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Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner 14/04/2012

Simple and Effective

Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360) 14/04/2012

Probably the best multiplayer i've ever played!

Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360) The thing i liked most about all Battlefield games was the multiplayer. Unlike most other games you can use a variety of vehicles from helicopters to boats. The multiplayer maps on Battlefield are HUGE! Furthermore, they are all different and varied in their own way. This means that no 2 games in battlefield are the same (unlike in another popular fps). Another thing i really like about Battlefield 3 is that there are always new maps being brought out. For instance, wake island, that appeared on Battlefield 1943, has been revamped with modern vehicles are released on Battlefield 3. Another thing i like about the multiplayer is just how much fun you can having playing it. Players or all abilities will be able to find a gun and class they enjoy, as Battlefield 3 offers players a chance to customise there weapons, dog tags and load outs. Now onto the single player. The storyline in the game is fairly interesting however the sae cannot be said for the gamelplay. At times it's frustrating and at times it's dull and repetitive. You often get the feeling that you've been in a battle like this before. None the less, i believe people buy Battlefield 3 for the multiplayer, not the single player. The graphics on this game are stunning, once the HD pack has been downloaded online. The sounds are also amazing too, you hear all the things on the battlefield in amazing detail. Lastly, the thing that i really love about Battlefield 3 is the game engine. You have the ability to completely ...
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