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Marks and Spencer 12/12/2016

Bad Products and Awful Customer Service

Marks and Spencer Awful awful experience with this business and would not recommend. For everyone who has been an M&S loyal customer, just go in one more time and observe the service and quality of products. Its not worth it.Avoid this company at all cost! I purchased a pair of Rosie bras which had unbelievably awful quality. I liked the style and design of this product and purchased two in different colors. However after first wash the green bra had a split and I noticed the ivory one had the same too which got rather larger after the second wash. After notifying M&S of this issue they refunded the ivory bra but refused to refund the green bra as the tear wasn't larg enough and in their opinion it was down to use of biological detergent. I NEVER USE BIOLOGICAL DETERGENT by the way!! My advise is to stay clear of this product, brand and potentially M&S items as they seem to have lost sight of why anyone would purchase from M&S. I have bras that have cost me much less than this and have served me for the better of 4 years! Unlike the less than a month blame it on detergent quality from M&S!! Finally, M&S needs to learn to take on its customers opinion! Bad reviews everywhere for this business and they refused to publish my review on their website. Customers have a right to know that your product are not worth the price you charge M&S so stop refusing to publish reviews! ***** Presumably every one who's commented stumbled upon my review because they were looking for M&S reviews as I was. What is ...
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