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Sucker Punch (DVD) 18/05/2011

I'm gonna git you sucka?

Sucker Punch (DVD) When Babydoll is wrongly institutionalized by her wicked stepfather with the help of a corrupt orderly, she begins the descent into madness. As the threat of lobotomy looms Babydoll retreats further into a fantasy world were she, along with her friends battle for their freedom using an array of weird and wonderful weaponry. As Babydoll progresses across a war torn landscape it becomes clear that there is an element of reality in her fantasy world. Can she escape the madness that surrounds her and make a break for freedom? Style over substance seems to be the newest fad in modern cinema and it is one of the many things I cannot get into. Sucker Punch is one of the worst examples of this as it becomes little more than an explosive music video for long periods. The premise is interesting enough and it all starts off with real promise with a grim and gothic setting giving a sombre tone. However, it soon descends into little more than an excuse for as much anime style shooting and sword wielding as can be feasibly fitted in to a film. These scenes are exciting certainly, but they are also totally nonsensical and despite there being short scenes were the lead character Babydoll provides some explanation for the various settings which seem to be a medieval Japan, World War 1 and the future amongst others none of them really make sense. The whole thing hangs loose around the backdrop of Babydoll's perceived madness. The scenes within the asylum are by far the most interesting in ...

Metroid: Other M (Wii) 20/02/2011

One tough Other M:Other

The Green Hornet (DVD) 13/02/2011

No real sting in this Hornet's tale

The Green Hornet (DVD) When carefree and wealthy bachelor Britt Reid loses his father in a sudden and mysterious fashion he is left with a media empire he has no idea how to run. Worse still he has sacked the one man who makes a decent cup of coffee! Re-hiring coffee maker and gadget creator extraordinaire Kato turns out to be the best decision he has ever made as in a drunken stupor they decide to become masked superheroes for the night. Unfortunately, they have attracted the attention of a local crime lord who has decided to make killing them a priority. How can they hide from this new enemy? With their new found notoriety do they even want to? As you can see this isn't a thinking persons film. It is fundamentally a slapstick superhero movie played for laughs for the large majority largely thanks to main star Seth Knocked Up Rogen's role as executive producer and main star. Michael Gondry might be the Director of The Green Hornet but anyone expecting a cerebral film such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is set to be severely disappointed. Gondry's presence is almost totally absent from the film and it is clear that this is Seth Rogen comedy vehicle. That isn't to say this is a terrible film, just don't expect it to be an award winner at the Oscars! Superhero movies always seem to work better when the hero doesn't give off a sense of invincibility and you certainly couldn't accuse Rogen's Green Hornet of that. This bumbling figure is carried along by the impressive martial arts skills ...

Bosch Tassimo T40 07/02/2011

Tease made in a Tassimoment

Bosch Tassimo T40 There are such a wide range of hot drinks machines out there nowadays it can be difficult to know which one is for you. However, few machines have the variety of a Tassimo which will make you almost any hot beverage you think of. Whether it be tea, coffee or hot chocolate it will make them all. Therefore, the only question for me when I upgraded from my old Tassimo model to the Tassimo T40 was had they managed to make it even better? My old Tassimo was manufacturer by Braun. However, for whatever reason they stopped making it and Bosch have taken over and brought out a whole new range of machines in the T20, T40 and T65 models. There is very little difference between the models with the only major difference being a brita water filter on the more expensive T65 model. However, I have never really noticed the difference between filtered and non-filtered water so plumped for the cheaper middle option in the form of the T40. Stylistically there is little difference and it just that little bit sleeker than the cheapest option, the T20. My old Tassimo was a bit of a behemoth. In comparison the new slimline design of the T40 is a lot more aesthetically pleasing and is a spacesaver in our already cramped kitchen. Whereas our old machine was all about the width, the T40 is more of a front to back machine with the cup holder and buttons at the front and a far more discreet water tank at the back. In matt black the new Tassimo is easily the most impressive looking thing in my kitchen ...

Spin Master Air Hogs Vectron Wave 27/01/2011

Whirly good fun?

Spin Master Air Hogs Vectron Wave The Vectron Wave is one of the toys that were heavily advertised pre-Christmas 2010 and looked incredibly exciting. Hovering on its own and controlled by your hand this futuristic toy had us from the get go. Like most of these gadgets however, does it have any real longevity? The early signs are good as it looks very much like a UFO coming out of the box. With its distinctive look and bright colouring my daughter and I were very excited. The Wave itself requires very little assembly. The only thing you attach to it is a plastic stick that clips into the top and acts as a handle in which you can grab hold and toss it. The box deceptively makes this look like an antenna but this is certainly not the case and all the wiring is stored away securely inside. The design is very futuristic but on close inspection it is also very cheap. All plastic and polystyrene to keep it light, it doesn't look durable and the plastic blade looks flimsy. Once your throwing arm is snapped into place you might think you are ready to go but unfortunately we encountered our first issue with the Vectron Wave, a lack of batteries. To charge the device you plug it into a charging unit but this unit doesn't run off the mains but rather needs SIX AA batteries which are not included. The lack of these batteries is a massive drawback. Most of the remote control devices we have owned of any quality have chargeable batteries inbuilt that you then plug into the mains. However, because the Vectron Wave needs ...

Life And Laughing - Michael Mcintyre 21/01/2011

"When I smile, do I look like a fat Chinese man?"

Life And Laughing - Michael Mcintyre Michael Mc Intyre is a comedian that divides opinion. He is unashamedly middle class and his popularity is such that inverse snobbery is often the norm. As a nation we seemingly don't like admitting to liking somebody that has appealed to a mass audience. However, I have no such qualms. I am a huge fan of his style of observational and self-deprecating comedy. As such I greeted the receipt of his autobiography as a gift on Christmas Day with much enthusiasm. It is rare that an autobiography holds my attention but Life & Laughing grabbed my attention from the start. Mc Intyre writes in a conversational style very similar to his stand up material. This makes for a very easy read and his thoughts flow throughout the pages. Although he does tell his story in a relatively chronological fashion, his penchant for being distracted comes through leading to several meanderings away from a timeline with Mc Intyre sharing anecdotes and jokes from past, present and future. Mc Intyre's tendency to drift off-topic makes his autobiography quite cryptic at points as you find yourself wondering what on earth he is referring to. His eccentricity is clear throughout but this only adds to the charm of the man. This is a very open account of Mc Intyre's life to date and I liked that he makes no apologies for a privileged childhood. Although I was surprised to find out such things as spending his young life around people like Kenny Everett he doesn't talk of his showbiz background with any air ...

Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) 13/01/2011

The lunatics have taken over the Asylum!

HP Deskjet D1660 12/01/2011

HP deserves no credit.

Pig Goes Pop 09/01/2011

Pig more of a letdown than a Pop 07/01/2011

All that Twitters ain't gold? Until very recently I didn't really get Twitter. It always seemed to me to be Facebook's inferior cousin. You know like when you watch the remake of The Karate Kid and just think, "There isn't anything wrong with it but what does it actually add to the franchise?" There are a few reasons however why Twitter is taking more chunks out of my time by the day whereas my interest in facebook is on the wane. For the people who don't know, Twitter is a social networking site that allows you to share your thoughts with other people online. Where it differs from the likes of myspace, Bebo and facebook is that it doesn't offer anywhere near the amount of bells and whistles that these and many other sites do. If you want games and applications Twitter is not the place to be. If you want to listen to music by new bands or watch videos Twitter will offer you nothing but links to other sites. Stripped down to the bare bones Twitter offers you just one thing, the ability to express yourself to the twittering community in no more 140 characters or less. Yep, that is not a typo. Just 140 characters which includes spaces and punctuation. Of course if you want to ramble more you can link to offsite blogs etc but fundamentally Twitter is about being short and sweet and this is one of the things I have come to love about it. No rambling melancholic posts about 97% of people not posting this status on their walls, no endless links to crappy music videos, just people sharing their short opinions ...

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx 04/01/2011

I love Lucid?

Epic Mickey (Wii) 02/01/2011

Average Mickey?

The Princess And The Frog (DVD) 31/12/2010

Hoppiness the greatest gift that we possess

Tropical Fish Care 30/12/2010

Tank you very much for feeding William

Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3) 29/12/2010

COD doesn't quite stink the plaice out...

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