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Ko Samui (Thailand) 03/01/2004

Paradise Found

If you want to get away from 21st Century living for a while, then this is the place to go. Still Less developed than Phuket (READ UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS OP); Samui still retains its natural beauty. Within the island lays coconut plantations, mini rainforests and exotic waterfalls. The sea/beaches are very clean and ideal for Scuba Diving etc. With all this it’s like being in a TV advert for a Bounty chocolate bar. Samui is quite distinctively different from other islands in Thailand. Samui’s scenery is made up from granite formations while Phuket, Phi, Phi etc are made from lime stone. You might be thinking “yeah well, so what”, but it really makes a difference. If you travel between the two islands its like they are 10,000 miles apart and not part of the same country. The two main areas to stay on the Island are Lamai and Chaweng. Lamai has loads of bars and a few clubs that stay open until around 4am. Chaweng is about the same, only offering a few more clubs. Accommodation varies from 4UKP / night for a Tarzan style tree hut to 40UKP / night for a Palace. If you’re backpacking I would recommend one of the many Beach Bungalows. They are usually situated right on the beach. They’re great for leaping out of bed anytime and going for a swim. You will also meet other like-minded travellers and will pick up many tips this way. My only criticism of Samui is that the Taxis tend to try and rip you off if you don’t know the price to pay. So ask the place you are ...

Bangkok Dangerous (DVD) 05/08/2002

Excellent Film

Pattaya (Bangkok) 25/11/2001

Sex, lies AND Buddha

EVA Air 21/10/2001

CHEAP AND DIRECT flights to Bangkok from Heathrow

Phuket (Thailand) 21/10/2001


Driven (DVD) 14/10/2001

What is Sylvester Stallone doing

The Fast And The Furious (DVD) 14/10/2001

The slow and the calm

Ko Pha Ngan (Thailand) 23/09/2001

Dancing in the Moonlight

Austrailia's Ibiza - only better. Those of you who think Ibiza is the Techno/Dance/Hardhouse capital of the world, you’re in for a shock. Ibiza is the COMMERCIAL Techno/Dance/Hardhouse capital of the world. Pha Ngan for me holds the true spirit of what the music is all about. This island is known for its full moon parties, which are held on the first full moon of every month. Although slightly commercialised and not as wild as they used to be (10 years ago), they are still wild (slight understatement). You will meet some of the world’s strangest people here. I suppose as the place becomes too commercialised, the Full Moon Parties will be banned from Thailand. My guess is that the party will move to one of the islands off Cambodia or Vietnam eventually. I wouldn't do drugs and certainly wouldn't buy them. The place is full of undercover Police. Also the nearsest hospital is miles away. So if you fall out a tree (or similar) and break a leg you're gonna be in big trouble. You don’t need drugs anyway to have a good time at the party. You will meet loads of great people and you will find that the alcohol will be enough. Some people were really freaking out. Like so many other people there, I dyed my hair orange. I could have chosen green, pink, blue or purple. I suppose it doesn’t matter what colour you decide as long as you don’t have to return home for a job interview! Pha Ngan/Tao are also the islands that inspired the Book/Film “The Beach”. The story is set in this ...

Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within (DVD) 23/08/2001

A new reality unleashed

Phnom Penh (Cambodia) 19/08/2001

Guns, Girls AND Ganja

Bangkok in general 16/08/2001

HEY SEX SHOW no cover charge - Patpong

Samsung Vega 77i Compact Camera 11/08/2001

RAZOR SHARP- looks good

The Beach (DVD) 17/07/2001

Innocence never lasts forever

Udon Thani (Thailand) 09/07/2001

Nothing much has changed for centuries

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