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Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation 30/03/2009

Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup - will it make you look photoshopped?

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Firstly, I'd just like to confirm this IS the same old SarahLouise who used to write pretty much one review everyday for years, some four or so years ago! For those of you who may remember me/my username, you might be shocked to see me writing about a makeup product! More on this in a jiffy... ~ So why did you decide to use Lily Lolo makeup? ~ For me, the question would usually simply be why would I decide to use makeup at all? I've always been a tomboy at heart and, even when under significant peer pressure at high school, I never bothered weather any. That was largely up until last year. A few years ago, I suffered from a bout of depression which really knocked my confidence for six. Then last year I came down with a rare form of rosacea which is a skin condition that starts off looking not disimilar to teenage acne. Having suffered with bad acne as a teenager (and consequently a year or two on antibiotics to clear that up), I was gutted when, at the age of 23/24, I seemingly had acne again. When I was diagnosed as having rosacea (which involved a biopsy being taken from my face) I was gutted as this condition can stay with people for life - with no known cause and no particularly brilliant cures. So that was that. With my confidence knocked and my youthful looks as it was, I was feeling uber conscious of my skin AND I was getting sick of being asked for I.D. all the time. The clincher was this Valentines Day (Feb 14th, 2009) when I was buying a comedy DVD ...

Peugeot 207 1.4 m:play Hatchback 02/06/2008

Peugeot 207 - taking you for a pleasurable drive!

Peugeot 207 1.4 m:play Hatchback Well, another return for SarahLouise! I've not written anything for Ciao since 14th March 2007 - I can't believe it has been so long! I'm truly shocked. A lot has happened since then in the life of Sarah I can tell you - not least of all being I'm now a mummy!! But, onwards to the review.... First things first, this review is NOT technically or the "m:play" model. But as Ciao don't actually have a "Peugeot 207 1.4" section without this little addition (basically just a socket for MP3 players), I didn't want to wait weeks and weeks for the section to be added. I couldn't put off my desire to get back into review writing on hold any longer! So, this review will be for the Peugeot 1.4. My particular model is the "S" model and has air conditioning. As usual, the car comes with a variety of model options, "S" being the second from the bottom. As the lowest range spec car didn't come with an option of having air conditioning in it at all and as this was on my list of "wants", I had to go for the next model up - the "S" in order so that it would come with air con. The "Urban" is the lowest spec car, the "m:play" being the next one up from the "S" and finally there is the "Sport". I was fussy back then you see! I bought my car in September 2006 - just when the new "56" registration plates came out. I bought my car new from a Peugeot dealer in North Wales. Amazed at being offered £4000 part ex for my little (much missed!) 1.0 litre Corsa, I simply had to go with ...

NatWest 14/03/2007

NatWest - super service until theres a problem!

NatWest Having banked with NatWest essentially all my life (well, since I set up my very first bank account with them over 7 years ago), I have never had a problem with them. In fact, if asked, at one point I would have quite happily heartily recommended them to anyone. The service I used to receive in my ex-local branch was second to none. Friendly and helpful Customer Service people. Excellent range of accounts to suit everyones needs. Rates that were always in line with their competitors (give or take, at times). Even handier was that a few years ago they even started advertising that they would only ever have UK based call centres too so you were assured you'd be able to understand those people on the other ends of the telephones if you ever neede to ring them. What more could you need from your bank? Of course most of use use and abuse our bank accounts without giving them overly much thought (except perhaps just before pay-day when we're all running low on cash!) It isn't until you find yourself no longer able to use your bank account for whatever reason that you realise just how dependant you are on it. This is exactly the situation I have found myself in recently.... albeit not even that recently. It seems like an age ago that the problem first arose. Only today has it been fully resolved. And hence the reason for this article. One major thing anyone needs from their bank is efficient Customer Service when there does happens to be a problem. This is where NatWest ...

Bahia Principe San Juan, Puerto Plata 01/04/2006

"I Want to Buy a Melon!"

Bahia Principe San Juan, Puerto Plata Back in January when I was getting pig-sick of the cold, miserable weather, I took it upon myself to set myself a mission. As I'd never been abroad and I've always wanted to go somewhere outside of the British Isles, I gently started to persuade my (then*) boyfriend to go down to the First Choice Holiday Hypermarket at the Team Valley Trading Estate. This didn't take TOO much persuasion. After flicking through some brochures, I got my heart set on the Dominican Republic as the temperatures suited me for March (our chosen time for our holiday). Average temperatures on the island are between 27'C-31'C for March. Perfect! Not too hot and most definitely not too cold! [* = some good news.... my boyfriend became my fiance as of February 14th!] So after handing my debit card over (gulp) to folk out just over £1,300 for the two of us for one week all inclusive in March, that was it, I'd booked my first holiday abroad!! I couldn't wait! We didn't do too much research into the island or indeed our resort beforehand, basically we went with the Bahia Principe Hotel in San Juan (on the North of the island) because the travel agent offered us the best rate for this one at the time. I am most definitely pleased she did though as I can't really fault the resort beyond a couple (and I do only mean a couple) of minor niggles. More on those later though. Firstly, let me get back to my holiday memories and review the hotel and the island.... Firstly, San Juan is classed as a city on ...

Ice Age (DVD) 28/03/2006

A Mammoth, a Sloth, a Saber Tooth and a Baby?

Ice Age (DVD) Well I've never really been known for being overly prompt in reviewing films/DVD's, have I? I'm usually reviewing them years after their original release date simply because I used to rarely visit the cinema and I NEVER buy DVDs or videos. So usually I just wait for good ol' BBC, ITV, Channel 4 or Channel 5 to catch up! I am slowly getting better with regards to viewing DVD's though for one simple reason.... my fiance. He's a DVD-aholic so I have easy access to loads and loads of DVDs! However, on this one occasion, even he didn't have the DVD of choice.... however, not to worry as his dad did! DVD of choice for the weekend just gone was that of Ice Age. Originally released in 2002, I'm only a mere 4 years late in reviewing this film! ~~~ WHAT'S THE MOVIE ABOUT? ~~~ The movie is set at the beginning of the Ice Age when all of the Earth's animals are heading for warmer pastures, all except Manfred, a huge woolly mammoth who simply wants to be on his own. We don't learn why Manfred (isn't that just a great name?!) wants to be on his own necessarily but he's not a very happy mammoth. He's grouchy and moody and generally not nice to be around but as usual with such films, you soon learn to love him! Also, as usual with such films, Manfred doesn't get it easy. Does he get to be alone? Does he heck! He soon as the "misfortune" to bump into Sid the tree sloth who just will not leave him alone, regardless of how grouchy and moody he gets. Sid clings on (after all, ...

Mr And Mrs Smith (DVD) 06/03/2006

About as bad as being called Mr and Mrs Bloggs!

Mr And Mrs Smith (DVD) Yup, you guessed it, this film is/was to blame about all the rumours surrounding whether Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were an item or not. So, we have this film to blame for all those darned headlines that no one but those who like to keep up to date with useless gossip were interested in! So, if you've not already guessed it, this film features two A-list celebrities as its main cast. Angelina Jolie plays Jane Smith while Brad Pitt plays John Smith. Imagine being called Smith. I wonder how many people must presume you're joking when you tell them your surname!? Worse still, being called Bloggs and then naming your child "Joe". Cruel people!! :o) Well we bought this DVD not long ago and finally got around to watching it last night as there was nowt on the telly (nothing new there then for a Saturday night!) ~ THE PLOT ~ The film starts with John and Jane Smith talking to a marriage counsellor as their marriage is going through a difficult time, after 5 (or is it 6?! [in joke!]) years they are starting to grow apart and feel they have lost the excitement in their marriage. I liked the start of this film I must admit, it was a little different to just the usual "plunge you into an immediate action or sex scene to grab your attention" style start. However, life is not so mundane as they're making out to one another. For not only is one of them a secret spy and assassin, they both are. Except of course, being the nature of the business, they both have to ...

eBay Turbo Lister 27/02/2006

Become an eBay addict, just like me!

eBay Turbo Lister EBay launched a tool a couple of years ago to try and boost the number of listings its Power Sellers were uploading. It was and still is to this day an extremely popular 'tool' going by the name of "Turbo Lister". It certainly aids anyone who uploads anything to sell on eBay, not just those who are Power Sellers. In my time I have been a Power Seller on eBay and have uploaded hundreds upon hundreds of auctions over the years. I can honestly say though that without such a tool as Turbo Lister, I might not have even become such an eBay selling addict as I once were. I certainly would never have even attempted at uploading as many auctions as I used to do! I first came across Turbo Lister probably about 2 years ago now when I first started uploading more than the odd item onto eBay. I had never heard of it prior to a friend mentioning it to me in passing, very much along the lines of "you mean you don't already use Turbo Lister?" She was astonished I'd never heard of it, never mind never used it! You can download it for free from the eBay website. I won't bother putting a link to it as this changes regularly enough as it is. Just go to the help section and type in "Turbo Lister" and you'll be taken to a link from where to download it. It is 100% free. SO WHAT DOES IT DO? EBay Turbo Lister is a program where you can build up your auction pages on your hard drive (just as you would through the web site) and then you upload them all to your eBay account all at ...

Sin City (DVD) 19/02/2006

Eh? What? Am I missing something?

Sin City (DVD) Given Sin City (released in 2005) received a LOT of praise (and largely has done well from the reviews written right here on Ciao too), I felt I had to spend a few moments casting my own views on the film for you. Largely because my views differ from those who've rated this film as "5/5 - superb piece of cinematography!", etc, etc. YES, this film features some superb cinematography. Certainly like nothing I've seen before. It's new, its different, its vibrant. However, that might just be the problem. Is it perhaps TOO new and different? In my books, it is. Sin City was flagged as being the first film shot with "cartoon strip" style cinematography. Now when I first heard this, I wasn't sure what that actually meant. Did that mean it was essentially a cartoon in feature film length? Was it all drawings and animation? No. It features real actors. However, the real actors are doing unreal things. Sure, maybe they're "superheros", not disimilar to those in films such as "The Fantastic Four". However, the big problem with Sin City is that they are NOT essentially superheros or people perceived as being with super-human powers. They're perceived as being normal people but whom just appear to get hit by cars and continously shot without it seemingly having an effect on them. This film is just out and out weird. I could finish this review there and be done with it, but for those who may wish to read further, I won't! In case you've not already guessed, I can honestly say ...

Everything that starts with F ... 28/09/2005

Yup, Sarah Lou does yet another challenge op!

Everything that starts with F ... Here it it. Nicky's A-Z challenge! I would've put this in the Everything that starts with N but alas I've already used that letter for another op so decided to randomly stick it in the letter F category! A - Last time you ate an apple? *************** *************** ***** About a week ago. I tend to go through phases with regards to apples. I decided a few weeks back that I was in an apple phase so ate quite a few, this slowly dwindled into eating just one last week and I've not had any this week (so far) as the ones I bought last week have now gone off a little. My excuse for this week though is that I had my lip pierced last weekend so the apple I had last week had to be chopped up in order for me to be able to eat it. As apples go brown so darned quickly, I had to eat it quite quickly which didn't do my lip any favours. I like that excuse and I'm sticking to it!! :o) B - Ever fancied a bungy jump? *************** *************** **** Oh yes, I very nearly did one about 7 or so years back too when there were bungee jumps being offered for a few pounds at a local fayre. The sole reason why I didn't bother in the end was because they just weren't exciting enough looking.... the drop just wasn't high enough to make me want to do one. I would rather pay a little more but do a decent one - y'know, one that you'd really regret the decision over just before you had to jump! C - Last time you cried? *************** *********** Ummm, the last time I cried ...

The Bourne Identity (DVD) 20/09/2005

Who am I again?

The Bourne Identity (DVD) Wow, two film reviews out of SarahLouise within a two week period... what is the world coming to?! Having recently upped sticks and departed the sunny North Wales shore to be with my other half in the cold North East, I've found myself watching many, many more films. This is because he has a rather impressive collection of videos and DVDs. (Given I've only owned one DVD in my entire life, I suppose anything more than 5 DVDs would be an impressive collection to me, but when I say its impressive, I really do mean it in this instance!!) I've lost count how many DVDs there are on the shelves but suffice to say, I've watched loads and still have loads to go at. Which is superb as I would usually just wait until a film was shown on the TV and watch it then instead! So, as of last night, we sat down to watch The Bourne Identity. Released in 2002, I could remember seeing all the trailers for the film but must admit, I didn't really know what it was about. It was one of those that I wasn't overly bothered about seeing at the cinema at the time of the release although it did look quite interesting. Needless to say, I never got around to seeing it at the cinema so was still in the dark as to what the plot actually was about. The plot is a rather unusual one to say the least. Not difficult to follow or too far fetched though in my opinion (as a lot of "unusual" plots can be). The basic gist of the film is that a man's body is found floating in the sea by a fishing boat. ...

Dukes of Hazzard (2005) 16/09/2005

Di du doo doo do do do do do do do dooooo

Dukes of Hazzard (2005) (Ok, apologies for the title.... its just I've got that darned "di du doo doo do do do do do do do dooooo" sound of the General Lee's horn in my head!) This'll be my first film review for some time so bare with me! :o) First things first, I will point out right from the start that Dukes of Hazzard never really appealed to me. (The film, that is....) To be perfectly honest, I'd never really even heard of it before, I certainly don't recall seeing any of the programmes which first started in the late 70's. They have of course been repeated but I still have yet to catch an episode. Seeing the trailers for this film did absolutely nowt for me either I must confess. Two guys, in a daft looking car with the dumbest (bleach) blonde on the planet (very close to Jade from Big Brother - not too sure who would win the contest for most thick!) We have Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville playing cousins, Bo and Luke Duke. They're the ones with the daft looking car. The orange one, named The General Lee. It is this car that has the "di du doo doo do do do do do do do dooooo" horn. Another cousin of theirs is that of Jessica Simpson (yup, the dumb (bleach) blonde). She plays Daisy Duke and is seemingly in the film for one purpose - to attract a male audience! She plays THAT role well I must say, but her acting ability leaves a lot to be desired! Bo and Luke Duke are far from law abiding. Their main crime is that of delivering Moon Shine (made by their Uncle Jesse ...

Pets at home (Shop) 06/09/2005

Pets are Family - assuming they don't all die...

Pets at home (Shop) (Updates found to the end of this review) Well, where to start? I used to absolutely love Pets at Home. Having been an animal lover all my life I was delighted when Pets at Home first landed here in the UK back in 1991 (after the demise of the PetsMart stores throughout the country). The store practically has everything any pet owner could ever need. They stock all necessary (and luxury) items for out canine, feline, feathered, furry and fishy friends. Many stores also used to stock items for our reptilian friends but Pets at Home appear to have ceased this throughout the UK some years back. So whether you're after/have already got a dog, cat, bird, rodent or fish, you're sure to find what you want in a Pets at Home store. Many prices are competitive and some deals you can get are very good indeed, especially some of their "all in one" type packages (otherwise widely referred to as "Starter Kits" where you get the cage/tank/etc. with everything you need to start up with a certain animal). This is the good side to Pets at Home. However, with all good things come some bad points.... First however, let me just explain why I've recently been spending a lot of time at my local Pets at Home store. Some weeks back (14 to be precise), my partner and I decided to aquire a small bundle of fluff otherwise known as Wilf. He was an 8 week old border collie pup. Needless to say, being our first puppy, we went along to Pets at Home to get all the necessaries in advance ...

Border Collie 26/07/2005

Wilf - a guide to Border Collies

Border Collie Life for SarahLouise has been pretty hectic lately, what with moving to a completely new part of the country for a start. My Ciao addiction has consequently taken another hit, hence my absense of late. SO thanks to Duncan (torr) for suggesting I write this review - I needed some inspiriation so here I am! As many of you know, I'm a huge animal lover. I am by far the biggest animal lover I've ever come across in fact. Isn't it strange that, as an animal lover, the vast majority of my friends are those that just don't see the fascination? Or indeed those who can't stand the thought of sharing their homes with an animal! Sure, I adore horses. I've been a keen horse rider for the past 12 or so years and have worked as a Stable hand/Groom for the past 10 or so years. Sadly though, horses are a tad expensive. Not only to buy in the first place but also to keep. Have you ever looked into the price of a piece of land suitable to keep a horse on!? Or indeed the weekly cost of keeping a horse at Livery? Well lets just say that until I win the Lottery, I sincerely doubt I'll be becoming a horse owner anytime soon. Dogs have always been on my number 1 of realistic pets that I wanted to get. I've had two cats but sadly my parents (mainly my mum) would never let me get a dog. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond my control, my mum was certain she'd end up having to look after and take the dog for walks. She didn't want to do this. She'd had her own dogs in the past and didn't want ...

Medion Pocket PC with GPS System 27/04/2005

Don't know your Naughty Elephants Squirt Water?

Medion Pocket PC with GPS System Forgive me Father for I have been awol. This is my first Ciao review since *goes to check back* January 21st. Sadly, life got in the way of my Ciao addiction and I have been unable to log on much to read, never mind to write any reviews! The item on which I am about to write a review about is part and parcel of my life that has so much taken over my Internet/Ciao addiction over these past few months. = INTRODUCTION = I will admit from the outset that I am absolutely appalling when it comes to map reading, road sign reading or generally trying to navigate my way around anywhere. I am female after all! (Just joking, to those females who may take offence at that!) :o) As many of you who have 'known' me for the past few years on these 'ere websites, I tend to do quite a bit of travelling up and down the United Kingdom due to the bizarre hobby that I have. Namely (for those who don't know), I'm a Paranormal Investigator. This means my interest takes me around the Country in order to conduct investigations. Up until about October 2004, I solely investigated the world of the paranormal under the umbrella of my own group (North Wales Paranormal Research). This generally meant that I didn't have to really navigate myself around the country as we always travelled together and there were a few people on the Committee who were all excellent road sign and map readers. Problem solved. I spent two happy years travelling around the Country as a backseat passenger. It ...

Samsung E300 Mobile Phone 20/01/2005

Sarah Louise ditches Nokia once more!

Samsung E300 Mobile Phone Well, following my last mobile phone review dated just October 31st 2003, I titled that “SarahLouise goes back to Nokia”. You see I started off my mobile phone life with Nokia (a 5110, aka a "brick" by todays standards!), I then switched to a Sagem MYX5, then back to the Nokia 7250i. And now, as you may have guessed from the title of this review, I've dropped Nokia again in favour of another brand. For those who've read my Nokia 7250i review, you will know that I was perfectly happy with my new purchase. The main reasons I chose that phone were that it had a camera which my old phone didn't have and it also had an FM radio function. I thought I would extensively use the latter feature but after messing around with it for the first day or so after getting my phone, I've not used this function since! I then went to see Lostprophets live at the Manchester Apollo shortly after getting this phone. Now granted, I know concerts aren't exactly the best places to use camera phones but the pictures were of DIRE quality. My sisters camera phone was VERY much better than mine. So it got me thinking.... If I had no use for the radio and I'd only bought this phone for the camera function then what was I doing with a phone with a rubbish quality camera? Needless to say, Google soon became my best friend in my search for (yet another!) new phone. This time it was a harder decision because I didn't have such stricter needs per se(!) For example, when searching for the ...
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