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Total Club Manager 2003 (PC) 09/12/2002

Total Club Manager 2003

Total Club Manager 2003 (PC) Where to start is such a hard question for this game. Yet another one of my yearly buys needs reviewing. This years Football manager by EA sports has had the name of the game changed after a German developer taken over the developing of the game. Total club manager will now be the familiar name for the Football managing sim. Each year the game becomes more advanced and personally I think it has taken over from championship manager. With very detailed features in this year’s version it has taken a big step from all of its predecessors. The game has been out for about two months now but I have owned it for a little over two weeks and it is proving to be a little hard at the moment even though the difficulty is set to “casual”. It is available in virtually every shop that stocks pc games and costs between £30 and £35. I bought my copy from Woolworth’s for £30. THE PACKAGING The game comes in a DVD style box and has a portrait of the legendary Sir Bobby Robson on the front of it. The game is fully licensed and endorsed by all of the major leagues in over 10 countries. The back of the packaging gives a few screen shots of the game which are very small but what do you expect on a small case. There is also information on new features which have been added or improved since the last version was out. INSTALLING As long as you have auto run on your PC it is easy all you need to do is follow the instructions on screen for a successful installation. If you don’t have ...

Manchester Evening News Arena 11/11/2002

The M.E.N arena

Manchester Evening News Arena I went to the Manchester evening news arena to watch WWE rebellion this year (October 26th) although there were only the smackdown roster there (ill be writing about the WWE soon). First off this was my first time to a WWE event so I didn’t know what to expect. I have watched the wrestling show on TV so I did have an idea of what the set-up would be like. Word of advice it is absolutely nothing like TV!!!! Brief background of WWE production team, when you watch WWE on television the production team show you what they want you to see. The normal view is of the ring from the side which is the main view and occasionally the flick to a close up camera. There are often promo’s set in the show which break up two different matches (give the first set of wrestlers time to exit the arena before the next set are due in. First of I got my ticket from the Manchester evening news arena box office which was easy to find and a very small queue time. Once I had my ticket I headed to the right numbered door which I also found very easily. I had my ticket checked then into the main arena I walked. First thoughts were amazing, the set was massive but I thought it would be big after seeing sets on TV. The ring was a fairly big ring like it is portrayed on TV also. After finding my seat in Block C, row D seat 3 (in other words four rows behind where the announcers sit) I just sat back and took it all in. I had a great view in an arena which must have easily had 15,000 people in. The ...

Felix 11/11/2002

Felix cat treats

Felix When our cat comes running around our feet we know he wants something. It is obviously a choice of two things. He wants us to open the back door to let him out to go and play or he wants feeding. Most of the time he wants feeding so he has a choice of two brands which we but for him. He gets a scoop of iams once a day but that is another story. Most of the time we feed him Felix which, he loves. His favourite is Felix with tuna. As soon as we open the pack he gets a hint of the smell and instantly becomes attached to our legs whilst we are trying to put the food in his dish. With the knife we try to use it just to push into his dish but at the same time the cat is using his head to nudge our hands out of the way so he can get stuck in. The pack is about the right size for the cat because he just manages to eat it all. The pack is around 12cm tall, 6cm wide and 1.5cm deep. It is made of durable foil which has an easy tear mark on it which allows the person opening it “easy access”, the foil also keeps the food fresh. I could hardly say the food is nice because I am seeing it from a hums point of view. The cat steams in and wolfs the lot down so he must think it is a god send. The food comes in meat blocks which are covered in a jelly substance. My mother buys Felix from Tesco’s for 28p a sachet which is a reasonable price. On the back of the pack there is a feeding guide. I thought it would be open pack give to cat and bob’s your uncle, but you are to give your cat ...

Lynx Range 10/11/2002

Lynx Voodoo

Lynx Range A few weeks have passed since I posted my opinion about Lynx Africa and unfortunately it came to an end. Off to the shop I went and had a sniff around for something different and I decided to buy lynx voodoo. I have used it before but there has been “a new formula, with longer lasting effect” This scent is nothing like the Africa smell and has an extra unordinary smell which stands out a lot in a good way though, this scent shows that the producers Faberge Paris are capable of producing completely different scents that don’t even resemble each other. Like Africa I will use words to try and describe the scent of voodoo, this scent is a lot harder to describe as it is more unusual. Unusual (Couldn’t think of a more obvious one to choose) Sweet Musky Vibrant And my mother has just glanced over my shoulder and told me to put pongy what ever that is. The can that holds the spray is identical to the Africa can apart from the voodoo logo on the front which is red and blue. The logo is in the shape of a rugby ball which is red with a line down the middle and either side of the red line down the middle are two blue dots. The can also has the new spray system on it which is a lot better than the old one and it holds a total of 150ml. This brand of lynx I purchased for £1.85 from savers which seems to be a good shop for cheap house hold needs.The new formula it supposedly has is great because it lasts for ages and the smeel stays on your clothes until you wash ...

Microsoft MSN Messenger 10/11/2002

MSN Messenger

Microsoft MSN Messenger WHAT IS IT? Msn messenger is a small file which is reasonably quick to download (I will explain a bit more in a sec) and gives you the chance to speak to anyone who shares a hotmail address. Before windows XP it was a small downloadable file about 1.5mb and depending on your internet connection it only takes about an average of ten minutes to download. Installation is very simple and gives you the usual step by step installation process which is easy to follow. Your computer does need to be restarted once it is downloaded. WHAT NEXT? Before you can log onto Msn messenger you need a hotmail e-mail address. If you have one you don’t need to read the rest of this paragraph. For those of you who don’t have one you can get one for free from WWW.HOTMAIL.CO.UK or WWW.MSN.CO.UK. There will be a link somewhere on the page to log into your hotmail account. Although you have not yet got one just click the link. The page that you get redirected to will somewhere say something of “not yet got a hotmail address, Sign up now”. If you follow that link it will give you step by step questions which many are optional and once they are completed you will have your very own hotmail address. ONCE YOU HAVE A HOTMAIL ADDRESS Open up Msn messenger from the start menu and enter your relevant details to log in. Once in the first thing you need to do is add contacts. So you can randomly add a contact that you don’t know and start speaking to strangers, or you can ask your friends, ...

Motorhispania RX 50 05/11/2002

Motorhispania RX50

Motorhispania RX 50 Hello fellow ciao’ers. If you read my op about the Honda CBR600F, well this is part two so to say. Once again I will fill you in on the story behind the product then give you all of the technical jargon. Part way through the CBR600F opinion I told you all that Vinnie (my dad) had to do without his old motorbike because he part exchanged it. His excuse was that he needed the money so he had to sell it. During this time without his old bike my mother was very pleased because she thought that would mean my dad would say no when I came to the age when I could get a bike. When Vinnie got his new motorcycle and it was a sporty brand new number, my mother new instantly that would trigger my birthday wish list. With a year still to go I had plenty of time to decide what bike I wanted. Mum like usual kept trying to postpone the idea and get me to have something else. APRILIA, APRILIA, APRILIA!!!! That’s the only 50cc motorbike that kept popping up. I wanted to be different because the Aprilia is so popular and every other 16 year old has one. The bike itself has a good spec but the shape of the shell was not to my taste. I briefly looked at scooters but virtually straight away I realized that I wanted a geared bike. Obviously I liked my dads bike so I wanted a racing style bike not a trail. Then I found a Derbi GPR50 which was more my type of bike. Had the looks wasn’t really popular but there were a handful around so I took to it. A few months went by and I still ...

Honda CBR600F4 05/11/2002

Honda CBR600

Honda CBR600F4 My next two opinions have been well researched because I believe that if you like something you will write about it. For all of the motorcycle fans out there I have two opinions about the best looking bikes on the road. I own one of them and the other my father owns. I will save the best till last so, I will write about my dads first. If it’s ok with the ciao team (looks up to the sky and prays its ok!!!!!) I have used my dad to help me write this as part of my research and I will mix the story of how it all came about into the op to make it a more interesting read. E.g. an essay which will take twenty minutes to read lol!!! Previously my dad owned an E registered Honda CB350S which was ok. Looked standard, no fairing, red and black and in no way stood out from a crowd. As many people tend to do Vinnie (my dad and that’s short for Vincent) went down to the local Motorcycle shop, which he did used to work for many years ago, before it got taken over and made some enquiries. Everyone never wants to take a step back they always want to go forward. Obviously another 350cc would not please Vinnie he has to go one step further. He asked Tony who is part owner of the shop about the new Honda CBR600F. Like all salesmen and women it is their job to sell a product and my dad was well and truly convinced about the bike. Now convinced it was the right bike for him it was now onto the second phase. Bare in mind this was all spur of the moment and he was just looking for a new ...

Nokia 3210 31/10/2002

Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210 The Nokia 3210 is a great little phone to own but does lack in certain areas. It is now a few years old and more modern models have been brought out. I still like my phone and don’t intend on changing it any time soon. The reason I want to keep the 3210 is simple. All of these brand new phones that are coming out onto the market are getting even smaller and easier to lose. THE PHONE The phone does not have an aerial on it, this has both a positive and negative effect. On the positive side when the phone is in my pocket there is no aerial to jab into me and cause me any grief. The negative side is that without the aerial the signal is slightly weaker so there isn’t always reception where ever you go. But this is usually the case with most phones. It is a good sized phone which is slim and of good weight. When I say “good weight” it is not too heavy that you get bogged down and it is not too light, so you can feel the phone in your pocket and this means it is less likely to be lost. The keypad is a good size so when I want to dial a number the keys aren’t so small that I push three in one go. The screen is about 4cm x 4cm and it offers a good size font of letters which is easy to read and I don’t need my glasses to view it. The keypad has “keylock” which allows you to lock the keys so when walking for instance the phone wont call out to someone without you knowing because the lock needs to be disabled to use the keys. The phone comes equipped with 40 ringtones and ...

Airline Tycoon (PC) 22/10/2002

Own your own airline business

Airline Tycoon (PC) Airline tycoon offers the game player the chance to run you own airline business. By buying planes and flying routes customers start to you your airline and like virtually every game out there are set targets to be achieved. Installing the game is very straight forward and has an easy interface to use. There is a tutorial which shows you the basics of running your own airline. There are four competitors to choose from. Once you choose the person you want to play as you are then ready to start, presuming you have already done the tutorial. The game is in 2D and is animated which is good. You have your own personal office and you can move around the airport with ease and take a visit to the duty free, café and the petrol shop. There are also other places around the airport where you can go but they are the main ones for me. At first no matter which person you are you will have two planes to start off with which are a Boeing 737 and a 757. Before you even think of wanting to buy new planes you have to build up your bank balance. When you have the sufficient funds then there are two places where planes can be bought from. The museum and the plane broker: The museum houses second hand planes which are for sale at a snip of the cost of a brand new equivelant. As I said they are second hand so they are not in perfect condition. The plane broker offers a wide range of planes which are brand new and DEAR!!! Once you start building up your airline you need the staff eg. ...

RollerCoaster Tycoon Loopy Landscapes Expansion Pack (PC) 22/10/2002

Loopy Landscapes

RollerCoaster Tycoon Loopy Landscapes Expansion Pack (PC) After completing the Original Rollercoaster tycoon game, I was looking for a new challenge and decided to buy the popular expansion pack for the game, LOOPY LANDSCAPES. When I bought it from Pc World it had been out for a few months so the price had dropped to £14.99 to get rid of it. Usually when I buy new games I get very excited and cant wait to get home, but I knew what I was in for so I didn’t get all hyped up. If you have the original then my thoughts were that I would be able to offer my customers more rides and attractions. When I did get home I got the laptop and installed the game. It was incredibly easy to install and had no fuss at all with it. The step by step guide was very helpful. When I started the game up there were a couple of changes on the menu which I thought were very helpful. The back of the packaging explains that there are: 30 New Scenarios 6 New Themes New Rollercoaster Types New shops and stalls Exciting new rides This would make the buyer think that there are loads of new additions in the game but it is not all it is cracked up to be. There are limited additions which do make the game more enjoyable. With Loopy landscapes it offers more themed scenery and designs than rides and shops. There are already lots of rides to fill your park with but the finishing touches are lacking. That’s why I think this add-on was brought out. Lots of new monuments and “things” to fill gaps in your park between rides, there are also new types of ...

RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC) 20/10/2002

Rollercoaster Tycoon

RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC) Attention all theme park fans! Have you ever wanted to design, build and manage your very own theme park? Well now it is possible with Rollercoaster Tycoon. Now three years old and the newer version now out this was a great format for a theme park game. Designed by Chris Sawyer and produced by Micro prose and Hasbro Interactive the game became an instant hit with “tycoon’s” upon its release. This very time consuming game offers 30 levels which offer different landscapes and sizes of land for you to build your theme park on. As I have said in the previous paragraph, there are 30 levels which you can choose from. They get unlocked as you complete the earlier stages. Some levels start off with a plot of land which needs to be developed into a theme park and other levels offer a small park which has a steady income then you have to increase revenue and build new rides. The game interface is very easy to use and on the main menu there is a tutorial which helps show learners how to build and design coasters, paths and stalls. There is a save facility on the game so that you can save your “masterpieces”. It is also possible to save to a disk then if a friend has the game you can load it onto there systems. Once you have seen the tutorial and selected a level the game will begin by giving you an objective to complete by a certain date. Usually three years (virtual years, not human years). You will start off with a budget which is in the region of £10,000. It is possible ...

Majorca in General 12/10/2002


Majorca in General A month before I became a travel agent myself and my mother visited another local travel agent (not the one I work for) and we requested an island holiday at a FOUR STAR HOTEL. After a search on the system the young girl came up with an allocated on arrival. At the time we were unaware of the allocated on arrival terms. But were convinced to accept it and emphasized that it would be a 4* property On arrival at palma airport less than a month we were told by the Airtours rep that we were going to the ALCUDIA PIMS. According to the brochure it was full of entertainment and had various bars. But in reality it was different. *************** *************** *************** ******** APARTMENT Basic furnishings, twin beds, basic bed setee, 2 electric cooking rings, electric kettle, very slow toaster, cheap crockery and cutlery for 4, table and plastic chairs. The bathroom contained a small plastic bath, which was no where near a four* standard. *************** *************** *************** ******** Dining Buffet style - all cooked food was luke warm and within minutes turned cold. Tea/coffee at breakfast was on request to a waiter who I can only describe as manuel off FAWLTY TOWERS. Slow and inattentive it was a wait for a drink which annoyed us both. *************** *************** *************** ******** Lounge Bar Consisted of a very large concert hall/room and a tv area. the seating was terrible and was not comfy. The TV offered the choice of 7 ...

Dyson DC04 10/10/2002


Dyson DC04 THE STORY TO GO WITH THE OPINION Now I bet that you are all wondering why a 16 year old male would be writing about a hoover. Being a Travel Agent one of my daily routines is to hoover up at 5.30pm when the office closes (5.00pm if it’s a Saturday). For the first three months that I worked their we(the shop) had to make do with a not so good Panasonic which never had the bag in it changed once. The Panasonic sucked in air and nothing else. The carpet looked just as bad as when I first started. Obviously the hoover was out of date and in desperate need of a substitution. So straight to the manager to put the suggestion forward of a new hoover. The manager gladly agreed but, we both came to a hitch (more him than me, you will see why in a minute). The choice of hoover’s is endless and there are so many to choose from. One brand has something better than another or some brands seem to have “new revolutionary technology”. Making your mind up can be difficult but for my manager it was made easy. I have worked for Dixon’s group ltd and have become familiar with the DYSON range. I personally thought that the DYSON DC04 was the most popular and gave my view to the “Big cheese” LOL!!! *************** *************** *************** ******** With a brand new bag less hoover I knew that a perfectly clean carpet and floor was one hoover away. Straight out of the box it came and the instruction booklet was very easy and helpful. Plugged it in and turned it on. First ...

Kevin And Perry Go Large (DVD) 08/10/2002


Kevin And Perry Go Large (DVD) This film is fantastic all around. Now a few years old and "out of date" it is still a classic which can be watched over and over again. If you have ever watched Harry Enfield on TV you will know that he has a great talent at making people laugh. So when I heard that a film was to be released it was a must see. When the film was released I got to the cinema on the first day of its release and I was thoroughly thrilled with the £3.70 I spent to get in. If you have been to the cinema to see this film you will know that yourself and everyone around you was laughing every 5 minutes. With its pure comedy. Some of the reviews about the film include "Lung bursting hilarity. A giggle? and "wicked. Cool. largin it" so these short but simple quotes referring to the film that must indicate that it is fantastic. THE FILM (ILL TRY NOT TO GIVE THE COMEDY AWAY BECAUSE IT WOULD RUIN THE FILM) The film is about two teenagers gagging for sex and will do anything to get it. It follows the life of the two (Kevin and Perry) as they go about their day on the hunt for girls. After buying a Porn magazine the read up that IBIZA is the place to go for guaranteed sex. With their Dj-ing skills they also realize that J's will "get it" off any girl in sight. Kevin confronts his parents with the idea and they agree as long as he pays for it. The two teenagers go out to earn money but it fails badly. The jackpot finally hits when a credit card arrives at his house for Kevin?s dad, and a plan ...

Lynx Deodorant Spray 08/10/2002


Lynx Deodorant Spray For as long as I can remember I have always used lynx as my deodrant spray(but i do try other brands as well). Ive tried different scents and have found LYNX AFRICA to be my favourite. The can itself is very comfy to hold and there is a new spray system on it which is a lot better. I think it is to stop young children from spraying it dangerously on themselves. All cans are black apart from the special editions which are silver. There are also the individual colours which each scent has. EG. AFRICA is red and green and ATLANTIS is blue an white It is very hard to describe the scent but if I was to do a word association with it I would use: COOL REFRESHING GENTLE POPULAR SWEET In my opinion I think it is by far the most popular out of the LYNX range which include other scents such as: APOLLO, VOODOO, PHOENIX, NIRVADA(not produced any more to my knowledge) and ATLANTIS. It is available from virtually every superstore and other such shops as superdrug and savers. It is priced at £1.98 in tesco so the price may vary depending where you shop. I did used to purchase it at the price of £2.19 so it is cheaper. Probably to compete against other brands. INGREDIENTS: Alcohol Denat, Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Parfum, Penetetic acid, Aqua, Isoporpyl Myristate, Diisopropylamine, Aminomethyl Propanol and Bht. Most of them dont mean a thing to me but at least all of you know so if you were alergic to any then you would know before hand. DIRECTIONS: To be sprayed ...
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