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Stardrops Concentrated Cleaner Original 30/10/2017

The Stardrop Incredibly Disgusting Oven Cleaning Challenge!

Stardrops Concentrated Cleaner Original Recently I have been attempting an incredibly slow-moving clean up of my house....anything more than a snails pace puts me off for months so it has to be done gradually (lazily) One of the biggest challenges in the clean up is the kitchen, and my arch enemy is undoubtedly the Oven. How many times have I cleaned the oven and promised myself that I will wipe it down everyday to keep it clean and keep the grease build up at bay.....countless times.....and how many times have I actually followed through....never! So it was with a sense of determination that I went to the Poundshop looking for cleaning products. I saw the Stardrops Concentrated Original Cleaner and decided to buy it. I was almost swayed to buy a version containing Ammonia but felt that original products are usually the best. Perhaps unsurprisingly from the Poundshop the price of the Stardrops cleaner was a pound. About Stardrops Stardrops is a British company that was first established in 1946. They offer a really wide range of Cleaning fluids and in the Poundshop alone I found at least 8 different products including Hob Cleaner, Mould and Mildew Remover and Carpet Stain remover to name but a few. According to their website all products are produced in Britain and they have been keeping British homes sparkling for 70 years. Something tells me it wont make my home sparkling....I would settle for a dull shine! Packaging The Stardrops Cleaner comes in a 750ml clear bottle. It has an embossed message near the ...

Say Cheese and Die! (Goosebumps) - R. L. Stine 12/09/2017

The Camera Never Lies!

Say Cheese and Die! (Goosebumps) - R. L. Stine My daughter loves My Little Pony and her favourite movie is Beauty and the Beast, but as I mentioned in a previous review, she definitely has a dark side and loves anything creepy or spooky....a future goth phase beckons I think! So with that in mind, you might not be surprised that she was able to root out a 'Goosebumps' book at the local library this summer and since finding it we have read 6 more. This is a review of one of those books and is called 'Say Cheese and Die!' Where Can I Buy It? Having looked online 'Say Cheese and Die' is not widely available, but can be found on Amazon. The prices vary, a used copy can be picked up for 19p with £2.70 delivery while a new version is being sold for £25! A kindle version can be downloaded for the more sensible price of £4.07. About The Author R.L Stine is an American author who specialises in spooky pre-teen fiction. Between 1992 and 1997 Stine wrote 62 short stories for young teens under the header Goosebumps, 'Say Cheese And Die' being 4th in the series. Nearly all of the books are seperate stories though some of the most popular have follow ups. The main gist of each story is a 12-13 year old child, discovering something creepy and overcoming it....until the twist ending that is! You might be interested to know there used to be a Goosebumps series and a young Ryan Gosling played the main character in the adaptation of 'Say Cheese And Die'. Whats The Book About? 'Say Cheese And Die' tells the story of four 12 year old ...

Claude on Holiday - Alex T. Smith 04/09/2017

J'adore Claude

Claude on Holiday - Alex T. Smith My dad loves to shop at second hand markets to buy things for my daughter, often buying her books. Most of the time they are either too young or too old for her, but recently he managed to pick one that was just about her age range. With that introduction you might be expecting the book to be 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears', but no, its called 'Claude on Holiday'. Where Can I Buy It? As my dad bought this book second hand I dont have any personal knowledge of the price, but having looked online, it is in stock online at Waterstones for £5.99 (not sure about availability in store) It is slightly cheaper at at £4.79. About The Author Alex T. Smith is the author of 'Claude on Holiday'. He is an English Author and Illustrator who specialises in gently humerous books for children. 'Claude on Holiday' is actually just one of a number of Claude books, including 'Claude at the Circus' and most recently 'Claude: Lights! Camera! Action!. There are 10 Claude books in total. In 2013 the rights to the 'Claude' character were purchased by a production company with the hopes to make a cartoon for kids aged 4-6, but as of yet nothing has come of it. What's The Book About? 'Claude on Holiday' begins with a brief introduction to Claude and his life. Claude is a little plump dog who lives in a house with his owners Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes. When they go to work, Claude retrieves his best friend Sir Bobblysock from under the blankets and their adventures begin. Claude ...

The Worst Child I Ever Had - Anne Fine 30/08/2017

Not An Asbo In Sight!

The Worst Child I Ever Had - Anne Fine This Summer my 6 year old daughter decided she wanted to take part in the 'Summer Reading Challenge' which had been promoted at her school. It basically meant reading six library books over the course of the summer, for which you would receive a couple of stickers, a rubber bracelet and a certificate.....I wish she was motivated to do other things with such little incentive! So we popped down to the library and one of the books she picked up was 'The Worst Child I Ever Had' by Anne Fine. About The Author Anne Fine is an English writer who mainly specialises in childrens books, having written over 50 different books for children. Anne Fine credits a snowstorm for kick starting her writing career. At home with her young daughter, she couldnt get to the library during a snowstorm and so decided to write books instead, and she continued on from there....I think that's what my reviews have been lacking...snowstorms! Since then she has won numerous awards and was made Childrens Laureate from 2001-2003. You might be surprised to hear that one of her books for older children was adapted for film and became the movie 'Mrs Doubtfire' starring Robin Williams. So What's The Book About? 'The Worst Child I Ever Had' begins in a park with 3 different Nannies/Childminders looking after 3 sets of children while discussing the worst child they had ever looked after. Two of the Nannies tell their stories but Mrs Mackle, the most senior of them, believes she has them beat with the story ...

The Simpsons Movie (DVD) 25/08/2017

'You Laughed, So I'm Off The Hook'!

The Simpsons Movie (DVD) The Simpsons has been a part of my life since I was 7 years old. Like most fans, I started off by loving Bart, then Homer and now I love all of the characters (apart from Krusty...never Krusty!) If asked I could even recite the words to the song 'Do The Bartman'. I've never been asked... but I'm willing and ready! So it was with some trepidation that I watched 'The Simpsons Movie' when it first came out....I had my fingers crossed that it would be good. What is The Simpsons? I will keep this short as I am pretty sure that most people know what 'The Simpsons' is. The Simpsons is an animated sitcom about an American family that started in 1989 and is in fact the longest running sitcom and longest running animated series in history. The cartoon originally focused on the Simpson family consisting of Mum and Dad Marge and Homer and the kids Bart, Lisa and Maggie. As it grew in popularity other characters started to get more screen time and now characters such as Moe, Flanders, Skinner and Mr Burns are as well known as the Simpsons themselves. The Simpsons Movie came out in 2007 and despite the fact that there were many series before and since you dont need much more than a vague familiarity with the characters to enjoy it. Any Special Guest Voices? Given the amount of special guests 'The Simpsons' series has had over the years, the movie didnt include many stars. Apart from the band Greenday and the actor Tom Hanks, the rest of the cast were Simpsons regulars and for me the ...

Goosebumps (DVD) 22/08/2017

Things That Go BUMP In The Night!

Goosebumps (DVD) My mild mannered 6 year old daughter has a secret, a secret that is almost worthy of a Goosebumps novel....she is an absolute horror fiend. She loves anything creepy, spooky or just plain weird! I dont put too much thought into why shes like that...I know she inherited this quirk from me, so when I heard about the new Goosebumps movie I knew it was a film that we would both more than likely enjoy. Is The Goosebumps Movie Based on a Book? Yes and No. The Goosebumps Movie is actually based on 62 books! Between 1992 and 1997 the author R.L Stine wrote 62 short stories for young teens under the header Goosebumps. Nearly all of the books are seperate stories though some of the most popular have follow ups. The main gist of each story is a 12-13 year old child, discovering something creepy and overcoming it....until the twist ending that is! The Goosebumps series have proved to be incredibly popular and some say that Stine has sold more books than Stephen King, a statement that even appears in the movie. While watching this movie you need no prior knowledge of any of R.L Stines books to enjoy. Anyone Famous in it? There are not actually many famous faces in this movie. Jack Black as Mr Shivers is the most recognisable actor and you might know him from films such as 'School of Rock' and the 'Kung Fu Panda' series. Dylan Minnette as Zach might also be somewhat recognisable. Since he made Goosebumps he has become famous for his role in the teen drama series "13 Reasons Why". ...

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant 20/08/2017

WARNING: Not To Be Confused With Spray Paint!

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser Cocoa Radiant As usual this Summer I was fooled into thinking that we would have months of sunny, hot weather instead of the couple of weeks we actually got. Spurred on by this idea I decided that I wanted my skin to look a bit more luminous and so went to Superdrug to see what they had in the way of body moisturiser. While there I picked up Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser in the Cocoa Radiant version. It was a product I hadnt used before so I was interested to see whether it would work. Price I bought this product about 3 months ago and actually cant remember how much I paid for it. Looking on the Superdrug website today I have seen its £5.99 for 190ml. Each version is the same price. I hope it was on offer at the time and I didnt pay £5.99 for it! To me that seems a little excessive for a generic high street brand moisturiser. Packaging and Options Vaseline Spray Moisturiser comes in 4 options, Cocoa Radiant, Aloe Sooth, Essential Moisture and Advanced Repair. As this is a Cocoa Radiant review I will just say that the tin for Aloe Sooth is green, Essential Moisture is yellow and Advanced Repair is White. The Cocoa Radiant tin that I have is slightly different to that pictured above as it seems they may have repackaged it from being called Spray and Go to just being called a Spray Moisturiser. This tin is straight up and down only slightly curving at the top where the spray head is located. The tin is rather large about 35cm high and is quite plain in the sense that it is ...

Calvin Klein CK Beauty Eau de Parfum Spray 18/08/2017

Beauty is in the NOSE of the Beholder!

Calvin Klein CK Beauty Eau de Parfum Spray Not too long ago I was in Superdrug and saw that they had an offer on Calvin Klein Beauty Eau de Parfum. I have never been overly keen on Calvin Klein perfumes, but decided to give this a try. Price Even though this perfume was on offer in Superdrug, the price still could not compete with internet prices, so I went online to buy CK Beauty. I bought 100ml of this perfume for £23.95 from FragranceDirect. They don't currently seem to be selling it, but you can buy it at Allbeauty for a similar price and 50ml is being sold for about £19. Packaging The box for Ck Beauty is incredibly plain. It is a flat plain white box with a ghostly metallic hoop on the front. The words Calvin Klein Beauty is written in black in the middle of the hoop in the classic Calvin Klein style font. Although the box is very plain I think it looks plain in a classic way rather than a boring way, however I would say its not eye catching at all. The bottle is made from a heavy clear glass and is coloured only by the light amber perfume inside. It is an oval shape with a very thick glass bottom. I really like this aspect as it gives the illusion that the perfume is almost suspended inside the bottle. The writing on the bottle is in exactly the same style as the box, and the atomiser is metallic silver as is the heavy oblong shaped lid. I personally like this bottle and I would say that despite its plain style it is still attractive and would suit most tastes. Scent CK Beauty is marketed as an elegant ...

Vera Wang Love Struck Floral Rush Eau de Parfum 17/07/2017

Should you RUSH to buy this?

Vera Wang Love Struck Floral Rush Eau de Parfum Not so long ago I needed to buy a perfume for a friend. Taking a recommendation from another friend I decided to buy Vera Wang's Love Struck Floral Rush and being the greedy so and so that I am, I decided to buy one for myself too. Price I bought 30ml of Floral Rush from This was about a month ago and at that time they were selling it for £12.50. It is now currently being sold for £13.95 at the same shop. The RRP on the website is said to be £40, which I think is a pretty ridiculous suggestion as you can even buy 100ml from the Superdrug website for £35. Packaging The box for Floral Rush is quite plain in style as it is just a rather large box shape, but it gives quite a strong impression because of the bold colours used. The box is a deep purple colour, while the writing is somewhere between lime green and yellow. The writing is diagonal across the bottle and is in an informal handwritten style and decorated by an arrow which runs through the words. From the box I would guess this perfume is aimed at the younger market as it is perhaps too tacky and cheap looking for older generations. Overall I personally think the box is fine, but I do feel some could consider it as cheap looking. I feel that where they skimped on the design of the box they went somewhat overboard on the design of the bottle. The bottle itself is a basic glass rectangle shape in a pretty shade of translucent purple. The writing on the bottle is the same as the box and it is topped with a ...

Maxfactor Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish 09/02/2017

Has Max Factor Nailed It?

Maxfactor Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish For about 2 months every year (usually around christmas time) I get really into painting my nails, and then as suddenly as the nail polish frenzy begins, it ends again. During the nail polish mania of 2016, I bought Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish...and I was excited to try it. What is it? Glossfinity nail polish is a Max Factor polish that claims to last for 7 days. It is available in 26 shades such as Royal Blue and Disco Pink (more on that later) and promises to give a high gloss professional finish. Price I was lucky enough to get my Glossfinity at the Pound Shop, but if you cant find it there, it is possible to buy it from Boots and Superdrug for the more expensive price of £5.99, however I noticed quite a few colours seem to be out of stock. The Bottle The Bottle is pretty ordinary as far as nail polish bottles go. It is a rectangular bottle with a black tube shaped lid. Max Factor is written on the front of the bottle in gold writing, as is the name Glossfinity and the statement "glossy nails for up to 7 days". The name of the polish is written on the back on one of those peel off labels. Overall I think the bottle is fine and I like the fact that the bottle is rectangular in shape as it gives you something to grip when you need to open the bottle. The Colour The colour I have is called "Virtual Fuchsia" and is numbered 118, but the weird thing is I cant find this colour listed in the 26 signature shades on sale in the UK. I searched around on the net and it ...

Burberry Brit Rhythm Women Eau de Toilette 02/02/2017

Is It A Brit Of All Right?

Burberry Brit Rhythm Women Eau de Toilette A couple of Christmases ago I received 90ml of Burberry Brit Rhythm Eau de Toilette. I had never had a Burberry Perfume before or even smelt one, so I was eager to see what this was like. The Price If you are interested in buying a 90ml bottle of Brit Rhythm it will set you back about £25.95 from, the recommended purchase price is claimed to be £69 which seems expensive to me. If you prefer the smaller 30ml bottle, that would be £14.95 also from The Packaging The box for Brit Rhythm is plain in style. It is quite a flat rectangular box in a beige/very pale pink colour and has a waffled texture to the cardboard which I imagine is a subtle nod to the famous checked Burberry pattern. The writing runs vertically from bottom to top and is silver in colour, with the word Brit written in very large writing and the words Burberry and Rhythm in a smaller font. I would say the box is quite uninspiring and I cant imagine that the box would encourage me to try the perfume, perhaps a a more vibrant colour would have been better. I would say the bottle is a little more attractive. Again It is a flat rectangular shape and the glass is textured with the same Burberry pattern as the box. The pattern adds a bit more interest to the bottle than to the box as it makes the bottle nice to touch as well as look at. The only writing on the bottle is around the silver atomiser head and as you might imagine it just says the name of the perfume. I would say the lid is ...

Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck 26/01/2017

Keep on Truckin!

Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck During the Christmas period my daughter created many draft versions of her Christmas list. When she finally gave me the finished version I found that she hadn't asked for much, but the one item that she had on all her drafts and on the final list, was the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck. I wasnt too happy to get her this particular toy...I could get on board with Shopkins and even the gross version of Shopkins called Grossery Gang but Num Noms felt like it was a step too far! I begrudgingly decided to get it for her, but I still wasnt keen. I ordered the Num Nom truck from Argos for £24.99...I felt this was expensive but I couldnt see it cheaper anywhere else. I am quite shocked to see it is now being sold for £32.99. Although an £8 rise might not seem like much, I think it takes the Num Nom truck from being 'expensive' to being 'too expensive'. It is also being sold in Toys 'r' us for a slightly cheaper £29.99. If you have never heard of Num Noms quite frankly you are not missing much at all...however pointless you think Shopkins are, these are worse. In a nutshell they are small scented rubbery cup shaped thingys that are styled to look and smell like various foods. So you might get a Pizza style Num Nom, or a Tropical Ice Cream Num Nom....they also have a little face on them, which actually isnt all that cute. Some Num Noms come with lip glosses, some with stamps and some with a little plastic motorised Num Nom that moves. Apart from the collectible aspect of Num Noms one ...

Hasbro Elefun & Friends Crocodile Dentist 24/01/2017

Needs More Bite!

Hasbro Elefun & Friends Crocodile Dentist I purchased Crocodile Dentist in the run up to Christmas as a present for my daughter who is almost 6 years old. I bought Crocodile Dentist from Argos as part of their 2 for £25 deal, but I cannot remember what the individual price the moment the individual price is £18.99 and it is still available in the 2 for £25 deal. Crocodile Dentist comes in a large bright and attractive box. The head of a cartoon Crocodile almost looks like its bursting through the box and in the corner is an image of two children playing the game. I think most children would be very interested in this game because of the decoration on the box and would be excited to play. The box states that the game is for children aged 4 and over, so my daughter seems a pretty good age for this game. When you open the box you find the Crocodiles head, which is obviously what you use to play the game, and a small sticker sheet with the Crocodiles eyes on, which the children can stick on themselves with no difficulty. As you can probably tell, setting up the game was very easy. The aim of the game is quite simple. The mouth of the Crocodile is opened and the players take turns pressing down the teeth until the trigger tooth is pressed and the Crocodile snaps his jaws shut on the losing player. The trigger tooth changes position each time. My daughter and myself began playing this game. She was very excited by the prospect of being chomped on by the Crocodile...and a bit nervous too. As she pushed down ...

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream 22/01/2017

More Moringa For Me Please

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream Until recently I hadn't been in The Body Shop for over 15 years, but as I was struggling to find a gift for someone I decided to take a look and since then I have bought a few items every now and again. One of these items was Moringa Hand Cream. It is £4 for 30ml, but I would suggest to anyone who is buying from The Body Shop online to have a really good look around online for money off codes as The Body Shop do have some very good deals...often as much as half price off when using codes. Many people may not have heard of the Moringa tree before....I personally hadn't heard much about it apart from the fact that it is used by some people for medicinal purposes. But having read a little about it, it can be used in food, for water purification and is very high in vitamin C. I really like the packaging for this hand cream. I have been trying to think of a word to describe it....all I can think of is the word industrial...but I know thats not quite is basic but attractive. It is a silver tube with a yellow/green sheen, topped with a simple black lid. Although the lid is quite small I'm happy because the hand cream is able to stand on its lid...its annoying when a bottle cant balance on its lid. There is a light yellow stripe on the tube and on this stipe is an image of the Moringa flower, which to me resembles a flower such as Honeysuckle. Beneath the picture it says "The Body Shop, Moringa Hand Cream" in bold black writing and underneath that in smaller writing it ...

Drumond Park Dig In 20/01/2017

Can you Dig it?

Drumond Park Dig In While browsing Argos online for various gifts for my daughter, I came across the game Dig in. I had never heard of it before but as I was looking for games that we could play as a family I thought it looked like it would be a good choice. I paid £14.99 for Dig In at Argos. At the time I felt it was a little expensive for a game that I hadnt heard of, but after checking the website I have seen that the price has now increased to £19.99 so it seems I got a bit of a bargain. The box that I received is a little different from the one that is pictured as instead of blue it is decorated in shades of red, however the images of gameplay look more or less the same. I would say the box looks fun and exciting and it certainly helped to tempt me to buy a game I had never heard of before. The box says the game is for two to four people and is for ages 8 and above. My daughter is not yet 6 so I was curious whether she would be able to play the game. When you open the box you find a large white plastic bowl set in a white square frame for stability. You also find lots of small different coloured plastic pieces in various shapes such as shoes, buttons and toilets. There is also a circular buzzer/timer in the box as well as a number of cards that show pictures of 6 of the pieces in black and white on one side and 6 of the pieces in colour on the other. The game needs very minimal set up as all you have to do is empty all the coloured pieces into the bowl and place the buzzer within ...
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