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Final Frontier - Iron Maiden 04/09/2010

The Final Frontier Review

Final Frontier - Iron Maiden Iron Maiden's 15th studio album The Final Frontier should satisfy most Iron Maiden fans. If you liked everything post Brave New World you should like The Final Frontier, which I think sounds like a mixture of the last 3 albums, but more melodic and progressive at times. There is definitely more variation here, with The Alchemist sounding like a classic 80's Maiden song and Coming Home sounding similar to Bruce Dickinson's solo work. The album opener Satellite 15...The Final Frontier starts off with an interesting atmospheric intro, but later goes on to the main song which is rather generic, but enjoyable. The 2nd song El Dorado, while I think it goes on for a little too long, has a great lively guitar riff with a brilliant instrumental passage into the middle of the song, which reminds me of the Powerslave album. Mother Of Mercy sounds similar to the previous album A Matter of Life and Death, which features themes of war. A relatively slow but heavy song and more straightforward than the second half of the album. From The Isle Of Avalon the album turns to a more progressive sound, with long intro's and there's some interesting note selection, lots of variation and innovative guitar work. Starblind starts off with a soft layered guitar melody which soon changes to a heavy riff. Throughout the song there is some interesting lead guitar in the background that sounds improvised, which gives a dynamic feel to the track. The Talisman starts of with acoustic guitar similar to ...

Cowboys from Hell - Pantera 13/07/2008

Cowboys From Hell

Cowboys from Hell - Pantera This is definatly one of the best metal albums of all time and is one of my favourite pantera albums. Cowboys from hell isnt as heavy as Panteras later work but some of their best songs are on this album, songs such as "Cowboys From Hell", "Cemetery Gates", "Domination", "The Sleep" and "The Art Of Shredding. This album is full of awesome riffs and harmonic squeels from Dimebag Darrel and amazing vocals from Phil Anselmo. From start to finish the album is consistent, i can play the album from start to finish without skipping a track. I have had this album for about 5 years now and i still dont get bored listening to it. Its a timeless metal classic. I am surprised this has only got 3.5 stars by the other reviews because i think this album is a classic. Cowboys From Hell is a must have for any metal head.

Reinventing the Steel (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Pantera 13/06/2008

Reinventing The Steel

Reinventing the Steel (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Pantera Reinventing The Steel is the last album from Pantera before they sadly broke up. Its very heavy, perhaps even more heavier than its predecessor The Great Southern Trendkill, but not quite as dark. On my first listen I was slightly dissapointed because I felt there wasnt much variation throughout the album, most of the tracks start of immediatly with heavy riffs, I missed the use of clean guitar that was on the previous albums. However it grew on me after a few listens, I began to appreciate the brutal sound of the album, you can hear they werent trying to be anything else but themselves at the time which was dominated by nu-metal. Phil Anselmo screams alot more but his emotion and anger still shines on tracks like We'll Grind That Axe For A Long Time. Dimebag darrels riffs are on point, they are a bit more basic in some of the tracks but still very catchy and heavy. There are not as many solos on this album but they are still great on tracks such as Revolution Is My Name and It Makes Them Dissapear. The production is brilliant, its very slick sounding and clear, the drums sound very sharp and aggresive. Overall its an excellent album, not their best but I still love it. ...

Venom And Tears - Throwdown 13/06/2008

Venom And Tears

Venom And Tears - Throwdown The first Throwdown song i heard was Holy Roller, being a Pantera fan i was impressed, it sounded like they fused songs from the Pantera albums Vulgar Display Of Power and Far Beyond Driven. Some criticise them for copying Pantera but i am glad that they , it is much needed in todays metal. And Holy roller is really the only song which songs like a straight up Pantera clone, some songs on the album also resemble the sound of Hatebreed; and other parts it seems they have their own sort of sound. The whole album is filled with crushing riffs and strong choruses, the guitar work is really fresh, the singer is impressive, especially on Holy Roller where he strongly resembles Phil Anselmo. I will definately be playing this album for a long time. If you like Pantera you should probably check this out, if your a metal head i think its a must have. 8/10

Matter of Life and Death - Iron Maiden 10/03/2008

A Matter Of Life And Death

Matter of Life and Death - Iron Maiden This album is slightly different than their previous albums and i think it is their darkest album, with the main themes being war and religion. As a huge maiden fan i think it is their most consistent album, perhaps even their best album, up against Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, Somewhere In Time, Peice Of Mind and Powerslave. Most of the songs on A Matter Of Life And Death start off with slow long intros, with clean moody guitar riffs, then lead into powerful distorted melodies, except for the opening track Different World and The Pilgrim which start off like classic Maiden tracks. The blend of new and old makes a perfect album, the long tracks require a few listens before you can appreciate them, but once you do they become timeless songs you can listen to again and again. It is the most mature sounding Iron Maiden album to date, close to Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and Brave New World. The most unique song of the album is The Legacy, which is over 9 minutes long with an amazing 3 minute long acoustic intro which creates an eerie dark atmosphere before the excellent hard guitar riffs start. Bruce Dickinsons vocals are better than ever, which is very impressive considering his age. Overall this is an excellent album and i recommend it to any metal or Iron maiden fan. If your new to Iron Maiden you might want to check out their older releases first, but this album certainly wouldn't be a bad starting point.

Year of the Dog...Again (Parental Advisory) [PA] - DMX 06/09/2007

Good effort from DMX

Year of the Dog...Again (Parental Advisory) [PA] - DMX DMX returns with his 6th studio album Year Of The Dog Again. 1- Intro: Not a bad intro to the album but i always skip it 6/10 2- We In Here: Not very original. This is a typicall swizz beats joint. But the beat still bangs hard and dmx's delivery is impressive. 8/10 3-I Run Sh*t: DMX goes all out on this track over a simple but awesome bassy rugged beat . This is how i like to hear him, he sounds best when hes venting out his anger. 10/10 4-Come Thru Ft Busta Ryhmes: I didnt like the beat at first but it grew on me. DMX impresses once again but he is outshined by busta on this, his verse is crazy! 8/10 5-Its Personal Ft Jadakiss & Styles P: Another great track, good verses from jada and styles P. 8/10. 6-Baby Mother: DMX raps about his relationship with his wife. The beats ok, but its one of the weaker tracks on the album. 6/10 7-Dog Love: A track for the ladies. The beat is nice. I prefer his harder songs but this is still good. 7/10. 8-Wrong Or Right: I dont really like Bazaar Royale on this song but X's verse is hot and the hook is kool. The beat is nice. 8/10. 9-Give Em What They Want: This has a nice beat by Scott Storch. DMX doesnt rap about anything special but it is above average. 7/10 10-Walk These Dogs: A pretty catchy song with a nice beat but i got bored of it quickly because the lyrics were not anything special 6/10. 11-Blown Away: Awesome song. My favourite song on the album. The beat brings out the deepness in the lyrics from X ...

Encore (Parental Advisory/Limited Edition) [PA] - Eminem 06/09/2007

Not bad if your an eminem fan

Encore (Parental Advisory/Limited Edition) [PA] - Eminem Eminems worst material but it is still pretty good. The first five songs are excellent, but it seems the album falls off from "puke". However it is still listenable, its just it sounds like eminem isnt as hungry as he was on his previous albums. I find myself skipping alot of tracks on encore but i could listen to his last 3 albums without skipping 1 song. The production is great on encore, lyrically its strong and eminem has an awesome flow. But the subjects he touches on arent as interesting as on his previous albums except for songs like "Yellow Brick Road", "Like Toy Soldiers" and "Mosh" which have interesting story telling. If your an eminem fan you will probably like this album. If your new to Em you should definatly buy his last 3 albums first. The best songs are Evil Deeds, Never Enough, Yellow Brick Road, Like Toy Soldiers, Mosh, Spend Some Time and Encore.
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