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I’m an amateur boxer and thai boxer, I’m on Ciao and Dooyoo under the same username, Revo9. I aim to write honest reviews from products I own or have owned in the past. Please rate my reviews and I will endeavour to return the favour!

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since 11/07/2011


Piries Hotel, Edinburgh 29/09/2011

Adequate, if not a little overpriced for the quality you get

Piries Hotel, Edinburgh Hotel Piries The Hotel Piries is a 3 star hotel in Haymarket, Edinburgh, Scotland. The hotel looked very attractive from the outside and came with a modern looking blue/white styled room. The hotel had a few problems I noticed and was a bit too overpriced in my opinion for the quality you get. Hotel appearance The hotel is itself quite attractive in my opinion. The hotel is located in Haymarket, on a row of buildings either side all styled in similar edwardian constructions. Upon entering the hotel, there was a nice archway and some plants outside. Inside was fairly nice, it was quaint yet had an edge of the modern world around it. The building was 3 stories tall to my knowledge and featured an attractive winding staircase. There is a small diner eating area which is nothing spectacular but reasonably well presented. There were lots of wooden features, over a blue carpet with tables set out in a grid like assortment. There is a little bar area you can go if you fancy a pint and whilst it may be cosy, I would have liked to see it a bit bigger and more functional. Room appearance The room was of a slightly smaller size than I would have liked but was satisfactory. The room was styled in a blue/white colour scheme which lightened the room up but I would have preferred creamier more neutral colours to be honest. My room featured an en-suite bathroom but I don't think all of the rooms offer this service. The bathroom was tiled in a creamy/terracotta style and looked modern but ...

Hotel Artemide, Rome 26/09/2011

Very clean hotel in a great location!

Hotel Artemide, Rome The Hotel Artemide is a 4* rated hotel situated in Rome, Italy. The hotel was very clean with beautiful interior and exterior features. Our room was a good spacious size and the bathroom very functional and modern (please note we stayed in a double room as a couple). All in all, our weekend stay at the Hotel Artemide at the beginning of this month (September 2011) was superb and I highly recommend the hotel to others. Hotel Appearance The Artermide has a very grand and antique appearance from the outside. I believe the building was a 19th Century one, with a tall rectangular shape and grand archways around the windows. I believe the hotel has 5 floors and offers a variety of different standard sized rooms. The reception is very clean, mainly consisting of wood with antique furniture. The guest living room area has a clean red carpet, white striped walls, antique looking lights and comfy white leather chairs. Room Appearance We chose a double room which was a very good size and was very clean and functional. A TV was included in the room and we paid slightly extra to get free wi-fi access for anyone with a computer/internet needs. The bed was a good size and it felt nice to sleep on, having clean white sheets. The walls of our room were white which gave the room a light appearance. There was black wooden desks which were a modern touch but fitted well into the antique styled decor of the hotel on a whole. Mirrors were also dotted around our room with handy table lamps there ...

Apartamentos Arlanza, Ibiza 18/09/2011

A decent budget hotel in a great location but with some problems!

Apartamentos Arlanza, Ibiza Arlanza The Hotel Arlanza is a budget 3* hotel located in Playa Den Bossa, Ibiza. The hotel is itself quite small at only 46 rooms and is aimed at the budget holiday maker. The experience I had there I would rate as average but the price I had to pay for the stay was very good. I probably would not go back to the Arlanza again, but it’s far from being the worst hotel I’ve ever had the misfortune of staying in. Hotel Appearance The Arlanza is a relatively small hotel, with just 46 rooms in total. The hotel is of a creamy sandy colour and features a small pool. The pool is divided into two sections, one for adults and a shallower one for small children. There is a small outdoor bar under a veranda with a mixture of plastic and metal chairs and tables outside for you to sit. The reception is small and could be bigger along with more modernisation. Room Quality The rooms were quite modern and simple on the base of it. I was in a room which featured a small telly with a satellite reception, a large balcony, tiled flooring, two sofas which were comfy, some other wooden furniture and a small kitchen. The room on the whole was a good size and was bigger than I first expected. The white walls of the main room gave the room a bright appearance which was good as well as a bit of a modern and clean look too. The bathroom however I did find a little dirty and too basic for my liking, it consisted of a bath, sink and shower unit. I would like to see the bathroom modernised as it was ...

Integral i-Pen - USB flash drive - 8 GB 16/09/2011

A reasonable investment but they're better products out there!

Integral i-Pen - USB flash drive - 8 GB Integral I-pen 8GB Flash memory stick The Integral Ipen is an 8GB capacity flash memory stick for storing files, documents and computer media. I was reasonably pleased with my Integral I-pen as the 8GB of storage at the time was good and it was simple to use, but due to some of the plastic casing breaking and the fact it is overpriced and hard to find in the UK now, I no longer use the device. Appearance The I-pen is small and compact in my opinion and has quite an unusual and stylish design. The product was advertised on the back of the packaging as weighing just 9grams which is pretty light. The product is completely white in colour and has an outer casing made from plastic. There are some contoured edges to the side of the memory stick and the removable lid is shaped somewhat like the edge of an egg. In the centre of the product is a company logo reading “Integral” in bold print. Near the top of the product is a LED light which flashes when you open, load or save files to your computer. The product comes with a thin metal key chain, which consists of a clip which fastens onto the top of the memory stick, 5 small rings and finally a larger ring which functions as a key chain and allowed it to attach to my keys. Features The I-pen I bought was 8GB in size, but the entire range has sizes ranging from 512MB to 8GB in size so you can pick whichever one suits your needs but I find today, most people should aim for 4GB+ as the rest are a bit too small. The product was ...

Maximuscle Power Belt 10/09/2011

Top quality belt for the price!

Maximuscle Power Belt The Maximuscle power belt is a protective belt worn during weight lifting designed to protect the lower back. The belt features an attractive design, is freely adjustable and is quite well priced in that it cost me £29.99. The belt is legal in some powerlifting federations and was a worthwhile investment in that it is still holding up nicely. Appearance The belt is black in colour, with the Maximuscle logo to the back of the belt. The logo being a red circle, with a white star in the centre and the words Maximuscle in white font underneath. The belt features a double prong buckle with a double row of holes which finish just before the logo. The belt is made from good quality leather that feels robust yet is still pliable and easily bendable to suit your waist. The thickness of the belt is 10mm with the width being around 4 inches. The belt also features suede lining which is nice to the touch and is coloured white. As well as the double prong closure system, there is also a Velcro section towards the other side of the belt away from the holes. Durability The weight lifting belt is very well made as with most Maximuscle products. The belt has not lost its shape, nor has the double prong closure system come loose over time. The logo is etched in, not painted, so this makes it more durable in that it won't rub off over time. I have noticed however, a few holes over the year or so I've worn it have morphed slightly as the prong must have dug into the hole I had it set on but ...

Canon PowerShot A480 05/09/2011

Good camera for the price but definitely has its problems!

Canon PowerShot A480 The Powershot A480 is a budget digital camera made by Canon. The A480 is compact and takes good pictures for the price. Unfortunately it does have its problems including occasionaly blurry and grainy images and a poor battery life. I paid £50 for it from Argos, which was a reasonable price for the overall quality product. Appearance The digital camera is quite compact in my opinion, the dimensions being 92x52x31mm. The product is rectangular in shape and comes in a variety of different colours. My A480 is predominantly black, but with some silver plastic trim around the lens, to the right of the product, the capture button and some other function buttons. Apart from the lens and flash, the A480 is entirely made from plastic. On the top of the A480 is a small black on/off button with the text "Powershot A480" in silver font. On the right of the camera is a small flap which functions as both a DC in and USB port. On the back of the camera is a 2.5” LCD screen and to the right of this, numerous silver plastic buttons including zoom, picture viewer, menu, flash, delete, macro, night mode and video recording settings. On the base of the camera is a hole which can allow a tripod to screw in and a plastic catch which opens to allow you to put 2 AA batteries into the product and a small horizontal slot for an SD memory card. On the front of the camera, is a silver grip component made from plastic which reads “10.0 Megapixels” which the font indented into the plastic. There is a lens ...

Hotpoint FDM550P 30/08/2011

A brilliant dishwasher from Hotpoint!

Hotpoint FDM550P Hotpoint FDM550P The hotpoint FDM550P is a free standing dishwasher, readily available in the UK. The product is easy to use, I’ve found it has top cleaning performance, good durability and only a few minor problems. I purchased my FDM550 from Comet for the price of £249.99 and consider it a very good investment. Appearance The dishwasher is freestanding and plain white in colour. I would maybe like to see dark silver or black coloured versions which would look slightly more modern, but the product is fairly bland and inconspicuous. The dimensions of my dishwasher are 85x60x60cm which in my opinion is average size for a dishwasher. The door is positioned at the front, this opens downwards to reveal the silver chrome interior which has 2 white coloured racks for plates, mugs, cups, glasses and so forth which are big in size so you can fit a fair number of things on them. it has a moveable cutlery rack for storing forks, knives, spoons and other small utensils. There is a single black company logo to the top of the front panel which reads “Hotpoint” in black font. There is an on/off button to the far right, a plastic dial and on the far left is a pause button with 3 accompanying LED lights. There is a slot for tablets which is what I use on my product and you can also use detergent if you wish. The element inside is concealed which is safer than having it exposed, there is also a water pipe which can be connected to a cold or hot water tap and a waste tube to take away dirty ...

Bosch WTE8630 30/08/2011

A high quality, very durable tumble dryer from Bosch!

Bosch WTE8630 Bosch WTE8630 The Bosch WTE 8630 is a freestanding tumble dryer machine operating via a condenser system. There are numerous drying options for a range of different fabric types and the product comes with a 2 year guarantee. I paid £379.99 for the tumble dryer from the Co-op which was a tad expensive but cheaper than other retailers as I’ve seen the product advertised for £480 online. Appearance My WTE8630 was black in colour but I have saw silver and white coloured ones which are available too. The dimensions of the product are 84.2x59.8x62.5 and the product has a 7kg load capacity for the drum inside. The drum is silver in colour with a built in sensor, the door is quite large and opens from the side and allows good clear observation of the clothes inside the drum. On the sides of the machine are vertical lines running down it which looks very modern and stylish, there is a vent positioned on the bottom left as well. Overall I was very happy with the design of the product, the black looks very modern with silver trim and an orange LED light. Features The product as mentioned is freestanding, of a metal/plastic construction and operates with an electrical system during operation which I believe can go up to a 1400rpm of power. The product features a condenser system which is located at the top of the product, water needed for operation is drained away automatically. There is an orange LED light to the top front panel which can give you warnings in regard to the filter and ...

Hotpoint RLS175P 23/08/2011

A good value fridge of large size but a haphazard build quality

Hotpoint RLS175P Hotpoint RLS175P The RLS175P is a spacious fridge, providing good value for money, quiet operation and a good A rated efficiency score. The RLS175P was a fair investment but I did notice a couple of design faults and felt the overall build quality of the product was a little low considering it was manufactured by Hotpoint. Appearance/Features In terms of dimensions, the product is (W)60x(H)175x(D)65.5 cm and has a capacity of 348 litres. The height of the product is superb and it is assorted with plastic shelves throughout meaning you can store a large amount of food easily. There are also two salad drawers, an egg rack, a wine bottle holder rack, milk holder and some other racks for storing an assortment of products. Some shelves are also made from glass and are advertised as “safety glass” and feel slightly sturdier than the plastic ones. The product is of a solid white colour and whilst it may appear basic, it is of a clean and humble finish. There is an interior light inside the fridge which comes on when you open the door. The door is quite large and heavy and does need some effort in order to close it. Once closed it makes a slight locking noise which is when you know the door is full closed and not open ajar slightly. The handle is one which sticks out and is not engineered into the panel itself. This serves a purpose, in that the handle is reversible and can be positioned so the door can open both possible ways. There is also a temperature control unit inside the ...

Hoover OPH616 22/08/2011

Well priced and powerful washing machine!

Hoover OPH616 Hoover OPH616 The Hoover OPH616 is a good value for money, powerful and efficient washing machine. The product is durable, comes with a 5 year guarantee and has a range of easy to use functions. I bought my OPH616 from a local electrical store near to my house for £250 6 months ago and consider it a really good investment. Appearance In terms of dimensions, the washing machine measures 85x60x52cm which is about the average size of a washing machine in the UK. The OPH616 itself is entirely white save for a few grey logos and is made from tough plastic and metal components. The far top right of the product features a grey hoover logo and opens out. This is where you can put your cleaning product in or if you use tablets, you will just throw them in with the clothes. To the far left of the machine are 4 buttons with indentations on them and a large dial. These are indeed power settings, rinse settings and delayed start buttons to name but a few. The centre of the product features a large door leading to a metal foiled drum which has a 6kg capacity for clothes/load. The bottom of the OHP616 has 4 small black feet which raise the machine slightly above the floor. Features The OHP616 is packed with a good range of handy and useful features. The product boasts a powerful 1600 rpm of power which is about 200 rpm more than my older Zanussi washing machine. The product features a child lock which is very useful if you have young kids. There are delayed start functions which I’ve ...

Dyson DC25 ALL Floors 21/08/2011

A powerful vacuum cleaner for pet hair but extremely expensive!

Dyson DC25 ALL Floors Dyson DC25 Animal The DC25 Animal is a top of the range, powerful, upright vacuum cleaner made by Dyson. The product in particular is targeted for people with pets and a separate DC25 version is available for general carpet cleaning needs. The vacuum cleaner features ball technology for manoeuvrability, HEPA filters and an attractive design. I bought the DC25 Animal as an upgrade for my good all round but slightly run of the mill Bissell 82H5E vacuum cleaner. Although very pricey, the DC25 is a very good vacuum cleaner. Appearance The look of the DC25 Animal is very modern in my opinion. The product features a predominantly plastic design and is mainly dark silver in colour but with some shiny purple components to complement this. The product features an ergonomically designed handle to the top, a silver shaft, leading a purple component which holds the clear 1.38 litre bin collection tray in place. Inside the collection bin is a dark grey motor/suction component which has small holes in it. There is a small release handle above the bin which is also silver in colour and made from plastic. Towards the base of the vacuum in the centre, is a purple ball, which allows the product to pivot and turn whilst in motion. Towards the back of this wheel is a small grey roller wheel with an upright release and power pedal either side and clearly marked. To the front of the purple ball is a flat rectangular section which is a brush bar with small red bristles upon it, intended for deep ...

Kenwood BL 650 20/08/2011

A superb high quality Blender manufactured by Kenwood!

Kenwood BL 650 Kenwood BL650 The Kenwood BL650 is an upper quality electronic blender with an assortment of functions and a strong 600W of power. The product is sturdy, easy to clean and comes with a good instruction manual. I paid £52 for the product from a local electrical shop and consider it a top investment. Appearance The product looks very modern and clean in appearance. There is a glass 1.6L capacity container to the top of the product with a grey plastic lid that goes on during operation. The container sits on a silver matt finished base with a small “Kenwood” logo to the bottom in grey font. Above the logo are 8 circular buttons which are touch buttons in a grey plastic finish. They are illuminated with a red light when they are on which loks very stylish. The product is not the smallest blender on the market but this is largely due to the big 1.6L capacity of the container jug and the modern base it sits on. Overall a top quality finish and design by Kenwood in my opinion that looks great in a modern kitchen. Features The 1.6L jug container has measurements calibrated down the side which are imprinted into the glass. There is also a handle to the side which is of good size and easy to grip, again a great functional idea. The base the jug sits on features 3 speed buttons identifiable as vertical lines on each button. Below this are 5 buttons which can also be illuminated by a red light and these buttons are for pulse, programming and power settings. The product features a UK ...

Russell Hobbs 14448 19/08/2011

A fun to use gadget but not suited for me

Russell Hobbs 14448 Russell Hobbs 14448 Tin Opener The 14448 is an electronic tin opener made by popular household appliance manufacturer, Russell Hobbs. The device also features a handy knife and scissor sharpener on the back of the product. The product was a good investment and opened cans efficiently but it does take a little bit of experience in positioning the can in the right orientation for it to pierce the lid to get started. I paid £15 from Sainsbury’s and it was a good investment. Appearance The product is completely white in appearance with a small grey Russell Hobbs logo to the bottom of the product. The tin opener can sit upright and has a good size in that it is not too small. The product features a predominantly plastic construction, which is smooth and to a good clean finish. At the back of the product is a raised around with grooves in it for sharpening knives and scissors which was a useful touch. There is a thin white power lead which extends from the back of this which just needs a standard UK plug to operate. The front of the design at the top has a magnetic surface which can hold suitable metal tins, which then with the tin opener and motor, collectively cut a tin open efficiently. The product felt quite light to hold but was of a good sturdy nature. Overall, whilst a bit simple and plain, the product had a good functional appearance and design. Features As mentioned the 14448 is actually a 2 in 1 device in that it both opens tins electronically and also sharpens knives ...

Delonghi HCM2030 18/08/2011

Great affordable product of portable size with very few problems!

Delonghi HCM2030 Delonghi HCM2030 The HCM2030 is a compact electric heater made by well established Italian manufacturer, Delonghi. The product boasts a great 2kW of power, has a built in thermostat and operates quietly. I bought my HCM2030 from a local electrical store for £30 but the product is also available online. Overall the HCM2030 was a very good investment and I recommend it highly. Appearance The HCM2030 is of a compact and portable size. The heater is very light at just 2.8kg making it moveable by almost anyone. The product is made from a plastic and metal construction which complements well. At the top of the HCM2030 is a metal grill which is where the heat rises from. At the sides of this grill are two plastic handles which are grey in colour and easy to grip. The main body of the product is white and flat in appearance, constructed of a thin but robust metal. There is a maker’s logo to the centre of this main body panel in grey font surrounded by a grey circle. To the right hand side of the heater is a small grill which is also present on the left side as well. This leads down to a plastic grey coloured dial which is the thermostat. There are numbers around the dial such as “1”, “2” and “3” which are heating settings. Below this are two switches which correspond to the thermostat settings and when it will cut off with horizontal lines on them. At the bottom of the product are two plastic feet which provide a good stable base but need a screwdriver to be fitted securely. The ...

Bissell 82H5E 17/08/2011

Good all round middle range vacuum cleaner for the price

Bissell 82H5E Bissell 82H5E The Bissell 82H5E is a conventional vacuum cleaner aimed at the upper low to mid market consumer. The product is bagless and reasonably light to carry around. The vacuum cleaner is average sized and comes in a black/purple colour scheme onto a plastic construction. I paid £90 for mine which I bought on Asda, it was a reasonably good investment but I have a more expensive vacuum cleaner which I use now. Appearance The dimensions of the product are 38x32x112 cm which makes it a conventionally shaped and sized cleaner. The product featured a predominantly plastic construction excluding some bristled areas. The paint scheme of the product is black and purple which looked ok in my opinion but a little dull. The product comes with a few tools and accessories which fit on board the product at the back, which is a good space saving idea. The product has a plastic upright handle which is not the most ergonomically designed but it provided satisfactory comfort. Below this is a “turbo brush” which functions as a mini vacuum cleaner, in the centre of the product is the removable dirt container which does need to be regularly cleaned. Below this is a purple coloured grill which is actually a filter with 4 different components including HEPA and charcoal filters to name but too. They too need cleaned from time to time. To the top of the base, there is a dial which can be set to 5 different settings, all clearly labelled and again made of a plastic construction. To the back ...
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