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1989 - Taylor Swift 03/06/2015

Incredible, utter perfection

1989 - Taylor Swift In my opinion this album was the absolute gem on music in 2014. We're now half way through 2015 and it's still outselling pretty much everything else in the market. Taylor Swift has always managed to speak to me with her music, and this album was no different. This is her first 'pop' album, but the sound is nothing like the pop music you hear today, yet it still sounds extremely current. From the upbeat tracks such as Welcome To New York and Style, to the sweet melodies of This Love and Wildest Dreams, this album is full of diversity. Swifts vocals have never sounded better and her songwriting is as developed and open as it always has been. My favorite song, is Clean. A song which I feel can relate to anyone who has dealt with a hard time and then pulled through it. I guarantee you will not regret buying this work of art. The music is catchy, her vocals are completely on point and her words will make you laugh and cry. Taylor Swift at her very best
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