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Back after a looooong absence, and rather rusty, so please bear with me as I get my feet wet again!!

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St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil 01/06/2016

Golden Goth

St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil Let me preface by announcing that I am pale, very pale, and my usual lack of exposure to the sun - whether it be because we have limited sun, or because I tend to hide away from bright yellow orbs in the sky that make me uncomfortably hot - means that my bronze goddess-ness comes from my freckles attaching to each other. Self tanning has never been an option for me. Don't get me wrong, I have tried a couple of self tanning lotions in the past, the effects of which left me orange, blotchy and resentful. These experiences soured me to any potential future use. Back Story... I was back in Colorado, the weather was glorious, everyone was dressed in pastel hippy dresses with bare flesh flashing from every angle (and that was just the men). My skin was flashing too... white and blinding under my black tank top! Maybe it was time to conform? I'm an Anarchist! I can't conform!... Maybe I could not conform, but just not glow so brightly? Nope! I held onto my convictions like a child with a teddy bear, but like all beloved teddy bears, at some point it needs to be washed and is pried from the clutch from the horrified child... I received my first sun exposure of the year, aka sun burn, and was a tad exhausted at being the brunt of commentary in the check out line at Walmart: "Oh my, you're pretty red", "Oh goodness, you got sunburned", "Sweetie, you've been in the sun haven't you?.... Wow! Thanks uber observant geniuses. I'd never have realized that the excruciating pain and heat ...

Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Toilette 30/05/2016

Calvin made me Euphoric!

Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Toilette I could choose to end this review here and now by stating: "WOW".... ...This would not benefit anyone, I understand, and, as I have been in hibernation for many many months, I would not want my reintroduction review to include no helpful information, therefore, read on... I am very faithful to my preferred perfume brands, and Calvin Klein Euphoria had gone unnoticed, under my radar and untested, until I received a bottle as a Mothers Day gift this year. The initial panic of an unknown perfume, the internal trembling of potential disappointment and the frantic thought process of, "how do I hide the facial expression if this is horrible?" soon led to the realization that this was indeed a Mothers Day gift, and I am fundamentally loathsome for even thinking these abhorrent thoughts, followed by an entirely opposing outcome!!!!!! What Did You Think? The Design: My first impression was positive upon seeing the beautifully designed bottle. Sleek, chrome, almost spaceship like, this was indeed unusual and would make for a lovely display on my vanity should the contents not meet my tastes. A sleek elliptical shape masked front and back in shiny chrome with clear glass sides giving you a peak of the rich hues of the liquid inside is topped with a tall, slender chrome cap, delicately promoting the Calvin Klein name. So far, so good........ The Scent: If the aforementioned bottle design weren't appealing enough, the perfume itself is gorgeous! Not being familiar with CK (and ...

Suave Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner 06/07/2015

Did You Know, Moroccan's Shine?!

Suave Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner Given that I still have hair in spite of the relentless destruction I wreak upon it with colouring etc., I am always in search of a great conditioner that is kind to my artificial colour, scalp and follicles. I have spent a vast range of money on multiple, highly acclaimed conditioners, and have discovered that the lower priced Suave brand has come up trumps in satisfaction levels!!! The Suave Moroccan line also boasts a great conditioner specially formulated for colour treated hair, but I am a rebel! I shall not be told what single product will suit my locks… Nope! (Well, truthfully, I DID try that on, but found this one felt, looked and worked better….). I am loyal to Moroccan Shine conditioner. The Packaging I have found this in two sizes. 12.6 fl.oz/373ml and the glutenous 28 fl.oz/828ml (which is the size I prefer, as my family burn through lots of conditioner!) Each bottle in the Moroccan line is a gold colour, so be careful to read the colour coded “specialty” on the lower portion of the container. “Shine” can be spotted by the metallic teal detail (although it is more obvious on the shampoo bottle than the conditioner). I can’t ramble incessantly about the packaging as it is what it is… a bottle of conditioner, therefore, in a nutshell, it’s a big gold plastic container! The Product This line gets it’s title due to the fact that it is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil. I have heard that this has been a big deal for centuries, but is only now becoming ...

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series London Luxe Hair Colour 23/06/2015

Back in Black.... With a hint of Lilac!

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series London Luxe Hair Colour As some may have gathered, I like to colour my hair – some may say all too frequently, and often times I get a little crazy with the colour choices. Let it be known that I have given up on the multi layered colours I used to don, due to the fact that I am Scottish and frugal (to have a salon maintain my colour scheme would be ridiculously expensive), and I am busy and impatient (have YOU tried colouring your hair with 3 different shades, not counting the root colour…. Royal pain in the caboose!!). I have reverted back to dark! All over dark!.... Well, dark with a splash of colour, lol. My latest experiment has been hues of black infused with purples or reds. To the product at hand….. Vidal Sassoon Pro Series. London Lilac in this case! The colour indicated on the box is pretty lilac, but in actuality, the shade is black which shines purple hues outdoors, in the sun. I discovered this fact by asking someone what they were using on their head as the colour rocked… yup, that’s just how I asked them too! Apparently, this innocent bystander with the rocking colour was naturally a dark brunette… Bingo!! Me too!!! I would assume that the colour would be more true to the box on a blonde? However, I am not so I can’t discuss this assumption any further. On me, this is black with purple undertones. Oh My Goodness, How DO You Apply This Concoction? It’s not rocket science and, as with all hair colour products, there is a handy wee piece of literature inside the cool ...

Maybelline Superstay 24H Lipstick Red Passion 12/04/2015

Not Suitable During a Narcotic Driven Vegas Trip!

Maybelline Superstay 24H Lipstick Red Passion I feel it a necessity to get my sarcastic comment of the day out of the way at the beginning of my review. Who needs lipstick to stay on for 24 hours? Unless you may be on a high level narcotic in Las Vegas, this is not truly a huge selling point…. Fortunately, their claim is rather over-exaggerated and therefore – should you be in the aforementioned scenario – I would suggest carrying two of these in your bag. The Lipstick The packaging could be mistaken for mascara as opposed to lipstick. A long, white plastic tube with the corresponding colour on the base – which is actually the coloured lipstick/gloss and the long tube contains both the applicator and the balm – which is solid. Yes, this is a 2-step application! It is not, by any means, an innovative or ground breaking design. The surprise comes with the lip balm on the other end cleverly hidden inside the applicator portion!! Run of the mill design if you ask me, but, as with people, I do care more about the contents than the exterior… The contents are also typical. A glossy, heavily pigmented liquid in the colour of your choice and, on the flip side, a balm stick. I will also share, that – to me – this is not a lipstick, but a lipGLOSS! The colour once on the lips, is exactly as it looks in the packaging. In this case, I bought the Red Passion – which was unusual for me, as I am an earth-tone lippy-wearer usually! This was on sale, and, on a whim, I thought, “why not?”. I can tell you why not… The lipstick ...

Edit Coloured Contact Lenses 27/03/2015

I'm Not Seeing Red, I'm Seeing Yellow!!

Edit Coloured Contact Lenses I will state for the record that I buy coloured contact lenses solely for the purposes of being a bit spooky on Halloween. I shall share, because I want to, that I would wear these every day if I could get away with it, just for fun!! I discovered these through a friend who has an endless supply of whacky lenses – and, yes, a few pairs of more natural coloured ones in her collection. I had always wanted to see what I would look like with brown eyes, so she had purchased a pair for me to try. I have difficulty putting even eye drops NEAR my eyes, never mind IN them, so obviously I had tremendous difficulty inserting these. Truthfully, anyone who is familiar with lenses or who has no fear of eye drops would find it a breeze popping these in, but at first I almost gave up – several times – before they slipped into place. 15 minutes of struggle and tears only to learn that I look soul-less with brown eyes!! Bah!! Many Months Later… I decided that a cool addition to my Halloween costume would be crazy lenses, and, knowing that I could endure the tribulations of putting them into my eyes, I felt prepared to suck it up for the cause and try once again!! I jumped online and found these Edit “Twilight New Moon” Lenses within seconds and at a low price of £15.99 at This particular site offered a clear description of the lenses and all are ISA approved. Each pair comes complete in its own little container filled with lens solution, but I recommend purchasing a ...

Splat Complete/Semi Permanent Hair Colour 27/03/2015

Getting Lusty With The Lavender

Splat Complete/Semi Permanent Hair Colour After a wee chat this evening with fellow Ciaoster and apparent fellow crazy hair colour chick, Spanielize about crazy hair colour, I felt compelled to offer my opinion on Splat Hair Colour!! To be honest, it’s been several months since I last used this, but I did use this regularly for about one year prior… Having tried many supposed vivid and funky hair colour brands (Manic Panic, N’Rage, Colour Jamz etc.,) I discovered this on a trip back to Colorado at a local Walmart store and thought I’d give it a go. It’s a little harder to find here in the UK, but is readily available at Amazon (thankfully) for the average price of £11 (which is considerably more expensive than the US price of $8 = £5.50ish, but in times of need…..). What Is It? Splat is a semi-permanent hair colour kit that is supposed to last about 4 weeks – I’ll explain the “supposed” comment in due course. Unlike traditional brands of hair colours, this comes solely in funky, wild and crazy colours, “Rebellious Colours” per the box blurb!! Commonly, Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Purple, although I have seen this available in Black and White, I have only purchased the purple and red ( Lusty Lavender and Luscious Raspberries - as pictured). The kit includes a container of peroxide, a sachet of lightening bleach/decolourant and a bottle of the funky colour of your choice. For the record, you can use this on dark and/or unbleached hair, but don’t expect drastic or dramatic results. The only way to get the ...

Remington S 6280 Stylist Perfect Waves 25/03/2015

Wave It Goodbye!!

Remington S 6280 Stylist Perfect Waves “Perfect” may take a lot of practice… I bought this on a whim during one of those typical female “I’m so sick of my hair” days. I’d coloured it, I’d worn it in it’s natural curl, I’d worn it straight, and I had suffered a traumatic haircut where the razor cut shag I’d asked for turned into a granny turn-under (at least until I washed and “shook-dried” it…), so it was time to try something different… a “beachy wave”. I bought this for a not inexpensive £30 (with free shipping) at Amazon – yes, I was that desperate for a new look! Before you ask, I don’t know what a “beachy wave” is, but I don’t think it’s quite what I gave myself… The Tool The Remington S6280 Stylist Perfect Waves (can we shorten this for the remainder of the review to, “The Wave-thingy”?) looks indifferent to the usual hair crimper or straightener until you look at the plates: 2 large wave-like bars roll across the bottom plate and one of the same on the top (or vise-versa depending on how you hold this) set this apart from my beloved straightener. Upon first look, I thought they were close enough together to possibly make my hair crimpy… A scary thought, but that was not exactly the case. Read on… The variable temperature control (up to 210°C) dial is awkwardly placed inside the device, which is a feature I personally don’t like. I prefer the controls on the handle, but that is just my personal taste. I’ve never burned myself or accidentally turned the heat up or down with the dial on the Stylist ...

Liz Claiborne Curve Crush Eau de Toilette 21/03/2015

I have a Crush on Crush!!!

Liz Claiborne Curve Crush Eau de Toilette For those of you who have read my prior perfume/EDT reviews, you may recall that I refer frequently to my Top 5 list of fragrances…. I am about to reveal another highly ranked EDT on that list…. Drumroll please…. Curve Crush!! Liz Claiborne has developed a line of “Curve” fragrances: original Curve, Crush, Appeal, Chill, Connect, Kicks, Soul, Sport and Wave (as of this moment, I believe this to be complete!). While I haven’t yet tested the entire line, I have become equally faithful to three of these – no, I’m not going to spoil the surprise of a future review, so be patient… Crush was the first Curve scent I tried after smelling it on a friend, and either we share the same chemistry, or this scent stays true to it’s ingredients on everyone, as it smelled exactly the same on me as it did on her, and as it did during the “cap test” (you know? When you spray a wee scoosh into the cap – or air, if you want to annoy a store full of shoppers – and inhale the scent as it’s “supposed” to smell?). The Factual and Necessary Informative Element Paragraph (I thought that sounded a little more eloquent than some of my other headings….) The pink bottle itself is relatively simple and uninspired, but it holds the beautiful scented elixir inside without leakage, thus rendering it perfectly suitable for the job. This may be one of the few pink items I own, so it must be special… The bottle is adorned with the trademark “Curve” insignia followed by the identifying word “Crush” ...

Red Bull Can Energy Drink 08/03/2015

Red Bull Gives You... Well, Nothing Really!

Red Bull Can Energy Drink It would have made sense for me to have chugged a can of this vile substance prior to beginning writing this review, but I was in fear of two things: 1) Writing copious amounts of gibberish and venturing into another topic entirely after about 20 paragraphs, thus rendering my review utterly useless and Off Topic 2) Actually having to drink this stuff Now that I have that off my chest, let me begin… Red Bull is a blend of Caffeine, Taurine, B Group Vitamins, Sucrose and Glucose… yummy!!! I am aware that this info is boring and available on the side of the can, so therefore a waste of characters, but I am taking this list one step further. I am going to explain what these ingredients actually ARE and what they may do to you… Sit back and hold on tight… * Caffeine: Obvious really, but did you know: It is regarded as a central nervous stimulant and is one of very few legally used psychoactive drugs? While it is advantageous in keeping one awake and is reported to be beneficial to athletes in improving performance, it is also can cause mild anxiety, insomnia, jitteriness and is addictive enough that over ingestion may lead to withdrawal symptoms!!! - I need to wean myself off the inhuman amounts of coffee consumption I am notorious for!!! * Taurine: "An organic acid widely distributed in animal tissues" (thanks Wikipedia!!). “Some people take Taurine supplements as medicine to treat congestive heart failure(CHF), high blood pressure, liver disease (hepatitis), high ...

Ed Hardy Women Eau de Parfum 02/03/2015

Rebel Femme! Ed Hardy For Women, Sassy Women!

Ed Hardy Women Eau de Parfum It is common knowledge that I am highly allergic to pink, however, I make an exception for this Ed Hardy for Women Eau de Parfum. (I will also refer to this product from now on in a French accent and as "parfum", NOT perfume.. The way it was apparently intended by Mr. Hardy himself!). The gorgeous scent may be contained in pink packaging, but this is girly with fierceness and edge! May I say, “rebel-femme”? This is another that is in my top 5 fragrance list (in no particular order – but up there in rank) and I shall explain why….. Do Tell… Let’s cut to the chase and discuss the aroma. It is undeniably fruity, but far from sickly as one could imagine it may be when realizing that the fruity top notes consist of mango, wild strawberry, apple and red grapefruit and the floral mid notes are muguet, freesia and linden blossom! If I read this without familiarity of this EDP, I may be turned off, but the base notes of musk, amber, tonka bean and vanilla tend to balance the prior notes and turn this into a beautifully fresh and feminine fragrance, with a lightness and delightful-ness that keep me coming back! There’s an understated sexiness to this scent that allows this to be both a casual daytime favourite that can be equally as successful for evening wear should you want to be the sassy gal at the party! I have found that the scent lingers all day but does fade after a few hours. It is still recognizable and doesn’t warp into any other scent – which is always nice, so ...

Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga Eau de Parfum 25/02/2015

Oh Dear Gaga! (Oops, sorry: Eau De Gaga)

Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga Eau de Parfum In a nutshell, Eau De GAG. It doesn’t surprise me too greatly that the great Lady herself, would jump on the perfume bandwagon with the release of a second scent, not to mention she has blurred the boundaries of gender with a Unisex fragrance. Can I say, in my humble opinion – as usual – that this is not unisex. Why? Good question, and there are many why’s to be asked here: Why did I try this? Why did she think this was a good idea? To name but two….. Let’s investigate! The First Why? I tried this because it was given to me as a gift. I was rather appreciative as I have seen this available in stores for £49/100ml, so it was a lovely gift to receive. I do enjoy Lady Gaga, and I do enjoy earthy, woodsy scents, so it seemed like a natural pairing – me and Eau De Gaga. Somehow something went wrong with the blend of notes and this became an overwhelmingly powerful and rather masculine scent. The Scent The scent is heavy and the base notes tend to overpower the top notes. The ingredients are rather simple and basic and I swear I get a hint of Vetiver (patchouli/lemon) in this, although it is not listed as an ingredient, perhaps it’s the way the scents blend together? Top: Lime Mid: Violet Base: Instinct Leather (your guess is as good as mine!) Trust me when I tell you that the unusual ingredient of Leather (Odor profile: Synthetic or naturally derived note of pungent characteristics reminiscent of cured hides and leather goods. Usually rendered by birch tar or by ...

Givenchy Play Eau de Toilette 25/02/2015

Let's Play!!

Givenchy Play Eau de Toilette With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I can assume that there are many women out there facing the annual dilemma of desperately seeking the perfect gift for the man in their life… I have the solution! Enter Givenchy Play Eau de Toilette (I still hate that term). Play is an EDT that, apparently, has been on the market since 2008 (thanks Google), but I have only recently discovered this little gem. I’ve mentioned before that my hubby is a patchouli and Paco Rabanne loyal guy, but my son on the other hand, is always seeking out the scent that will draw the little ladies and has no brand loyalty whatsoever. Not a bad thing for a mum who is always looking to try something new to write about! Thank you son! I found this on sale at Boots for £35.00/100ml and was drawn to the cool, but not timeless, design of the bottle and packaging. Not to be sold on looks alone, I tested the fragrance the old fashioned way – grab a bottle, look around for people that may be in the firing line, scoosh a spray into the air and lid, and inhale….. I liked this a lot! The Packaging As I just stated, the packaging is far from timeless as the bottle is designed to look like an MP3 player! It’s definitely a cool idea, but anyone who understands technology will know that this look will soon be so outdated that an overhaul will have to occur. I guarantee that this EDT bottle will one day soon, not be recognizable as it is now. The box is a simple square that replicates the bottle, and the bottle ...

Christian Audigier Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers Eau de Parfum 25/02/2015

Moody, Dark and Delicious!

Christian Audigier Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers Eau de Parfum As a foreword, I would like to comment that purchasing Ed Hardy perfumes is not a task for the novice Ed Hardy fan. No, not because they either difficult to find or difficult to find a suitable fragrance – I haven’t found one that I don’t like. It’s because the naming of each one is rather cryptic. They all look similar, in similar packaging and none particularly have the specific name emblazoned on them like most typical perfumes! I’ll explain later…. Being a fan of (what I believe is) the original Ed Hardy perfume (the pink bottle/package that has the words “Love Kills Slowly” – as do most – followed by “Life, Love, Luck”), I was tempted to try the darker, moodier, slightly heavier version, Hearts and Daggers. I wasn’t disappointed. The Packaging As stated before, this is akin to all others in the Hardy line of fragrances, except that the bottle is rectangular as opposed to long and cylindrical and the box has the trademark American Traditional tattoo imagery against a black background – wow, they really ventured far from the norm on this one!! In fairness, the words Hearts & Daggers are clearly noticeable on this one, albeit underneath the scrolling words that seem to be on each different version….. “Love Kills Slowly”. What a positive statement for the happy, upbeat, joyous perfume wearer like myself – choke! The bottle itself is simple yet ornate – quite a contradiction, I know, but besides the graphic print design, it is a typical stand on its base bottle! The ...

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Light Porcelain 25/02/2015

Face The Foundation... Or Wash It Off!!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Light Porcelain I’ve worn make up for as long as I can remember, maybe because I am a bit artistic and this allows me some creativity each morning, or because I can hide my insecurities behind a mask of illusion... I’ll never tell which one is truthful!! I’ve never been obsessively loyal to a brand since my Max Factor Pan Stick foundation fell by the wayside a few years ago. That being said, I have dabbled in (and dabbed on) numerous brands of foundation ranging from cheapo products... A huge no no as I have discovered, all the way to break the bank, once in a lifetime, treat yourself brands... Another huge no no!! In my travels through the forests of brand names, finish options and application options, I have only ever been faithful to my choice of color.. Pale!! Anything Ivory, porcelain or light is the choice for my fair skin. Ok! Enough about your taste in make up... Get to the point!! Fair enough - get it? Fair enough?... My skin tone?... Oh, never mind! My usual “go to brand” Maybelline, was sold out in my shade, and it didn’t take me much consideration in knowing that dark orange would not be my second choice so I scanned across the make up aisle, yes, in panic, and yes, in shock at the sticker price of some of this stuff... I came across this Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation.... Do Tell... Lasting Finish comes in a cornocopeia of hues, which didn’t impress me much, as I was fixed on light, as light as possible but not alabaster white! Even the pale tones were plentiful, but I ...
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