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L'Oreal L'Oréal EverRiche Nourishing and Flowing Conditioner 07/11/2013

This has changed my hair... for the better!!

L'Oreal L'Oréal EverRiche Nourishing and Flowing Conditioner I have been searching for products to tame my frizzy, curly and unmanagable hair for as long as I can remember!! Usually I can only achieve a hairstyle I am half happy with if I straighten my hair within an inch of its life. But due to its resilient nature, it rarely holds a style. I have never ever achieved "bone straight" even though its what I aim for, as it always frizzes up after a few seconds. Though even thats usually better than what it looks like naturally... I came to hear of this conditioner due to it doing the rounds with the blogger/vlogger community. I picked it up at my nearest Superdrug and was happy to see that it was on offer - £4 instead of £6. Though I would still have bought if it was £6 - it doesnt contain sulphates, and usually you would pay extra for this over a normal conditioner. And also because it works brilliantly and is better than normal conditioners! I have the one for "Very dry rebellious hair", I found it quite hard to decide as there was also a "dry" and "normal" version too. My hair isn't that dry but it is very rebellious, so this is why in the end I went for this one. The tube says it also contains Botanical Oils; essential camelina and apricot seed which sounds lovely. The scent is gorgeous, hard to explain but you have to smell it. And it lingers in your hair too which I love. What it does The conditioner does what it says. "leaves hair feeling intensely nourished and protected from dryness" "silky. instantly tamed, hair is easy ...

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB 28/12/2012

Best phone ever, can't remember how I lived without it! + my apps

Look 12/07/2012

Maybe LOOK.... Into something that gives you more for your money?

Born to Die (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Lana Del Rey 27/04/2012

Born to be excellent

Hugo Boss Femme Eau de Parfum 24/02/2012

Femme by Boss - The ultimate "woman" fragrance

Virgin Mobile 19/02/2012

Virgin Mobile... Not the best.

Virgin Mobile I had been a Vodafone customer for six and a half years on pay as you go, not from my own choice. While vodafone did the job, I was paying £10 a month and having the money go VERY quickly! The calls where 30p and texts were 10p, there were no offers at all and I wonder why I put up with it for so long. We must have wasted literally hundreds of pounds on calls and texts, not really saying much, as I mostly call people to know where to get picked up or where to meet. (I don't like calling people on my mobile to talk about a load faff!). Even being very cautious with my phone use, the £10 just seemed to slip out of my hand. It was in September and my Dad spotted an advert while surfing about a deal for a free Blackberry 8520 for £10 a month for 24 months if you are an existing Virgin customer. (We have been getting calls and internet from Virgin for a couple of years now). Obviously this is a really good offer, as I remember in rivaling mobile companies, they charged around £150 for the handset with that tariff! The cheapest tariff with a free handset I found is £15 a month and £5 really does make a difference. Now it is £12.50 because of VAT though. We decided to get it straight away, though the 8520 was out of stock and it was really nice of them to offer the 9300 which was the newest model at no extra cost! They were so quick and efficient, can't fault the process - we were so impressed my brother got one too. £10 will get you free internet and BBM, 250 texts and 50 minutes ...

Sticks & Stones - Cher Lloyd 05/02/2012

Great little pop-record!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 23/01/2012

Bourjois Streaky Mix

Benefit Coralista Box Of Powder 22/01/2012

Coralista By Benefit

Benefit Coralista Box Of Powder Introduction I have always wanted to try a boxed powder from Benefit and colarlista always stood out to me from the beautiful packaging. (I know... never judge a book by its cover, but the box was just so pretty!) I went ahead and bought it, though I did get a bit of a discount, and so got it at £17 instead of £23.50 which is still veeeeery steep for a blusher. But I (as always) kind of convinced myself that I deserved it. Coralista "Take a pleasure trip... to rio. Sweep this coral pink powder onto cheekbones... bikini optional! (avoid eye area)." The box has a slide off lid with a mini brush inside (I actually appreciate the brush, unlike a lot of others haha) and there is a foil effect on the whole design. The design is pink and gold leapord skin with coralista written in the middle and green, brown and pink leaves framing it. As I said, this is probably one of the main factors which attracted me to it. You get 12.0g worth of product which I suppose is quite good as with mac you get 6g for £17.50. The colour is gorgeous in the pan. Such a pretty shimmery pink colour with a slight orange/peach tone. Simply exotic and haven't really seen anything like it. I am sure it will flatter all skin tones, and will look amazing with a tan. The smell... well at first I absolutely despised it! But the more I smelled it, the more I liked it and now I don't mind it actually. Smells of peaches and flowers. It has quite a perfumey smell. The texture is very smooth but I do find spare ...

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation 22/01/2012

Holy Grail Foundation? I think so!

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish 03/08/2011

It might be fine if her friends are flaky...

Speak Now - Taylor Swift 31/05/2011

Amazing Album, Highly Recommended!

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Bronzing Spray 31/05/2011

A hassle to use, the results aren't great either

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Bronzing Spray So the night before my prom, here I was rushing around boots like a man woman getting the last few products needed. Talk about! One of the main things I needed to get was a fake tan, it is standard after all and I didn't really want natural pale colour of my arms (which would be showing). The boots near me was very small and so didn't have a good range of products at all, so only had a choice of about 4 instant self tanners to go for. I chose the cheapest one there, the Rimmel one for £8.99 (though I believe that it's now its being sold for £4 or less so I was quite ripped off!) This tan works like a spray, so you have to shake it first. You spray it on the area to be tanned and then rub it in. It claims 16 hour wear, streak free and transfer resistant, I got the colour bronze. I got my mum to help spray it on as its extremely awkward to do yourself. I looked a tiny shade more tanned, but not much more. I didn't find the product to be that buildable either, so I had to settle for the sun kissed look. In the photos I didn't look that pale but I really wanted to be darker. I was disappointed but decided to give it another try. A few weeks after I was again going to another event and so decided to try it on my legs. This time I didn't have any help so had to try and spray myself. I was being really careful but still managed to spray it everywhere! Realising my mistake I migrated to the shower and thought that the tan would just wash off if it got on anything. ...

Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray 03/05/2011

So you were meant to use heat protectant?!

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