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Alamo Rent A Car 09/08/2007

* CANADA - Part 4: The Car Rental Agency *

Alamo Rent A Car I know it’s been a while since I’ve published a review but now three weeks before I’ll fly to Canada, I’ll continue my Canada-series. Since Canada is a gigantic country and we wanted visit the Rockies from Calgary and Seattle from Vancouver, we booked a car directly with the flights and the hotels. ALAMO ~~~~~~~~ We hired the car from Alamo, there was an offer in the “Neckermann”-catalogue or you can book it on site. In Canada there are rent stations in Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. In Calgary, Montréal and Vancouver there’s a rent station directly at the airport. There are six different categories offered: from the economy class up to the minivan. Special services are the German hire contracts even in Canada and the German 24h Helpline. THE RESERVATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ The friend who accompanied me was just 21 years old and so we asked the woman in the travel agency which car rental agency is the most favourabe for us. We had a quick view through some catalogues and it turned out that Alamo from Neckermann was the most favorable agency. The driver must be at least 21 years old; nevertheless, we had to pay an extra fee for drivers under 24 years. We chose the smallest car, called "Economy" and so we had to pay 5o € instead of 47€ (ca. 34 Pounds). We booked a car for two days in Calgary and for two days in Vancouver. A few days later we got a letter with the request to transfer the amount, as well as the ...

Calgary (Canada) 01/04/2005

* CANADA - Part 3: CALGARY *

Calgary (Canada) So, finally... the third part of my CANADA row... C A L G A R Y... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ... lies in the west of Canada, more exactly said in Alberta, only few kilometers far away from the Rocky Mountains. In 1988 the Olympic Winter Games took place in Calgary; it's also famous for the oil and natural gas finds in the year 1914, or by the Calgary Stampede, the largest Rodeo of the world. Circa inhabitants live in Calgary! HOW TO COME THERE? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ In the winter there are few nonstop connections from Europe to Calgary. From Frankfurt there is a daily connection with Air Canada to Calgary (codesharing with Lufthansa), Air Transat also offers flights from Frankfurt and London-Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow. Otherwise one can fly to Toronto (or to an American hub) and from there with Air Canada to Calgary. the disadvantage is that the luggage has to go through the customs, so you have to pick up your luggage, walk through the customs and check in again. WHAT TO SEE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At 15.45h Canadian time, (in Germany it was 23.45h) we landed in Calgary. For approximately 33$ we took a taxi to Downtown. On the 3o-minutes trip we already had a beautiful view of the skyline. We checked in our hotel and went out to see a bit of the town and to buy some beverages. First we went to CALGARY TOWER, for 1o$ you can go to the top of the 191m high Tower and on the observation deck. Likewise there is a turning restaurant, as well as several brochures ...

Calgary, Canada (YYC) 06/07/2004

* CANADA - Part 2: Calgary Int. Airport *

Calgary, Canada (YYC) The first time I stepped on Canadian ground was at CALGARY INT. AIRPORT. CALGARY INT. AIRPORT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ The airport is appropriate 17km far away from Downtown Calgary and it is very easy to get there. You just take the Deerfoot Trail (Highway 2) and then there are many signs which show the right way! The official abbreviation for the airport is YYC. The semicircular terminal consists of the sections A-D. There are signs that show where the check in of the each airline is. You can find Air Canada and their partners for instance in A, while the low cost airline WestJet is situated in D. There was some work going on in C, however it was so shielded, that one didn’t saw anything from the work and you also heard nothing. The airport has three runways. In 2oo3 about 8 million passengers were checked through and 663ooo of them flew to an international destination. If you want to get more information just visit! HOW TO GEHT THERE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ It is very easy to get to the airport by car. Just take Deerfoot Trail which is also known as Highway 2. You can’t go wrong because there are many signs and you can see the airport from the highway. It takes about half an hour from downtown to the airport – maybe less. Besides you can take a taxi or a bus which is called Airporter to the airport. The Airporter is a small bus for 2o people and it goes from several hotels in Downtown to the airport and back. A one-way ticket costs 11CAN$, and ...

Air Canada - ACA 01/04/2004

* CANADA - Part 1: Frankfurt-Calgary-Vancouver *

Air Canada - ACA Today I’m gonna start a row about my journey to Canada – and it starts with an airline report :) 1. Air Canada 1.1 The Fleet 2. The Reservation 3. Intercontinental: Frankfurt – Calgary 3.1. Check In 3.2. Boarding 3.3. The Plane 3.4. The Flight 4. Domestic: Calgary - Vancouver 4.1. Check In 4.2. Boarding 4.3. The Plane 4.4. The Flight 5. Contacts 6. Result 1. AIR CANADA… ~~~~~~~~~~ … is the flag carrier of Canada and also a member of Star Alliance. Thus it offers several flights from Germany as code-share flights with Lufthansa. There are daily connections to Calgary and Toronto, five flights a week to Montréal and there’s a daily code-share flight with Lufthansa to Vancouver. Also from London-Heathrow there are many flights to Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver etc.! Especially in Toronto Air Canada offers numerous connection flights to the USA, Alaska, Canadian destinations etc. Already in 1937 the predecessor of Air Canada, called ‘Trans Canada Airlines’, made the first flight from Vancouver to Seattle. In 1964 the flag carrier of Canada TCA was renamed in Air Canada. The airline was denationalized in 1989. With the assumption of Canada’s second largest airline, Canadian Airlines in 2000, Air Canada became the tenth-largest airline of the world. Today Air Canada has 21 Canadian destinations, 3o destinations in the USA as well as 56 destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico, South America and the Middle-East. There are ...

Hotel Jandia Princess, Fuerteventura 18/01/2004

Just Pure Luxury! :)

Hotel Jandia Princess, Fuerteventura Well, a long time ago I wrote my last op but today you’ll get a long review :) In summer 2001 my family and I planned a journey to Fuerteventura. Here I already spent several vacations with my family and I love the island :) Since every time we choose another hotel, first we had to look at all the different catalogues for a good hotel. We preferred to stay at the ‘Costa Calma’ or in ‘Jandia’ which is in the south of Fuerteventura. There are very nice and endless beaches! When we first saw the picture of the Jandia Princess we liked it; this was however one of the more expensive hotels. Spontaneously we decided nevertheless to select this hotel because it simply pleased all of us.  JANDIA PRINCESS  The Jandia Princess was opened 1996 and it is in the south of the canary island Fuerteventura, Jandia. As I already said before, Jandia is famous for its long sand beaches. The hotel is not directly at the beach because it is separated on a hill. The **** hotel has 528 double rooms, each has a balcony or a terrace. From there one has a beautiful view of the sea or of the garden. The hotel does not consist of one giant house. Besides the main building with the entrance hall etc. there are several houses, each has three floors and they are distributed on the premises. ARRIVAL AND FIRST IMPRESSIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ In the late afternoon we arrived at Fuerteventura. After we had our luggage it went on into the bus. The transfer time to the ...

Smirnoff Ice 22/09/2003

My Favourite Summer Drink :)

Smirnoff Ice SMIRNOFF RED ICE... it reminds me of the last summer, when the vodka mixed drink was new on the German market. How I became attentive? By the advertisement – how else? ;) There was quite a lot advertisement for that new product so that I became curious. But it was not available everywhere. It is often like that with new products: You can see the advertisement everywhere but it is hardly available! However, a friend arrived one day very happy with a bottle of Smirnoff Red Ice in her hand. It had to be tried immediately :) SMIRNOFF RED ICE ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I think I don’t have to describe the appearance of the bottle in detail since you can see it above! The bottle is plain and contains 275ml! There are some red and silver labels on the bottle, so one has a free view on the cloudy white mix beverage. Particularly on advertisement posters Smirnoff Red Ice was always represented chilled with ice in the background and water drops ran down the bottle… that makes genuinely thirsty! Smirnoff Ice is a mixed drink with Vodka, lemon and fizz; it contains… - 13.8% Vodka - preservatives (E211) - acidifying means (E330, E296, E334) - acid modulators (E331) (that is unfortunately everything that is written on the bottle) Altogether Smirnoff Red Ice contains 5,6% alcohol which is not very much. TASTE ~~~~ Actually I don’t like lemon taste very much and so I didn’t know whether I liked Smirnoff Red Ice at all. When opening the bottle with the bottle opener, ...

Air Berlin 10/08/2003

A cheap and quite good German charter-airline!

Air Berlin This is my second op; it’s about my favourite topic: flying! ;) More exactly said about the German airline Air Berlin. AIR BERLIN ~~~~~~~~ Air Berlin’s home airport is easy to guess: Berlin-Tegel! In April 1979 the first Air Berlin machine from Berlin-Tegel started to the favourite island of the German – to Palma de Majorca! Air Berlin is a charter-airline and approaches destinations around the Mediterranean Sea, the Canaries, North Africa as well as some European big cities. Besides there are the Majorca shuttles, which already several other German charter-airlines offer. From twelve airports in Germany there are usually several daily connections to Majorca. The city-shuttle exists since last year. At usually quite favourable prices one can for example fly to London-Stansted, Milan Bergamo, Zurich and many other metropolises - already starting from 29€!! FLEET ~~~~ Air Berlin owns one of the youngest fleets of Europe; the average age is below two years! Air Berlin still changes its fleet from Boeing 737-400 to Boeing 737-800 since it has a larger range, more passenger seats, it flies faster and because of the Winglets less kerosene is needed. Security is very important for Air Berlin: as the first German charter-airline it introduced the anti-collision system TCAS. The fleet exists of: 27 Boeing 737-800 [ 184 seats ] 5 Boeing 737-400 [ 167 seats ] 2 Boeing 737-700 [ 144 seats ], as well as two leased 2 BAe 146-200 [ 90, 92 seats ...

Poetry 05/07/2003


Poetry This my first op and I hope you'll like it! I've to say that I didn't write this poem on my own; it was Nancye Sims who wrote it! Do you know her? I didn't know her before... Now you wanna know why I chose this one, don't you? Well, this is my favourite poem because it's about true life and it helps me a bit to go through all the bad times! I couldn't wrote a better one than this... it's just perfect. Just read it. REACH FOR YOUR STAR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ Do not take anything as being forever Because forever is only as long as today. Know that the people who are the richest, Are not those who have the most, But those who need the least. That we are at our strongest When life is at its worst, And at our weakest When life no longer offers a challenge. That it is wiser not to expect But to hope, For in expecting you ask for disappointment Whereas in hoping you invite surprise. That unhappiness doesn't come From not having something you want, But from the lack of something inside that you need. There are things to hold And things to let go, And letting go doesn't mean you lose, But that you acquire that which has been waiting around the corner. Most of all remember to use your dreams As a way of knowing yourself better, And as an inspiration to reach for your star (by Nancye Sims) I hope you like it, too. There's nothing more to say because the poem does it. Thanks for reading but also for your ratings and comments! Have a nice ...
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