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HP Jornada 568 18/12/2001

Teething problems

HP Jornada 568 I was flying to Rome from Manchester Airport when I happened to stroll into Dixons, Manchester Airport and was stunned by the prices of PDAs that I had been looking out for - especially through the internet. They still have the lowest prices for PDAs. I was particularly interested in Compaq Ipaq H3850 but all they had was an H3630. That was November. Despite reading about the H3850 for the past 3 months, I am still to come across a stockist/retailer in the UK - is selling it, but the item is 'on order from the stockist'!!! Anyway, lured by the prices of PDAs and - my impatience!!! - I was sweet-talked into buying the HP Jornada 568 - the first PDA in the UK with Pocket PC 2002 and an integrated sleeve for Compact Flash and add-ons (the Compaq range requires 'extra' jackets for which you pay extra for!!). I had fifteen minutes in which to decide before my flight left for Rome, and so I soon found myself in Rome with a tantalising product - much to the chagrin of my girlfriend whose holiday was ruined - and my relationship soon after!! I found the instructions very vague. Not knowing where to start, the software was daunting and I messed around with installing the software in the wrong order. On the whole, it is an EXCELLENT product and you don't realise that until you REALISE what it can STORE and do. The Jornada comes with 64MB RAM (tops in the current range of PDAs). I can synchronise my e-mail from the computer, and I can also get e-mail using a PSION 56K ...

PC World (Shop) 22/07/2000

Rude, unhelpful and inconsiderate.

PC World (Shop) I bought a bargain Patriot 366MHz computer from PC World back in August 1999. It took me a month, 3 visits from Mastercare PC Repair Services, lots of arguments and NOT even an apology in sight before I could actually USE my computer. The customer sales rep. had warned me that the model I was interested in had caused a lot of problems for an acquaintance of his, and I must admit I was warned. However, PC World was selling the model with a guarantee and all I was interested in was a basic internet ready PC that could handle email and wordprocessing. Was that too much too ask? It was a nightmare from the moment I unpacked it and set it up. Windows 98 would not load. I rang the Mastercare helpline and went through countless hours loading and reloading the software which normally takes around 45 minutes anyway [Windows 98]. Finally I had to make a plea for help - I needed someone to come over and physically look into my problem. Over the course of 4 harassing weeks and numerous trips from Mastercare, the problem was finally solved. But right uptil the very end I was constantly told that because I was 'messing about with the internet, I was loading all sorts of viruses and that was why I was having problems'. Ironic I must say, because I hadn't gone past the Windows 98 loading stage!! In the end, a technician from Mastercare spotted the problem. It was a whirring noise coming from a defective motherboard. Both my hard drive and motherboard were replaced, but not before I ...
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