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Tesco Belgian Chocolate & Mint Mousse 14/01/2009

Tesco's mint mousse

Favole 3: Frozen Light - Victoria Frances 14/01/2009

The Frozen Light is near

Schwarzkopf Live Hair Colour-Permanent 12/01/2009

Are you a natural Red head?

University of the West of England 30/11/2008

The place I want to be

Funhouse (Parental Advisory) [PA] - P!nk 30/11/2008

Want to come to the funhouse?

Tesco's Finest Belgian Chocolate Mousse 15/11/2008

Mmmmmm, mousse

Favole 2 Set Me Free - Victoria Frances 27/06/2008

Her name is Favole 24/06/2008

Join The Q

The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat - Oliver Sacks 23/06/2008

Cici est ma femme

Opheliac - Emilie Autumn 11/06/2008

Your stocking prove your virtue

Special Effects Dye 08/05/2008

My uber new pink hair

Mooncup 08/05/2008

Reach for the moon

Directions Semi Permanent Hair Color 07/04/2008

Where there's a will, theres a way.

Directions Semi Permanent Hair Color I wanted to have purple hair and i wanted it to be temporary so if work didn't like it I could take it out easier. So I looked around and chose DIrections. Because I don't like bleaching my hair I had to choose a colour that would be bright on my brown hair, so I chose violet. I oredered it from a website for £3.70. I also ordered La Riche 'Blues' Shampoo, which opens the hair follicles so the dye can take better. Anyway, the dye arrived. It comes in a transparent plastic pot which contains 88ml of the dye. There is a label around the pot with the logo and other stuff like producers and ingrediants. It smells slightly of talcum powder but only if you're odd enough to smell it and you put your nose really close. The dye is thick like custard (that was the first thing that came to mind). It was time to dye so first I washed and towel dried my hair as per the instructions. I used the 'Blues' shampoo as well. Once my hair had dryed, i removed the tamper proof seal around the lid of the hair dye and opened the pot. I had a tint brush left over from another time I dyed my hair and some gloves from the garage. Neither of these things are supplied but strongly recommended. I tied up thje bits of my hair I didn't want dyed and placed a towel on everyhing that would be splashed. I scooped out the dye with the brush and brushed it into my hair. When it was all covered I got a plain comb and brushed my hair until it became frothy, but this was all left on the comb so I brushed it back ... 01/03/2008

My search Funds

Braun TA 1200 Tassimo Silver/Black 18/02/2008

My swanky new coffee maker thingy

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