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Pioneer PDP 505 XDE 29/12/2005

Pioneer PDP 505XDE HD TV Review

Pioneer PDP 505 XDE The chance to own such a TV comes around only when you have usually :- 1. Robbed a bank 2. Landed a windfall 3. Bought one knock off from the local pub 4. Borrow your rich mates flat and claim you live there I actually managed to look after my mates flat and lo and behold his new toy was sat in corner or should I say the wall was built around the TV!! There is every single sort of option which you could ever need in a TV including its own tuner, so one hell of a lot less cables! This baby is HDTV enabled which means it's going to be future proof for a long time to come. The screen size does come in various sizes but I had chance to watch the 50" version which is the grand-daddy of them all, smaller screen sizes equate to lower prices. The pciture quality is SUPERB!!! It simply knocks the socks of my JVC 32", my JVC ain't bad but this is great! The main goodies are :- Picture * Screen Size: 50-inch * 16:9 Aspect Ratio * Resolution: 1280 x 768 * True Matrix Imaging with Deep Waffle Rib Structure * Direct Colour Filter * Advanced Super CLEAR Drive * High-definition display (True and Wide XGA) * Brightness: 1000 cd/m2 * Contrast Ratio: 1100:1 * Viewing Angle: more than 160° (Hor/Ver) * 3 Line Digital Comb Filter: PAL/NTSC (Main & Sub) * Dynamic HD Converter * Video Signals: PAL/SECAM/NTSC3.58/NTSC4.43/PAL60/HD/PC * PC Signals: VGA/SVGA/XGA/Wide XGA * AV mode: 4:3/Full/Zoom/Cinema/Wide * PC mode: 4:3/Full/Dot by Dot * ...

JVC AV28R47SK 06/11/2005

JVC AV28RA47SK TV review

JVC AV28R47SK Ok, your on a budget and you would like a decent TV but you are not bothered about built in Modem, true flat screem, tuner etc what do you go for? I asked myself this question when my old 32" broke down a number of months ago. I decided I didn't need a massive 42" LCD monster and to be truthful all those fancy add ons turned me off, I just wanted a TV a could flop in front of and just relax!! I bought my JVC for a smidge of £350 now you can get them for £300 on the net if you shop around and I think that this is an ideal price for a TV which is not at the top of the bunch but a decent budget all rounder. The TV comes with a free surround sound system which is ok but I think if this is going to be your main box to watch TV on you could probably do with buying a better system to link up to the TV. The surround system is functional. Picture quality is OK (50hz) , I spend very little time in front of my JVC but the picture suits me fine. Its crisp and clear and just as good as TVs probably another £500 more expensive, however when you start spending a little more on TV's the JVC does start to look a little inferior. The remote control to this TV is easy to use and compliments the ease of use of the TV. Sound quality is great through the speakers of the TV but better through surround sound. Setting up the TV is a piece of cake, I had my DVD and digital tuner linked up in 5 minutes flat, there are three scart leads so there is room for plenty of expansion. Located in the ...

Epson Stylus Color 760 04/09/2005

Epson 760 Stylus printer

Epson Stylus Color 760 I have had the printer now for well overa year and can recommend it to anyone that wants a decent good all rounder. Its not the cheapest printer on the block but I think that you wont be disappointed. Its a great little work horse that produces excellent quality printer. I have used mine from producing letter heads for my business to printing off the family photos, it does everything really well. It can print on 1440 dpi quality paper which does tend to produce excellent photo quality printing. The printer itself is quite bulky i.e :- Width 45 cm Depth 26.9 cm Height 17.5 cm Weight 5.8 kg So if desk space is an issue you might want to purchase elsewhere. Its compatible with PC and MAC computers. Printing speed is not great but ok for small business day to day running or for family computing i.e. up to 6 ppm - colour and up to 7 ppm - B/W. Printing resolution is quite high being Max Resolution 1440 dpi x 720 dpi (black and white) and 1440 dpi x 720 dpi colour. PostScript support is not included so all those nice laser printer fonts cant be usedm, sad, but what do you expect for the price!! This printer can print on a number of media types, these being envelopes, transparencies, greeting cards, plain paper, glossy paper, iron-on transfers, photo paper, glossy photo paper. The printer has a wide range of media sizes meaning you can pretty much print on any size paper these are :- Max Media Size (Custom) 216 mm (Legal) x 356 mm (Legal) Media ...

Iiyama Pro Lite E430S 17 in 04/09/2005

Prolite E430S

Iiyama Pro Lite E430S 17 in This is a fantastic monitor which never seems to give any trouble. I have had mine for about 6months and it gives excellent picture quality. Its sleek and sexy and well worth the money. Three of my mates have this monitor and they all swear by it. You could do a lot worse.!! Installation was a piece of cake and I'm not exactly what you would call very technical. I think that that it took me a grand total of 10 minutes to get the thing out of its box and up and running on my PC. I have visited there website a couple of times and updated the drivers which again is just a matter of a simple download and your away! The picture quality is excellent, I have mine running at 1280x1024 in 32 bit colour and screen refresh is very quick, I do have a decent graphics card so this could be a bit biased!! The sound coming through the monitor can be a little tinny but once you have your surround sound system going it really does make for a great little system when playing games, oh and buy the way Doom 3 looks excellent on this machine!!
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