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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation 10/09/2013

I am a Nars convert!

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation I am a major beauty junkie. I have tried nearly every beauty product out but one make I had never tried out was Nars, despite trying out most of the other premium beauty brands. I often watch YouTube videos and people always claim that Nars is 'amazing' and one of the best beauty brands out there. My friend who I just came back off my holiday with had the 'Sheer glow' foundation but as she's so fair her skin is pretty much luminous I couldn't try it out. So I decided to order the Nars sheer glow foundation and a bronzer from the website and try it in my colour. I determined my colour by watching my favourite make-up artists 'pixiwoo' on YouTube. Nick on there wears 'Santé fe' and I always match the same colour as her, so it was fairly easy for me to pick. However, I did check on Google images the shade and various people had posted themselves wearing it (top tip) so I could tell if I was a similar colour. What does Nars say about the 'sheer glow' foundation? Nars claims that the foundation is 'glowing' I suppose pretty obvious with the name, and gives a natural finish. They also say that it is a buildable coverage, this is useful as you can wear it more natural in the day and build it up on an evening if you are going out. Nars state that the foundation has skincare benefits, which brightens and leaves skin hydrates, leaving it feeling soft and bright. The foundation is designed for normal and normal to dry skin types. They claim on various occasions that it is hydrating ...

Clinique Chubby Stick 02/09/2013

My lips never looked so hydrated and full of colour!

Clinique Chubby Stick The Clinique chubby stick fascinated me when I first saw it on television. The advert came on quite a few times before I decided to go out and purchase one myself. The woman at the local Clinique counter in my boots store is always chatting to me as I have bought a few products from there before so she knows me on first name basis now. I told her that I wanted to try out the chubby stick but I would like her to help me pick a shade first and try it on my lips before I decided to buy it. The reason for this is my lips are quite dark, in fact most people ask if I already have some kind of lip colouring on my lips because of this. Some people would love to have my lips due to the colouring, but to me… it is a nightmare. I have had to for years put a lighter colour on my lips before putting on any lip colour to cancel it out. Due to the chubby sticks been quite fairly bold colours, I thought just having the lady try them on my lips might even work as they was bold enough to cover my own lip colour. The colour the lady tried on my lips was: ‘Two ton tomato’ originally and then she said she would try another colour on my lips and decide from there which I preferred. The second was ‘’Pudgy Peony’. Both colours were very different, in fact ‘two ton tomato’ is a bright red/orange where as the ‘pudgy peony’ is a bold pink. I loved them both equally, despite the fact they were so different… so yes I purchased both. The texture of the chubby stick really surprised me, I have never ...

Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray 15/08/2013

No longer feeling guilty about using heat products on my hair!

Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray I have been using heat protector on my hair ever since I bought my first hair straighteners. With having fine hair, it is important I use it probably more so than most hair types just to my hair breaking so easily compared to thicker hair. My normal hair routine would be I wash my hair as normal then I dry it a little with my towel (not too much as I'm scared of been too rough as my hair breaks so easily) then I spray this all over my hair trying to focus on the ends of my hair (which split the most) and then I go on to blow dry my hair and curl or straighten it. Even if I were to give my hair a break from straightening it or curling it, I will still spray this on my hair, as most people don't realise how damaging hair drying your hair is. I guess it's probably because we have been doing it for so long and to most it's a necessity to avoid colds etc. but they don't realise how it can affect the hairs condition, I guess some people just think it's the whole styling process that does it. Price The heat protector is £4.89 for a 300ml bottle at boots. Which is fairly normal for a heat protector. Remember because you are just doing a few sprays round the hair it does last a long time too. This spray may be cheaper at other stores though like Home bargains that tends to sell most products that little bit cheaper, but that isn't always the case, so please don't fully take my word but it's definitely worth looking! More information The heat protector is supposed to protect ...

Redken All Soft 10/08/2013

My hair is looking AMAZING!

Redken All Soft A few friends who use have told me Salon shampoos how much their hair condition has changed since using them. I have always struggled with my hairs condition due to it been so fine it seems to get damaged so much easier from heating products and colouring, it just seemed to break. I decided back in May of this year to do something about it, so I went to ‘super cuts’ hair dressers (they have quite a lot of them in the UK) which sell hair products, I don’t actually get my hair cut there but I knew that they sold all the salon style products as they keep them near the front of the shop. When I went in and explained to one of the hairdressers I wanted a shampoo that improved the condition of my hair, she recommended the ‘Redken All soft shampoo’ to me as it is designed for dry and brittle hair. Something I definitely have! She said to me that my hair was in bad condition (surprise, surprise) and that it may take my hair about 6 weeks to improve in condition when using this shampoo and no other ones. She also explained to me that the cheaper shampoos that tend to be priced below £10 are really bad for your hair and have bad chemicals in your hair, which can cause your hair to break more. So did my hair improve after 6 weeks? I would be lying to you if it did, however, I would say I started to notice major improvement in my hair in July so it took about maybe 8 weeks. But that will be down to the damage my old shampoos did to my hair. Eventually I guess all the build up from ...

Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15 09/08/2013

This is why I love Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15 I have been a big fan of Estee lauder's products for about 7 years now. I use their double wear foundation and when purchasing one last month I noticed there was a deal on which meant if I bought one foundation and another product I would get a make-up bag full of mini sample luxuries, including an eye shadow palette and some skincare samples. Of course one of these skin care samples was the 'Estee lauder day wear' moisturizer. The sample size was 15ml and to be quite honest even though it looked like a fairly small compact size it actually has a fair amount of product in the tub. The moisturizer in its official normal size costs £37 for 50ml and can be purchased from Estee Lauder counters in most beauty departments. The cream is available in: normal/combination skin and one for dry skin. I would have been better with the dry skin option as my skin can get pretty dry, however, it wasn't an option when I got the make-up bag so I have the normal/combination cream, I'm guessing they put the normal/combination in all the other bags as my two friends got the same option, unless it's just that store. I know a lot of people aren't keen on the idea of paraphrasing what the Manufacturer says, but I do think it is pretty interesting to see what they say and comparing it to the review. So According to Estee Lauder, the cream is an advanced moisturizer, which defends against and diminishes the appearance of signs of premature ageing. So for a younger person like myself in my 20's it ...

Stardrops Concentrated 26/02/2013

There wont be as many cleaning products in my cupboard!

Stardrops Concentrated My ex partners dad is a tradesman and recommended 'Stardrops' to me as he uses it a lot on his jobs when he 'cleans up' after fitting kitchens and bathrooms. He has used allsorts of products in the past due to his job but one of his favorites will always be 'Stardrops' because of this I had to buy a bottle and try it out. About stardrops It is a multi purpose-cleaning product. When you read the bottle you will be very surprised at the many uses for this product. These purposes include: Makes everything sparkle around your home. Ideal & safe to use on... Baths, Carpets, Melamine, Hand Laundry, Cars, China, Floors, Windows & Doors, Hobs, Sinks, Mirrors, Tiles, Paintwork, Upholstery, Washing up, UPVC, Glassware, Worktops. Not many cleaning products are on the market that you can use for hand laundry and cleaning around the home. It is definitely the most versatile cleaning product I have used. I tend to just use this product for cleaning the kitchen, sink, hob and bath. I haven't used it for laundry or my car however; I would happily try it out on my car but maybe not on laundry, as I do like them to smell like proper laundry products, nice and fresh. Packaging I bought this product in a 1-litre bottle. My first impressions were not extremely high. I mean to me it looked very plain and didn't stand out much from the other cleaning products on the shelf at the supermarket. It comes in a plastic bottle with a screw lid The bottle is clear so you can see the colour of ...

Mark Hill Raw Zebra Power Hairdryer 23/02/2013

Looks the part!

Mark Hill Raw Zebra Power Hairdryer When I purchased the Mark Hill Style and Shine Raw Power Dryer I didn't actually need a hairdryer, it was a matter of seeing it in Boots and liking the look of it that I treated myself to it. As most of you may be aware. The Mark Hill Style and Shine Raw Power Dryer are very attractive and definitely stand out from most of the hairdryers on offer. For a start the Mark Hill Style and Shine Raw Power Dryer comes in several eye catching designs. These include the pink leopard print style, leopard and the Zebra design. I picked the zebra style as I found it the most eyecatching look and I have never really been the type to buy a lot of pink despite been fairly feminine. The hairdryer is retailed at £59.99 but if you shop around you can usually purchase the hairdryer for around £29.99. this is the current price at boots so if you were to buy it, buy it now whilst it's on offer. The hairdryer comes in a box and the design of the box depends on what hairdryer you have picked, the hairdryer I have is the zebra style design so therefore the box was a zebra style like the hairdryer. The box is just as eyecatching as the hairdryer, they definitely have designed the hairdryers so well, they look brilliant and it is not often said that the box is as nice as the hairdryer design. There is a picture of mark hill on the box; it is good to put a face to a name. I like it when designers use a picture of themselves on their products. It makes it more personal. The hairdryer comes with a ...

Fairy Pomegranate and Honeysuckle Washing Up Liquid 16/02/2013

Not as good as Platinum!

Fairy Pomegranate and Honeysuckle Washing Up Liquid I always use Fairy washing up liquid. I have tried other washing up liquids when I have helped wash up at friends homes and found them never as good as the Fairy ones. I never used the Fairy Pomegranate & Honeysuckle version until recently, when I thought id have a change from my usual lemon scented one. When I bought it the large bottle was only £2, which is 1.25 liters at ASDA. Which is a bargain, as usually you'd expect to pay over a pound for the original size. I knew how good Fairy washing liquid was at cleaning my dishes, so there was no surprise at how affective it was at getting grease and so on off my plates. It is very soapy and leaves the bowl with plenty of bubbles- something I found wasn't the case with the cheaper washing up liquids I have tried. A little bit of the washing up liquid goes a long way. You only need a tiny bit so a large bottle like the one I have bought will last me a long time. So it is very good value for money. Fairy Pomegranate & Honeysuckle is part of the aromatic range. Green Apple & Lime Blossom, Tangerine & Gingerflower are also in this range. Fairy state: "Experience freshness at your sink
* Enjoy your favorite scents whilst doing the washing up
* Familiar favorites will help you indulge your sense of smell whilst you clean up". I must admit having a nice scented washing up liquid does make washing up that little bit more enjoyable. As you can enjoy the smell whilst washing the pots. It makes it a tiny bit less of a ...

Mac Brush Cleanser 13/02/2013

A costly way to clean brushes!

Mac Brush Cleanser I wear make-up every day and use about four or five brushes so they do need cleaning at least once a week plus I wipe them every day after use with a facial wipe. I use shampoo normally to wash brushes however because I use s lot of water when I do wash them with shampoo it is nice to use the Mac brush cleaner every now and again because it dries much quicker. Packaging The MAC brush cleaner comes in a clear see through plastic bottle. I always prefer bottles to be clear because it gives an indication of when you need to get more, rather than guess. The bottle has a black push down lid which is a nice and simple way of getting the cleaner out. There is 233ml of brush cleaner and is a purpley pink colour. Additional information The product is great at cleaning brushes, it removes foundation a lot better than shampoo. I recommend dampening the brush you are cleaning and thrn applying this product on cotton wool and wiping the brush with it. MAC claims : "This one product will clean, disinfect and condition the brush fibres so that brushes will last longer. It is convenient to use and is specifically designed to extend the life of high quality brushes. Brush Cleanser leaves your brushes smelling fresh and clean and helps shorten their drying time." Results The brushes always look much better once cleaned by the brush cleaner and it is great that it disinfects the brushes too, however, although I think it cleans brushes well I would like to point out it never ...

Bobbi Brown Powder Blush 10/02/2013

A little goes a long way, Money well spent!

Bobbi Brown Powder Blush On my visit to London in 2011 I decided I wanted some new make-up on my visit to John Lewis. I had used only used one or two of Bobbi brown cosmetic products before but since had heard many make-up bloggers, reviewers mention how great Bobbi brown products are. They completely raved about them. So I decided I'd go to the counter and ask for a little make over and try out their foundation and blusher. The lady removed my make-up and applied the vitamin make-up base (loved this product) and then applied a foundation stick, something I had never used before and then the Bobbi Brown bliusher. I purchased all three products as I loved the way they worked together. The blusher was my favorite product of them all. It really stood out but in a good way. It defined my cheek bones and gave me a nice splash of colour. The blusher the make-up artist used was 'Desert rose' this is described on the Bobbi brown site as a 'muted pinky brown' which I think is a good description as it does have tones of pinks and browns. The other shades available are: Apricot, Almond, Blushed, Brown berry, Cranberry, Desert pink, Desert rose, Nectar, Nude peach, Nude pink, Pale pink, Peony,Pretty pink, Plum, Sand pink, Slopes and Tawny. The Bobbi Brown blusher is available in many department stores including Debenhams and as mentioned before John lewis. As well as online. The Bobbi Brown blusher gives a matte finish, which I prefer as I do tend to get quite shiny through the day as my skin although it ...

Champneys Citrus Blush Body Lotion 07/02/2013

Moisturising is no longer a chore!

Champneys Citrus Blush Body Lotion I have to moisturize after showering, as my skin is so dry. I had run out of body lotion around Christmas time and luckily my auntie bought me the Champney's Citrus blush body lotion. I must admit at first I wasn't sure if I would give it away as I'm only in my twenties and I have always seen Champneys as something people use in their late 30s. Anyway, I opened the flip lid to give it a smell before making a decision and was so pleasantly surprised with the smell that I had to keep it. Champneys Citrus Blush Body lotion the lotion comes in a 200ml bottle and is priced at £6.00 on the boots website. This is also available on many websites including the Champneys website as well as their spas. Packaging I love the packaging of the Champneys Citrus Blush Body lotion; it comes in a plastic tube (something I prefer as I don't like carrying glass bottle lotions around as I always worry they will smash). The colours on the tube are a lovely golden, orange and creams. Which really compliment one another. On the front of the plastic tube is the 'Champneys' logo followed by the name: 'Champneys Citrus Blush Body lotion'. On the back of the body lotion is the information and ingredients in the product, which can be helpful with people who have allergies. Moisturising/smell qualities Well I was very pleased with the results of the product. My legs are my most dry part of my body and after using the product they looked so hydrated and silky. The smell is so gorgeous, I really ...

Boots Real Techniques Starter Set 1406 04/02/2013

Applying my eye make-up wouldn't be the same!

Boots Real Techniques Starter Set 1406 I have been watching 'Pixiwoo' on YouTube for a few years now and when Samantha chapman mentioned she had brought out some new make-up brushes that would be available in Boots I practically ran to Boots to buy them. I have always listened to their recommendations and thought they were amazing at what they do, so I knew for a fact that Samantha chapman (part of Pixiwoo) wouldn't bring out some rubbish brushes. The eye brush set is called the 'starter collection', which means the main brushes you need for applying the eye make-up. On boots it says: '. This Starter kit starts you off with the essential tools for creating eye definition.' The box that the eye shadow comes in list exactly what eye shadow brushes do what, which is very helpful because some people who buy the set might not have much knowledge of make-up brushes and just know the very basics. The price of the brush set is £21.99, which for the quality of the brush and the amount of brushes you get, you really cannot go wrong. I would normally have to pay individually around this price for a MAC brush. On the box it says, "Boost your look with effortlessly enhanced eyes. Eye definition does high definition with my essential starter set: look pixel perfect even in harsh light, ultra plush talon bristles" The eyebrush collection The starter collection has five eye brushes, which comes in a black case. This handy case can be made into a stand (the directions of doing this are on a tag on the case. The brushes ...

Johnson's 3in1 Facial Cleansing Wipes Normal Skin 30/01/2013

13p to remove my make-up every day!

Johnson's 3in1 Facial Cleansing Wipes Normal Skin I have always used Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser to clean my face. However, to remove my make-up I tend to use facial wipes. I went through a stage of using Johnsons baby wipes as to be honest because I wear make-up every day I go through that many wipes I thought I’d save the money using just baby wipes that are only a pound for 64. After realizing though how rubbish they are at removing make-up as whenever I cleansed my face afterwards I noticed a lot of make-up on my cloth. I realized if I didn’t have time to clean my face with a wet wipe and then wash it with my cleanser I would still have make-up on my face. It’s no fault of Johnsons; it’s my own fault for using baby wipes for the removal of make-up haha! Anyway, I purchased proper Johnsons facial wipes because they were on offer for £1.25 for 25 wipes at boots. They are normally £3.29. When you think about it, it can be quite an expensive ordeal if you use them for removing make-up everyday when paying full price. The wipes The facial wipes are called: ‘Johnsons Daily Essentials refreshing facial cleansing wipes’. 

The packaging of the wipes is nice and simple but attractive. The wipes come in a nice baby pink packet and mention that the wipes are for ‘normal skin’ and ‘removes even waterproof mascara’ which is definitely an advantage as waterproof mascara can be a nightmare to remove with the normal facial cleansing wipes. The wipes stay moist in the package and are kept this way by been sticked down in the ...

Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner Pencil 27/01/2013

Can't go wrong for £2.99

Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner Pencil I have always stuck to the more ‘luxury’ brands when it comes down to cosmetics. However, when it involves eyeliner or Mascara I tend to buy Rimmel products as I have found despite the low price they have been just as effective as the more expensive luxury brands. Eyeliner is something I wear everyday without fail, well I say everyday but I do tend to have one day off every now and again where I try to be make-up free… this day involves staying in and not facing the world! I tend to opt for a black eyeliner but I have experimented with allsorts of colours in the past including gold and plums. As much as I do like trying new colours I do like the classic black eyeliner look more. 

 The product The eyeliner is called ‘The Special Eyes Eye Liner’ the shades available in this eyeliner are: Black Magic, Rich Brown and Azure Shimmer. I purchased the Black Magic one as like I said previously I do tend to like the black eyeliner look most. 

I have been using the Special eyes eyeliner for about 6 years now and I use this eyeliner on my water line, then I apply my ‘Clinique’ gel liner to the top lid. I prefer to use a pencil for my waterline and it Is generally recommended because gels tend to come off and also it isn’t meant to irritate your eyes as much. Packaging Well the eyeliner is a pencil so it is basically a black pencil with the information about the product and the Rimmel logo. You will need to sharpen the pencil once it becomes blunt. There are eyeliner ...

Oilatum Natural Face Repair Cream 27/01/2013

The best moisturiser ever!

Oilatum Natural Face Repair Cream Oilatum Natural Face Cream penetrates deeply to rehydrate facial skin relieving tightness and irritation and leaving it feeling smooth. I have been suffering with dry skin all my life. I have always struggled to find a moisturizer that hydrates my skin enough. I watch ‘pixiwoo’ on YouTube, which is basically two make-up artists, who are sisters. They have loads of videos discussing skincare products and make-up. Whenever they highly recommend a product I tend to use it, as I have never bought a product they have recommended that I haven’t liked. On the last video I watched they recommended the ‘Oilatum natural repair face cream’. I googled it and was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t that expensive compared to their normally recommendations and it had the plus side of been available at boots. The oilatum moisturizer is £7.65 for 50g. Which isn’t bad at all considering the prices of moisturizers these days. Packaging The moisturizer comes in a medium sized plastic tube, which is my preference for packaging, as I hate carrying heavy products around in my handbag. The packaging is white with the logo ‘Oilatum’ and a blue oval shape round it, which really stands out on the white tube. The tube also mentions the name of the particular moisturizer, which is ‘Natural repair’ and states that it is facial cream. The plastic tube also comes in a cardboard box with the same colours as the tube. I quite like this packaging it is simple but effective at standing out. However, it by no ...
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