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Betterware Outdoor Step Mats 30/04/2012

betterware Outdoor Step mats - these are indoor and outdoor usege

Betterware Outdoor Step Mats =Betterware Outdoor Step Mats= The set of outdoor non-slip mats are Betterware, but we got them from an online company called halfcost about 2 years ago and paid £1 for a pack of 2, whilst they retail for £10.99 in the betterware catalogue and online although the design is a newer design than on the picture. =Size= Each mat is 75cm x 25cm (29 1/2in x 10in) and are 5mm thick. =Design= The mat is rubber, and has a border effect in the middle is a large sunflower, with leaves and smaller sunflowers going around the mat. There is about 75% rubber and 25% open space. =Safety= These are great for outside, as they are non-slip mats, but they also double up and trap dirt, you could easily use them inside the house if you have laminated floors, as they can be out at the front door and will prevent people slipping. =Home= We have one by the front door step outside, and one by the back door. =Would I recommend= I would highly recommend these mats even if you have to pay full price.

Avon Sleep Therapy Goodnight Pillow Mist 30/04/2012

Sleep tight with the therapy goodnight pillow mist - no go 4 me

Avon Sleep Therapy Goodnight Pillow Mist =Avon Sleep Therapy Goodnight Pillow= This is an own brand Avon product. =The Bottle= The bottle is plastic with a spray top, it is a sliver colour with pictures of lavender all over it, on the front is has Sleep Mist, on the reverse of the bottle is full details about the product, and the details of Avon. It has 125ml of liquid. =The Product= It is intended to help you sleep at night, by spraying your pillow, with the spray, this gives the pillow a lavender smell. =Sleep= This is meant to induce a peaceful night's sleep, I used the spray for a week, and all I had was a sweet smelling lavender pillow. so for me a 5/5 for the smell, and 0/5 for the sleep, as it made no use at all for me, but hey it was worth a try. =Price= I purchased mine from the catalogue and paid around £3 for it, but it is also available online for prices from £4 upwards

Arran Aromatics Parfumeur Sampler Set Candle 30/04/2012

Try the smells with the sampler set from Arran Aromatics

Arran Aromatics Parfumeur Sampler Set Candle =Arran Aromatics Parfumeur Sampler Set Candle= I was given this set for Christmas from a friend, as I had mentioned that I had purchased one of their candles previously. The set consists of 7 x 5cl sized glasses. This is where I encountered my first disappointement all the candles were white and the glasses had labels on them with the fragrenece. Taking a guess that they would be on Amazon I had a lot and was shocked to see that they were £25, nothing personal but I would not pay £25 for the set. Although they are presented on a tray, in reality you would not have them all lit at the same time. Included in the set, they are in an embossed sleeve and also include a box of matches. The candles are • Ultimate Fig - This had quite a strong smell to it, you could smell the figs before you unwrapped the wrapper. I would give this a 5/10. • Just Grapefruit - This had a very citrus smell, almost bitter to it, with this you do need to like grapefruit. 8/10 • Jasmine & Philadelphus - This was a very sweet flavour candle, the tones of the jamine came through even before lighting the candle. If you like sweet flower this is for you. 6/10 • Amber Wood - this was a very sweet smell, but with a hint of fresh cut bark in it, 9/10 • Cedarwood & CitrusBergamot - With this one I felt that the two fragrences were competing for the space, and it really did not go together 2/10 • Geranium - This was a sweet smell, quite floral, almost like bringing the outside in, was ok, 7/10 • Wild ...

Arran Aromatics fter The Rain Scented Candle 30/04/2012

After the rain scented candle - a mild smell, but decorative

Arran Aromatics fter The Rain Scented Candle =Arran Aromatics after The Rain Scented Candle= I have to confess that I like Yankee candles, but the price of the bigger sized ones are more of a treat, and while searching around for alternatives, I came across The Arran aromatics range of candles The first one that I tried was the "After the Rain" fragance. The candle came in a decorative dox, inside this the candle is an a square glass holder, and the candle is creamy white in colour. The total burn is advertised up to 25 hours, and I find that I get about 20 to 23 hours from the candle, so am pleased with that. The smell of the candle is like a fresh smell, at first it reminded me of linen then as the candle burnt, it had tones of fresh cut grass and flowers, although these were mild smells. Overall while I liked the candle I did not think that the smell was strong enough on it, but for decorative purposes, it does look a lovely candle and the square glass is noce to re-use with my own candles in.

Argos Living Curva Floor Lamp 30/04/2012

Light my life with the Argos Living Curva Floor Lamp,

Argos Living Curva Floor Lamp =Curva Floor Lamp= The Curva Floor lamp comes on a Chrome finish and a black finish, the lamp I have is the chrome finish lamp. The lamp is stylish and sophisticated, and i have mine in the living room, so that at night when I am on the computer I find the additional light perfect, espically as my keyboard is black. =Measurements= • Height 143cm. • Diameter 24cm. • Diameter of base 24cm. • Diameter of shade 17cm. =Operation= The lamp has a foot switch, which is easy to operate. There is also a touch facility, as well as a dimmer facility, although these may not always work if you use energy bulbs, =Lightbulbs= The lamp is suitable for low energy bulbs, you need to buy the bulbs seperate and you need 1 x 12W energy saving GLS, or 1 x 60W ES GLS =Price= The lamp is priced at £29.99, and the energy bulb is £4.99 =Would I recommend= I would highly recommend this light. ...

A1Gifts I Love My Mum Silver Colour Photo Frame 30/04/2012

tell Your mum you love her with this fab photo frame

A1Gifts I Love My Mum Silver Colour Photo Frame " I love My Mum" This silver photo frame, is about 8in x 6in, with a space for a photograph which is a 6in x 4in (15cm x 10cm). The front of the frame is silver colour and has been lacquer-coated for tarnish resistance finish. Underneath the photograph space the words (although instead of love it has a picture of a heart. "I love my mum" The back of the frame has a black satin finish, and the photo frame is free standing. When you buy the photo frame these are boxed in a blue box, so are ideal for a present. I have one and my daughter put a photo of when we were in Tunisia, as we went on a horse and cart into the Sahara desert, and the driver let her sit on the front seat. I brought mine from Exmouth Market and paid £7, but they are available on Amazon for £4.99. This would make an ideal gift for any mum. ...

Rachel Hale Cindy Curtains 29/04/2012

Rachel hale Cindy curtains - no sign of any dogg on them

Rachel Hale Cindy Curtains =Rachel hale Curtains= These curtains are from Rachel Hale collection, and they are from the Cindy collections. =Measurements= Each curtain measures - 66in wide, 54in drop =Material= The curtains are 100% cotton, and are ready made, and are ready to hang. =Price and Availability= These vary around £10 to £15 depending on where you get them from. =Design= Up until now these curtains are the best thing since buttered bread, espically as my daughter already has the Cindy quilt cover, when we opened the curtains the disappointment starts, the curtains are pink striped there is nothing to really match it to the Cindy set, not that I would be expecting pictures of Cindy over the curtains, as they would be too much, but in all honestly I feel it is misleading, and my daughter was really disappointed with the curtains =We ended up returning them and buying a pair of one colour pale pink curtains, which in my opinion matched the quilt perfectlly. If I had of been reviewing them as a pair of pink striped curtains i would have given them a 5/5 as they are good quality, but unfortunately as they are sold as Cindy curtains it would be 0/5, but the minimum rating I can give is 1 star, so 1 star be it.

Pyrex 4 Piece Bakeware Set 29/04/2012

Come bake with me, with this Pyrex 4 piece bakeware set

Pyrex 4 Piece Bakeware Set =Pyrex 4 Piece Bakeware Set= Would you believe it Pyrex is nearly a century old, it was first invented in 1915, and has since become a firm favourite in many a household. =Price and Availability= You name it that store has it from Argos to ebay to John Lewis. This set was purchased from a warehouse about 3 years ago and I paid £15 for it, which for Pyrex is a very good price. =Made of= Pyrex is made of Borosilicate glass which is highly resistant to high temperatures, thermal shocks and scratches. =This set= This set is a 4 piece set. -1st Oblong Roaster - Height 24cm x 23cm x 28cm -2nd 2 litre mixing bowl - keep for meringues as they don't mix well in plastic dishes -3rd 1 litre measuring jug -4th Smaller roaster (lasagne /shepherds pie) - 20cm x 24cm x 39cm (this has a plastic lid) so you can pop it into the freezer. =My verdict= This set is absolutely brilliant, and I can not fault any pyrex dishes, I have literally grown up with them, and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Premier Housewares Wooden Spice Rack 29/04/2012

Housewares wooden spice rack complete with 12 bottles of spices

Premier Housewares Wooden Spice Rack =Premier Housewares Wooden Spice Rack= This wooden spice rack is perfect for any house hold as the design of it has a rotating base, which allows for the spices to be easily accessed and the design enables it to go into a corner, so it is not intrusive in the kitchen. I recieved mine as a Christmas present, 2 years ago, so unfortunately I do not know the price of it. The spice rack comes complete with 12 herbs and spices from Schwartz. • Paprika • Mixed Spice • Cinnamon • Ground Ginger • Chilli Powder Medium • Ground Cumin • Turmeric • Mixed herbs • Basil • Parsley • Thyme • Rosemary =Dates= There was good use by dates on the spices, although there was a good mix of spices, there really more for someone that cooks a lot with spices, we have used all of the spices at different times, so some have needed replacing before others. We just brought a refill pack and topped up the original container. =My Verdict= This is a good present for anyone who cooks, and I would give it a 5/5, and i would recommend it

Microwave Bacon Tray 29/04/2012

Microwave bacon Tray - not for me as I want bacon with colour

Microwave Bacon Tray =Microwave Bacon Tray= we needed to start eating healthier so when we saw this microwave tray for cooking bacon, as it seemed to be a perfect solution. =The Tray= This is a plastic tray, it measures 9 1/2in x 8 1/2in, and has grooves built into it. =To cook= Depending on the bacon, (streaky bacon - you get more on the tray, compared to back bacon, but generally you can get 4 rashers on the tray. =Ping= You cook the bacon for 3 to 4 minutes, this depends on the wattage of your microwave, but generally 3 minutes will do the trick. =Cooking= When cooking, the fat from the bacon goes down into the grooves, the bacon does cook, but unfortunately it does not go crisp. and looks pale I have tried it a couple of times and each time the bacon just looked the same, yes it was warm, but no it was not crispy, or got a colour on it. =My Verdict= For me, after 2 uses this ended up in the recycling bin. =Developments= Since then there have been developments where the new type bacon trays have a function that crisps the bacon, but for me, once bitten twice shy. So it is 1 star for the option to microwave cook.

Master Class Deep Cake Pan 29/04/2012

be a master cook with this master deep cake tin - best tin

Master Class Deep Cake Pan =Master Class Deep Cake Pan= This cake tin is the 8in cake tin, it is also available in 6in and 10in tins. The cakes are ideal for both fruit and sponge cakes, and my favourite use the Christmas cake, =Non-Stick= This cake tin is non stick and is manufactured from heavy duty commerical weight 1mm steel. =Safe= This is safe for use in a dishwasher and also can be used in fridge and freezer. Which is good as very few tins are freezer safe. =Loose Base= The base is a loose base, to use you just push the base in and there is a ridge where the base sits in. When you have finished cooking, and allowed for the cake to cool, you can just push the cake out and the bottom makes the cake slide out easily. =Guarentee= This comes complete with a5 year guarantee for the non-stick coating, and a 20 year guarantee for the life of the cake tin. =Matching Items= There are other items in the range from the matching 6in and 10in cake tins to square tins, all are excellent value, and top quality items. =Price= .I paid about £7 last year for my tin, they are available from around £7 to £10 depending on which supplier you use online.

Dibor Set Of Herb Pots 29/04/2012

have your own set of herbs on the go with the Dibor herb pots

Dibor Set Of Herb Pots =Dibor Set Of Herb Pots= I recieved this set of herb post for a Christmas present. =The Pots= Each of the pots are a cream colour, and are made of earthenware, each pot has its own shaped mini chalkboard, the chalkboards, are different shapes, my set was a heart shape, an oval shape, and a leaf shaped. The space is perfectly big enough to write in which ever herb you are growing at the time. =Water Hole= There is a small hole about 1cm at the bottom of the pot for excess water to come out, supplied with the pot is a matching saucer to hold the container. =The Size= The size of the pots are approximately 6in in height, with a daimeter of about 4 inches. =What do i have= At the moment I have parsley, chives and cress growing, although the cress does look a little lost as its right in the bottom of the pot, =Would I recommend= I would highly recommend this set of pots as they are perfect for the windows sill and even those who aren't into gardening this set is perfect. ...

Betterware Microwave Plate Tray 29/04/2012

Betterware Microwave Plate Tray - saves those burnt fingers

Betterware Microwave Plate Tray =Betterware Microwave Plate Tray= Are you fed up of getting burnt fingers when you try to get dish of plate out of the microwave, or do you struggle to get the tea towel in to the confinded space, and end up spilling half your dinner, then this is the answer for you. I got mine about 12 months ago from Betterware, and paid about £6.00 for it, my first thoughts was is this a novelty product, but it worked perfectly. =How to use it= Place your bowl of soup, or your plate of food onto the tray,the handles stay up, cook the food for the normal time that you would, and then when your food is ready, there is no gripping of plates, just get the handles and lift out safely. You can them move your bowl or plate onto the tray, you can keep the try or just slide your plate off. Size wise it has a diameter of about 25cm, which fits into most microwaves, and fits all plates onto it comfortably. =Would I recommend= I would highly recommend this plate tray, saves a lot of hassle. ...

Decorata Party Disney Princess Napkins 29/04/2012

Be a Princess with these Princess Napkins, strong and durable

Decorata Party Disney Princess Napkins =Decorata Party Disney Princess Napkins = This is a pack of napkins from the Disney range and feature the Disney Princess, the one that I can never remember of. I brought mine from a local market for 99p for the pack of 20 napkins, as it was my daughters party, and I was using Disney Princess theme for the girls and Cars theme for the boys . The napkins are 3 ply napkins, on the bottom left hand corner they have the picture of the Disney Princess, and the rest of the napkins are the deep cerise colour. We used the napkins for wrapping the cake into for the party bag, I will admit we cheated slightly, as I brought a cake and pre-cut it, and placed in the bags, but i have to say I was impressed with the sturdiness of the napkins, as I checked before I handed the party bags out and the icing of the cake had not soaked through . I would recommend these napkins, as not only are they pretty but they are strong, There are similar designs on Amazon and other internet sites and vary in prices from £2.00 upwards. ...

Decorata Party Disney Princess Heart Plate 29/04/2012

Bw Princess with these Disney princess heart plates

Decorata Party Disney Princess Heart Plate =Decorata Party Disney Princess Heart Plates = This is a pack of disposable party plates , from the Disney range and feature the Disney Princesses, including, Belle, Cinderalla, and the one i can never remember the name of. I brought mine from a local market for 99p for the pack of 10 plates, as it was my daughters party, and I was using Disney Princess theme for the girls and Cars theme for the boys . The plates are a thick paper, in a heart design and at the widest point of the heart to the bottom the diameter was 23cm. The plates are quick strong, and they held the usual array of sandwiches, crisps, sausages, the girls really liked the heart shape as they could put the food into sections in the heart. The plates are disposable, so it was a case of just pick up and into a bin. I would recommend these plates. There are similar designs on Amazon and other internet sites and vary in prices from £2.00 upwards.
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