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Motorola ROKR E8 03/11/2008

Motorola E8 - WOW!!!!

Motorola ROKR E8 This phone is really cool! I have to admit, I am biased as I love Motorola's, but I have tried many, many phones in the past and I always go back to Motorola's. This phone looks really cool even though it's not a slider or a spin phone. I always choose slider/spin phones but when I saw this one I couldn't help it! When I first saw the phone because of the red 'ROKR' display on the screen I was a bit put off as it does make it look a bit 'manly' and crap, but you can take that off and put a nice picture on it. (I have put a picture of my dog & cat cuddling so it looks cute & 'girly'!) When the phone isn't being used the keypad is blank. When you go to the mp3 menu the keypad turns into an mp3 player, showing the fast forward, play, pause etc instead of the numbers and letters. I don't use the phone for the mp3's even though that is what it is aimed for, but it just proves that you can have this phone even if you don't want to use it for music. But the music player on it is good too. I have a few songs on it and it does turn into an mp3 player! I have to admit though, it does get annoying for it's usability. Sometimes when I am pressing the buttons for something else - like seeing missed calls or typing a text message, I accidentally press the music player button. If the phone is on loud sometimes you can actually turn on a song when you don't want to and it gets hard to turn it back off! And it has a key lock function on the side by sliding up a ...

BaByliss 2099U Total FREE 20/04/2008

Wow - nearly as good as GHD's and for only £15!

BaByliss 2099U Total FREE I love GHD's, my friend's have always told me to get them and I have used theirs and absolutely fell in love with them. I couldn't afford a pair so I thought I would go to Argos & just get a cheap new pair of anything which are new as mine had died. I found these for £15, the fact that they are cordless, and also the fact that the cord on them is 3meters long thought I would go for these. Any my god, these are amazing! I would say they are on the same par with GHD's, but the fact that they only cost £15 means that it doesn't particularly matter if they break or you lose them (say on a flight abroad!) because you can just go out and get another pair! My hair is the thickest hair I think I have ever known anyone to have. It is long (nearly at my elbow) and It is really wavy - not nice waves, they are very messy, and the only way they can look good is if I put my hair up or if I straighten it. These have long ceramic plates which helps for my type of hair. It can be heated up to 230 degrees (which is the setting I have it on or it doesn't work on my hair) but heats up in about 15 seconds. The heat setting is on a dial which starts at 130 degrees and goes up 5 times to 230 degrees. You can either have these with a cord, or charged into a base uncordless, with the cord plugged into the charger and not the tongs themselves. To be honest I tried this once and couldn't get the hang of it as it kept needing to be charged up again to be at the full heat setting. So I ...

Bose ON-EAR 20/04/2008

Brilliant for the gym

Bose ON-EAR I would never have ever justified before spending £180 on a pair of headphones, but I go to the gym every morning and was sick and tired of those earphones that are 'designed for sports' that go around your ear, go in your ear and clip on, or do some other weird & wonderful thing that doesn't work! All they did to me was full out each time I did sit ups, or actually hurt the inside of my ear. So I decided to invest in these. My partner loves the make 'Bose' so I thought I would see what all the fuss was about. The first thing you notice is how comfortable they are. They are cushioned on the bits that cover your ear and feel so soft. This cushion also acts like a sort of suction on your ear and blocks out any other noise around you. The sound quality is amazing and the bass is superb. I have never had a pair of headphones that doesn't distort when you put a really bassy song on full whack! I have these on at the highest sound, and although other people around you can hear them, it is about 10 x less than they could with my old earphones, so I don't feel annoying for other people when I have them on! They are brilliant for the gym. Even though you sweat, these don't feel uncomfortable or like they are going to fall off. They don't slip from your head, and to be honest, they look good! I have also used them for bike riding, which the only problem I have found is that you don't even notice if a car is right next to you as they block out all the other noise ...

O2 Cocoon 20/04/2008

O2 Cocoon - a must for Motorola lovers!

O2 Cocoon Wow! I have actually found a phone I like! I used to change my phones at least every 6 months ( I get easily bored!) but I always went back to Motorola. My last phone I bought was the Motorola Z3 which I kept for a year and a half! That is a very long time for me. I am very fussy with my phones and did not see any others that came out that I thought I would like. They brought out the Motorola Z8, which I really wanted. My partner got it before me and I had one look and hated the thing. It was big and chunky and the software was way too slow on it. The next phone I thought I liked the look of was the Motorola Pebl 2. I liked the fact that there was a screen on the front, which wasn't a screen it was the front cover. But when I had a look at the phone I thought it looked cheap and nasty, in bright purple and pink metallic colours. Then I noticed the O2 Cocoon. The phone reminded me of the Motorola Pebl 2 except for the fact that it looked 10 times better. Being a white phone in a matt design made the phone look stylish from the off. I have never had a flip phone and have always hated them, but this phone looked so good it made it look better being a flip phone. The front of the phone is a sort of screen. In blue words scroll down the front of it, like if you get a phone call it says ' incoming call - ' and then the name or number of the person who is calling. (Obviously only the name if you have them stored on your phone book). If you get a text message words ...

The Sims 2 Pets (Nintendo DS) 12/04/2008

Sims 2 Pets - BORING!

The Sims 2 Pets (Nintendo DS) I love the Sims but I have to say that this game is not good. I think it is aimed more for ages around 12 for the things that you have to do in, ie the level of intelligence the game is aimed at, but the level of complexity to do a simple thing on it, it is aimed at ages around 25! You are a vet in the game and you have to cure sick animals. Sounds fun? Well, a customer comes into your vet and you have to see what is wrong with the animal. To do this you have to brush it, check it with a thermometer etc, but the animal does not like this. So all the time you have to stroke the animal to keep it calm. Still sound fun? Brushing the animal takes a long time, doing strokes down its back with the Nintendo DS stylus, all the other things you have to do with the animal takes a long time, holding the stylus over the animal's head with the stethoscope while it is unhappy and running round in circles. All the while you are doing this your own character (the vet) is feeling uncomfortable and tired, needs a shower etc. This sounds like normal Sims things, but the view on the character is a strange birds eye view where you can hardly see it, and if you zoom in you are too close. The game keeps telling you your character is uncomfortable so you ask her to sit down and she stands up again 2 seconds later with her comfortability line having not been improved! The game is boring. To be honest I only played it on the first scene, picked it up again but got so frustrated with it I ... 12/04/2008

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE Right, I have upgraded my phone with Carphone Warehouse. I knew what deal I wanted and called them to get it - 800 mins & 1000 texts a month for £20 a month. When I called I was advised by the sales person to go for 600 mins & 1000 texts a month. He told me that if I ring him back on his direct dial in a months time I could upgrade to 800 mins & 1000 texts. That way I would be given a deal of 12 months free line rental & he would get me 6 months half price on top. I confirmed with him that would mean that I would only be paying an equivalent of £120 over the 18 months. He confirmed this. In a months time I called his direct dial, which just rung and rung. I called the billings department and they told me that the deal he offered me was non existent. They told me that they would get another department to listen in to my original call and call me back within 72 hours. 72 hours time noone had called me so I called them back. They told me that they would call me back in another 72 hours. A few phone calls later (all by me) I was told that my original call was never recorded. 2 months later, with numerous amounts of times I was told I would be called back - which I never have done - still nothing has been done. I have had to write a letter of complaint to the head office. I have had no reply from this letter. I have sent an email to head office with the letter attached. I have had no reply to this email. Basically if you can avoid them, do not go with ...

Feliway 08/12/2006

Wow, this stuff actually works!

Feliway I had 2 cats at the time that don't go outside and use litter trays. One of my cats was bullying the other one so she was making traps so he couldn't get to his litter trays - lying in front of the door so when he walks past she would hit him. This distressed him so he would wee on the sofa, on the bed and on anything soft you would leave lying on the floor. I paid for a pet therapist to come round and tell me what she thought. She told me to put tin foil where he was going and to put his scent on things- or something like that. To be honest, what she told me wasn't practical. I couldn't cover up all our rugs and sofa's with tin foil and to be honest, I work in the day so don't have time to go running around doing all these things she was telling me to do. I looked for a result on the internet and found Feliway. It is a plug in thing - like those Glad plug in airfresheners - except it gives out a cats scent into the air. It is supposed to calm the cat down and make them feel relaxed. I bought one for every room and plugged them all in. This was very expensive - the diffusers are around £20 each and the refills around £15 each. Also it was dangerous, leaving them plugged in and on all day and night could cause a fire. They would also be used up very quickly - they would only last around 2 weeks, sometimes even less. But they worked! As soon as I started using them he stopped using anywhere other than his litter tray to go to the toilet. I used them for a couple of months, this ...

Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray 08/12/2006

Not too happy about this one

Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray I bought this air freshener spray from my local supermarket. I wanted an air freshener that you don't plug into the plug socket as I have heard the horror stories about houses burning down when you leave them plugged in. So I bought this air freshener, it was £10 and the refills are about £5. I have 3 cats and a dog, and me & my partner smoke so you can imagine the smell of our house! (don't worry we're not that disgusting!) but the cats use litter trays so I bought 3 of these air fresheners. I put one in the kitchen, where we keep the dog when we go out, one in the front of the house by one of the litter trays and one in the back of the house where we keep the other litter trays. I have to admit, I got my mum who lives in Spain to bring these back for me after buying one for £10 over here. (In Spain they are only 3 Euros). You can put them on different settings so they spray out the smell at different intervals. We have tried all the settings but we still can't smell any of them. We have tried replacing the batteries, using different refills but we still can't smell them. We have asked people that come round our house and they can't smell them either. I think these are a rip off and people should not buy them. I will never bother using these again. I use scented candles now and these work brilliantly, cost £10 but last for months. ...

Chappie Complete Dry Dog Food 08/12/2006

Wow, a cheap, good dog food!

Chappie Complete Dry Dog Food I had to write this review as I am sick of people buying Tesco value dog food or Pedigree Chum. Chappie is brilliant and cheap! It is £12 for a 15 kg sack and the tins are only 99p for the huge tins from the Supermarket. Unfortunately the supermarket I go to doesn't sell the huge bags of dry food so I have to go to the pet shop, but it is so cheap! I have a German Shepherd cross and he has a very sensitive stomach. I was feeding him Bakers Complete or Tesco value dog food until the vet told me off! He used to be so hypo as well because of the protein levels in the Bakers. The vet recommended Chappie to me. I can't believe they didn't recommend Science Hill like they normally do, but instead they let me into a little secret about Chappie. It's just as good as James Wellbeloved (believe me on this one) but its nearly 4 times as cheap! So please people, give your dog Chappie. (no I don't work for them!) It's only £12 for a 15kg sack (the same price as Bakers) but is very good for your dog. Mix the variety by giving them the meat for 1 of the meals with the biscuits to stop them getting bored. And please for gods sake, stop feeding your dogs Bakers, Pedigree Chum or a supermarket's own brand - it's not fair on them!

Iams 08/12/2006


Iams Right, I have 3 cats & a dog. I used to feed the cats Iams as my vet told me to as it was apparently up there with Science Hill. WRONG My cats are Persians. I used to feed them the hair ball diet as they are very fluffy and get hairballs a lot. When they were eating this they didn't get hairballs, which seemed good. The only problem was with this stuff was the money - it's very expensive, around £12 for a 2kg bag- and the fact that the cats didn't actually like the stuff. They would meow and meow at me to get something else, so then they brought out Iams meat. This seemed great, so I got them this - at around 60p a tin (one of those small sardine tins that would only feed 1 cat) - and they used to love that. Have you seen how much actual meat is in it though? I think there is around 8% in it? 8%? Are you joking me - for 60p a tin? I had to do something. This was costing me an arm and a leg and had about the same stuff in it as Whiskas. This was when I got a new kitten. (another Persian). The breeder told me to stop using Iams straight away and to get Royal Canin Persian 30. I swapped their dry food to this and they love it! What worried me was the first time they ate this they threw up a hairball which seemed to be the size of their stomach. Now, tell me this, does that mean that the Royal Canin makes them get hairballs, or does it mean (which is what I know it means) that the Iams wasn't preventing the hairballs and was storing them up in them instead? I asked my vet ...

Motorola Rizr Z3 04/12/2006

WOW... How Cool Is This Phone?!

Motorola Rizr Z3 I have only had this phone for a couple of weeks so I may be being a bit biased, but this phone is soooo cool! I have had a Samsung for a while, and then I went on to a Hong Kong PDA Phone (don't ask!) so it is such a relief to go back to a Motorola. I have to say that I loooove Motorola, I always have done. I love their easy to use menus, their looks, their predictive text message function, their features...EVERYTHING! Well, I say everything but there are always downfalls aren't there? I have never had the Motorola RAZR or the SLVR. I used to have the PEBL, so I am not really used to a phone like this. Don't worry, I do know what the RAZR is like so I can compare it to this phone. This phone reminds me of the RAZR. It seems like a RAZR without the flip function. The slide function of this phone is excellent, you only need to push it with no force and the mechanism does it for you. The specs of it are: Bluetooth WAP GPRS USB Port PC Synchronisation MMS 2 Megapixel Camera Video download & streaming Supports MP3s MPEG4s MP3 Player It has room for an SD card (one of the small ones) Mine didn't come with this It looks small but it actually is heavy and chunky for a new phone. Mine is blue but you can get red & black ones. No doubt after a while Motorola will bring out ones in pink, green, orange etc etc. I am not used to the round menu button on the front and keep pressing the wrong button (I have really fat thumbs!) and when I text I keep pressing the wrong ...

World of Warcraft (PC) 28/11/2006


World of Warcraft (PC) I have not played this game. I do not want to play this game and I am telling you out there to never play this game. My boyfriend has this game, and even know he works away all week, so I only see him on weekends, he plays this game all weekend, so I never see him. Dont get me wrong, we have a very loving and close relationship. He is not doing it to get away from me, and I believe him when he says that, he just cant help himself when he is playing this game. Apparently it is very addictive, but I know quite a few people who seem to spend their life playing this game, and you know what? IT'S JUST A GAME, GET A LIFE! So I just want to tell everyone out there, if you want to keep your relationship solid, do not get this game and do not let your partner get this game. Get a nice game instead, like the Sims or something like that, that you can both play together. And get yourself a console, like an X Box or something, so there is no temptation to get yourself this game and play it live on the internet. He sits up all night with his stupid headset on talking to his stupid mates, getting drunk. I question him getting drunk on his own and he says 'but no, I am with my mates'. NO YOU ARE NOT, YOU ARE SITTING INFRONT OF THE COMPUTER ON YOUR OWN!. And this game costs money to play? You have to pay for the game in the first place, around £40 or so, and then you have to pay monthly too?! £8.99 a month? WHAT?? And I'm telling you what, this has been going on for years and doesn't ...

Ford Streetka 1.6i V8 Duratec 13/11/2006

I miss you my Streetka! (Or do I?)

Ford Streetka 1.6i V8 Duratec Yes I had the Ford Streetka. When I was younger I always wanted a Ford Ka. Then when I started driving I realised how rubbish they are and went off the idea. Then I bought a Mazda MX5, nice little sporty convertible car. I got bored of this in 3 months. The Ford Streetka had just come out and I HAD to have one! I went to Birchwood Ford (really, dont even bother) and ordered a brand new Ford Streetka. I wanted it in grey with an MP3 player, which I wasn't allowed (another story) but I hear that you can get these in them. My Ford Streetka was the metallic dark blue colour, the Luxury model - which means that it had chrome on bits like the foot pedals and gear stick, with a 5 disk cd changer which you put cd's in the front of - 1.6. I have to say, my Mazda was a 1.8petrol but this Streetka, being a 1.6, was nearly as quick as it. I loved the speed of it, cruising down the motorway at 120 mph - though this seemed like the maximum speed you could get out of it. The size of the Streetka is surprisingly roomy for a 2 seater convertible. You could stretch your legs out in it and move your arms around without hitting the roof or windscreen. The boot was also large for the cars size. A big let down of this car is the interior. For a £13000 car you would expect the interior not to be so plasticky. The glovebox was a joke. It was a small plastic compartment that you had to press down for it to open in a clamshell manner. When people got in my car to have a look they would always ...

Restaurant Empire (PC) 13/11/2006

Restaurant Empire

Restaurant Empire (PC) I am absolutely hooked on this game! I have had it for a few years now and couldn't get passed level 3 before, got bored and stopped trying. I have picked it up again and play it for hours and hours, look at my watch, realise what the time is and that I haven't done any studying for my college course! This time I have picked it up I have looked up a forum where people give advice on it. This has helped me no end. When I am at work I think about going home and playing it instead of doing anything else! The game is about running your own restaurant. It is a Sims type game except there are challenges to be met and tasks to be completed. The graphics are quite good and you can look at the food the customers are eating. You must design your own menus and restaurant, hire staff, increase your cooking skills and when you move up the game you can hire more chefs and get more restaurants. There are cooking competitions to enter into which you have to get your chefs cooking skills up to scratch or you wont win! There are cheats for it if you look them up, I have to admit that I wouldn't be able to play the game without them! I used to have the Sims, which I got very bored with and now every time I start to play it I turn it off again when I remember how boring it is! I haven't been able to stop playing this game, probably because there are tasks to complete. I have not tried playing the Sandbox game yet, which I am sure I will find as boring as the Sims. Watch this space...

Nissan Micra 1.5 dCi 65 Bhp 24/10/2006

Old Granny Car? I think not!

Nissan Micra 1.5 dCi 65 Bhp I loooovvvveeee my Micra! I have the new model of this, 2003 not the one in the picture. I love the bubble shape of this car and it surprisingly has a lot of room in it. I used to have a Mazda MX5, then a Ford Streetka, but when we got a dog (GSD) I had to get a car he could actually fit in! So I found this Micra. It was only £6k for a diesel that had only done 16000 miles! And it's brilliant. People say 'oh it's an old granny car' but I am only 24 and I love it! I did around 800 miles on 1 tank of diesel which only cost me about £30, the tax is only about £90 a year and the car insurance is only about £200 a year! I wouldnt swop it for anything (except a newer model or the Micra CC!)
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