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Best Of The Beat, The - Beat (The) 04/05/2007

The Best of the Beat

Best Of The Beat, The - Beat (The) I bought this recently and was amazed at how many songs I still new the words to that still had me bopping away - some great vocals and unexpected harmonies. Unfortunately, as with most greatest hits, the insert fails to provide lyrics, but does give a great write-up on the band. For all The Beat and ska fans, this album is a must! Even if not so much into ska, its a great album full of hits, almost all you will remember. 01 - Mirror in the Bathroom - reminded me of teenage days, being too conscious of looks and it really brought the ska beat to the front, preparing you for the rest of the album. 02 - Save It For Later - having a great tongue in cheek line, "just hold my hand while I come, to a decision I meant!", brings to mind the struggles of couples having the discussion about previous partners, and one finding out just how many the other has had, and is trying to deal with it. 03 - I Confess - great love song with a ska beat - good combo, and is one of my favourite songs on the album. 04 - Tears of a Clown - , just a classic song, with a great, well... beat! 05 - Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret - Whine & Grine feels too reggae for me, its ok, but not, for me at least, having a ska feel. Stand Down Margaret is one of the few songs on the album against the establishment, which alot of the bands at the time seemed to be throwing out like candy. One of my least favourite on the album. 06 - Best Friend, good song, yet another chart hit, but just average compared ...
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