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1 15/09/2011

Fast, reliable and friendly - a superb site. I'm not usually interested in reviewing the sites I use, this is only the second time ever, but really impressed me. I was looking for dice (specifically D10s and D%, in colour-coded pairs for convenience) and found a huge selection of cheap, individual dice on the site. Being offered secure payment via Paypal eased my mind about the site, which I'd only just found, and I was right to buy from them. My item was posted the very next day (after I ordered it at 7pm the night before) and arrived the day after that, despite me choosing the cheapest postage option. I ordered ten dice, but one of the ones I wanted (a light blue opaque D10) was out of stock. Instead, they sent me the other nine plus a blue pearl D10, and three other colour-coded pairs of dice (in different colours, in keeping with the rest of my order) for free as an apology, along with a note stating that I could return the item for a refund if I wanted. This is the most generous customer service I've ever come across (16 dice for the price of 10!), and needless to say I was happy with my purchase. I highly recommend this site. ...
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