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Port Vell, Barceloneta 05/03/2001

Heaven by the sea

Port Vell, Barceloneta Port Vell is the oldest area of the port of Barcelona. After loads of rejuvenation and restructuring in 1990 ready for the Olympics in 1992 it is the most up to date modern dynamic are of Barcelona. it is now one of the most popular parts of the city. Over the sea there is a building called the Maremagnum, which is the most attractive complex in the area. It has heaps of shops in and loads of bars and restaurants. A personal favourite was the yellow Tapas bar on the decking of the area where you can sit in the sun by the sea eating lovely Spanish omelettes. The site also has a huge cinema and a big aquarium, which is so beautiful. You can spend the day in this area of Barcelona without a problem.

La Pedrera, Barcelona 05/03/2001

A beautiful view and the city looks good as well

La Pedrera, Barcelona La Pedrera is in the heart of the Eixample district, the extension of the city planned by the engineer Cerda. The Eixample comprises a body of modern buildings unique in Europe full of beautiful architecture that makes you feel as though you are in another city somewhere. It is really pretty and walking up that road you come across such well-designed and pretty buildings. La Pedrera was deigned by the architect Gaudi is considered the pinnacle of the modernist movement, with its impressive stone façade; Inside you get to visit the a full scale replica apartment at the beginning of the 20th century. You also are able to see the exhibition space in the attic and the amazing rooftop. It is full of drawings; photographs audiovisual displays give us a deep insight into the life and work of Gaudi. It is worth the visit as I really enjoyed it, the types of artwork on the roof are outstanding. You really don’t expect to be in the middle of gingerbread land on top of a city apartment in Barcelona. It even sounds magical and daft! It is really cheap to get in and takes an hour or two to explore and take in the city view. There wa a lift for wheel chairs. A guided tour is offered by tape in different languages but i did not use them as you dont need them. ...

ONeill's 04/03/2001

A lovely Irish proper pub

ONeill's This is a lovely little pub that you don’t expect to find in the middle of the Arcadian centres surrounding areas. It is a typical warm and friendly Irish pub, which has top class live bands doing their thing on a Saturday night. The beer is an average price for an Irish bar although it is slightly cheap then the surrounding pubs I found. They do meals in the day times, which are really nice. They also have a really wide range of people in here. On a Saturday night in particular I went in there and you get students and mid twenties right up to middle-aged and older ;o) It is such a friendly place and everybody there is there for a good time and a beer.

Birmingham Star City Complex, Birmingham 04/03/2001

Great cinema but expensive popcorn

Birmingham Star City Complex, Birmingham After waiting in anticipation of the Star City development I was really pleased. It is really friendly, loads of cool movie stuff around the foyer to look at and loads of places to eat and drink around the complex not in the actual cinema. This cinema is well worth the visit, it is only a tiny bit more expensive then the Odeon cinemas. Student prices are £4 and at the Odeon £3.50 and for that money you get a snazzy building, large cinema rooms, top quality sound system which can knock you off the feet in a scary movie! There are 30 screens and always something worth watching. The seating is great and the chairs are really comfy and huge compared to normal Odeon ones. You can even lift up the armrests to snuggle up with your partner! Sweet ;o) It is just og the M6 and is easy to get to in the car but on the bus it is a bit more trouble. Best bet is to get one from the city centre. It also does a wide range of Asian films. The only bad thing I would say about this place was the price of the popcorn! Ok you get a huge bowl full of it but you don’t get the choice of a smaller more manageable size for one person! Oh the pick N mix is a bit pricey as well.

L`Illa, Barcelona 02/03/2001

Posh shops and posh prices

L`Illa, Barcelona Barcelonas L’illa shopping centre is in the centre of the city on the Av. Diagonal. It has over 130 fashion and accessories, I can tell you it is a woman’s paradise, over 4.000 m2 dedicated to sports and more than 3,000 m2 dedicated to music and literature. There are travel agencies, Restaurants, Cafes, tourist information points and a few craft shops. There are parking facilities and it was free when I went there but that could change. I spent a whole afternoon here, as there are what feels like a lifetime supply of shops. Don’t go here expecting go get traditional local items to take back home. It is full of fashionable international shops at around the same price as you would find in the high quality fashion shops in the UK. It is in an expensive area of Barcelona (Ave. Diagonal) so the prices can be upped here so be warned.

London Bar, Gracia, Barcelona 02/03/2001

Great Spanish Jazz in a locals pub

London Bar, Gracia, Barcelona The London bar is knows in Barcelona as a good venue to see the local Jazz bands live. I went there on a Friday night and the band was really good. The pub itself if not a very nice one but the atmosphere is very local, traditional and very low key. It is off a side street from Le Ramblas and it looks quite small with lots of windows it actually looks like a cafe. It is quite long and thin with a long basically stocked bar to the left. The toilets are basic, very basic… we are talking one toilet with a pull back screen as a door. If you want a very local atmosphere but to feel welcome and some cracking music then this is a place to go, just don’t go expecting a nice prim and proper trendy bar! Highly recommended for a laid back pub if there is a band on.

Parc Güell, Barcelona 02/03/2001

The perfect place to end your afternoon

Parc Güell, Barcelona The famous Park Guell was built between 1900 and 1914 for Eusebi Guell. It was supposed to be an English style residential garden in the city. It was not much of a success back then and became the property of City Hall in 1923. Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi who is responsible for many of the impressive architecture in Barcelona and has inspired the rest of the building work here, designed it. When getting of the bus to go to this park there is a long steep up hill walk and until you get to the top and turn right you have no idea it was there. When you walk up to the entrance of the park you are set upon by two huge almost gingerbread houses built in the style of Gaudi with large curves, mosaic tiles and beautiful colours. Inside the park the first thing you see is a large lizard made completely of mosaic tiles, which has a small fountain underneath it. It looks beautiful and is a major photograph point. Once walking around the park you come across numerous pieces of art and strange monuments along the tree covered pathways. There is also a magnificent serpentine benches decorated in multi coloured ceramic mosaic. The whole park takes an eternity to walk around and absorb all of this creative architecture and is well worth to visit. It is free to get in even though you feel that if you did pay to get in it would be well worth the money. I cannot get over how beautiful this park was. It is a perfect place to either start your day off or finishes off the afternoon there ...

Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona 02/03/2001

The place to start your day trips

Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona The Placa de Catalunya is at the top of Le Ramblas, old Barcelona’s main road. It is right in the centre of the city and like the old with the new. When I was there this is ‘the’ place to start of your day of sight seeing. It is the joining point for many attraction filled roads. It has the tourist office there which can come in useful I can tell you as there are so many places you can go from this starting point. Every morning when I left the hotel my friends and I always walked up Le Ramblas to get out our maps and sit down in one of the many outdoor cafés in the sun to decide where we were going. You are sat surrounded in beautiful Gaudi inspired architecture and monuments you feel very in depth with the Spanish culture. There is an unusual monument whish is a large piece of stone with some stone steps placed on top upside down which creates such an image in such a green square. There are loads of trees and is almost paved park. There are numerous fountains and seats here to sit down and watch the world go by. This is the real heart of Barcelona, it mixes the old with the new and you really do feel at home here. The time flies by when strolling though this idyllic centre.

Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona 02/03/2001

The biggest football stadium i have ever seen

Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona Nou Camp, Barcelona... possibly the most famous football stadium in Europe. This football stadium was so huge I could not get over it. I have been to many British stands and they are jumpers for goalposts compared to this amazing pitch. It has a 120,000 capacity and hosts some of the most famous players such as Figo, and Ronaldo and the most famous games in the world. I am not a football fan in honesty and wet there as it was just one of the sights and I am so glad that I went. You will enjoy this experience if you don’t like football or is your love the game. It is clean, colourful and vibrant. The museum, which is attached to the stadium, is so large and full of beautiful trophies and awards. There are photos of the Barcelona team through the year, video rooms of spectacular matches and the whole history of the team along the walls. There are models of the various football grounds they have owned, which are very life like and minuscule compared to the actual stadium. There are old football toys and games, which the team used to sell to their fans which still work. In the older section of the museum there are wax figures in the old style changing rooms, offices and such like wearing the old football kits which was a nice touch. You can buy tickets for games there when you go and visit for ten pounds or less as long as it is not a major game. It also houses sports awards and information on the various sports that Barcelona as won awards in from hockey, ...

Sagrada Família, Barcelona 02/03/2001

What a spectacular sight

Sagrada Família, Barcelona The world famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi started this temple in 1882. He was the director of the project and worked on it for over 40 years until he died in 1926 with it uncompleted. Work has carried on since his death with the same general plan. It won’t be finished until 2010, which is the expected date for this masterpiece. When I first got of the bus and looked up it knocked the breath out of my chest. The impact of this magnificent architecture is enough to make you sit down for a few minutes. The detail on the front of the building is beautiful. The bell towers are over 100 meters tall and look beautiful against the Barcelona skyline. The whole thing as been built on private donations by people who admire Gaudi’s work. You don’t have to book, you can pay at the gate. If you are there to see the sight rather then take in the masterpiece you could be disappointed with the tour. As the building is only three quarters done the back of the temple is like a shell waiting to be filled. The cranes do spoil the sight to be honest but that can’t b helped! The whole experience will take about an hour although opposite there is a wonderful quaint park that you can sit down, buy a sandwich and sit under the powerful awe of this historic land mark. It is in the Provenca Mallorca part of Barcelona near the Avinguda Diagnal. It is easily accessible by car, coach or bus. I thoroughly enjoyed this visit, I can not get over how fairy tale like the ...

Apartments Grutenberg, Barcelona 02/03/2001

Nice hotel but dont take your kids to that area

Apartments Grutenberg, Barcelona This hotel is situated just off Barcelona’s main road from the port to ‘new’ Barcelona called Le Ramblas. The hotel takes up the end of a street but its front doors are down a side alley, which doesn’t look to good. The entrance to the hotel is nicely decorated and roomy. The rooms are plain, clean and quite roomy. I was in a room for 4 people but there was always enough room. The bathroom was clean and large enough. The hot water was constant and clean. The mini kitchenette is just that, mini! I would not recommend cooking for a family of four as if is a two ring stove with no oven. There is a large fridge, which is handy for keeping light snacks and local food in. There are local super markets, local fresh markets, banks, exchange places, restaurants, bars and clubs only a five minute walk away. It is across the main road from the newly developed port and the small beach is only five to ten minutes walk away. The only problem with this hotel I would honestly say is that you have to walk through a back street that looks fairly unpleasant and does not make you feel safe although whilst I was there I didn’t witness any trouble. The main problem is down these side streets there are a lot of prostitutes and transvestite prostitutes so it is not very good for children. On the main road, Le Ramblas, there was a very obvious illuminated peep show just around the corner of the hotel but can be avoided by walking in the centre of the pedestrian road. ...

McClusky's, Birmingham 02/03/2001

Look nice but don't judge a book by its cover

McClusky's, Birmingham This is a bar i go to fairly often because it is near my favourite pubs! If you’re not up to a nightclub but want a bit more then a pub this is the place. It is dark, dance floor is a good size, the bar is large, toilets are good, music is great and it is layered. The entrance is really posh and nice looking with an elegant glass lift and presentable staff and bouncers. Inside it is full of students and early twenties fun loving people. This club tends to have a large misfit of people but tends to get a fair few pervy blokes in, wouldn't be bad if they were lookers! The drinks are reasonably priced at around £3 for a pint of lager and a coke. I would recommend this place as it has a nice atmosphere when it is busy. Saturday nights are normally better then Friday but both are good. Sometimes it gets quiet around midnight before it picks up after that. There are always members of staff handing out leaflets for discounted entrance arounf 10.30 - 11.30

RSVP Bar, Birmingham 02/03/2001

Unless your in a suit

RSVP Bar, Birmingham RSVP is in a business area of Birmingham, you will find the regulars are all in their mid twenties to forties all wearing fashionable suits, mobile phones out and trying to get the female receptionist drunk and in to bed. On a Saturday they have a DJ but the dace area is limited. The general atmosphere is 'if you don't have a snazzy car you can't be in our crowd' types on the weekday evenings. During the week the food there is great and in the afternoon it has a nice relaxed atmosphere. The lunchtime rush is very business like so steer clear if you want a friendly laid back place to eat. The drinks are averagely pricey for a city like Birmingham and the choice is fairy wide. The pub is laid out well, toilets are clean, lots of tables and a nice long bar. There is a central area that has little foot high stools and nice leather beanbags with low tables for relaxing which is quite cool. ...

Hideous Kinky (DVD) 01/03/2001

The very long yarn in Morrocco

Hideous Kinky (DVD) The gorgeous Kate Winslet and the two children were superb actresses. It makes you long for the picture perfect, intelligent and lusting for life experiences the spectacular scenery in Morocco and the invite to look upon the indigenous culture was superb. The story line however is all over the place, things just happen for no reason and little consequence making it a film you could miss ten minutes of and it wouldn’t matter as you can pick up what you would normally call a plot at any time. The beautiful country makes up for the disappointing story, be warned don’t expect a thrilling adventure.

Cube (DVD) 01/03/2001

Such a weird film but worth the watch

Cube (DVD) This is not the type of film I normally watch, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. You have to have a clear head and no interruptions to watch this film and it makes you keep your eye on the ball. The plot is very simple although the content is shocking and sick. There blood and cuts is fairly minimal for a scary film, it leans more to physiologically scare you, which makes it such a thrilling watch. The end of the film ends in such a way to keep you guessing, thinking and contemplating if such a thing could exist or what it’s purpose would be. I do feel that a little more cold have been explained on the end.
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