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Logitech Z4i 22/12/2009

Great set of speakers, fantastic sound quality, logitech Z4i

Logitech Z4i I first purchased these speakers for around £80 from PC world, around a month ago. Initial setup was easy, with the large selection of cables provided allowing for plenty of customization. The white styling is very pleasing to the eye, far nicer than the black logitech z4's i have on my downstairs PC. The system comes with 2 speakers, with metal bases and a very sturdy feel to them. A larger subwoofer/speaker, this houses the ports for all the different connections etc... (there are quite a few wires.) It also comes with a remote. But unfortunately this remote is wired. Its a very nice piece of kit with excellent bass control and a very sensitive volume control. An on off button, and a nice blue LED. It also has 2 ports on the front so you can plug in your ipod/headphones, whatever you need. Very useful. Id also like to praise logitech in the fact they included an adapter to plug your ipod/mp3 player into the system. Most companies would expect you to go buy this separately. A very nice touch there. Sound quality is fantastic. Cant fault it. Lovely bass, crisp high notes, and a depth to the sound you wouldn't expect from something so compact. Overall, you cant ask for more at this price. Looks great, sounds even better. Great value and great construction from logitech. Excellent product.

Samsung ES17 19/12/2009

Very cheap point and shoot that delivers surprisingly well

Samsung ES17 The price is what will draw most people in, as this thing is seriously cheap for what you get. For the small price, you get wonderful image stabilization to start. Works very well in low light. The face detection is also rather remarkable if you choose to use it. I prefer to focus/compose myself but i can still appreciate the technology in face recognition. Some people may like the "beauty shot" mode too. It essentially touches up human skin for more desirable results, in camera. Im not a big fan of this, it just seems to take out the point of a photo. Its supposed to be realistic. But it may be a plus for some. VGA resolution video mode isnt too bad i guess. a nice addition. I have a hard time finding things to complain about at this price as you can tell! Quality piece of kit for the price minus the video mode.

Canon PowerShot SX20 IS 19/12/2009

Good bridge camera, But... Some parts leave much to be desired

Canon PowerShot SX20 IS I have always brought canon over other brands, and i wasnt wrong when i got this little gem. Bridge cameras are the perfect way for an amateur photographer to advance their technique without breaking the bank. But the results when i first started shooting were the worst of any camera I have ever used. The settings on Auto mode are shocking. Truly shocking. Colours are completely un-natural and bizarrely shaded. The camera had trouble focusing on the most basic tasks, and exposures were almost random. There are a lot of menus and tweaks you have to do before this thing turns out like you expect. The manual expects you to know a lot about photography, so im not sure how the average consumer would manage when trying to set it up. Once you get the thing producing the shots you expect, then it doesnt disappoint. Incredible colors, the optical zoom is wonderful, and the whole feel of the camera is expensive.I have no idea what happened with auto mode, but once you get past that its an excellent piece of equipment.

Toshiba CAMILEO P10 19/12/2009

A nice little camera, nice and compact and useful. But....

Toshiba CAMILEO P10 The Toshiba Camileo P10 is an excellent substitute for both digital camera and camcorder. The controls are tricky, but once mastered it is extremely easy to use for stills or video. Capacity is excellent. With an 8GB SDHC card it will store over 2 1/2 hours of video at the WVGA setting, or store 3400 photos at the standard (5MP) setting. The WVGA setting uses 60 f/s making fast action smoother on playback. The HD settings are okay, although i feel that fast movements can look a little jerky. The included rechargeable lithium battery seems to last for over an hour, but a spare one is very useful The only thing i dont like, is that it doesnt have a real viewfinder. Why do camera manufacturers never include these anymore? Its practically impossible to view the screen if the sun is bright, and thats essentially the only way to control the cameras features. Good camera for sure, especially for the money.

Sony VAIO W Series VPC-W11S1E/W 19/12/2009

Quality laptop with an excellent specification for the price

Sony VAIO W Series VPC-W11S1E/W First off, its a sony. So we know the build quality will be great for the price. Thats the thing with this laptop, it honestly feels like you are using something that cost 800 plus, not the 300-400 you can get this for. The rounded edges and light weight make this very portable. And there is an excellent selection of colors too. The keypad is excellent, with a gorgeous textured palm offering lovely wrist support. The LCD screen is clear and vibrant, with the whole display feeling a lot larger than its small size is. The 160GB hard drive is plenty of space for all but the most demanding users. Performance wise i never had an issue with this laptop. itunes, browsing the web, watching a movie, all at the same time even, didnt tax this laptop too much. Battery life is good. Nothing to write home about but still, it certainly lasts a good few hours. Good product, 5 stars,

Canon PowerShot G11 19/12/2009

My "go to" camera. Brilliant little piece of technology

Canon PowerShot G11 First off, if you are looking for SLR quality in a compact body, this is what you want. The picture quality is just beautiful. Colours are sharp, clear and defined. Shadows are deep and dark, the ISO is rather noise free considering its a small sensor compact. The build quality of this camera is good. Its weighty without being excessive, the protruding grip gives a good handle for your right hand while operating the shutter and the settings, and the textured piece is a nice detail too. Battery life is incredible. I must of took at least 1000 shots with this without depleting the battery. The added hotshoe on the top is a nice touch although i cant imagine most people will carry a flashgun with their point and shoot camera. But its still a nice touch and a nifty feature for owners of a DSLR looking for a good compact with lots of features. Its as close to DSLR quality as you can get in a compact. Everybody knows Canons image quality is second to none. And i cant recommend this enough. 5 stars.

Samsung LE32B650 19/12/2009

Best looking 32 inch TV i've ever seen.

Samsung LE32B650 Wow. I adore this TV, the design for a start is just gorgeous. It has almost a transparent sheet over the black bezel, this gives it a touch of class and just makes the product look that much classier. Even the stand is distinctive, with its metallic sharp feel. Four HDMI slots, an ethernet port and 2 USB ports offer all the connectivity you could possibly need. It really is wonderful to never have to worry about finding space for connections. The build quality is wonderful, you can tell as soon as you lift the hefty thing out of the box that its well made, weighing in at around 13KG according to my scales. But its a reassuring weight not an excessive weight. One other thing, it comes with bundled content. I dont know when TV's started doing things other than being a device to display images from other sources, but i dont like it. Sure the bundled content features (recipes, children's stories, image galleries), some of it is of high quality, and can be added to. But the novelty wears off. Picture quality is sublime as you'd expect from a high quality Samsung product. Cant recommend this TV enough.

Samsung ES60 19/12/2009

Good point and shoot for the money.

Samsung ES60 It seems like a quality camera when you first pick it up. Solidly made. The 12 megapixels enable you to crop your photo nicely without losing out on size if the need arises. Image quality is very good. Bright vibrant photos with excellent color distribution. The only fault i've found is that the macro function is terrible. Cosmetically its a gorgeous little camera as you can see, especially in the colors. The 3 times optical zoom is quite powerful considering its such a small body. Giving it enough reach for most situations anyone with a point and shoot will need it for. To summarize, great little camera so long as you arent interested in the macro side of things, it fails dismally there. Did i mention the image stabilization is EXCELLENT. As is the face detection. Its just a shame about the macro.

Kona Shred 19/12/2009

A good entry level dirt jump bike.

Kona Shred My friend brought this bike a few months back and has kindly allowed me to review it. First off, its a budget dirt jump bike, so you get what you pay for. The gearing leaves a bit to be desired, and the overall feel of the bike isnt excellent. The specifications are quite good, but for the price it doesnt feel like much thought has been put into it. Again, the gearing is very low end. But for a first time mountain biker you could do far worse than get this. If you have the ability to build your own bike from scratch you would obviously save quite a bit of money. I cant really reccomend any other entry level stock bikes either, since most at this price range seem to fail in the same areas. It really would be a good idea to build it from scratch if you could.

Canon EOS 1000D 19/12/2009

Great value entry level DSLR

Canon EOS 1000D I was hesitant to purchase this over a Nikon, coming from a family of Nikon users. The Nikon D40 is certainly a worth nemesis, but the Canon has the overall edge. The selection of lenses on offer are far greater than the D40 for a start. Also far more third party companies make lenses for Canon models than their rivals. Picture quality is sublime. Nothing to fault, although the images do get a bit noisy if you run the camera higher than 400 ISO. Ergonomically its very nice to handle. Although some people with larger hands may benefit from the battery grip. Durability is good, Canon make solid products and this seems the same. Very well built and the lens mount in particular is very sturdy. Overall, a great entry level camera I cant recommend enough.
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