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Everything that starts with A ... 15/08/2005

Arranged Marriages

Everything that starts with A ... I thought I share my thoughts on Arrange Marriages from my angle, this review is entirely one sided, it's just what I feel about it in general. Arranged marriages - can I go through one? Hmmmmmm I'm 24 and asian, yes, the time has come to start looking for a suitable partner, but should it be left to my parents or should I have a say? After all, it's me who's getting married! It's a very sensitive issue, even though born and bred in the UK, I still feel as though I might not be able to escape the relms of an arranged marriage. Just the thought of marrying someone that I hardly know makes me want to vomit! Although I havn't really discussed this with my parents yet, I know that they are worried that if I do not find a suitable partner soon they better start looking for me. It's not that I don't trust their judgement, it's that I always thought it would be like in the movies, you know, girl see boy, girls falls in love and the rest as they say is history, but for some reason I am not sure if this will happen to me??? I guess we are lucky in some ways, back home in India, the girl doesn't even get to see her husband to be until the day they get married? Whoa, don't think I can do that! At least back here in the UK, we do have the option in agreeing to meet the person before we decide and maybe date for a while, but the pressure is on, what if we don't get on and decide to call it quits? would people think that something was wrong with us? Will they start to talk? ...

The Body Shop Eyeliner 14/08/2005

Create that Egyptian Look!

The Body Shop Eyeliner A friend of mine always had her eye make-up done up so nicely, I asked her once, 'how in the heck do you apply that liquid eyeliner so well?'. Her reply simply was, 'it's easy!'. Ok, if my friend can do this so can I, the only problem where do I buy a descent liquid eyeliner? I've seen numerous at local markets where they sell make-up on the stalls, but they didn't really appealed to me so much and the ones you get from the department stores always cost so much money, which to be honest I wasn't really prepared to spend as I wasn't if sure if it suited me in the first place! My sister, who I dragged along to the shops, mentioned that I use a normal pencil eyeliner that just to see if it suited me. So I did. Boy - was it hard to apply. The line above the eye was jagged, thick and horrible, it looked like someone had punch me in the eye! Well it was decided that it had to be liquid eyeliner as it would give a smooth line, so off I went again on my weekly shops. Then suddenly, browsing the make-up counter in my local Body Shop I spotted it, the body shop liquid eyeliner. I picked it up and out of nowhere this sales assistant approached me and said that this particular eyeliner is one of their best sellers. The sales assistant eye make-up looked really good too, with the exact effect I wanted to achieve. She said that she used this particular eyeliner to create that smooth line above the eyes and then when she got to the ends made a little slant with the eyeliner ...

Clarins Body Butter Range 14/08/2005

Clarins - It's well worth it!

Clarins Body Butter Range I don't know about you, but ever since I was little I have always suffered from dry skin. I've used so many products claiming to hydrate your skin, but usually just leaves me with very itchy skin. I have very sensitive skin so most of the things out in the market are not suitable as they contain so many ingredients which often results in the itchy skin. Last christmas, my aunt gave me a bottle of CLARINS hydrating lotion, my usual reply was, 'you better off taking this back as its bound to make my skin itchy', my aunt just told me to try it and I won't be disappointed! So I did. The first time I used it was when I just came out of the shower, this is the best time to put on lotion I think as it is much more easier to be absorbed into the skin as the hot water opens up your pores. I squeezed a bit onto my hands and started moisturising my skin and almost instantly it was absorbed into the skin. I was thinking that my skin must be thirsty so I started applying some more and the same thing happened. My skin was extremely de-hydrated and really needed this lotion to hydrate it. The lotion itself is very light and when rubbed into the skin doesn't leave your hands sticky. You only need a small amount, but as my skin was really de-hydrated I used a bit more. This is a body lotion, so I use it all over, especially concentrating on my arms and legs as these are the areas that are mostly dry. I don;t use this on my face as the skin on my face is quite sensitive and I ...

Top 10 TV Cartoons 29/03/2005


Top 10 TV Cartoons I saw this review written by another member on Ciao. It's funny as a bunch of my friends the other day was just talking about out favourite old time cartoons. These are in no particular order, so here goes.... ~*Thundercats*~ I really loved watching this as a kid. Although my sisters used to take the mick out of me as they thought it was a 'boy' cartoon! ~*The Paw-Paw Bears*~ Not sure if you guys remember this, but I loved this as a kid. I was addicted to it! About this statue that used to come to life when help was needed! ~*Kissifur*~ About a bear and his dad. The little bear gets in all sorts of adventures and tried to get away from the greedy crocs who always waited to try and eat them. ~*The Racoons*~ I used to get up every Saturday morning to watch this. I loved the opening theme. ~*Popeye*~ I liked watching the new Popeye series in which Popeye had a son..and you guessed it...who was enemies with Bruto's son! ~*Teddy Ruxpin*~ I used to rush home from school to watch this! Does anyone remember this? It was about Teddy Ruxpin trying to find the other half to this Medallion. With him on this quest were Grubby and Newton Gimmick. Using this map they went on an adventure to find this treasure. ~*The Gummy Bears*~ All I remember is the theme tune! Gummi bears bouncing here and there and everywhere..... ~*The Ewwarks (I think that's the correct spelling)*~ Again, its the theme tune I remember, also a bunch of Ewwarks who ...

Retail Maxim 31/01/2005

What?!? Get paid for shopping???

Retail Maxim I joined Retail Maxim (RM) in the Summer of 2004. Having just graduated from University and after about two months of just lazying around, it was time that I did something more productive with my time. I didn't want a 'proper' job just yet as I still wanted to enjoy my holidays, but my savings were decreasing at a daily rate it was about time I did something about it! ~*Retail Maxim*~ I came across a website while browsing the internet about Mystery Shoppers. I have always been curious about these people as I used to work in retail and was occasionally warned that one could turn up. I imagined these shoppers to be somewhat snooty, who thought, 'I know best attitude', however it wasn't until I became a Mystery Shopper that I realised that this wasn't the case. Retail Maxim were one of the first companies I spotted on the Internet. The web address is: ~*How to join?*~ It is very simple to join. When you enter the site there are two options: 1. Mystery Shopping 2. Mystery Shopper The second one is the one you want if you are interested in joining. When you click this option, on the right hand side of the page are several options, one of them being, 'become a mystery shopper'. There's some information on becoming a shopper, some quick questions and answers and an enquiry form. The form is very simple to fill out, just some simple details like name, address, DOB etc. You then go on to fill the days you are likely to be available ...

My 10 Favourite Sweets 07/01/2005

Joyful Days!

My 10 Favourite Sweets I saw this review written recently and thought what a excellent idea! Having a sweet tooth and my love for all things naughty but nice, this is one review I just has to do! So here goes, not in a particular order... Number 10 Opal Fruits (or Starbursts), but to me they always be Opal Fruits! :o) I love the taste of these and the feel of them in your mouth. As soon as you pop one into your mouth, the sweetness of it is just yummy, I tend to suck on them for abit and then bite into them, and the flavour just bursts full of yummyness! Number 9 FruitTella's, I like these pretty much the same reason as Starbursts, but these sweets are just a little bit more creamier. I used to flatten these out and then bit into them bit by bit (I know sad, but who cares, lol) Number 8 Cola Bottles, not the normal kind, the ones coated in that yummy sour sugar stuff! I used to buy a bag full of these after school when I was younger, I loved the taste of the sourness, I would lick of all the sugar and throw the rest! :o) Number 7 Shoe laces - these were absolutely yummy, we used to have them at our local newsagents as long as a metre, I havn't seen them around for a while though. I used to take these into school and eat them during class, ahh those were the days! Number 6 ChupaChups - I remember that whenever I used to go into a chemist with my mum when I was a kid they always used to have this huge display of chupachups lollipops, all different colours sticking ...

What's in my bag? 06/10/2004

You nosey buggers!

What's in my bag? Whats is my bag? Well a lot of junk I can tell you that! The other day I decided to clear out the junk in my bag as it was becoming rather messy and bits falling out whenever I took something out. My sister takes the micky as I have one of those huuuge Mary Poppins bag, if you need anything, just ask me I should have it! ~Pack of tissues I am the only one in the family that carry one of those small packet of tissues! As I was cleaning up my bag I came across two full packets plus 3 half empty ones and 2 empty plastic wrappers. ~Assortments of make-up Lipstick, chapsticks, eyeliner, mascara, make-up I thought I lost but found at the bottom of my bag! ~My mirror You never know when you need to have that quick look in the mirror! ~Packet of dried apricots As I am a university student and very often find myself skipping lunch due to a really bad timetable, I tend to munch on apricots while sitting in class. ~Receipts I have lots of old/new receipts in every nook and crany in my bag, all crumpled up and some even where the ink has dissapeared as they are soo old! ~Pens These bloody things have left ink marks all over the inside of my bag! I need to remember to keep the lids on! ~Bottle of water Keeps me hydrated! Or is it the new fashion accessory? ~Odd bits of courswork Yep, I have odd pieces of coursework all crumpled up! ~Student Cards I have a really bad habit of just dumping my student card in my huge bag, and ... 05/10/2004

Come and get your free DVD's! INTRODUCTION I first came across Promosquad by reading a review on Ciao. The idea of getting free goodies, like DVDs, CDs and other music goodies all for just rating music seemed too good to be true. However, I was intrigued and signed myself up with Promosquad, it couldn't hurt to try. The Website Address ~What is it? Promosquad is a website that allows us the public to rate, listen, have our opinions heard, and paarticipate in polls all for the music industry. In return you accumulate points and the points converted into prizes. ~The website To use and participate is really easy. The design of the website is aesthetically pleasing and very easy to navigate. Before you can use Promosquad, you first have to become a member. ~How to become a member ? To become a member is really easy, when you first enter the site, clearly on the first page there are two buttons, Members and Join Now. Select the Join Now button and it will take you to a page where you would need to enter your details. The usual stuff, username, password address and a couple of other things like birth date and gender. Once you have signed up you are ready to use and participate. ~How to accumulate points? -JukeBox There are several ways for you to get points. One way is to rate music. This can be done by simply clicking the 'Jukebox' button on the top of the page which will take you straight into the Jukebox and you simply click on the huge ...

Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella 16/09/2004

Can you keep a secret? Well can you?

Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella This is one of my first book reviews and I had to write a review on it. I finished reading this last night and it was one of the most refreshing, funniest books I have read in a while. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ This book was given to me by a friend, i've never heard of the book or even of the author before this, but thought I'll read it anyway. What is it about? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The book centres around one main character, Emma Corrigan, a marketing assistant for a company called Panther Corporation. She tends to spend most of her time doing non-marketing things and was delighted when she was given the opportunity to finalise a promotional arrangement between the company in Scotland. I am not going to give too much away, but lets just say she seriously fucked it up! Having messed up her only opportunity for a promotion within the company she heads back to London. Her life completely changes the minute she sits on the plane on the way back to London from Scotland. During some turbalance on the plane, 'well she thought she was going to die'..she kinda spilt out her most intimate secrets with a complete stranger sitting next to her. Or was he a stranger? You can imagine the complete horror when she realises the co-founder of Panther Corporation walks into work the next day! The guy on the plane! He know all her secrets, right down to what underwear she wears! You can imagine what horrors are going through ...

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T1 12/09/2004

A nice show-off Camera!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T1 What a bummer! Why does it always happen when you need it the most? You probably have no idea what I am talking about, but let me tell you... A couple of months back, my sister graduated from university, so as you can imagine it was really big affair especially with the olds. As soon as she was done up in the gown and hat, out came the camera. My parents were happily clicking away and suddenly we all heard this winding noise half way through the film. Oh boy, don't let this be...OH NO, the camera has broken! The look of absolute horror on my parents faces finding out the pictures they have just taken on their daughters special day were never meant to be...gone, damaged! Thats it, I thought I really need to purchase a new camera. I always fancied a digital camera so off I went searching various sites on camera's. It can be really confusing as there are so many brands, models, sizes, and prices to think about. The best thing is to decide what you want from a camera and a budget. Deciding what you want from a camera is not an easy task, especially understanding what all the technical babble means like, resolution, auto-focus, red-eye reduction, pixels etc, the list goes on... After about a week searching for the perfect camera I became very confused and dis-orientated. I decided the best way to find a camera I liked was to narrow my searching. I had to decide on a brand, a brand I liked, used before, trust and reliable. I chose SONY. Now, narrowing my ...

TRESemme 01/09/2004

TRESemmè - The title says it all!

TRESemme I first heard of TRESemmè at one of my local hair salons. I don't know about anyone else, but I lurve going to the salon to get my hair done, soft, silky and beautiful smelling hair, I LOVE IT!! But...unfortunately it never lasts long :(...however many times I try and re-create the look, feel and style at home, it NEVER WORKS!! The shampoo and conditioners that you get from the supermarkets never really do the job for me (except the Pantene range) and I often end up buying the salon shampoo's, which usually cost five times as much! BUT...whilst at my local TESCO last week, browsing the shampoo aisle as my supply of Pantene was running out I came upon TRESemmè. Hold on..I thought...I swear they used this stuff in my hair at the salons..what's it doing here in TESCO? I had to give this a closer look, clearly on the bottle its written, 'USED BY PROFESSIONALS' I thought, gotta buy this...but then I thought, 'It's might be expensive'. I searched for the price and to my delight, TESCO were having a Buy One and Get One Free promotion. Priced only at £3.99 a bottle, that's like £2 a bottle! BARGAIN! And not only that..these bottles are HUGE! 900ml to be precise! This was my lucky day! I was tempted to take another two bottles, but a voice stopped me, 'Don't be greedy!..Just take the two'. Gosh I really hate the voice of reason (my mum). OK, enough babble... TRESemmè...who are they? TRESemmè are a French company that was founded about 50 years ago for ...

L'Oreal Double Extension Mascara 17/08/2004

Mooooove over Daisy, its my turn!

L'Oreal Double Extension Mascara Now, I already have a couple of mascara reviews, but on my recent trip to boots I couldn't resist picking up another, you see I have rather short lashes and its sooo annoying, I am so envy of those with long beautiful lashes and hate to admit it but even Daisy the cow has it going for her! Ok thats enough of me and my whining, lets get down to the nitty gritty... ~~So whats this mascara then?~~ This new fab, can't live without mascara is by L'Oreal, and is called, 'Double Extension'. It does exactly what is says, it doubles the lashes. ~~How does it work?~~ Well, I don't have any of the science stuff, but it is double sided, one end white (base coat) and the other black (actual mascara). The base coat is used to lengthen the lashes as it sticks to the lashes and consequently makes them look thicker and longer, so when the mascara is applied it looks as though you have longer lashes! ~~How do you apply?~~ Ok, for maximum results, you first apply the base coat . You can see after you have applied it, the white mascara actually thickens and lengthens the lashes. Next step you apply the black end. It goes on smoothly on top of the base coat and after completion you don't notice the white bits. So it covers it really well. You don't have to use the base coat, this mascara works just as well without the base coat. ~~Results?~~ Mooooove over Daisy, it's my turn to be in the limelight! This mascara really does work, my lashes are looking longer, more ...

Sunsilk Instant Smoothing Cream 20/07/2004

Kinks that Stinks!

Sunsilk Instant Smoothing Cream I've used the products from the Sunsilk range and to be completely honest I didn't think much of them. Sunsilk have quite a few products, shampoo, condioners that claim to tame frizzy hair, and as I have seriously frizzy hair I just had to try them. It didn't work! However a few days ago, a sample sachet of the Sunsilk Instant Smoothing Cream was popped through my letter box and I thought I give it a go. The difference with this product is that it is a leave in conditioner so no washing out. At first I thought my hair would perhaps feel too heavy with this is in, but I still gave it a go. ~~THE PACKAGING~~ As this was a sample I cannot give a full description of the packaging, but on the sachet there is a little picture of the conditioner, so It gives you an idea if you was to purchase it. The bottle is a light purple colour, with a nozzle so you can squeeze out the contents. On the middle of the bottle, 'SATIN PROTEINS', is written, to give the impression that this is the reason why it tames frizz (as satin is smooth?) Right on the bottom it says, 'For Hair Prone To Kinks or Frizz'. I received a 10ml sachet, but you can purchase the full size bottles which are about 200ml. ~~How to Use~~ At the back of the sample it tells you clearly how to use the product. You can use this product in wet or dry hair with the following results. Wet Hair I find it easier to distribute this product evenly in the hair when it is wet. It spreads very ...

10 Best-looking Celebrities 15/07/2004

Whoa - I wish I can take one home!

10 Best-looking Celebrities I thought it would be fun to do this...It wasn't hard thinking up my top 10 most ravishing celebs...there are a lot of good looking people out there..yummmm! I know it says top 10 good looking celebrities, which can be a mixture of men and women, but I am going to stick to my top 10 men! :o) Ok lets go... TOP 10 Good Looking Men 1. Wentworth Miller - not many probably have heard of this guy but he is absolutely gorgeous!! He just has a beautiful face in my opinion and beautiful eyes! His most recent film was playing Young Coleman Silk in the movie flop Human me even though the movie was a flop, Wentworth is worth every penny of the £4 cinema ticket! 2. Tom Welling - OMG what a hunk - plays Clark Kent in the 'Superman Early Years' tv series! He has beautiful blue eyes and is just too gorgeous to be allowed on TV! 3. Orlando Bloom - Wasn't too keen on him at first but wow what a hunky in The Lord of the Rings, even with the blond hair! 4. Elijah Wood - Some might think I am mad but I think Elijah is quite a handsome guy - probably becuase I had a wee crush on him when I was a kid? 5. Christopher Reeves - ok ok, but in his prime he was soo gorgeous don't you think? I still get shivers watching the ol' superman movies! 6. Tobey Maguire - Not sure why - maybe I have a thing for superheroes? 7. Jeff Goldblum - He's so fit in my opinion, he has this thing about him, he was so yummy in the fly! 8. Brad Pitt - how can I get away without ...

The Body Shop Lip Liner 15/07/2004

Does this Lipstick come with a matching Lip-Liner?

The Body Shop Lip Liner It's only recently that I have started wearing lipliner...let me tell you a little story why... I was on my way to my local Body Shop in Enfield (North London) to buy my usual Vanilla Body Cream that smells absolutely yummy! However on this particular day this Body Shop store was giving free make-overs, as I was browsing the make-up stand, a women approached me and asked if I would like a free make-over, and me, I like free things, I decided to go for it. Up until then, my make-up always consisted of a bit of foundation, eyeliner and mascara, I wasn't very keen on lipstick as I thought it looks a bit weird on me, probably because of my thin lips? Or even choice in my colours, but anyways I was never satisfied in the way I looked when I had lippy on... However this women, went about doing up my face, she removed my existing make-up and applied a new base and then did up my eyes. She then started on my lips...I told her that most lippy's don't suit me, she just told me that she will take care of it and would look fab by the end of I left her to it. She picked up this lip-liner, never worn lipliner before but didn't say anything...the colour was this nice brown colour, matte, it wasn't too dark, kinda like the colour of nutmeg? It was actually called, 'Beech'..Shade Number below. Anyways, back to my make-over, she then applied some lipstick, slightly lighter to the lipliner. She then went back to the lip-liner and went over the edges of my lips again. I ...
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