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I enjoy the net and work full time on a number of websites, I love clubbing and pubbing, and writing reviews seems like fun as well so I am now trying that.

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since 04/01/2006


HTC One V 14/11/2012

A reasonable phone, not for the heavy user though

HTC One V I've always liked HTC phones, the way HTC sense works with the Android operating system works is great. I use my phone a lot, and was due an upgrade, so opted for the HTC One V, originally I was impressed with the phone, straight out of the box it worked great. As with any smart phone over time you add more and more applications, this is where I started finding there was issues, the phone has a slower processor than many new phones and also less ram, which when running a few apps, you often find the phone unresponsive or slow. The features the phone have are great, it comes preinstalled with lots of great apps, and also runs Android 4, which interacts great with HTC sense. HTC has decided to not have a removable battery in this phone, and also there is no front facing camera, which makes video calling not really possible with this phone. Although a smartphone has lots of features and can be customised, ultimately a phone is for speaking to people or texting them. This phone has great audio, so hearing people while on the phone is good. Texting is very simple, and with this phone you can choose how your texts appear on your phone very simply. The phone has an excellent capacity for storing messages, call details and so on, so you really don't have to worry about constantly clearing the memory. The curved design of the phone makes it really easy to hold, and also the touch screen is a perfect size, unless you are really heavily into using the internet. The 5mp camera is ...

Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot 07/12/2007

A feature packed phone with everything you need

Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot I was recently looking for a new mobile phone, I had specific features I was looking for so sort of had an idea which phone I really wanted. I walked into the carphone warehouse and headed straight for the Nokia N95 and then looked at the other phones there, my eyes kept on coming back to the N95. After a while I decided to go and speak to one of the sales staff, gave my requirement to them (decent mp3 player, large memory, decent video recorder and decent camera) The salesman said that by far for the price and features a sony ericsson would be the best that meets all my requirements. I also specifically wanted it on Vodafone and was not available, however the salesman stated that it would come unlocked for the same price which i was more than happy with. I was really hesitant, I had never had a sony ericsson only ever had Nokia, but after looking at the features and comparing the prices, I noticed that the k800i had the features I wanted, was a nice design and was very well priced. Screen 262.144 color TFT 240x320 pixel A quality camera that's also a phone: a 3.2-megapixel digital camera with all the functionality and connectivity you'd expect in a top 3G phone. Memory Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support (up to 2 GB) Phone memory 64MB* Share your images instantly via Bluetooth™, MMS, email or blog - your own blog is created the first time you blog a photo, for friends and family to see. Networks GSM 900 GSM 1800 GSM 1900 UMTS 2100 ...

Kenwood FP 920 Multipro 10/06/2007

Great Capacity, quiet and easy to use

Kenwood FP 920 Multipro I'm not really that much of a cook however when I do prepare things I like to have all the relevant gadgets I need. My previous processor was old and so I decided to replace it, mainly because I saw that many sites had great deals on them. Kenwood is a well known brand and from my experience they are very reliable and also are cost effective, they make food processors to fit every budget. The biggest thing I like about this is the size of it, most food processors have a 1.5litre capacity or less, the FP 920 has a 3 litre capacity, normally you would be looking at paying much more for such a large capacity. It has variable speeds which is a must, you can ensure that you control how your mix food rather than the food processor just deciding to do it fast or slow. It is a metal design, which is easy to clean, its wipe clean and looks good in most styles of kitchens. It has a near Silent and powerful motor It comes with 12 different attachments, so you can use it for mixing, needing and whisking etc. Includes recipe book with simple and easy to do recipes which taste nice, and can be made very quickly. Pulse Function is a great feature, it is especially good if you are mixing up desserts or dressings, and you want it slightly crunchy or with bits in, the pulse function allows you to do this, as it pulses (ie mixes/whisks etc) for a short while, then stops. If the mixture looks ready you take it out, without it being over whisked. The Liquidiser ...

Freecom Mobile Drive 28146 160 GB 10/06/2007

A great little hard drive

Freecom Mobile Drive 28146 160 GB I think everyone needs an external hard drive. The Freecom 160gb Hard drive is excellent value for money and a must if you really do need the additional storage space, or if you wish to back up valuble data. I never used to consider portable hard drives as an option, until one day my Laptop decided to crash on me, the repair bill was nearly £200 where as If I had a backup of all my data it would have been a site lot cheaper to repair it. Every since then I have always considered hard drives essential, not just for storage, but to backup your laptop or pc. This hard drive is a small compact one with the capacity for most peoples needs, in fact 160gb is a site lot more than most laptops come with as standard, and as this is compact it could quite easily be carried around with you. For the best use of this hard drive you need a hi speed usb port, but it works fine in any usb port. Product Description: Freecom Mobile Drive hard drive - 160 GB - Hi-Speed USB Type: Hard drive - external Form Factor: 2.5" Dimensions (WxDxH): 8.3 cm x 13.2 cm x 1.8 cm Weight: 300 g Capacity: 160 GB Interface Type: Hi-Speed USB Connector: 4 pin USB Data Transfer Rate: 480 Mbps Average Seek Time: 13 ms Spindle Speed: 5400 rpm Buffer Size: 8 MB OS Required: Apple MacOS X 10.1 or later, Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP Power Source: USB bus Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty If you are considering getting an additional hard drive, then its really worth considering this.

HP Photosmart C7180 02/06/2007

All in one with added features. Fast printer

HP Photosmart C7180 The HP Photosmart C7180 is a top of the range printer, excellent for home offices or even normal offices. For the everyday user the features and the quality are excellent. Unlike the lower priced printers, this does everything extremely well and ensures that the end product (i.e the photo or letter) is of the best quality you can get. Features : Print/copy photos in as fast as 12 seconds and documents at up to 32 ppm black and 31 ppm colour, wireless networking, 6 individual HP Vivera Ink cartridges, photos resist fading for generations, built-in 9.1 cm QVGA (3.6 in) image display, memory card slots, borderless in a range of standard and custom sizes, print HP CD/DVD Tattoos, automated 10 x 15 cm photo paper tray, 4800 x 4800 dpi scanning, built-in slide/negative adapter, dust/scratch removal, colour faxing with junk fax barrier, HP Photo Fix button, HP Photosmart Software I think the best thing about this printer is that is that unlike many other printers it has a built in card slot that takes different data cards, so you can take pictures on your camera or mobile phone, and just print them straight of the card, without the need to download the images to your pc or laptop first. Until I had a printer with a card slot, I never really bothered with photos, but I would not give it up now, I love the ability to quickly and simply print photos. Also the features of the software combined with this printer make it a truly top of the range printer. You can even ...

Toshiba Satellite L30-113 19/05/2007

Low cost, feature packed

Toshiba Satellite L30-113 For a low cost laptop it defiantely has all the features you would need. I love the fact its thin and certainly portable, not like some laptops that are heavy and bulky. When looking for a new Laptop I didn't want to spend lots of money, but I wanted a Laptop that had the features I needed. For example I needed wireless access, I needed a DVD drive and I wanted one that was really portable and not bulky. This was one that I originally discared as I thought the price meant it was not that good. However I was proved wrong. For a Laptop of this price range, it seems to have more features than many more expensive ones, it comes installed with Windows Vista Home Basic and also with additional things that some laptops still don't have. For example it comes with a built in Network adaptor. The wireless feature works great and saves the hassle of having to buy a plug in wireless adapter for your laptop. The battery life is good, sometimes cheaper laptops have problems with battery life, but I suppose that is probably where the experience of Toshiba comes in, they know what they are doing and it shows in this laptop. The graphics are great, but then thats to be expected with an ATI graphics card, it can actually play games that my PC struggles with. My old laptop seemed to be awkward to use after a while especially as the touchpad used to get warm after prolonged use, this laptop does not have that problem. The laptop comes with many features as standard including ...

Nokia N91 24/04/2007

At first glance a great phone

Nokia N91 I was looking for a new phone as my current contract was expired, I also considered buying an iPod, but noticed the N91 has a large memory which means instead of getting a phone and iPod I could just get the N91. Its a bit of a bulky phone, but then again the built in features make you avoid the size of it, Innovative slide design with dedicated playback and volume control keys including Play / Pause, Forward, Back, and Stop See what is playing in the idle state through the vivid and large 262-color LCD with automatic brightness control Intelligently designed music player optimized for music listening with enhanced music features including mixer, 5-band equalizer, loudness, and music DRC (Dynamic Range Compression) Visual Radio mode to add a rich new dimension to radio listening Listen to music through external speakers or connect directly to the 3.5mm audio jack with Nokia's HS-28 headset with remote control Built-in 2-megapixel camera for photos up to 1600 x 1200 px in resolution including 8x zoom, burst and macro modes, brightness adjustment, and video playback and capture capabilities Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology to send and receive images, video clips, graphics, and business cards with profiles for Basic Printing Profile (BPP) using Image Print or Info Print applications, and Human Interface Device Profile (HID) using Nokia Wireless Keyboard application Near-broadband speeds for faster and more responsive downloads including ...

BT Broadband 23/11/2006

BT Total Broadband really is a total solution

BT Broadband I have been on cable for a long time but wasn't happy with their prices when compared to other providers. I started looking around the internet and lots of companies were offering low cost of free broadband, the problem was many didn't offer a wireless modem and charged a connection fee. Although BT didn't come out as the cheapest, it was competively priced and gave lots and lots of extras. I'm on option 3 and that gives me * FREE wireless BT Home Hub and connection * Free UK Evening and Weekend Broadband Talk calls * FREE BT Hub Phone * FREE Videocalls * Norton security package * 250 FREE WiFi minutes per month for 12 months * Huge 40GB monthly usage guideline * 11 FREE email addresses for you and your family * Create your own online radio station and webspace * FREE 2GB of online storage with Digital Vault The other options include most features as standard although they don't always include a home hub just a standard modem. I love the idea of free calls, and the fact that with Option 3 you get a new number together with a phone free makes it even better. I was originally worried about a 40gb limit as many providers offer an unlimited service, but even though I am a heavy internet user I never go over the 40gb limit so thats not a problem. Another advantage BT Total broadband gives you is, that it includes anti-virus, firewall, pop upblocker and parental control. Ive had no problems with BT Total Broadband and would recommend ...

Nokia 6100 07/01/2006

A phone for everyone

Nokia 6100 The trouble with mobiles nowadays there is so many to choose from so many difference features, the nokia 6100 is different to most. It is sleek, its slim but that doesn't mean it doesn't have the features you want and the quality you need. The thing I like most from this phone is that its small but not so small that you can lose it, its light so doesn't get into the way, it has a phone attachment if you like taking pictures, although I must admit the quality is not exactly excellent but it does the job. The colour screen is great its actually quite large considering the size of the phone and if you have problem seeing things clearly when you have it set to display large text it still looks neat. Voice activated dialling is a great feature especially when driving in the car, it also has any key answer which is another good feature if you like using the in built handsfree feature. This phone is also one of the easiest phones to connect to your pc, you can purchase a cable and software from most pc or mobile phone shops and just connect your phone to your pc, this allows you to upload ringtones from your pc to phone, store your address book and even send texts from your pc using your phone. The phone does loads of things that many phones do nowadays including : Tri-band world phone Downloadable personal applications via Java MMS (Multimedia Messaging) GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) HSCSD (High Speed Data) WAP Handsfree speaker Customizable ... 06/01/2006

Studiotraffic, can you really get paid to surf ? Studiotraffic has been established for a long time and offers you the opportunity to earn money just by viewing a few sites a day, but does it really work ? I have been a member of studiotraffic now for over a year so have seen it at its best time, on first impressions its looks a professional website, it makes you think wow can I really get paid for surfing, they even give you $10 for free. Studiotraffic works in a simple way you earn $1 of your account level a day for 365% so basically you get 365% return on your investment, with the $10 they give you in a year you will get $20 back. Each day you surf 100 sites as a free member you earn 10c but you can upgrade and earn upto $200 a day or so they say. Doubling your money in a year is something that appeals to so many people and in fact you don't have to wait a year to start getting your money out, you can just invest $90 and get your account level to $100 then you can withdraw your earnings every month or just keep increasing your level. Thats where the problem starts, when I first joined Studiotraffic it paid well and always paid on time, it was a great way of earning something extra each month just by surfing 100 sites, but now its turned into a site that you really should avoid for the following reasons. Although in theory you can get paid without investing any money, they have made it so that you have to receive payments via their online payment processor which by the time you take the fees out you ...

BenQ FP553 15 in 05/01/2006

Flatscreen monitors the way to go

BenQ FP553 15 in I have for so long had a standard monitor, I needed a new desk and didn't want it so cluttered, so I considered buying a sleaker monitor. When I went to the pc shop I didn't specifically think about a TFT monitor, I just wanted something smaller. As always when shopping something catches your eyes, in this case it was a row of flatscreen monitors, all different kinds, TFT, FSQ and lots of others which I can't even remember. The TFT monitors all looked really smart to me, they are sleek and look really smart, but the prices are horrendous on some of them, my local shop had a few on special and the BenQ was on sale due to stock clearance, so I considered it. What bothered me was I had never heard of the brand, and I am the sort of person that prefers to buy what I have heard of and know, but the shop assistant told me all the benefits so in the end I bought it. Setting it up was so easy, you just plug it in and windows xp sets it up automatically, I didn't need to do anything else. If something goes wrong and it doesn't set up right then you have a disc included with all the setup details, so its just a matter of placing that in and using the windows automatic setup through the control panel. The thing I like most about this monitor compared to others, is the ease of use, if for example the monitor goes out of synch, which some monitors do, you have the buttons on the front of the monitor to configure it, and they are not horrible buttons they blend in well ... 04/01/2006

Paypal, the payment system for the online World ? We all love using the internet, whether its just for browsing, having fun or shopping. This is where paypal makes the difference, yes many of us have credit or debit cards, but do you really trust giving out your details to sites or companies you are not sure about, with paypal you don't have to worry about giving out any personal details to anyone. The ease of using the paypal service is probably its biggest feature, you can send money to anyone with a email address instantly, yes you have to register for an account but the advantages of using an onlnie processor outway the dissadvantages. Paypal offers buyer protection for your ebay purchases if you qualify free. Some people worry about using a system like paypal online, they worry about how hard it is to withdraw the money you have in your paypal account, well in the UK its simple, add a bank account and you can withdraw your paypal cash to your bank account, it takes 3-7 days in the UK and its free for amount over £50 and for amounts under its only 50p. To receive and send money is completely free with a personal account on paypal, if you wish to trade using your account then you can also open a business or premier account free and then people can pay you with credit or debit cards. If you are planning to use the internet then a paypal account is a must, and with the ability to refund money if you have been overcharged its also safer than many other systems. 04/01/2006

Does free mean lesser quality ? I have been using AVG Anti-Virus from grisoft for a long time and in general it is definately one of the best going, however theres a few things that it does not do that well. AVG has a built in resident scanner which is scanning your pc constantly, whether its the free or paid version you have this feature installed, the only problem with it, it does not scan your files on your pc fully when you download something. The email scanner again built in to both the free and paid version is great it scans all your incoming and outgoing email thats such a good feature, it also marks all scans emails so that you know while reading it that it has been scanned and clear of viruses. If a virus is found it will tell you what you should do, whether you want to delete the file or quarantine the virus, its nearly always better to quarantine something in case it wasn't really a virus and then you can restore the file. Also bear in mind it doesn't have the ability to delete viruses from your system restore files, so you have to ensure if it tells you there is a virus on your pc, if its in your restore files you have to follow the manual instructions on the site. The free version updates automatically however it can sometimes not update, this may be due to too much traffic on your internet connection at the time it tries to update etc, in cases like this your system is not 100% protected, but it tells you that you need to update so ensure you do. Many people can't afford the ...

Naples & Pompei (Italy) 04/01/2006

Discover the hidden gems of the ruins at Pompei

Naples & Pompei (Italy) It always suprises me how much of the ruins of pompei are not actually shown to the public. The ruins are a unique place there is nothing quite like it, you know you are in a city that should be in complete ruins, but its not, you can see the streets, the houses the bathing places, you can even see the statues of people (which you later find out is real people covered with the lava) There are so many little gems that most people miss, if you take time to explore the ruins you will find that at the far end is what looks like just lots of trees and high grass, the path just cuts round it all, however if you actually look carefully you will see other tracks cutting through the trees and grass, follow them and you will come to other 'cages' containing the remains of people and objects they have used. I asked someone that worked there why it was not opened up to the public, and the reason they said was due to the actual size of the ruined city its not possible to excavate it all so some parts are still not accessable completely by the public. So next time you are near naples make sure you see the ruins atr pompei and also make sure that you look for the near covered paths. Getting there : Pompei is just outside naples so flights from stanstead or gatwick are low cost with easyjet it cost me about £50 for a return flight to naples. British Airways holidays also do a package and lots of travel agents will do hotel packages to pompei or naples (naples is better as ...
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