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Samsung I9000 Galaxy S 21/03/2011

A whole new Galaxy of it's own!

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S In November of last year, my current contract came to an end, and I hit the market to find a decent, modern phone to keep me going for the coming year or two ahead. Initially, I was driting towards the ever-so popular iPhone, but being a student, getting that would prove costly, and a little too costly for my liking. So, with this, I shopped about looking for the latest deals, and got some advice from those who worked for the major mobile networks, primarily o2, vodafone and T-Mobile. In the end, I was convinced that an Android phone would be the way to go, and a result, I decided that I would go for the Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 , on Vodafone. Due to numerous problems with Vodafone, as described in my other review, I ended up getting the phone on o2. For £35, I get myself 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500mb of data, and the 8gb version of the phone - I'm not too bothered in all honesty that it is only the 8gb, as apposed to the 16gb version :) The phone and what comes in the box The phone comes presented in a sleek, small black box, with the Galaxy S branding on the front ( obviously). The phone bas a 4" Super Amoled Screen( I'll talk a little about this further on in the review), and has plastic casing and plastic back cover On the top of the phone, you have a port for the headphones, a port for the USB cable and charger. To the right hand side is the on/off and lock button, and on the left hand side is the volume controls. The back of the phone boasts a 5 mega pixel ...

Vodafone 06/12/2010


Vodafone This review originally was a review of their PAY AS YOU GO service. Since then however, I have had a complete change of heart in terms of Vodafone, with my recent problems with joining their PAY MONTHLY service. The following review is completely my own opinions, though, do remember than, and take it into consideration before you decide whether to go with them or not. OVERVIEW My current contract with Virgin Mobile was coming to an end, and due to having a poor signal in my new place of residence, I had to unfortunately end my contact with them. Upon looking online, Vodafone seemed to offer the most competative prices and deals, so that immediately drew them to me. Since I had been with them for PAYG in the past, I knew their signal was good, and I based customer service with them on previous experience, which I rated as excellent.... oh how wrong I would turn out to be! RANGE OF DEALS Now, I'm still being positive towards Vodafone here, as I will put my hands down and say that in terms of the phone I wanted, and a few others I was looking at ( mainly those of the smartphone type), they were 9 times out of 10 the cheaper provider, and offered the most minutes/texts and/or internet for the most competative prices, compared to the other network providers. Given this, and this alone I would recommend Vodafone to you, mainly if Customer Service to you, isn't a big deal to you. If it is, then keep reading, as I'll share my long winded experience with them to you ORDERING ...

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (Xbox Live Arcade) 15/10/2010

He's back..... or is he really?

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (Xbox Live Arcade) History of the Blue Blur Cast your minds back to 1991, June 1991 to be precise. It was then, that the world's fastest hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog, was born. 18 years later, and Sonic is still as popular as ever. With titles on the Mega Drive/ Genesis, Game Gear, dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and of course the Wii, Sonic has most certainly had his array of adventures. During this time though, Sonic made the transition from 2D gameplay, to the 3D gameplay expected in line with today's gaming standards. For most of the old-school sonic fans, this was a move which was disliked, as for many, Sonic was, and always will be a 2D game. 16 years after the final 2D game, Sonic and Knuckles, for the Sega Mega Drive, Sega have listened and have most definitely delievered - a brand new , sequel to that very game, and most excitingly, in glorious 2D and HD.. but the question is, does the game live up to it's reputation, and deserve to be called ' Sonic The Hedgehog 4' ? How Sonic 4 came about Sonic 4 Episode 1 was first announced on GameSpot on the 9th September 2009, however, at this stage, it wasn't named as Sonic 4 Episode 1, but as Project Needlemouse - making reference to the name initially given to Sonic back in 1991. Sega was teasing fans by saying this was the first step to bring Sonic back to his roots. For the few months following this announcement, all was quiet. The silence was broken in January however, when Sega launched a Character Countdown week on ...

Everything that starts with B ... 22/09/2010

vitamin B12 - My story

Everything that starts with B ... Vitamin B12 is described as a water soluable vitamin, and is important in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, as well as playing a vital role in the formation of normal blood cells. A lack of Vitamin B12 can be extremely problematic, something which I have soon had the unfortunate case of experience for myself. What does Vitamin B12 do? Vitamin B12 has many different functions. Firstly, Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin for maintaining a healthy nervous system aswell as helping with the production of both DNA ( deoxyrubonucleic Acid... just to sound clever ), as well as the smaller RNA (ribonucleic Acid ) molecules. As well as aiding the nervous system, Vitamin B12 plays a role in the formation of red blood cells, which means that a lack of this essential vitamin can cause Anaemia, which I'll talk about later on. How to get Vitamin B12 in your body Since the body does not physically produce Vitamin B12 on it's own, it's important that you consume enough daily within your diet. Foods such as dairy products, red meat, fish and eggs contain vitamin B12. Most packaged cereals also contain Vitamin B12, so those combined with milk will give you a suffiecent intake at least. What if I don't have enough? A lack of Vitamin B12 can either be easily solved, or very problematic, dependant on the exact cause of the deficiency. In some cases, a B12 deficiency is caused by a lack of intake in your diet, so an easy solution for this would be to increase your daily ... 22/09/2010

everyone pays the lowest price? What is price-drop tv? price-drop tv is the 2nd shopping channel to have been launched by Sit-up Shopping Limited. Prior to the launch of price-drop tv in 2003, Sit-up shopping operated their only other shopping channel at the time, bid-up tv, which consisted of a rising price dynamic. Due to the overwhelming success of bid-up tv ( now bid tv) , sit-up shopping launched price-drop tv, in 2003. Since the launch of price-drop tv, sit-up tv have gone on to launch a further shopping channel, titled Speed Auction TV, although nowadays, the name is a little irrelevant - initially the channel was a rising price auction channel, with auctions lasting only 4 minutes, hence the use of the word SPEED in the title. This auction dynamic was scrapped to make way for a falling price style channel, making this the third of it's kind existing within the sit-up shopping company. The shopping channel group now advertise as being the 'UK's Biggest Discount Channels group' and have won many awards for their contribution to shopping television. How to buy Buying on price-drop tv is fairly easy. You have 2 main ways to buy. * Online * Phone To buy on your phone, all you have to do is dial the number which is shown on the screen, listen to the message on the phone which just simply tells you what it is your buying, and hit the 1 key to confirm your order. This is a relatively quick process. The only downside to this way of buying as it will set you back £1.50 due to the use of an 0904 number. ...

O2 Home Phone 20/07/2010

O2 home phone - a new way to get connected!

O2 Home Phone o2 - the company that originally brought us a mobile service, followed by both mobile broadband and home broadband have now launched a new service - the o2 Home Phone. From April 2010, o2 have been offering a landline service to it's home broadband customers, and the service offers competitive rates. With this review, I'll detail the different packages available, aswell as how I found the switching service, from BT, to the o2 home phone. The Packages o2 Home Phone offer two different packages. These packages are the Evening and Weekend Package, which is priced at £9.50 per month, and the Anytime package, which is priced at £12.50 per month. Evening and Weekend Package With this package, you get the following: *Unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines It must be noted though, however, that you can only be in a connected call for a maximum of 60 minutes, otherwise you'll be charged at the normal o2 home phone call rates, which can be found on the o2 website. However, you can hang up, and then phone again for another 60 minutes, and it doesn't cost a penny. The cost of this package is £9.50, which does include line rental, so this is a great price, in comparison to the BT line rental change, which is £11 something ( not really remembering it at this time). Anytime Package With this package, you get the following: *Unlimited calls to UK landlines anytime *600 mins of calls to 0845/0870 numbers *600 mins of calls to landlines in 24 countries This ... 04/04/2010

o2 Broadband - It really does get you connected! o2 Broadband is the broadband service provided in the UK by O2 Telefonica, and is delivered over the Be* There network. My Story After over a year with my previous provider, and having nothing but hassle, I decided that it was time to have a look around, and find myself another provider, and based on my previous experience, it wouldn't take much to improve upon my last experience. While looking around, I came to the knowledge that o2 had rolled out on my exchange, and through word of mouth, I'd only heard of good things about them. I read up more about o2 broadband, and found their broadband packages to be very competitive, to which I'll detail a little later in the review. I contacted o2 about joining their broadband service back in April 2009 and was greeted by a friendly customer service agent who talked me through the process in which I'd have to go through to get connected with their service. There help and support at this point was fantastic, so this backed up my initial idea that moving to o2 would indeed be a good decision. Upon ordering the standard broadband package, I was contacted both by email and text, letting me know the status of our order. I was also sent both texts and emails regarding information on our router package being dispatched, right through to information about our activation time and dates. This was a great help, as I was fully kept in the know as to what was going on with my order. My broadband from o2 was activated in time, like stated, and I ...

Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive) 10/10/2009

The Blur in Blue!

Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive) Sonic The Hedgehog was born in 1991, and quickly became the mascot for Sega during the 90's through its master system, and mega drive consoles. I myself, was, and still is, a massive Sonic fan - you were either a Sonic or Mario follower, and over the years, I cannot accept the fact that slowly but surely, Sega have began to kill the character, which ultimately brought the Mega Drive to its peak status! Let's hope that the latest proposal, Porject Needlemouse, which will see Sonic back to 2D will indeed save this fantastic character. At the moment, its safe to say Sonic is clutching onto life with a thread.... lets hope Project Needlemouse isn't the final nail in the coffin - I'd be absolutely gutted if it was. I thought it was only right that I'd review the original game, which started it all for me! Gameplay Dr Robotnik, the evil scientist, has flooded parts of the island with robots ( badniks) and it is up to Sonic to progess through these zones in order to defeat Dr Robotnik, and return the island to normalcy. It is also Sonic's quest to prevent Robotnik from obtaining the 6 choas emeralds, which would give him full power! Playing the game Sonic The Hedgehog is a 16 bit game, for the 16 bit console, the Sega Mega Drive. During each level, you are required to collect rings as these prevent you from instantly dying when hit by an enemy. When 100 rings are collected, you are rewarded with a 1-up. You initally begin with 3 lives, but this can build up during the course ...

LG Cookie KP500 10/10/2009

LG Cookie- Really as good as first thought?

LG Cookie KP500 The LG cookie- one of those attractive looking phones, that you can only imagine the amount of things it could do. Where this phone may be an attractive little number, its features are rather poor. First Thoughts The phone arrived, and boy, was I excited?! I carefully removed the phone from its packaging, and got it all set up. So far so good...! However, as the night went on, I slowly began to realise that the phone I'd first considered to be a good choice, slowly began to fade away - I realised, I had made a terrible terrible mistake! What made me think this? The thought of having a qwerty keyboard in the phone for me, was fantastic! What would make this much much more fantastic, would be if the feature actually worked efficiently. As the phone meant I had a new number, I decided that I'd text my friends my new number. To access the keyboard feature, in theory, it is as easy as flipping the phone horizontal. Most of the time, the phone does not respond to this, and you have to access a menu by hitting an icon which would now be at the bottom left of the screen. Now, the problem lies when you go to hit that button, for the screen to suddenly change into the keyboard mode, meaning, rather than hitting the options button, you end up hitting send button - with the possibility of sending a blank text - which I have done NUMEROUS times. This can be, rather frustrating. Another frustrating feature of the phone is the scroll function. This is mostly seen in your contacts and ...

Goodnight Sweetheart - Series 1-6 (Box Set) (DVD) 22/02/2009

Goodnight Sweetheart

Goodnight Sweetheart - Series 1-6 (Box Set) (DVD) Goodnight Sweetheart is the popular BBC comedy series, which ran from 1993-1999, which featured Nicholas Lyndhurst, as the time traveller Gary Sparrow, who initially, mistakenly found himself wandering around war-torn london. What it's all about Goodnight Sweetheart, is based in both the 90's and the 40's. The series revolves around the life of a middle-aged man, named Gary Sparrow [Lyndhurst] . In the 1990's, Gary is a working man, that being a TV repairman, and is also a happily married man, to Yvonne. However, Gary stumbles upon an alley named 'Duckett's Passage'. This turns out to be extremeley significant in the years to come for Gary Sparrow, as it is his gateway to the past - his gateway to the 1940's. In the 1940's, Gary meets a lonley barmaid, named Pheobe, played by Dervla Kirwan ( series 1-3), and Elizabeth Carling ( series4-6)., who runs a pub called The Royal Oak. Each series of the programme focuses on a particular year of the war. Gary eventually ends up finding himself running two lives, 50 or odd so years apart. But for just how long can he keep this up? Find out by buying the complete DVD collection, and I also hope that this review can also motivate you in doing so - it is most definately worth every penny! Why would I recommend Goodnight Sweetheart? There are many reasons as to why I would recommend Goodnight Sweetheart ; * The series is very orignial. The whole concept of a man being able to travel back in time is an incredible idea, and also ...

Is snow good or bad? 08/02/2009

Snow - is it good or bad

Is snow good or bad? The £64'000 question - is snow good or bad? In my opinion, it can be a mixture of both. When it snows rather lightly, on a wet ground, and starts to lie, it can be rather slippy, which I don't like - nothing worse than falling flat on your face! When it snows heavy however, it erradicates the slippyness, and becomes fairly easy to walk on. The snow creates a great deal of excitement - whether it be snowball fights, or just generally playing about like a big kid :D. This leads me on to the fact as to why local authorities insist on throwing grit on the pavements- this just makes the ground more slippy! Yeah, I must admit, on a driving point of view ( which I don't do as yet), grit is required, but in terms of walking, grit just melts the now, making it all slushy, and therefore makes the walking conditions treacherous! The good things! There are many good points relating to it snowing in my opinion ; *Creates something fun to do * The 'Will or Won't school be on today' The Bad things! * When it melts, and goes all slushy *When the snow melts, goes slushy, then freezes over - worst case scenario *It causes so much disruption. As I was told by a friend once, we can send people to the moon, yet snow can practically bring the country to a complete standstill! As you may know, there is only so much I can write about the snow, so in overall, there is no really definate answer to the question - it can be a bit of both!

YouTube 06/02/2009


YouTube YouTube..... surely everyone has hear about the website that allows you to " broadcast yourself". But, incase you are one of the fair few who have yet to be caught up in the phenomenon, then please, do, let me explain a little further what it is all about. So what exactly is YouTube all about? YouTube is described as being a video publishing website, which allows user to upload their own content, as well as viewing others content which they uploaded, as well as commenting on those videos. YouTube is owned by Google, and was launched on February 15th 2005. Since it's launch, YouTube has now expanded to now be available in 14 languages. Actually watching Videos To begin watching videos on YouTube is actually fairly easy. On the homepage, there are randomly generated videos displayed if you are an unregistered member, and content similar to your interests and viewing habits if you are fully registered with them. To find the video you wish to view, you simply search for it in the search bar which is found near the top of the screen. Dependant on what you searched, a list of videos matching your search will be displayed. Some videos will be viewable as part of a PLAYLIST. This means that a group of videos have been grouped together, and can automatically be played one after the other. This is rather useful. You can, if you a registered, create your own playlists. When you are on the video page, towards the left hand side of the screen is the video player. This ...

Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go 14/11/2008

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go Virgin Mobile, is a virtual network operator in the UK that uses the T-Mobile network. Virgin Mobile, is part of Richard Branson's Virgin group, hence its Virgin branding. Virgin Mobile was the UK's first virtual mobile operator after its launch in 1999. In this review, I will outline the pros and cons of joining this mobile operator, and give a short outline towards the different tarrifs for the pay as you go plan, and whether I think the prices are reasonable. Anyway, without further a do, lets get on to the review. What are the price plans? Virgin Mobile have two very different call plans. The two price plans are *Pay as you go *Daily Bonus Tariff. Pay As You Go Tariff The Pay As You Go Tariff is the default tariff in which you are currently set onto. In my opinion, this tariff is fantastic if you mainly call other Virgin Mobiles, or landlines, but if you do call alot of others on different networks, then do consider switching away from this tariff, as you will be charged 40 pence a minute. This tariff is therefore really designed for calls to landlines, or calls and/or texts to Virgin Mobiles. Below is a short brief summary of the call/text costs you can expect on this plan : *Texts to other Virgin Mobiles are only 3 pence ! *To Virgin Mobiles, and Landlines, calls are 15p per minute for the first 5 minutes of calls you place each day, then call costs are reduced to 5p per minute for the rest of the day. OVERALL RATING : 6/10 (based on ...

O2 12/07/2008

O2 - A great network!

O2 O2 is a UK mobile telephone operator, which is part of Telefónica Europe. I have recently rejoined O2, as most of my friends are on the network, and I would therefore benefit more. How to join O2 Joining O2 is really easy. You can either become a Pay Monthly, or Pay as you go customer. You can ordered a sim card, from their website, should you wish to go pay as you go, using your existing mobile. Full details of current Pay Monthly plans, are available on their website also. Network Coverage I have always found the O2 network coverage to be fantastic. I have never experienced a lack of signal, in the area that I live. Therefore, the O2 service, in my opinion is very reliable, as I always have an active signal, that is able to allow me to make calls and texts Pay As You Go When you order a sim card online, you are sent a sim card pack out via the post. When it arrives, you are presented with an envelope, which contains : * Use me booklet- detailing everything you need to know about the service * Go for it booklet- contains swipe card, and further info on activating sim card. * Yawn booklet - booklet containing the small print * Sim Card Activating the sim card To activate the PAYG sim card, you need to top up your phone, with £10, by either calling 4444 from your 02 mobile, going online, or using your swipe card. When you make your first paid call , your sim card is fully activated, and ready to use. Call costs Standard ... 05/07/2008 is a Jersey based online retailer, which sells a wide range of items, from DVD's, to CD's, to clothing. History was founded in 1998, and was one of the first online retaillers around. launched in 1998 under the name of, but rebranded to the current '' in 2000 . When it was first launched, the service only offered region 1 or 2 DVD's,but since then, they have expanded the range to include CD's, clothing, electronics, books + much more categories. The website was also rebranded in 2008 The website allows you to change currency from £'s to Euros, dependant on your currency. is also available for USA customers, under the name PlayUSA What does it sell? sell pretty much everything. The categories, available on the website are : DVD Music Games Books Electronics Computing Gadgets Mobile Cloth ing From the large list of categories above, are sure to stock exactly what it is you are looking for. So you want to buy? - The Registration Process To buy anything from, like many online retaillers out there, you have to register and create an account. Creating an account is really easy, and is a fairly quick process. When you click the create an account button, you are hit with a screen which asks you to input your email address and a password, which you obviously use anytime you wish to access your account. When you do this, you are taken to the ...
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