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1989 - Taylor Swift 11/03/2015

Edgy and Unexpected

1989 - Taylor Swift When I think Taylor Swift, I usually think of a more girly, pop-country sound, however, in this album, she makes a leap into a deeper, more gritty territory. She has an edgy sound, and one that is unexpected for her usual fair. I've always had a guilty pleasure for Taylor Swift's music, and it has always been something I was always able to relate to. I felt a deeper, more soulful resonance in this album than in her others. It'snot something I've felt since her song Haunted, honestly. I'm usually more geared toward rock like songs, and several of these songs pushed the bar of pop to that kind of level. I've blared Blank Space a million times aloud, and sang it at the top of my lungs. The lyrics of her songs are catchy and they catch you by the throat.
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