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Tesco Belgian Chocolate & Mint Mousse 14/01/2009

Tesco's mint mousse

Tesco Belgian Chocolate & Mint Mousse Since I haven't had a nice chocolate pudding in a while I went to see what goodies Tesco's had. To my delight I saw they had bought out another mousse, this time mint chocolate. The Product: Taste - Put it in your mouth and you suddenly get a rush of mint and then the chocolate, which is okay but for me the mint is slightly too overpowering. Texture - Thick, but not as stodgy as the plain belgian mousse. Smell - It doesn't smell as strong of mint as it tastes but it still smells rather gorgeous. Sight - Dark brown mousse with medium sized bubbles. The Packaging: The mousse comes in a clear pot with a silver label on the front showing the name, and that it is from the Tesco's Finest* range. On the back there is a white label containing nutritional information and allergy advice. The lid of the mousse is silver, showing the percentages and measures of parts of your GDA i.e salt fat etc. They have now change the layout slowly so that this information is in coloured rows along the left of the lid rather than in coloured circles across the center. It has the barcode and BB dates aswell. The whole thing weighs 100g, so it is a slightly smaller pot than the other mousses. The Bad News: This pudding contains 305 calories (15% GDA), 30g sugar (33% GDA), 16.4g fat (23% GDA), 9.7g saturates (49% GDA) and 0.1g of salt (2% GDA). Also whilst the recipe does not use nuts the factory in which it is produced uses nuts and the ingrediants can't be guaranteed nut free. The mousse ...

Favole 3: Frozen Light - Victoria Frances 14/01/2009

The Frozen Light is near

Favole 3: Frozen Light - Victoria Frances I am reviewing the Third Favole book, Frozen Light. The book is written by Victoria Frances. She was born in Spain in 1982 and spent most of her childhood in forests. She thn travelled to large cities like London and Paris. Here her love of Gothic Romanticism took flight and she began drawing. She produced all the art for this book. Frozen light has a similar layout to the first two books, with just a couple of tweaks. Again there is an introduction written by Frances which sets the scene but also conveys her personality as It doesn't completely fit with the story. It is about a puppet who spends his life in shows and then he is eventually set free. Then there is a preface, which bascially gives a tiny back story of what has happened in the last two books. There are three stories again but these are set a bit differently than the first two books. They have longer titles and larger pictures. Again they are about the people Favole meets on her way back to Ezequiel's castle. 1. Painful Sweet Epidemic - Favole meets Laverrne, a swamp fairy and Painful, the queen of the marshes in which they live. Nothing much happens in this story, they just talk. 2. Angelique: Violets in the Ice - Persephone is a lonely little child, but she likes going out in the snow even though she gets very ill. She meets the Angel of death, surrounded by her purple butterflies. Favole is getting nearer to her destination. 3. Bleak Light: The End of Darkness - She finds the castle and enters ...

Schwarzkopf Live Hair Colour-Permanent 12/01/2009

Are you a natural Red head?

Schwarzkopf Live Hair Colour-Permanent So I had to dye my hair a normal colour, as I work in tesco's! But I still wanted it to be a bit different. So I thought a nice red shade would be suitable. My friend dyed his hair a lovely shade, like Ariel's from the little mermaid. Anyway, he took my to the place he bought his from and they had rows upon rows of hair colour. I picked a slightly darker one than his. It was Scwarzkopf Live Luminance in L38. Packaging The product comes in a blue box with Live Luminance written in silver on the front. It has a picture of a model with one half of her hair dark brown and the other half red. On the box it lists the ingrediants used and the level of permanance. In this case it is a level three - Permanant. Product The Luminance range comes in a variety of different shades. L38 was a permanant one. The kit contains - a bottle of developing liquid - tube of colour cream - gloves - instruction leaflet - tube of conditioner My first experience So I read the leaflet a couple of times and was pretty confident on what to do. The developing liquid is in a screw-top bottle, with an attached nozzle. The leaflet instructed me to squeeze the colour cream into the bottle, replace the lid and shake vigourously to mix. Soon it goes a very light orange colour and this is when you start applying it. I found it very hard to use the bottle to apply it, as I would squeeze the dye on and then use my dye brush to spread it. The leaflet instructed me to leave it on for 45 minutes. After ...

University of the West of England 30/11/2008

The place I want to be

University of the West of England I'm a first year pschology BSc student. I realise I'm going to sound biased when I say I LOVE my university. Now I don't get out much, so coming to university has just been overwhelming! I study on the frenchay campus, and I absolutely love it. The only downside is that some bits are a bit boring aesthetically with brick buildings, and some blocks could use a touch up. There are 2 halfs to the campus with the student accomadation on one side and the teaching blocks on the other. The student accomadation is made up of four huge courts (basically blocks of flats) and a student village which has about 50 houses. The teaching block is divided into blocks A - M, and because the campus is built on a hill some blocks start on level 2. There are about 5 bars/resturants dotted around and a few cafe's. There is also a bookshop, a natwest and a student's union shop. There are many societies and sports clubs to join. I am a member of paintball and OUT UWE, but there are loads more. The joining fees vary, and I would say join only one in the beginning because you may not have time to actually do a lot of things. I volunteer down at a science museum type place so I don't have a lot of time for the societies. Talking about voluteering, many of the social sciences like students to volunteer and the university has their own volunteering program. They also have a Jobshop, which can send you weekly emails listing the jobs alerts that they recieve. I live about 3 miles away from the ...

Funhouse (Parental Advisory) [PA] - P!nk 30/11/2008

Want to come to the funhouse?

Funhouse (Parental Advisory) [PA] - P!nk Well she's back! There are 14 songs on this album, but I won't go through all of them. As has been mentioned in the other reviews there are a couple of songs that whilst still show of Pink's talent, they just don't pack much of a punch, so i will leave these out! 1.So What - Of course it's the hit that stomped into the charts, along with Pink's no sh*t, kick a** attitude! It's just a great song to bounce along too. However I feel that musically it is a bit mismatched, as the versus don't really go with the chorus and the refrain, but that is just my opinion! 2. Sober - A slow, quite painful song. A strong drum beat and some ghoulish like background vocals. 3. I Don't Believe You - My favourite song on this album. It is just guitars and violins and slow, sad lyrics. It sounds different to the ballads pink usually sings, as they are more like rock ballads. 6. Bad influence - At first you may think your CD is skipping, but it isn't! This a dancy one, yet from the intro you think it will be a bit more in your face, but it isn't. 7. Funhouse - Who's scared of clowns? Don't go to the funhouse! The albums' title track has a strong drum rythmn and a lot of musical effects to make it sound a bit like the circus on an acid trip (not that i'd know what that is like!). 8. Crystal Ball - Again a slow song with just guitars, but quite an optimistic atmosphere to it. 11. Ave Mary A - This is a very good song, yet there isn't really a genre it can go into. There are ...

Tesco's Finest Belgian Chocolate Mousse 15/11/2008

Mmmmmm, mousse

Tesco's Finest Belgian Chocolate Mousse Now I do my weekly shop at the huge tesco's extra that I live by, and work in, I get to buy the rather naughty desserts on offer. These yoghurts immediately caught my eye, then again anything with chocolate in will! The Product: Taste - Practically orgasmic. Honestly. Extremely chocolaty, but may be a bit sickly for some. I have had some that have seemed sicklier than others so maybe it changes depending on the batch. Texture - Extremely thick, almost sponge like. Tiny bubbles so it is extremely smooth. Smell - Just a chocolate smell really. Sight - Brown mousse, not much more to say! The Packaging: The mousse comes in a clear pot with a silver label on the front showing the name, and that it is from the Tesco's Finest* range. On the back there is a white label containing nutritional information and allergy advice. The lid of the mousse is silver, showing the percentages and measures of parts of your GDA i.e salt fat etc. It has the barcode and BB dates aswell. The whole thing weighs 120g. The Bad News: This pudding contains 360 calories (18% GDA), 31.2g sugar (35% GDA), 22.7g fat (32% GDA), 14.2g saturates (71% GDA!) and 0.2g of salt (3% GDA). Also whilst the recipe does not use nuts the factory in which it is produced uses nuts and the ingrediants can't be guaranteed nut free. The mousse contains milk and soya. The Good News: Whilst a single pot costs 73p, they are usually on offer. Today this was on offer for 2 for £1.20. Summary: A gorgeous ...

Favole 2 Set Me Free - Victoria Frances 27/06/2008

Her name is Favole

Favole 2 Set Me Free - Victoria Frances As promised I am reviewing the second Favole book, Set me free. The book is written by Victoria Frances. She was born in Spain in 1982 and spent most of her childhood in forests. She thn travelled to large cities like London and Paris. Here her love of Gothic Romanticism took flight and she began drawing. She produced all the art for this book. Set me free has the same layout as the first book. There is an introduction written by Frances which sets the scene but also conveys her personality as It doesn't completely fit with the story. Then there is a foreword, which like in the first book, tells us of Ezequiel. This time however it laments to how he has lost Favole and yearns for her love again. There are three stories again but these have more flow than the 3 stories on the first book. They are about the people Favole meets on her way back to Ezequiel's castle. 1. The Venetian Fairy - Favole returns to venice where she meets Sacha, a little boy who loves Favole. She decides to leave Venice and go in search of Ezequiel's castle. 2. The Cauldron - Ebony is a witch who was expelled from her village, and now she lives in the forest. She wants revenge on the people that cast her out and when Favole comes her way she might be able to get it. 3. Necross - Favole is tired from her travels and falls asleep. She wakes up in a mysterious castle that belongs to Abel. He is the son of Marquise, one of the victims of Ezequiel in the first book. Favole asks him to help her ... 24/06/2008

Join The Q Ok first off the title is a bit wrong. It is join the Q. Anyway. This is another money making website but with a difference! It sends surveys to both your home address and your mobile phone. The site: The site is very simple. It has a white background with a single picture of a phone. The writing is in a dark grey colour and the text boxes are in a light bluey/ grey colour. Signing up: When you sign up you have to enter the normal requirements such as name, username, email address. You also have to enter your mobile number, model and network provider. Then you have to choose what you want to do with your money. You can either enter a bank account, get send mobile top up vouchers or just let it accummilate for a while. You can also choose how many times you can get surveys, there is high (as often as possible), low (no more than once a week) or freeze (for example if you are on holiday). Once you are signed up they will send you a confirmation email, and when you go back onto their site you will just have to enter your username and password. The Surveys: These are robably the easiest surveys i have ever taken part in. They are usually only 1-2 pages long and contain between 2 - 5 questions on the page so they take only seconds to complete. The surveys are usually about phones and network providers, but i have had some on cars, entertainment and self harm. The payment: The surveys i have completed so far pay between 50 - 90p which is a lot for the extent of the ...

The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat - Oliver Sacks 23/06/2008

Cici est ma femme

The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat - Oliver Sacks This book was recommended to me when I went on an open day to Bristol University. The psychology lecturer (as this is the course i want to do) gave us many books to look at but this is the only I remeber because I thought the title was hilarious! I asked for this book for my birthday but I know that on it is about £6.99. It contains about 20 stories of cases Dr. Sacks has had during his time as a neurologist. These stories are split into 4 catagories:- Losses - These are usually losses of memory of body recognition. The situations are almost comical at times but they also convey the harsh reality of living with such conditions. Excesses - These are additions of personalities mainly but also behavioural changes. Transports - This is when drem states become almost reality, or past memories resurfacing. The minds of the simple:- These case studies are about retards (used in the proffesional manner) who, whilst being simple in their actions and usually have IQ's under 60, have extraordinary talents usually involving some sort of art form e.g painting or poetry. This ection is the one that most interested me as I am a music lover and believe in it's power to heal and help. The book starts with a preface which is quite hard going even with a Biology and Psychology A level! In the end only read about half of it. Each little story has a postscript which can be anything from 2 to 10 paragraphs long, again I usually give up half way through these and go on to ...

Opheliac - Emilie Autumn 11/06/2008

Your stocking prove your virtue

Opheliac - Emilie Autumn I first became interested in Emilie Autumn about a week ago and now I am utterly in love with her! Her first album, Opheliac is a mix of electric violins and fantastic vocals. Emilie has the type of voice in which she can manipulate and you will not know whether it is the effects or her actual voice. The first CD in this collection has 12 songs. They are dark but some have suprising upbeat backing music. Emilie has been criticised for her lyrics as they can be seen as depressing and morbid, but because you have to lsiten to them in the context of the song. 1. Opheliac - The title song starts with a victorian sounding piano, then you get emilie's voice with some electric guitars. If you studied Hamlet in school then you will get the gist of this song about losing a loved one when they stop loving you. 2. Swallow - This song starts with rather upbeat violins but it does not match the lyrics. The rather haunting chorus of 'I will swallow if it will help my sea level go down, but I'll come back to haunt you if I drown' 3. Liar - The gist of this song is obvious. Emilie is very screamo in this one but it goes with the song. It starts with screaming guitars and Emilie's angst ridden voice. 4. The art of suicide - This is my favourite song on this album. It starts again with victorian piano and Emilie's soft voice. It is a very sad song and again the story is very obvious. 5. I want my innocence back - It starts with a wierd heartbeat affect and then chanting ...

Special Effects Dye 08/05/2008

My uber new pink hair

Special Effects Dye I've had my hair a couple of different colours as I like to experiment. This time I thought I'd do something crazy and dye all my hair pink. I had used directions before but it seemed to fade really quickly so I wanted to try something else. I came across special effects. Product: I bought the dye from an online shop called I decided on Virgin Rose as it was quite dark. It came in a transparant tube, containing 118ml of a dark pink substance, with the consistency of paint. The process: I covered everything in towels and squirted some of the dye into a cat dish (i'm sure she won't mind!). Then i washed my hair using the la riche pre colour shampoo and dryed it. I sectioned my hair up so I could get to all the hair. I scooped the dye up with my tint brush and brushed it through my hair. Then i brushed the section until it became frothy and pinned it up. Once i had done all the sections I gave it a final comb through and pinned it back up. Because I wasn't doing anything that day I wrapped it up in cling film and left it on for about 4 hours. Then i washed it off. I was really impatient and didn't wait for it all to wash out which was a bad mistake. I was left with hair that felt very powdrery and if i touched it i ended up with pink hands. In the shower the dye went absolutely everywhere and my neck and hands were stained but it wasn't anything that soap and water couldn't help with. For the more stubborn stains my mum used alcohol gel. The final ...

Mooncup 08/05/2008

Reach for the moon

Mooncup When I first read about the mooncup I was just browsing ciao. I never used tampon because I was scared of getting TSS. So I have used sanitary towels. These are ok but they can be messy and they really don't make you feel sexy! I was also concerned about all that rubbish and had images of a huge pile of towels in a landfill. I mused on the idea of getting one for a few weeks and then decided to take the plunge. I ordered a size B from Boots and waited. What is it: The mooncup is a silicone cup that you put at the base of your vagina and it collects the blood flow. It comes in a cardboard box with a picture of a flower, the logo and instructions on the back. It also comes with a cute little bag. What you do: When it came i took it out the box. In the box is a very thick little book with instructions and tips in about five different languages. First you have to put it in boilig water for about 5 minutes. It says in the book to never put it in the dishwasher. To insert it you can fold it one of two ways. You either push the top together and the fold it fold or you push one side down into the cup so it is like a little triangle. I find the second way easier to isert but it doesn't always unfold straight away. If this happens you can either push it up a bit more or wait a while. The book advises you to cut the stem. I didn't cut it all off I left about a millimetre at the base just incase. My experience: Very good! It does take abit of practice geting it in. I ...

Directions Semi Permanent Hair Color 07/04/2008

Where there's a will, theres a way.

Directions Semi Permanent Hair Color I wanted to have purple hair and i wanted it to be temporary so if work didn't like it I could take it out easier. So I looked around and chose DIrections. Because I don't like bleaching my hair I had to choose a colour that would be bright on my brown hair, so I chose violet. I oredered it from a website for £3.70. I also ordered La Riche 'Blues' Shampoo, which opens the hair follicles so the dye can take better. Anyway, the dye arrived. It comes in a transparent plastic pot which contains 88ml of the dye. There is a label around the pot with the logo and other stuff like producers and ingrediants. It smells slightly of talcum powder but only if you're odd enough to smell it and you put your nose really close. The dye is thick like custard (that was the first thing that came to mind). It was time to dye so first I washed and towel dried my hair as per the instructions. I used the 'Blues' shampoo as well. Once my hair had dryed, i removed the tamper proof seal around the lid of the hair dye and opened the pot. I had a tint brush left over from another time I dyed my hair and some gloves from the garage. Neither of these things are supplied but strongly recommended. I tied up thje bits of my hair I didn't want dyed and placed a towel on everyhing that would be splashed. I scooped out the dye with the brush and brushed it into my hair. When it was all covered I got a plain comb and brushed my hair until it became frothy, but this was all left on the comb so I brushed it back ... 01/03/2008

My search Funds Whilst on a quest to earn extra pennies for university I came across this site. What it does. The purpose of this site is to pay you money everytime you make a search. It is partnered with 'ask'. What You Do. First you register by giving your name and email address. It then leads you through some steps. If you do not have the right browser it will ask you to download it. At the moment it works with either Microsoft internet explorer 7 or mozilla firefox. Once you have the right browser it will give you more instructions. Read them carefully! I did but then forgot them. You have to tick a box so that a search box will be installed at the top your browser along with all the refresh and home buttons. I didn't tick this box so instead I made my homepage the 'mysearchfunds' search box page. How it works. For every search you make, you get 3p (or 2.8p if your being perdantic). This gets put into an account which you can access by signing into your account. From here you can check your account, update your profile, get the search on your phone or install it on another computer. The Website. The website is very well laid out and colourful which is attractive. From there you can contact someone, read termsand conditions and the usual boring stuff. Bonuses. If you refer someone by sending them a special link (which you can find in your personal profile under 'invite friends'). Every time they make a search you will get 10% of what they earn, so if they make 100 ...

Braun TA 1200 Tassimo Silver/Black 18/02/2008

My swanky new coffee maker thingy

Braun TA 1200 Tassimo Silver/Black My mum got hers as a present for her birthday and we all love it (except my brother who isn't at all interested in it). I've always wanted a coffee maker machine thingy because they look great. I don't really drink coffee so i have the hot chocolate instead which is lovely but has a slighly wierd aftertaste. My parents drink latte's and they haven't complained. When you get it you have to clean it out before you start. 1. First you plug it in. 2. Fill up the resivoir at the back with cold water. Then you switch it on using the switch at the back on the right hand side. The red standby light will come on. 3.Push the top down and then release it again. The orange heating light should have come on and will be flashing. Water will begin to trickle into the overflow tray. 4. Once the heating light has stopped flashing place the cleaning disc (supplied) into the T-disc holder. Push the top down. The auto light should come on. 5. If you want place a cup on the platform or just let it go into the overflow tray. 6. Press the start button. Water should come out. After about 15 seconds the water should stop. The light will then light up next to the manual button. 10.Open the top and take the disc out. To make a drink you follow the same process but adding the right t-disc. To make the drinks larger press and hold the start button when the manual light is green. The platform can be adjusted for smaller drinks. Pull it straight up and turn it. To clean it you can either run ...
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