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Delonghi F 26215 04/02/2014

What else can I batter!

Delonghi F 26215 I use my deep fryer a couple of times per week and although they are not the "healthiest" ways of cooking things, the foods I like need to be fried. I love to make my own falafel, tempura vegetables and battered mushrooms and I just cannot do this without a fryer. To be honest I have even cooked chicken wings, prawns and other things that taste restaurant style once I have finished with them! I have a lot of dimmer parties and sometimes the best way of making food tasty and cooking for large groups is to use machines like this. Everything in moderation and a little bit of what you fancy will do you no wrong! Price and availability There are many different machines out there but I wanted a white one and I wanted one that would be easy to clean out. I hate the smell of dirty oil so I need to be able to change the oil quickly and easily. I also needed a machine that was simple to operate, this one fitted the bill. It costs £29.99 and it can be bought from electrical stores, I bought mine from John Lewis at Manchester but even Tesco stock it. Description The machine is perfect for dinner parties as it has a large capacity. The dimensions are 27 cm wide by 27 in diameter, this gives the machine a height of 26.5 cm. It is a round, slim machine that does not take up any more room than is necessary. The weight of the machine is 2.5KG. The machine has input power of 1800 W and this can heat a food capacity of 1KG. The machine is modern and features an adjustable thermostat, ...

Canon LV 7295 02/02/2014

death by PowerPoint

Canon LV 7295 Disadvantages: not good for film At work we regularly use Power point in order to deliver training presentations to staff and team members. In order to project the presentation to the room and put it on a big screen, we use a projector and a pull down screen. The projector emits the images on the computer or laptop screen on to the bigger white sheet or any background really, it is just that the white sheet is easier to read from, in order for the whole group to read from it. Price and availability This is an entry level projector and it has been around for a couple of years now so you can buy one for a small price of £199. The projector is a little bulkier than other models but it does a decent job for the money. Description The projector measures 334mm x 101mm x 247mm and it has a weight of 2.98 KG so it is quite bulky as you can see from the dimensions. The projectors comes with all the various connections in order to use it with your computer or laptop. It has the brightness of 2500 lumens, it can project from 1.2 M to 11.1 M and this gives the screen size of 90 x 50cm - 646 x 404cm consecutively. The machine comes with a manual focus which I find very easy to operate. The projector comes with a built in speaker so if you have any sound in your presentation, this is played out loud. My experiences The bulkiness of the machine is a pain when we have to cart it to different training centres, however it is very easy to hook up and use. The manual focus is easy to ...

Weleda Cellulite Oil 11/01/2014

silver birch

Weleda Cellulite Oil Cellulite... It is horrible looking and I get it on my bum and the backs of my legs. I read an article about this product which actually sounded quite convincing so I bought some to try. I was sceptical as it sounds a little farfetched to state that Oil can get rid of cellulite. Well it is farfetched, I will not lie to you on that account however I will state that it does improve the condition and look of my skin. In fact, I think that combined with a stricter body buffing routine this oil has really helped my skin. I used it with the Weelda Birch juice and I definitely recommend the combination. Price and availability This is expensive and it looks expensive. For a bottle you will pay around £17. You need to apply it at least twice a day so be prepared to go through the bottle quickly. Description The oil contains birch and rosemary which contain healing properties. Birch protects the skin cells from damage by free-radicals and help support natural purification. The oil has a lovely light lemon scent though which is nice and it lingers leaving me smelling lovely. The oil is best rubbed into damp skin and you will find that it hydrates the skin and keeps it supple. The oil needs to be massaged into the skin with circular movements at least twice a day for the first month of use and then you can start to back off and just use it once a day. The oil applies easily and it feels nice on my skin. My experiences This is a caring product and I really feel like the silky ...

Garlic Press 03/01/2014

And Presssss!

Garlic Press The humble garlic press is a tool that you could possibly live without, however it makes life much easier, unless you have the knife skills of Jamie Oliver. I have a garlic press bought from Tesco and I bought it because I was becoming lazy and buying pureed garlic in a squeeze tube and it was expensive. I thought that a small investment in a tool to take the hard work out of doing garlic myself would make me save money in the long run! Price and availability I have had this for over 4 years and it cost me around £3 from Tesco. It works out cheaper to make your own garlic now and I even grow my own so it is a win win situation. Description The tool I have is black. It has black metal handles which are giant levers. The top of the levers holds a small circular pocket that has little holes in the bottom. On the over section is a smaller pocket that fits inside the first. The idea is that you put your garlic clove into the bigger pocket, squeeze the two levers together so that the smaller pocket fits in the bigger one. As this happens the garlic is forced through the holes. They can then be put into the dish. My experiences For the low cost this is a really good tool to have and this has certainly managed to last me for a long time. It works every time and takes the pain out of chopping garlic. You need to peel it first but this takes seconds and the whole process is much quicker. I would not be without the tool, I do not use garlic every day but I do enjoy it and find it ...

Tefal Jamie Oliver Hand Blender 23/12/2013

Thanks Jamie

Tefal Jamie Oliver Hand Blender I bought this because I like cooking and baking but I am a lazy chef. I have an all singing, all dancing food processor but sometimes it seems like such a waste of time getting it all out and putting it all away again. It is quite a heavy, cumbersome machine. I like to make things fresh myself though so I bought a hand blender to allow me to make things more quickly and easily. Price and availability This is a Tefal hand blender that Jamie Oliver has put his name to. I do not usually go for items endorsed by celebrity chefs, but on this occasion this looked a really good buy; sturdy, hard wearing, powerful motor and for a good price. This cost £35 and it is available from lots of electrical shops and online retailers. Description The blender is black and silver so it looks very smart. The black is soft touch so it is easy to grip and the silver is stainless steel so it is robust and easy to clean. The metal blender is really strong and it run by a very powerful motor. The motor is 700 W so it blenders and mixes in seconds. The hand blender comes with a 500 ml chopper blade and this can cut meat, fish, herbs and vegetables such as onions; raw or cooked. The blender comes with an 800ml basin with a lid so you can blend in here and then store your items in it. The machine comes with a whisker too and you can wall mount it for easy access. There is not a chance I am wall mounting this, can you imagine if you wall mounted al your appliances how ridiculous your kitchen would ...

Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer 21/12/2013

Mixing things up

Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer An electric hand whisk takes the toll out of baking. If you want Popeye style forearms then go ahead and battle on alone but if you don’t an electric whisk can make life much easier, especially if you are making meringue... This is from Kenwood and it is a solid little mixer at just the right weight for day to day use. Price and availability This is an official Kenwood product and it costs £19. This is a good price, its average compared with other ones on the market but what goes in this one’s favour is that it is solid and well made. Description Box Contains • 1 x kMix HM790 Metal Hand Mixer • 2 x Stainless steel beaters • 2 x Stainless steel dough kneaders • 1 x Product instructions The mixer is white but made in die-cast aluminium so it is very solid. The mixer has two beaters included and two kneaders but you will find yourself using the mixers much more. They are large and as there are two they beat mixtures very quickly. There is a 300 W motor which gives 5 speeds and a pulse setting. The beaters pop out and clip in with ease so you can store it and clean them easily. I put these bits in the dishwasher. The mixer has integral cord storage and a handy grip clip but I just keep mine in the cupboard. My experiences This is a really good solid mixer and it feels comfortable to hold and I feel like I can control it. I have used it with both whisks in and I have used it with just one attachment when I was using a smaller bowl. The whisks are firm and good quality. ...

La Cafetiere Titania 8 Cup 11/12/2013

so pretty

La Cafetiere Titania 8 Cup This was a beautiful Cafetiere bought for me as a gift and if you are searching for a Christmas present then this is a real gem. It comes in a lovely presentation box with a scoop and although quite expensive it features a beautiful screen printed feminine design that makes it look extra special. Cafetieres make fresh coffee that has a lovely rich aroma and only need emptying in terms of cleaning. Price and availability This is a a large cafetiere and it costs £19.99. Amazon are selling it for this price and offering free delivery. Description The product comes in a presentation box and it comes with a scoop. The cafetiere holds 8 cups of water and it is made from stainless steel. On the side is a lovely butterfly, plants and flowers design that makes it look very attractive. My experiences This is a lovely piece and although a cafetiere is not something I use on a day to day basis, I have used it a couple of times. It is quick to use and involves filling the pot with cafetiere coffee, adding hot water and then plunging. The plunge has a strong stainless steel filter on it that pushes all the coffee grains to the bottom and just leaves the coffee in the middle. I have used it with the wrong coffee before and ended up with a very bad cup of coffee that tasted like watery with grains of coffee bobbing around in the top. The correct coffee makes a very pleasant drink though. As a rule, I tend to find that cafetiere coffee goes cold too quickly as you need to pour the ...

The Hunger Games (Blu-ray) 07/12/2013

May the odds be ever in your favour

The Hunger Games (Blu-ray) May the odds be ever in your favour The odds were thoroughly stacked in this films favour, yet I couldn’t help but think thay Gary Ross was a brave man taking on this mammoth project. The Hunger Games books; a trilogy sold millions of copies. The books, placed firmly in the teen fiction / sci-fi genre have attracted both intense adulation and fierce criticism. The film was always going to take centre stage in terms of reviews but the weight of its success or failure sits on the shoulders of Ross. It was make or break. We have seen big book trilogies come to the big screen and fail. Philip Pullman’s trilogy: His dark materials was a big success; in 1995 it won the Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year's outstanding English-language children's book. This trilogy was teen fiction / sci-fi and the first of the books, Nothern lights was brought to the big screen with a big budget. Nicole Kidman was the lead, plenty of money spent on special effects, a loyal audience from the book fans and yet it failed spectacularly, so much so that only the first book was made. A lot was riding on the first Hunger games film and it worked. It was enough for a captive audience to await the second film; Catching fire which is currently shown in the cinemas now. From book to big screen I really liked the books but Ross has done quite a bit more with the film than churn out a faithful adaptation of the novel. His vision of the world of The Hunger Games is darker, and ...

Kenwood AT312 02/12/2013

Grapefruit juice bleugh!

Kenwood AT312 The good thing about owning the Kenwood chef is that you can buy extra attachments. The difference between the juicer and the blender supplied is the pulp. If you want a smoothie with pulp then the blender is for you. If you want a smooth juice drink where all the bits are sieved out, then you will need to buy this attachment. It is much bigger than a hand operated tool and it is just as messy but it is much quicker and it does not make your arm ache as much. Price and availability This is an official Kenood product and it costs £22. This does not come with a warranty which is a little disappointing but so far so good. Description The juicer is designed to fit on the top of the Chef where the blender sits. It is a large bowl with measurements, the juicer and the seize and the three bits lock together. The bowl is designed for large quantities which is a bit funny really as it would take you forever to fill it! It has a lip for easy pouring and a handle to make this an easy task. The idea is that once you turn the machine on and the highest speed works the best, you can push half an orange against the juicing cone and the power of the machine will juice the fruit so that all you are left with is the skin and the pulpy bit. Bits that come away are caught in the sieve and the juice is caught in the bowl underneath. My experiences This is still very messy and you end up with a sticky hand after use but it does the job and the healthy juice is caught in the bowl. The machine ...

iRiver Lplayer 2GB 29/11/2013

Cry me a river....

iRiver Lplayer 2GB We bought this on eBay second hand as my boyfriend needed a new media player for the gym. We decided to buy second hand as they never seem to last him very long so we didn’t want to spend to much money. I had seen this iRiver model a couple of times previously and when I saw a cheap one for sale on the internet we bought it. The iRiver has been out since 2006 but when it came out it was top of the range and retailed at £140. It was the one to rival the Ipods, hence the name I guess. Price and availability We paid £20 for this second hand which is quite good as the seller was selling it with a case. As it had been cased for most of its life, it was not very scratched or anything. Description In many ways this has more functions than needed but it is a cool little device. For starts it is slim and you can buy arm bands for it so it is perfect for the gym. It only weighs 70 g so it is light and it has a very bright 2.2 inch screen which has 320 x 240 resolution. The screen can be used to play flash games on or utilise the menus which are activated by the margin of the phones screen. It has a built in microphone and a radio. It can even record the radio by using the microphone, a nifty trick we discovered. The player is sleek and with all the buttons on the side or built in, it looks really modern and stylish. The screen is easy to navigate and you can quickly skip tracks and toggle with sound. The player makes life easy as it is intuitive and you don’t have to spend ages ...

Maybelline Affinitone Foundation 25/11/2013

The Bottom layer

Maybelline Affinitone Foundation I like cream foundation as I can just put a small amount on my finger tips and then smooth over my face. I like to buy new products and try out innovative things on the beauty market. This was for sale in Boots and although it has been out for a while it is a relatively new product to me. Price and availability This is a cheap, cheap, cheap product at £4.49 however it is on offer for half price at the minute. It could be time to stock up if you like it but I personally do not find it that brilliant. Description The product comes in a 30ml tube and it comes in a variety of shades. It seems like Maybelline are trying to create a BB cream that is mixed with a foundation. The colour has a slight shimmer to it in the tube but on the skin it just all blends into one. The colour I have is Golden Beige. This is not orange or anything and the colour is actually quite pleasant. The colour is slightly lighter than the colour of the actual cream which is something worth noting but it is better than being too dark. My experiences I find this to be ok but I suffer from uneven skin tone and this just does not give me the matt platform I am looking for. It goes on nicely, its smooth and it is easy to blend in and apply however it seems to be absorbed very quickly. I am not overly impressed with this and I have to use it in conjunction to my powder. It is not a good replacement for a BB cream either as it does not do the whole ‘light reflecting’ thing that you would expect. I think ...

Dunlop SP Winter Response 15/11/2013

Bring on the snow baby

Dunlop SP Winter Response I live in an area that really does grind to a holt in the winter when it snows. My partner and I decided that to be able to function normally and get to work we should purchase some winter tyres and swap them over during the winter. There is no need to have winter tyres on all year round as they are slightly more expensive than summer tyres so if you can, it is best to swap and store the spares in the garage. Price and availability The cost of each tyre is around £74 and then you will need to pay for fitting and balancing. Description The tyres look like regular tyres but they have a different grip pattern. They are made of a different material that does not contract as much as regular rubber polymers. This ensures that there is always a good ratio of surface area. The tread of the tyres is bigger and there are more indentations and this increases the surface area of the tyre so there is more contact on the road. This gives the vehicle greater stability and reduces skidding. All the groves are shaped in a slight V shape and this reduces the amount of snow that gets compounded in the tread. This ensures that the tyre is always performing even when it is snowing. My experiences The tyres handle so much better when it is icy and cold. I can definitely tell the difference in the tyres as my car is useless in the snow. It just skids and the wheels fly around without going anywhere. These tyres create much more traction and the car moves on whereas before it would just skid. ...

Epson Bright White - plain paper - 500 sheet(s) (C13S041749) 10/11/2013

Le papier

Epson Bright White - plain paper - 500 sheet(s) (C13S041749) Working in a busy office, we must print hundreds of pages every day. Epsom is a good brand with a strong heritage but I do find this paper a little overpriced. Epsom state that to create the best "printing environment" you need an Epsom printer, Epsom ink and Epsom paper. I think this is a ploy to make you buy all three. This paper is remotely average, it does the job but it is not amazing. Price and availability 250 sheets can be purchased for £25-£30. I think this is average for branded regular paper. You can buy it from various office supplies. Description * Media Type : Glossy coated paper * Media Size : A4 * Printing Technology : Laser * Media Weight : 103 g/m2 * Included Qty : 250 sheet(s) The paper is white and it is coated in a slight gloss which makes the ink dry quick and not saturate the whole page. The paper is a4 which is standard and can be used for a variety of different purposes. The paper has a weight of 103g/m2 which is average and a pack contains 250 pages. My experiences The paper is average quality, so when you write a letter or a formal document it does not appear too cheap. I would not go as far as saying the paper is thick though because it is not and if you hold it to the light, it does let light through. The paper is smooth, silky and it has a sheen to it. It is no where near as shiny as photo paper and it is certainly not good enough for printing pictures but for text documents, it looks fine. I would say this is very white and very ...

Philips AE2330/00 24/10/2013

Singing in the shower

Philips AE2330/00 Do you enjoy singing in the shower? Catching up with the top 40 on a Sunday evening whilst relaxing in the bath? No, just me then! I was bought the shower radio for my birthday and it is a real gem. I love listening to songs in the bath and this means that I do not have to worry about it getting wet. The downsides are that you only really have a few basic radio channels and the others do not really pick up very well. Price and availability The cost of the radio is £19.99 and it is available from Amazon and electronic shops. It is the sort of item that would make a very good Christmas present. Description This is a small portable radio that comes with a built in handle so you can hang it over the shower unit. The design of the radio means it can be splashed and used in the water. The radio has a manual tuner and you can get FM and MW. There is also a clock which can be used to preset times. You can set the radio to turn off at a certain time. The radio has a handle which is anti-slip and easy to hold. The radio has volume controls and the unit goes quite high but at the highest point it sounds a little like it is being played through a tin can. My experiences The radio has rubber feet so it stands on the bath side easily or you can use the handle and hang it in the shower. The machine has a little cord aerial but to pick up Radio one and two you do not need it. You can preset up to twenty stations which is easy to do. The radio always displays the clock but when ...

Be.ez LArobe Sleeve (101105) 22/10/2013

for bumps and knocks

Be.ez LArobe Sleeve (101105) A good solid laptop case is an essential in prolonging the life of your laptop and ensuring that it is protected against life’s little accidents. The exterior of some laptops scratches easily and if you want to port the laptop around then it will be best if you wrap it up! Price and availability This case costs anywhere between £14-£19 and it good quality with a zip and it is made from a thick material. The different prices are for different sized cases depending on the make and model. Description The cover has a zip which runs along the sides of the case and across the top, this allows ample room to slip the laptop inside. The case is made from Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu) which is stretchy but thick. The material has a thickness of 5MM. The interior of the case is a soft fleece so this makes the laptop slip in and out more easily. The exterior is made from a jersey material which is also quite soft. My experiences The case looks high quality. I always think it is a shame to put a shiny new laptop in a case but you have to do it to protect it. This case makes up for that though as it is designed to a high standard and shows off the laptop. The case has a thick zip that runs along the top. This zip does not touch the laptop and there is an inner lip to protect it so that the metal of the zip does not scratch the sides of the laptop. I think that the case is much easier to use than previous models as the soft fleece insides makes it easier to pull on and off. ...
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