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The Body Shop Pre-Base 19/07/2000


The Body Shop Pre-Base I have never liked a product so much - I recently purchased the Body Shop's Pre-Base after reading ravingreviews about it in the beauty press and I can tell you that all the rumours are true. It is the lightest, smoothest most perfect of all bases. Coming in three separate shades it evens out the complexion including all beasties such as spots, red cheeks, and pale skin. Eveything becomes a wonderfully even palette on which you can base your foundation, concealer or even tinted moisturiser. The best thing about it is that you don't even know its there - it just looks great!

Getting around in London by tube 19/07/2000

Oh Dear What a Mess...

Getting around in London by tube As a seasoned traveller on the Metropolitan Line each morning and evening in the thick of the rush-hour - I have little to mention that is complimentary. For a start the trains are so few and far between that they are inevitably full to bursting by the time they hit Finchley road and can only get progressively worse the closer to the centre they get. It is always too hot and the passengers have yet to consider personal hygiene. You may be able to tell that I do not come originally from London. I am however deeply disappointed at the transport system in operation here. Whatever you do - try NOT to travel in the rush hour - things are much better from 9.30 onwards!

Johnsons Baby Oil 18/07/2000

I can't believe its not in here already!

Johnsons Baby Oil I am so in love with this product that I couldn't believe it when I saw it wasn't featured already. Johnson &J ohnson have come up with the ultimate multi-featured beauty treatment. Rub the oil on legs after shaving in the shower whilst still wet and you'll feel peachy soft. Rub in when dry, (sparingly though) and you'll get a great glistening effect on dried up pins! Smooth a little in you cleavage for Latino loveliness and a drop over the eyelids will render you a dewy goddess! Definitely not to be taken lightly - listen to what I am saying and go buy a bottle. At less than £2 for a standard bottle that lasts about 2 months - it's simply scandalous! ...

Lush Mask of Magna Minty 18/07/2000

Smells like choc-chip icecream

Lush Mask of Magna Minty This product by Lush has to be one of the best face masks around and reasonable for under £6 for a huge pot! The smell is delicious - think choc-chip ice cream and polo mints and the texture is reassuringly rough so you know you'll be exfoliated. A tingly sensation is normal on first application but soon calms down and your skin will be left feeling smooth and soft with a radiant peachy glow! One for the girls night in, although bring plenty of tissues to wipe it off! Best when left on for about 20 mins to one hour.

Braun D6011(D6) 18/07/2000

Braun Oral B D6 Power Toothbrush

Braun D6011(D6) As a recent convert to the 'non-smoking brigade' after three years, I decided to invest in an electric toothbrush to return my pearly whites back to their original colour. I was absolutely dumbfounded at the feeling I was left with in my mouth. The teeth really did feel cleaner and the mouth fresher, not to mention the time and effort saved by the rotating head. My only criticism of these marvellous inventions is that one is advised NOT to use them with whitening toothpaste and therefore the hoped-for colour of dazzling sunshine did not become as readily apparent as I thought. Never mind - dental hygiene is where it's at for the moment!
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