so as much, the only time I manage it is when I have had a few drinks, seems to dull the pain but by the next morning I am in agony so usually end up dancing sitting down… E: Do you watch Eastenders? Yeah I love Eastenders, did you see the clip of Pat Butcher in the cabin waiting for Patrick to come and service when she slipped her fur coat off to show him she was wearing nothing underneath… It was hilarious. I prefer Eastenders to Coronation Street mainly because of ...

John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Control conditoner 08/01/2006

Step 2 Conditioning with John frieda

John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Control conditoner Step 2. Followed on from my previous review. John frieda defrizzes my hair.. I didn't want to add this to my first review as I think these products warrant a review on their own. If your going to buy John Frieda shampoo you will need the conditioning treatment as you wont get the full benefits. It is more expensive that the shampoo, costing £4.44 for a 200ml tube. * Frizz-Ease Daily Smooth Conditioner * Mine is in a tube where the picture shows otherwise, possibly I have an older range or the picture shown is older. It comes in the same colouring as the shampoo, white for original, blue for extra strength. This does go a long away as you only need a small amount, the cream seems thicker than other ranges and gives a good covering. I have thick shoulder length hair; a walnut shaped amount does for mine. * How to use * After shampooing, squeeze out excess moisture. Apply conditioner, distributing the conditioner through the hair strands, leave for 1 minute then rinse with warm water. * My Opinion * I again used this as the directions instructed but paid less attention to my scalp, concentrating more on my hair. The conditioner is easy to use; the small amount I used gave my hair a good covering making it easy to work with. I left it on for 1 minute; don't think it needed a minute as I could feel a big difference whilst I was applying the conditioner. After the minute I rinsed my hair, the difference was astounding my hair felt so soft and silky and ...

John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Shampoo 08/01/2006

Step 1 John Frieda defrizzes my hair..

John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Shampoo I am always on the hunt for something to tame my hair. Once I blow dry it spending ages trying to straighten it, as soon as I go out side it starts to curl and go slightly frizzy, leaving it unmanageable and hard to deal with. So scouring my local Asda store I thought I would take a look for something different to try. I always check out the John Frieda range but never buy as its so expensive, but this time I thought why not, I had just had a bad weeks holiday so needed something to cheer me up, I deserved to be treat. *John Frieda * John Frieda has gone form a mere salon owner, his first on New Cavendish Street, London, to being a global entrepreneur. He spent years working with chemists to develop his range. His Frizz-Ease Hair Serum revolutionised hair-care and became the product of the decade as quoted in Instyle magazine. Frizz-Ease became more popular around 1990. John Frieda then branched out to launch his other products such as Sheer Blonde ® and Brilliant Brunette ®. * Frizz-Ease * Frizz-Ease is a step-by-step solution to helping with frizzy flyaway hair. The steps are laid out as follows: Step 1 ~ Smooth start, shampoo, for fine to medium frizz-prone hair Step 1 ~ Smooth start, shampoo, extra strength formula Step 2 ~ Daily Smooth, conditioner, for fine to medium frizz-prone hair. Step 2 ~ Daily Smooth, conditioner, extra strength formula. Step 2 ~ Miraculous Recovery, deep conditioning treatment Step 2 ~ Daily Nourishment, conditioning ...

Biore Fighting Ice Cleanser 29/12/2005

Bioré Ice Cleanser

Biore Fighting Ice Cleanser I am on a quest to keep my skin looking and feeling good, Since hitting 41 and 42 looming even closer I think its about time I started giving something back to my skin as it has treated me well in the past. Looking on the Bioré website and reviewing the wipes, I got my eye on a few other products I wanted to try. My skin is pretty good as I don't suffer from blemishes and blackheads but my 12-year-old daughter has a problem with them; mind it would help if she washed her face now and again. My first choice is warming blackhead fighting cream. ■ Now for the science bit ■ This proposes to Self-heat which warms to target pore clogging dirt and oil for the deepest clean possible. What really caught my attention was the self-heating element. This claims to be tough against acne skin. This is supposedly a deep cleaner that cleans deep into the pores, cleans acne and helps prevent future breakouts. With 20.000 pores to clean hopefully this will do its job. Also this is alcohol and soap free so shouldn't give you that tight feeling. Bioré Sponsor Will & Grace. ■ Packaging ■ This comes in a stand up pot with a push down lid measuring 8 cm high and 3 cm wide. The push down applicator gives you just the right amount of cleanser you should need for each application. The pot itself is green as are all the Biorè products. This holds 200ml. ■ How to use ■ Wet face with warm water, apply cleanser to hands working in to a lather ...

Traidcraft Fairbreak biscuits 29/10/2005

Traidcraft ~ Fair break yummy biscuits

Traidcraft Fairbreak biscuits I was doing my weekly shop at Morrisons today keeping a look out for anything new. Morrisons usually have some good bargains on the biscuit aisle so I took my time scanning the shelves, I wanted something new but tasty and got my eye on Fair breaks made by Traidcraft. At on 99p for a packet of 10 biscuits I thought they where well worth a try plus also helping out the third world producers. Story behind Traidcraft. Traidcraft run a campaign against world poverty. They started the fight against poverty way back in 1979. This is the leading fair trade Organisation, helping the poor communities work there way out of poverty. Their mission is to fight poverty through trade by selling Fair trade products throughout the world. By selling products such as biscuits, coffee, chocolate, wine and gifts, all with the Fair trade name. They help smaller business to work more efficiently gaining more benefits from trade. They sell all over the world with most off the large supermarkets selling their products. Plus have an online shop where you can ask to be put on the mailing list and receive a catalogue. These can be found in Morrisons in the Biscuit aisle. There in a black based packet with purple writing emblazoned on the front FairBreak with a picture of the biscuit broken so you can see the insides. What are FairBreak biscuits? These biscuits are wrapped individually in a purple and black foil wrapper each biscuit is finger length with ...

Lush Bathos Bubble Bar Slice 25/10/2005

Lush Bathos Bar

Lush Bathos Bubble Bar Slice Just before my holiday to Spain I went shopping in Newcastle to Lush, I wanted to try something different and came across this beautiful purple bubble slice called Bathos. I never got round to using this as I put it amongst my collection hoping to take it to Spain but forgot all about it. Luckily for me on the 2nd day of my children's holidays I came across it, thankfully in good time, as I needed a relaxing bath. ** The Bathos Bar ** This bar is very distinctive as the colour really stands out; a gorgeous Mauve colour with a slight Green glittery look, it has an indention in the centre with a glittery green B. The smells are intoxicating, the smell of Rose and Jasmine are jumping out at you with a slight smell of clove. The bar has a rough look, but is soft to the touch. ** Essential oils & Absolutes ** Rose Absolute ~ This is a fragrance which uplifts and balances the emotions. Great for women at that time off the month. Jasmine Absolute ~ Harmonising, sensual and beneficial to the emotions. Plus making this great for relaxing. Violet Leaf Absolute ~ This helps emotions, comforts grieve, encourages independence with soothing, comforting, reassuring effects. ~ Absolutes are more concentrated than ordinary oils. ~ Ylang Ylang Oil ~ This uplifts the spirit and relaxes the body, making this a very sensual oil. Great for dry and oily skin. Bergamot Oil ~ This has a citrus aroma. Refreshing, uplifting and beneficial to problem skin. Clove Bud Oil ~ ...

Lush Karma Bubble bar 06/09/2005

The karma bath bar

Lush Karma Bubble bar Ok I can hear you all moan, "not another lush review". This one is important for all mothers and anyone else having a stressful time as I am with the kid's holidays if I didn't have these I would be turning to alcohol. Maybe these and alcohol would work even better, oops just me thinking out loud. ◊ Karma bubble bar ◊ This is circular 3 cm wide and 1 cm depth but really depends what size bar you choose, as some are bigger or smaller. The website describe this as orange and pink swirls but mine doesn't look like that mine is more a pink with an orange swirl, looks like a slice off Swiss roll cake. This bar contains all the essential oils you need to calm and relax you, patchouli, orange, lavender and pine. The first thing you smell is the lavender, and then it's over taken with a sweet smell of orange. The smell is very addictive I keep sticking my nose in the bag; the smell is very comforting and relaxing. ◊ Essential Oils ◊ Patchouli Oil: An earthy smell, oriental and very sensual. Antiseptic, strong and relaxing. Great for dry, mature or problem skin. Orange Oil: Sweet, citrus 7 tangy. Refreshing, relaxing & uplifting. Great for the circulatory and digestive system. Should be avoided in pregnancy through its antispasmodic properties. Lavender Oil: Sweet & floral-herbaceous with a woody undertone. You can use as an antiseptic or for its relaxing and balancing effect. Great for soothing and giving a restful nights sleep and ...

Schwarzkopf Color Express 28/08/2005

Wash, Dye and go

Schwarzkopf Color Express I dye my hair but hate it when after a few weeks the roots start showing, I get so annoyed having to go through all the rigmarole of re-dying the roots, so I now use a wash in wash out colour that helps make my dye last that little bit longer plus by doing this I have been told by the hairdresser it will condition my hair better but not using permanent hair colours. Have found this to be true. Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf started in Brazil by a qualified chemist called Hans Schwarzkopf. He started off with a powder shampoo back in 1903, in 1927 he introduced the first liquid shampoo, then in 1947 he introduced the first cold perm reshaping women's hair. He then went on to produce the first hair colour mousse in 1969. In 1980 he became the first manufactures to convert to the CFC free aerosols. In 1995 the company is taken was taken over by Henkel, then going on to one of the leading hair suppliers in hair products in Europe My choice. I choose the Schwarzkopf live color express wash in wash out in 3 - 5 washes. This is for light brown to medium brown hair, (mines faded purple). This comes in a single packet, green with a female and males head, both having the same colour hair as the packet. Mine being purple kiss number 75. This comes with all the information; instructions and plastic gloves folded up neatly and attached to the back of the packet. The instructions tell you how the product is best used and how long to keep it on your hair. With easy to follow pictures ...

Member Advice on Difficult Behaviour in Children 20/08/2005

Yeah but no but grrrrr

Member Advice on Difficult Behaviour in Children I am no expert in disciplining children or am I saying I am the perfect parent, far from it. If I had my life over again I would probably opt for not having any. That may seem cruel but for over the last 12 years I have brought up a child with ADHD, ODD & Aspergers. My life dramatically changed, as does every parent when a child is born. Your whole way of life changes from being all about you to this baby you are carrying, making sure you try and make all the right decisions, making sure they are happy. Things are hard with a child with no problems but when your child has problems things can get really difficult not just for you but for the whole family around the you and the child. A little about each disability my child has: ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD has gone through some name changes over the years, minimal brain dysfunction, and hyperkinetic syndrome. ADHD fits better as its fits all off the disorder, the lack of attention and hyperactivity. ADD is without the hyperactivity core. Symptoms Hyperactivity, impulsiveness: Fidgeting, can't sit still, constantly on the move. Constantly tapping their fingers, not thinking before they speak. Distractibility: Distracted by simple sounds or objects, noises outside, traffic, birds, and people. Not following tasks, given instructions then when checked on they have gone onto something completely different forgetting about the task that was given in the first place. E.g. asked to go get ...
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