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Twinlake Leisure Park 11/08/2008

Twin Lakes

Twinlake Leisure Park As a young adult with autism I visited twin lakes in 2005 with two friends/carers. Although the Twinlake's leaflet states that adults without children are not allowed into Twinlakes we were led to understand that this rule did not apply to me because I have special needs and that we would be able to visit again. They seemed very accommodating which is now puzzling considering what was to come. We made a return visit in 2007 which had to be a last minute decision. We were shocked and very upset to find that people with special needs that were not accompanied by children were not allowed into Twinlakes. It was a quiet school day and we were told that the Directors were on site but the staff seemed reluctant to approach them for reasons that became clearer to me later. Some individuals with autism and some other special needs have in many ways the same needs as children so it is extremely distressing to be shut out of these facilities when there are so few other options open. This kind of play is needed for many aspects of development and emotional wellbeing and also some people have missed out as children. Many adult pursuits are unsuitable and totally unappealing for some of us and certain difficulties make it virtually impossible to access many leisure interests that most people take for granted. We were told that Twinlakes is for families with children; this discriminates against people who are not part of a family and who cannot have children. Adults are able to enjoy the ...
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