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Nintendo 3DS 17/08/2011

Amazing Handheld

Nintendo 3DS In my opinion, this is a great portable console! It has everything most look for in a handheld. A beautiful backlit screen, complete with beautiful 3D capability, speakers made to simulate surround sound, and even the Internet! I think that this console is one of the easiest consoles I've ever used. What I mean by that is, when I'm playing a game on it, the controls are smooth and with most handheld consoles my hands tend to get cramped up (I have pretty big hands). With the addition of the joystick, games have never been easier to play! It has an internet browser built right into it! This thing also has motion controls due to a built in gyroscope! It's a little slow, based on your connection speed, but it's only a few seconds behind the iPod touch internet browser. It's backwards compatible with Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games, except the select games that use the Gameboy Advance slot such as Guitar Hero: On Tour. The graphics compete with Microsoft's Xbox 360! They're crisp, bright, and beautiful. With the 3D effect on, it's an awesome experience. Not to mention the eShop where you can buy virtual console games as well as apps and downloadable games made for the 3DS and the DSi! ...
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