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Outlast (PS4) 07/12/2017

Best horror game you will ever play!

Outlast (PS4) I never loved horror games so much. But after a while, I gave a chance. And I was amazed! Outlast is amazing First Person Horror game, in which you play as a Miles Upshur, a independent journalist that took big bite and went to paranormal asylum that went under control of Murkoff Corporation. Something wrong is happening there and you're going to publish all its secret with your biggest friend, camcorder! Story isn't something much spectacular, but it holds you to the very end! Animated scenes are good and in some part of game, you won't believe what's happening in front of you! Graphics are a bit outdated but still fantastic, and in some scenes you'll catch yourself standing in one place and enjoying the view. But most fantastic thing are actually sound effects! You can hear every breath, every move and anything that is happening around you very clearly and there are plenty of them. Game can be difficult some times, and it's a good deal for hardcore players to test themself by choosing Nightmare mode. Enemies can be very hard to avoid, but great problem is that sometimes, in run, you won't know which door to open or even where to go, and then enemy got you! It's a bit that you can't take any damage to enemy because in dangerous situation, anybody would just grab something and throw it. Should you buy it? In my opinion, absolutely yes, jump scares are amazing and they appear each time you don't expect them. Gameplay is around 10 hours of unforgivable experience.

London Racer Destruction Madness (PS2) 07/12/2017

The game with missed potentional...

London Racer Destruction Madness (PS2) London Racer: Destruction Madness is the fifth game in London Racer series of racing games developed by Davilex studio, that closed in 2005 because of financial problems. This game is developed for PS2, but also for PC. Campaign The only mode that game contains is Career, contains four modes: Wrecking Racing, Deathmatch, Survivor and Smash Crash. You can't choose which to play because Career is linear, but progress in overall is well imagined. Wrecking Racing is all about racing and nothing else, the most boring mode of the game, because you won't feel speed, and that is big mistake that developers did. Deathmatch puts you in small arena (limited part of map) where you fight your opponents and need to wreck them certain number of times before they do. Survivor is more like deathmatch, but also racing with time, because each second your health slowly drop but also to other opponents, so only way to win is to wreck them and collect the wrench they leave behind. Smash Crash is interesting mode where you have to do as much damage to environment as you can. The bad thing here is that ,if you get little time and you're spawned somewhere far from city which have a lot of objects, you will have very low chance to kill opponents (you get all the score they had) and it much depends on how lucky you are. Graphics & Sound Just like I said, Davilex got closed because they weren't selling enough games to stay "alive". And here is why. Graphics are much horrible than you can see on ...
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