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Arran Aromatics Parfumeur Sampler Set Candle 30/04/2012

Try the smells with the sampler set from Arran Aromatics

Arran Aromatics Parfumeur Sampler Set Candle =Arran Aromatics Parfumeur Sampler Set Candle= I was given this set for Christmas from a friend, as I had mentioned that I had purchased one of their candles previously. The set consists of 7 x 5cl sized glasses. This is where I encountered my first disappointement all the candles were white and the glasses had labels on them with the fragrenece. Taking a guess that they would be on Amazon I had a lot and was shocked to see that they were £25, nothing personal but I would not pay £25 for the set. Although they are presented on a tray, in reality you would not have them all lit at the same time. Included in the set, they are in an embossed sleeve and also include a box of matches. The candles are • Ultimate Fig - This had quite a strong smell to it, you could smell the figs before you unwrapped the wrapper. I would give this a 5/10. • Just Grapefruit - This had a very citrus smell, almost bitter to it, with this you do need to like grapefruit. 8/10 • Jasmine & Philadelphus - This was a very sweet flavour candle, the tones of the jamine came through even before lighting the candle. If you like sweet flower this is for you. 6/10 • Amber Wood - this was a very sweet smell, but with a hint of fresh cut bark in it, 9/10 • Cedarwood & CitrusBergamot - With this one I felt that the two fragrences were competing for the space, and it really did not go together 2/10 • Geranium - This was a sweet smell, quite floral, almost like bringing the outside in, was ok, 7/10 • Wild ...
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